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NFL Sunday Discusses if the Texans are for Real and the Tim Tebow Trouble in NY

Nov 18, 2012|

Dale, Price, Chatham and Faulk give their feelings on if the Texans are for real while the Jags are putting up big points against them today. They also get into the big topic of the week in NY ... Tim Tebow and teammates taking cheap shots at him behind the scenes.

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Welcome back to NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing franks -- for the -- blue box at your favorite grocery KM celebrate something. Let's catch up to date very quickly on the scores of the 1 o'clock games right now. And the Cleveland Browns lead the Dallas Cowboys -- nothing early in the second quarter yikes. That'll PI Arizona Cardinals lead the Atlanta Falcons thirteen did nothing early in the second quarter guy I see -- Atlanta. Pop Matt Ryan has thrown three interceptions in the first quarter of that game turnovers. The Green Bay Packers lead the Detroit Lions seven to three early in the second quarter of that one. Cincinnati Bengals lead the Kansas City Chiefs doesn't everybody seven reais or about one early in the second quarter. The St. Louis Rams lead to New York Jets that score it's a seventh at three in just the highlight Derrick Smith has a vacant except that it gives them the ball in the red zone. I again the jets' offense can't do anything with that they settle for the field goal the field goal gets blocked they end up at this point trailing. Seven to three in that won the -- Washington Redskins lead the Philadelphia Eagles 73 early in the second quarter of that one. Tampa Bay leads Carolina 107. That's at the very end of the first quarter in that one. And just because you say I'd never do. The Jacksonville Jaguars -- reed lead the Houston Texans fourteen to seven days ago that it's early in the second quarter of that when that's our third -- of the -- I I will say this this I looked real quickly. That's not awful slate of 1 o'clock into the NFL -- an -- not a great week not a very -- this does that mean. You know down retrospect you -- look at this schedule and say well you know maybe that makes it the like this team before. This just before game one where I was at home talking to my cousin. And he was the -- with -- is the 1 o'clock game schedule look like and we went through it and say the exact same -- off now while they wait to get prized game tomorrow for you get a great -- -- Baltimore Pittsburgh and you get a pretty good at what should be a pretty good but did they keep in Chicago and it just. I'll read very often -- -- it's it's interesting to watch Houston you can find these guys because look at the -- -- some. It's -- picture. The end. Did struggle and in -- -- -- -- Jackson over got a really tough Thanksgiving game that's always Super Bowl in Detroit on Thanksgiving that's their Super Bowl. In Detroit sort of a desperate team. They hit couple either either this week or next week and they would move back for the -- because that's kind of opened presumably in that we give we give them here and what -- -- were -- December 10 game might still believe it's going to happen. You implications for our view of seed for them as well for the rest of the season for this Texas team very important if you want to become more you can beat teams that. Everybody. It's not sure -- you are you and I like Atlanta like Atlanta Georgia from here on out is the time that you make yourself that team. Steady lead team UK you have to keep building to that post Thanksgiving routes and ability most definitely all the time. Did you have to be cresting at the right time that the team did go to deepest in the post season. But the team simply the best football after Thanksgiving 11 of those deep -- he got to start building right now the only team -- -- -- do -- didn't do -- with the then there's a record but definitely if a 72 to nothing like America would play helped in the next week that's the only outline the people that are very noticeable it's so what do -- didn't. How did you guys respond to the reports out of New York this week about anonymous members of the New York Jets taking shots at the F. The backup quarterback now look I'm not picked Tim Tebow -- I don't think he's good quarterback I didn't understand what the jets acquired in the first place. But that's real chicken believe this and if if you're taking shots out of anonymous. Italy in the many in the media the way that we -- here's my -- it was -- situation. He was the way this team was set up from the game. That this. Type of thing can happen the way the team the organization says the -- we -- Ryan coached the football team was just waited so why wouldn't you expect that. Half was just you know what it. I agree cabinet source of the film there's some new -- there that I don't know the federal organization communicated with players I think there's a difference before but -- Between coming out say they were gonna be the group that. Confidently says we're thinking we're gonna Wimbledon -- just wouldn't do that on -- week to week basis. Let them and continue to do that is different than saying hey put. There is a caveat don't talk about a team that's different so what you write it's almost like -- the cops are often in what could say do whatever they want that's a little different because this is different than just bravado about what I'm gonna do next week against this team we're we're going to the playoffs that's different you know I don't like the Garmin in the locker next to -- which is which is. Really really just likes nobody can just like he's in and in this case it's one of those we think by the way as we're speaking. The jets tried a fake punt that Tim Tebow shuffle pass to -- it gets stuffed in the jets get stopped another bad special teams play. It's like they're forcing stuff now -- -- almost to respond it is the. He slowed them. Because they think the if if you're a player who doesn't understand where that line is -- you wanna be content what you brash and what equipment -- we're gonna win our right we gonna win it would it would have. Through -- and do all this but at what point do you draw the line as a coach or draw the line is do you but it looked. This is acceptable to talk about but you can't go and wondering -- -- -- or did you send in the 53 different years of America's defeat to treat your. Woods the last of of this high -- -- -- -- came out a couple of years ago with one of the few guys -- the -- the how to stop talking about we're going to win Super Bowl. Let's just go play and do it right. And death and just kept it keeps going the quality of these you wanna talk -- -- one of the guys regular. I don't care by the -- to what we have to go out and leave and stop talking about.

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