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NFL Sunday: Once Again, Say Goodbye to to Deion Branch...For Now

Nov 18, 2012|

The Pats had to make roster room yesterday so once again, Deion Branch became the victim. The boys say do not worry, Branch's Pats career is not over yet. They also explain why exactly Branch is consistently the pawn they use in these situations.

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Welcome back NFL Sunday presented by -- that broke -- ranks with the camp blue box that your favorite -- KM. Celebrate something we're broadcasting live from Toby Keith's I love this -- -- Gillette Stadium. Talk about beyond break for just a moment -- was one of two players who were cut yesterday by the patriots in order to make. The and current roster moves that they made one of which was likely to leave. Be on her hamstring last week wasn't going to be able to play this week. I'm not sure that this move is anything more dramatic than that I don't think this means this is the end of beyond career in the patriots uniform by any stretch of the imagine any team. I think he's hurt. He's got to go through waivers I think you'll clear waivers and I would be surprised him back in uniform here and and that we protect. He will be back. I business yeah exactly business they have some roster flexibility -- him. He only did they can -- waivers and frankly I'd look beyond but while wide receiver what 3334 years old. Having been in the system for one if you've been in the system offers. Gets to know about you -- -- with answering -- with a -- -- -- could be back on the trust and a lot of people looked up yesterday when he -- it but I agree with you. It's business it's not what. I wouldn't say we've heard no no offers would come along -- clear waivers he's still a pretty good productive Smart guy. But this is nothing more than a good decision that as a player you really hate those. Because when people see you like -- who people really freak out and really started over exaggerate was going on when they don't really understand. The business part of football and it really is a business. We're gonna get in the today we're gonna see his locker and it's gonna be fully stocked and organist and -- outnumbered just look at all the stuff in the locker room that you're looking yes. And again its business to business decision and it. I I honestly believe he -- be back in defeat but -- -- -- transactions here working you know -- well from an opening day roster. You're you're locked in for -- and -- of course the season because you know wasn't there on opening day. This is what gives them that flexibility he's just working week to week basically had been better on day one. Release him now would hurt or beaten Japan in the rest of the season solid yes you'll also has an ability to go somewhere else to continue to make more money. So now I think have a sports right I think this he is a guy that would draw interest if you were in a situation where you needed -- -- -- the -- the way the -- But because of hamstring injury that sort of changes things. And I also think hidden in. This is the likely conversation was. This is what we're gonna do beyond the whole goal -- he -- -- the -- -- at and and they literally say the move they do this all the time guys on and off the. Practice still has had a relationship wood bats and beyond -- those guys that he can bring in the pantheon two. And first informed the team is everything to these guys that he that he had their relationship which. They can go to overtime as the best team right now. Like -- don't go anywhere. Trust me we're going to go to bring you back whenever you have -- whenever this week is who would we want to bring you back it is going to be the same way it was just this way we at who have put numbers factor this year. -- -- -- We used the phrase before and I think it applies in this situation is part of the shuttle laughter. Right he's one of those guys who roster the throne as the captain of the shadow roster but they did it there guys weren't going to be here they're -- -- -- cut the guys that you -- -- -- -- to. What's interesting too because it you know. Remember deal was first thought to bring in the trade for -- itself right and now they've gotten. Nine weeks to look at this -- practice floor he was maybe thank -- for what -- going on whom it was also it's it's also worth mentioning that they are being an exorbitant amount for practice squad guy recently regularly keeps outlets around the basically being he's like that's. Knows this guy yeah yeah that has just for interest in this that. But back to deals for whatever he got cut the first time the head off from what it is clear that we Dion who and where he wanted -- and -- fifteen so that backed him. Him and he'll have a conversation hey look you guys do this right now I think it's it's it's you know you just did -- -- point you have approval of the war. Two to prevent him from one. You know go somewhere else off off off parts will be signed elsewhere. It's sort of like you a bonus the -- -- situation you could to reintegrate in the new system if it's a long extended look at our guys are we -- is there more to. There they are there there -- guys on this little practice squad more -- more than guys -- the -- -- but around the league. And that is the way to look you -- in her future when we want and ironically by the waiting an act of people who criticize the patriots on the way to do business never talked about that. Probably because they're not Smart enough to know that some of them that that they overpay some of these guys because they literally think. Down to 53 on the on the roster matters just as much to. It's like about the calculation in your own mind -- mean I've been that first year player that's been cut it that fueled the but to the disruption in your life to pick everything up they go now live in Tennessee. Where you might get cut next week of well right but if you don't you might be their one week two weeks relieved or might take to commit certain amount of money. And have a situation where you know what I'm -- not happy with -- with you today. But if you pretty good world tour through four weeks from now that's really sort of thing to try to -- as a player you know what this is a safe place is a place -- I -- -- -- contribute. I'm a little boy that that happened when -- trust these guys atrocity for gonna do. I'm not the money doesn't swing too much more is actually pretty it's pretty decent risk to go to the other and just become a couple weeks went on. This team if you practiced quietly. Have a great sense of -- in a regular season games on this team I was expected. -- -- -- -- bit there's there's no guys on this practice every one of these guys on this practice squad at some point or another either he -- her. We'll be expected to. -- expected to contribute. -- and -- -- how -- -- that it would evaluate the guys. It's not there OK I'm that I'm good for him to three years down right now I'm in the very near 56 weeks down the remind distressed properties and our approach with -- miles into the seminary depending on the situation but yet -- game went down it it went down a little bit you know. It was tonight for maybe yes but but but -- great example the guys. Here over the years who have parlayed -- practice squad. -- you do something bigger. Three years down the road my favorite stories keep me filthy you. We'll look after at least developmental guy that more than a year on the practice squad eventually worked his way up. Becoming the Portland Oval Office to find out about I have -- look at guys on this roster who -- deep -- the wrong way rosters the -- on the practice squad they'll be look at south but the thing went. I have a person. Those stores were the -- I've been going through those freedoms that is since before. He came here for football on a personal note. And on draft day with a ticketed to be his -- called me it was like he looked doing the page is called him. Anyone come for free to do as a running mate and I'm like wow that's also -- -- -- Ali thanks so would you take and I gave him the whole its analysis of okay that there's a lot of events in golf put. In the NFL running -- big hurt very fair and it didn't go down numbers go down he can be picked up -- practice quiet after training camp. We ought to practice squad game maybe later on in the year. Make -- two years he can really be a debate and sure enough. That year if you go to practice black. He got significant time as a rookie playing for us and that's how we got his name because he knew to expect he knew how to take you know it would have yet to do he did. You guys know that this is a fact in the National Football League. What it's always perceived differently by members of the media sorry for some that'll -- you -- no words. Review and that is different -- Tom Brady against Andrew Luck who never thought. We never see that he -- the same time as the convenient and easy and it ended backed by the way. They almost never see each other play because whenever reluctant subtle appeal Tom Brady's over huddling with Josh McDaniels and look at the pictures and -- and all that's left. They don't even see each other and get the story line all week was look. It's what game to four point five today. It's Tom Brady against Andrew -- And I give the sense listening to Tom Brady. He -- the sick and tired of talking about Andrew Luck right now. He sounded a little test yet when he got to ask nine questions at his press conference at midnight and seven of them were about Andrew Luck that's. -- we talked about it before it's the convenience story line it's you know the one that we -- out for so many years here with a brief meeting angle. It again and I I agree with you completely beyond that it's even users it's not it's one quarterback going up against another in and wrote that this week it's a quarterback going up against deepens its key. Talked about it this week. Luck against Belichick I think the better Rangel why. Rookie quarterbacks over the last few years -- had some success against the Belichick last five rookie quarterbacks -- -- -- -- filling out there but exactly about whether we put put those teams I think a lot closer to reality that that a poster boy for for arguably be what the situation yet and that's the that's the story went like he's -- that's what could you reflect the -- I had just seen why there are some good -- he's boring boring guys Lawrence Phillips after we don't want to get at this point time right now. Well no it began the season when we've seen it game on the schedule did you think that these two teams would be similar record. Similar in a lot of standing. Defensively and offensively we do think that these two -- we'll -- comic he. No way I -- because you know when I you could look at what our -- the validity -- our schedule. This might have been the last team at the start here that I would have expected to inflict the -- that's why games here's. -- look at -- and I'll say this look everybody thought at least I think most people thought it looked can be really good and Robert Griffin the third was going to be really good and they all. You know they were drafted one and two for a reason there there was a reason why. Their teams with so much faith in the I would value say the experts got -- right now would -- well that's not an old Mike might only be as we all thought it was going to be good. I didn't think -- Indianapolis -- to be discussed at this stage of the season I thought he'd be good. But not good enough. To take them where they are actually think that's the better story not that he would be this because we're frankly -- walked off the back if you -- know his bio. Looks like a good quarterback that you wouldn't think about -- rookie you know -- you know his agent Rea did we just. He's thirty now visited an outlook competitive we're busy competitive record fifth so we're used and abused her -- with the play of the day. So but the the idea that. The team has improved I mean obviously we know how poured their quarterback position is I think that shows that. But they've really improved bloggers all the dumbest Rollins for every dramatic actually lends credence to the notion that we're throwing games last year. They were sucking for -- Another another. To mention -- -- You can hear in a lot of guys. New species and how we use now in Iraq that's reviewing. How we've as the leader. Not to says the football player on the team as making plays on the football field how we is that the leaders you heard him at the beginning of the season. Talking about and love talking about how this kid is going to be something special that that city leaders started you know to understand what his actual role in this besides just playing. Well he also likes the fact that Andrew Luck is targeted him more than any wide receiver in the National Football League final item fueling your -- -- that it would pay gap we we needed his label means your best -- yet he's he's he's he's evolved -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- especially at this stage -- his career -- The tour Columbus on the bus or evil come outside -- yeah I'm by Israel because he's from Louisiana barrier island all I've always there are certainly not owned by -- room. He's from the all --

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