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NFL Sunday: Finally we Get to See What Aqib Talib Can Do

Nov 18, 2012|

The NFL Sunday gang talks about the addition of Talib and how the Pats will look to use him in his 1st game since coming off suspension.

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A -- about this stamp pretty good shape you know all come there and leave late just on the land systems so. And our. Guys being great. And in embraced Meehan. Led team Margaret. That's the newest member of the new England Patriots defense Albert Haynesworth. But what do they say all exact same things when he joined the to ironic isn't it going eight. Carmen not a well he -- -- Albert had a lot more blessed analogies Albert with a lot more about knock it off for us to get rid of play you feel rusty you. -- and he didn't have a I'm being somewhat of a Smart -- because he's already been indoctrinated. Into what patriots players say what they don't say good for him. I mean it shows me man it's fast learner apparently one session of bill's office in the RD knows what cliches he can drop which once he can't drop. But has played NFL football five weeks. Let's step beyond the talent level for a moment. And let's just talk about what it's like to drop yourself into an NFL game after five weeks on the sidelines. Self induced though it may have been. Tell me what we can legitimately expect to keep to lead to be able look. Contribute -- there are exceptions to the rule I will say this and I wrote about it this week that the bright waters and Logan link these two guys were able to hit the ground running when they got here. Brian Waters signed this contract back in 2011 on September 4. Leading 86% of the snaps in the season opener the following. -- Logan link to the same thing back in 2010 after contract situation -- 70% of the snaps his first game back. It's going to be interesting to see what the level of expectation is going to be here for to leave I've gone back and forth on it over the course of the week. I'm more inclined to say he's gonna play significant snaps but I'm I'm not gonna go our limits he's gonna -- more than fifty. This. Yeah that's a tough one because it. If you bring him up active which it appears there there would be activated the Ross -- -- active for the game -- -- here shortly I don't like to cut the guys that they cut unless you planned on playing he's gonna plated. Yet he's gonna okay. Well the issue or Trevor -- marches through what role he'll play today -- -- if you go to the rover I think it's up to a clause which was seventy persons have savers perhaps whatever. -- -- that is understand that a gore. On offensive line is this position could slide into a little easier you're not a veteran guard to do -- -- I'd probably just this just isn't just the position in general. A DB if he's chasing and again in unison before the ball a little hard time we've if he's chasing go routes. For four straight quarters. And delegate -- you know what he plays OK the game goes greater things -- I would look at what happens today -- look what happens three weeks from now. -- -- -- You know what we have some sort of overload situation in the soft tissue issue comes up. That's probably -- guarded against is much of what can I get out from the day. The last and you don't want it might 70% of -- an accident it exactly this that would be my my approach but you don't get I was their presidency -- what commission if you look -- -- Perfect but I don't what's usually only was three days so you hate to all over to over analyze what you saw those three days despite your coats and that's why you roll the dice. Why do you evaluate which had their practice you don't have much time what if someone that you acquired. If someone that you thought could help your football team so in those to a three day that we have practiced. He's going to be of value beat him in every aspect of what he does and so for him to come in and thank you -- I don't know how prejudice so his colleagues at their practice was one of valuing if he plays a significant amount snapped and how the game situation is going to in the course of the game if they need him off the giving trouble any -- -- that's when you know. I know Billick told us several times over the course the last in the years there's a big difference between being in shape. It being in football should always tonight no doubt that they wanna get him up and wanna have run around I against these gold plated we've got a -- -- -- don't make the move yesterday. Without the idea that he's gonna play today it is just interesting to see how heavily the independent because I confusing situation where he is matched up on -- we've got a lot. But -- situated in these situations where I would I would -- that final paragraph he's yet to physical yet to physical guys who -- -- who by the way is having we're gonna do this later. It's having an absolute ridiculous here well I got an upset at -- for guys puts it on the sidelines for five weeks. Ask him play a lot of snaps and an NFL games tough enough. You can't fiasco over the one along with red winter experts that the birth of. Almost there you are at the that this is your job you it is not. The team's fault that he got suspended for five we know it's his fault. We are seeing you -- yeah it's good to come out -- reform. So your job was to get ready to do whatever you had to do whenever your time to come back on the football field to be ready to spark but Reggie Wayne not to -- that we thank you. In my Beatrice who knows injury history as well -- org some guys just don't have those kinds of things -- but if you knew you had. I'm not gonna David's but I mean there's guys I know that I played with -- were always a little tenuous you know you. While made its automated secure the game right but there were always out there you need to know your guy intimately -- say it's a guided him you know -- my -- we always used to use this analogy is like. -- don't stretch before they chase the envelope -- older guys like that it would just walking him for the street and they would run they've had no problem like Wes Welker for instance is a guy you think it's pretty tough he's probably going to be able to do a fair amount no matter what he complaint I don't know what's up. Well to know how to -- with or some guys that. -- require require dramatic amount stretch. A lot of made a lot of soft tissue and everything to digital game day. And that even after the game it's gonna take him another which prevents the other side of my point is I don't know if you believe they probably are tickets calculation it is in this kind of guy. We don't want it. We wanna know his past to -- have. Polls and tweets and hamstrings and Achilles and. How he would you re not from -- -- the at least looking at his injury history he doesn't seem to be the kind of guy who gets little -- -- gave way to do that yes they are true and now they've evaluated that they've moved through it gave up deserved it and everything on Twitter this morning Rodney Harrison talking about a keep -- said. He would expect -- meets expectations. Might be playing in the secondary here playing on this coaching staff. He's -- of a lot of nickel situations today. And then as you go forward you'll see you'll. Things in greens placing priests coming to meet that makes more sense rather than as I said sticking in my -- -- see that Reggie Wayne. Your job was to stop him today first day back after five weeks on the sidelines three days of practice. And I know what you're saying about this is what we're paid you to do that what we can always got -- put admitted in a position to succeed too but we. -- seeing it right now forty games but what his game starts and Reggie Wayne catches for five past the first quarter. Somebody's gonna say fountain. In the secondary and on it on this Atlanta coach in -- it's gonna get done and he's gonna get there. It's situated right I agree I agree with you -- I think it's going to be situationally. Situation for the Arab Kanye owes it it's it's gonna be where you're gonna do you work -- the nickel back you're gonna see you working its -- again not conducted to see him out there for. Then that I don't think that's realistic at this stage of his career but I think you can see him in situations where. He is asked to. Go one on one with the queen looking people but to default in else to think it does I would ask anybody to do that stuff. I would double what -- and I don't want Halloween I don't know what I wanted to do well yeah but -- of -- we get it that we get a double I mean you feel that there are about your situation in the secondary where. You can throw I don't know Arrington and according up there. It's I think it's not a who is it's an an outfit there's two where's the W in the -- from down low but without evidence that -- or you you gentlemen topic so let's let's don't double percent. I think what's important to note this week is with Indianapolis. They actually to be attentive reader went down -- for -- appetite and it was just pretty heavily involved a good player for them. So maybe we see less well when you look at what was your targets on the field. What -- -- this isn't a team like like like last week with the bills were you know the patriots were in sub defense nickel dime defense for like 80% of the snaps. This isn't -- -- way this is more of 5050 team. Did they do a lot of motion and stuff like that but a lot of it's gone from eleven. But it's kind of a big weapon every bit of stolen relatively tight you'll see teams don't match that would work or personal risk to bring it up is because we're we're guessing about -- -- -- was going to be. This can be a lot less -- -- just the last week's version of medical. The importance of that is if they bring him in on a nickel situation donuts are just because he's only comedy on nickel but as the media speed compact. You can move out to safety still looking -- would you're right over just from the outside and really does it when it comes to us. Mowing down a wide receiver how many similarities or are there any similarities for you when you look at this set up. As opposed to when the -- faced Arizona earlier in -- with Larry FitzGerald in you're looking at FitzGerald as their number one offensive option this is -- we -- -- -- -- -- -- With -- if you're number one option and it in. They were able to really do a good job around FitzGerald back this is a perfect example but you bring that affects -- overlooked -- broad on this this week I thought that. This is the first team I saw this year that was that was so singularly person dependent. And that would be a better example for. But it sure will be the exact same thing but I think of both these teams you're tight it is a pretty big part of the wolf quarterbacks who can all agree rice kind of thing we -- stuff -- receiver what. There or two or three options that are all bundled together this is a team -- Reggie Wayne. -- Avery is in a moment -- hill that they -- way back on the road immediately or very one got the penalty so. That they did some double plus what a double X double last week with the with Stevie Johnson. So that they're they're adept at duke ended pretty well at the ball exactly so that this is not something that's not the moment. Unfamiliar with the they use from time to time for the ski -- what. I think -- it fits because I think -- -- -- working as. You know hatred comparable thing where they got 45 weapons this is a team to lead from him -- singularly focused. And there's nothing in the run game that's that's theory that if we put too much attention over here we're going to be dash. I think it's a decent matchup for the pictures from just -- was more.

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