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NFL Sunday Opens with a Recap of Last Week's Game vs the Bills

Nov 18, 2012|

Dale, Price, Chatham and Faulk have the p.m. edition of NFL Sunday today and open up looking at how the Pats were able to escape with a W last week. The bend but don't break is getting old and they may be relying on turnovers a little too much. The D will need to pick it up today vs Andrew Luck and the Colts.

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Welcome to Foxborough Massachusetts just outside Gillette Stadium a patriot place this is NFL Sunday we're broadcasting live. From Toby -- I love this bar and grill originally this was scheduled to be -- 1 o'clock football game the flex schedule with the network with some place. -- it to 425 because everybody in the country wants to see Andrew Luck against. Tom Brady and all that stuff so we shifted and it felt Sunday as well and our normal complement of characters are -- the accurate Toby -- former patriots running back Kevin -- -- -- patriots linebacker Matt Chatham Chris writes from. WEEI dot com. Ellis -- football they'd all be good to see you -- that. The nuclear. I think it's going to be a little tough for the NFL to top college football games last -- The -- one night of college football last night wolf number one and number two losing last night. The AP poll is out Notre Dame -- number one Alabama's number two. And I know that there's a whole lot of folks out there were things -- they'll give me Alabama in the national. Championship game again but. It's pretty good chance that's gonna happen well -- thank SEC is back I. I -- I don't know sir what are the SEC might -- that unfortunately LSU is not paying enough if I can't give the team through school I went to be there are going to go to conference. It was fun to watch last night I mean I stayed up late like everybody else did. Overtime at Stanford beating Oregon which game do -- Kansas State that. Killed my name I don't think you saw that -- and I think I think you could look at the Stanford Oregon team can do. Stanford pretty good shot went in football team I don't think anyone saw that the became -- it's this -- get through the year ago period. I've just seen them little -- of the game that Sega have today you came Baylor has some athletes -- their football team you. They got guys who could run -- then -- We've got from the south the young and the young -- -- had an eighty yard touchdown run in the fourth and -- five guys chase -- down the field and -- all -- rating for. For all the football five. I had to rewind that over the yard that actual -- that it it was amazing how you -- a buyout. I loved it did a year after Baylor loses RG three and Stanford loses -- -- that both of those guys both of those schools come up with big. -- season winds. These largely played quarterback those of two quarterbacks who. Building -- -- informants. It was fun to watch and that we will turn our attention to the National Football League this afternoon. And of course the patriots with a later game than originally planned with and reluctantly Indianapolis Colts coming down. As we always do in the opening segment don't we look back to last week. And finally. It took him it took it all this way but finally Chatham left the Patriots defense silence last week. He finally turned on the defense like I had done earlier because there was no defense for what we saw last week -- map not exactly true. -- around the edges I think my view this week was. You know it's still it over with Serena gestures -- far what I thought they did do this week with some new things popped up what I would say is like not tactful yet exactly you know that's I mean -- good example me there were -- things that we've been talking about that were sort of -- -- -- type things that. They hadn't done well generally speaking after each game you could you can pinpoint a few things we've done better. You know we would have won -- we give ourselves a better chance to win I thought this is the first week for a went back and said you know what the -- we wasn't a water to kind of thing. There was there was half a dozen or more things she couldn't say hey this is why didn't go well. There were just -- he's sort of leaks in the damn -- of one thing that popped up this week was. It's integrity we you know this this outside linebacker with with Rob Ninkovich -- -- -- Until Joe's been great all year gets wrong stuff doesn't get outside of they set the -- both in the run game in the past games pass rush. And this week there were I believe six breaks of the urgent integrity. I spoke a lot about this last week of pre game about how important control in the backs are gonna be the super group the screen game was something to keep an -- available hundred -- the screen. And actually took advantage trailer so I think -- -- was a guy who. They went after they've -- screen right at him over over over gaining just never figure out long time to see that happen to a good -- should rookie. So there were new problems -- I would say as well I would say as it was really hard particle back here to the things that have been you know issues that have come and gone in the weeks prior. Because rather refused to talk about so now we're back to the point where okay rams game looked good. Lastly look bad for difference in the but for different reasons noble we -- to -- -- part of that where we -- now we don't know. It was interesting to see that I think in a lot of ways our city there's there's an over reliance on turnover with his defense. What we -- out of that they get to build the a three takeaways three key takeaways but still you know three takeaways -- -- -- just. They were put in situations where they had to get turnovers with the type of course turnover where the forty came up with BB units definite view of the game he came up without -- full recovery on the goal line. He has he former governor we begin -- -- directly to touch them some -- we need more than others who got three big ones on Sunday. But I think that there's a danger in relying on that much of a bit of -- broad brush here yes but I think that there's a danger in the with -- hoping that. We're gonna force a turnover sometime -- about I think -- always has to be sort of a known for a given you know back here with high school algebra type thing which you have to have 11 constant right. And with this team it's generally been there gonna control the running game they're gonna win in the box and they're gonna be a mixed bag of the other stuff there but the way to the red zone the win. By and large on third down and build the paternalism and I think that is a workable formula. I think if you have you give up those other moments. And that -- -- -- promises will be exactly there has to be some sort of -- we have -- -- one thing you know we'll talk what was filter team to take -- one person. But there's also sort of the standard way that the defense pilgrim go to to go to one aspect of this we'll figure out the other wants you around that and win situationally. If you have problems protecting your running game to the edge and quite frankly doesn't matter this week because these guys don't have the facts that challenged yet hopeful but I. I I think it's something that from a week to week standpoint you have to have one thing that you know was always going to be there. Last week was an issue with the the floodgates opened today. And that sort of just opens the question that you know what's gonna be if you're the big thing to remember the guys I think to support content coming off a five youngest defense in the NFL three of four and five. They reviewed yet I think four -- five rookies out -- to say that he's been -- -- over any idea. How should we should we really should put that -- because that's why I -- -- -- -- your column. On the footage but not just the idea that you're the one and then I was I. I kind of was that idea was like well. -- is going off on the defense right now. But then I started thinking you're a former player that we've beat -- you know what. What coach wants him how he wants it done but also we've always talking about what these kids need to do with these teens. It's -- -- about how young these teams really it is. We don't forget that date that have going to -- we hope with this good. As a football team we've done this. Come out by we ain't had those mistakes that you've done my yes they did have motive was they have built -- -- because on their mind is where it is good. We can take care if I'm not wait and wait. Because they're young defense that forgot how to tackle not. Because they're young beat out. I know -- -- -- -- -- BLI if you get there were fundamental breakdowns defensively that they don't beat you wanna see especially -- -- -- fundamentals are mentally if there were stuck. The same thing that you think that you -- and not mentally prepared for the game and I'm really prepare for the speed of the game. Everything else is gonna be awful and the -- of the football. -- won't try to point out all those in the article was much as anything was there it was a mixed -- there were a lot of you could not appointed -- dark in the -- that happens team either to go around and you know there were three or four guys just who had a rough day gross the guys who play better to help -- you know just didn't. What good enough you know. This was a game where all of -- -- circle looking each others have argued that are needed I mean it was really -- number what you could've gone down -- -- -- roster never got me -- worker -- and hard pressed to find a guy who had a real good game exactly it exactly it and that's what always kind of annoys me as a player because. Where there's the sixteen games we each got sixteen different great sheets. We golfing did in the in the habit my exit because I don't but the media should be you can get kids have a habit of the but this tell you things you want now I don't laugh out almond like yeah. And actually right no man's land don't answer my fiancee did Matsui and cities or something that I've already have products to put the idea though is that you know this guy good -- got bad this guy good there there's categories like Jimmer good. -- to bad you know that a dude did it that it's not like that you know -- but what I can reform a habit of you know you just this guy gets put in the scattered discuss its approach they're definitely watch every single game -- -- the play makes. And I think if you look last week some of the guys who we have in that you'll presumably good there presumably always when he didn't answer. Times the cost of the thing is that offense the defense played against last week. Is actually capable of that type of before exactly -- I don't care who you are because he is puts up build them -- until Mike Fitzpatrick. He -- with a built over the years but the -- That way but it just hasn't been as consistent a -- and that's what I thought you were on -- golf I thought you gonna say CJ Spiller or Fred Jackson are hard to bring down yet. I thought that's what you gonna say go to the ground running. Federated -- it's been evident there's -- night watching him play absolutely Spiller especially exactly we out. They're talking about on the -- -- to give him more texts. I don't know. You can kind of pick your poison you wanna keep Nokia holds season. Give him more Texans may not be directing the Buffalo Bills but yes that -- -- maybe one -- -- war that may help out. What -- your constitute an attack and it should -- that made it under your immigrant should do -- it was -- it was awful it was a -- or was authored part of the game and but both. One thing to sort of point to in this. Is how much of that team component tackling is tackling isn't usually just. You've missed you know -- sometimes is what it's it's -- team concept and it's one of the things with the younger group it's kind of not so surprising after a week off that came back. They only hit once that we full -- -- because they did come back. Timing it it's angles with dale we've covered this on this and earlier in the week one of the things you saw -- into get. Steve Gregory I actually think it's been you explosives team I like his game I want them. But you could see it was first game back if he was involved in a couple. And they were more issues has taken a bad -- you'll cloudy off the guy next monopoly with a guy and it quite frankly why don't down the rest -- -- -- -- -- -- we've elected a self but I would expect some of the same kind of thing. Bennett you'll just like Stevens and her for a while and I'm not try to focus on him there -- -- please guys you could name. What the idea of -- -- -- -- unifil is very much team concept import that if you there's a wall like play with chorus or how well let's first play with Kevin. It's not how good I am because quite frankly I'm not gonna tackle anyone on the open field. But my -- at the tackle half of them because I've got him here and exit brought up that sideline is in the next got. You can take the proper angles you can be not as fast as the other guy -- if you if you don't try to -- the entire football field. A lot of -- -- -- -- troubled young guy initially because -- college to get away with them just the best guy out here. It's not that way you know but also I think there were some holes it's all worth it just wasn't the group play together what we see them in past week. Is there concern that Sheila Jones at the rookie wall we we saw a lot of snaps early on in Oakland but surprised to see a lot of have given it to Justin Francis is that these incidents but he played pretty well when you thought you. I -- have been able to pick Justin Francis out of a police have the -- that I'm I'm dead serious first time they called his name Alex. -- -- -- Where does that come from first half significant snaps and goes in the first significant snaps. We've seen from him this season we just deal with this week are you worried about the rookie wall are you -- -- you think you're hitting rookie -- you -- to kind of slowed to a point where. You know at that question. That legitimately be asked him to know I'm not feel that at all I've he'll push right through it I think you'll be cutting hinted that there may be some more double teams it. Opposing offensive coordinators are starting to deeply for more I wonder if he's starting to. Slow just the little knocked it here's what happened so last week was buffalo -- week which means ninety series in the film which means three step passing which we spread which means you don't put a unit of those hideous act this week people understand that so. I think I could write down on the on the back -- -- -- here's mobile talk about a post a win lose or draw lack of a process it was a three separate people come on this is not gonna happen so. That Jim Jones just understand that we we talked about this little during this week. -- -- -- -- -- You know what it's a week where do you see him in the shark and you see is spread I see somebody -- motion in my direction. Something about half -- about it sapped the Will Bynum jam him all the guys up it's it's it's a function of of experience you'll see Willie McGinest you have a thousand times because -- gonna play this is that this is that we Grumman gets to have sex just not gonna happen. So would be the notion of a wall. I guess with what what I see which numbers you start to school with younger they can they realize that you really good players who gets a lot of pressure does the job that were used in the street. You know he's always seen him for chip this duo chips this year receives the back coming towards him. -- -- didn't -- trying to avoid them back in the -- just a warmer won't tackle the problem that is. You have to understand that the -- you knew deep set and as the back coming -- because he's about certain turn industry. There's a lot of things it's it's sort of progression for it and I. Yeah I think it's interesting because it is for the record I think he's the with a record deepen the rookie year I think he's dollars and medallion that -- -- -- literally like you're seeing. Teams it's a little like baseball with a pitcher where -- the second time through teaching. You go hit you with the poster rookie who you know kind of comes in fresh front is not a lot of film on it you don't know really how -- an impact at this level. There's the question as to know whether or not she in the will be able to react well in in and understand that there is a lot of film out there on him and. That -- quite understand the process that without -- that quick. I mean this few weeks ago with him how he's gonna be next thing you know that -- -- going to be talking about and intuitive way to. And we a couple of bad games or maybe one big gains from someone's perspective. We're talking about maybe I mean obviously while. I'm thumbs up for the little guy I don't know that you kind of fit but I think it did it it's interesting to see the last three teams the numbers he could bit of a drop. -- that it's just you just have to realize what -- -- not try to do you would just to miss the place and I think -- that you get one week reduced to just great but quite frankly there were also half dozen times or do a great job so. It was the first no real social cracks the -- hurt them. It happened one we Buffalo Bill -- have seen him. -- -- -- -- --

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