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Minihane and Sheppard Give Their Final Score for Pats vs Colts

Nov 18, 2012|

Find out who the guys think will win and why.

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A couple minutes here at each -- anchor men and we handed over to the fellas and Toby Keith's in nature place -- Dale Arnold Christopher price. Matt Chatham and Kevin fall -- patriots or NFL Sunday rather till 4 o'clock. And you went overall picks in last separately one game left one game let's surprisingly enough Indianapolis into in the match let's stay in the number for. As 109 and a half nine -- ago by the these number in The Herald today's Sunday hurled -- patriots -- minus nine and a half how -- -- -- -- and I would just -- simply 4127. Patriots. 4127. -- receive fourteen point win. Was escorted into -- -- Pittsburgh pitcher for -- I was four -- toys and -- and that was. This was also debris play with a 103 degree temperature that we knew about Rodney Harrison and drug is that right Harrison injured -- -- redeem itself for Roethlisberger. Earlier in the car that season wears on Halloween yet but they also lost half the team during that game I law could have been right there ought to there was. Halloween yeah that's right he got patriots by two touchdowns in that game yes. And I'm. Take the colts I am I think the page is gonna win today to keep taking the patriots these double digit games keep losing. The colts are gonna move the ball here and in the score some points absolutely well -- the pages are going to win the game I'm going to say 38. 31. And to be back kinda game pages and no problem -- was a threesome for one last was close last -- there's some pretty wants voters haven't been able to a cemetery across its exact kind of game again here and let him have his moments. But I repeat it's finding a way to win this game here get the 73 very short weekends -- the all the stuff retirement during the break. You don't see the jets implode -- was an equipment screw us live here at the games -- well yeah so -- we have pages when your a game 73. And really and let's face it the questions about the disease we know that divisions over the question is can they get. Find a way to get it juicy opportunities here you know Paul fourth picture probably do. I think you will have a sickened after used in which I and I do think they will be there when there -- itself or if they remain reasonably healthy I think got a great chance demands -- guarantees the NFL I think they'll have a great shot to beat Houston. Here. To gripping the -- of Britain used to back to back here. Notes -- short week Sunday and Monday night but that's that's why. Derek -- up they'll have opportunities it's going to be it's still a game the Steelers over the next three weeks. Could be very action without Ben Roethlisberger begin tonight if they only through which -- implement its three week. To be more available they have and -- holes in today. There tonight to have to Baltimore spots in Cleveland game mixed between is that recognize the results -- tough Byron yesterday keep an eye -- that as well here for the for the juicy perspective anybody you're keeping an idea to -- is that the guys are focusing under your watch it they mourn. And it's going to be wishing to see if indeed he is on way to start the game or if they go the it'll Larry at the FitzGerald. Route we -- do what Arizona. And double team him with we're recording and users as -- -- by himself put it to double team for time to time to shut him down. And or or they simply say the -- to assemble outside Nairobi yet and -- it was their bets was going to be to the shore. They're gonna move rent wait around I carefully went through a lot of the same side. Well every single point of pitches that you be surprised he just rebound when I'm old game they do to a mix that up. Director he's definitely diamond keep and I -- -- -- keep an -- gronkowski who I've been kind of he sees roles he's played keep in mind he's doing his banged up and Welker who looks like he's probably gonna play -- -- for the game. I mean the two key weapons here for Brady offensively are banged up no doubt how skis while he's played nowhere near percent. No he's not an ideal -- the nuggets have early and we keep an eye on is that you know Donald Thomas starting left guard Deron and -- -- starting at their right got more than likely -- today. With -- Americans being out and how effective -- the pages running game be real global map as a pretty coming off the edge but I think Ballmer sold to a solid job. All year long about bailing out big time names like that I -- will be okay.

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