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Kirk and Pete Run Down the all the NFL Games for Week 11 and Give Their Picks Versus the Spread

Nov 18, 2012|

The guys pick all of the games against the spread and surprisingly are thinking on the same page this week. THIS IS FOR A SANDWICH!

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Like -- We have marketed -- and -- from the station this morning -- stuck in the past. It's exciting week eleven. It is a few weeks ago yeah he claims he wants it I believe that's -- -- winter games I think I was 500 futures at -- Right get tax all the time people -- these. -- that against the spread. And most people that believe leads her or to fight on that happens as it's crazy it's cookie. It took -- -- dog run we -- can't be wins out real champion defeated now so what's -- this games. The so struggled early -- that -- sure we'll hear that the -- less than what I think if the super locked them. -- on the board with them that I left for the first game or Washington. At all accurate half point favorite against the struggling schools of thought bill and daughter boy. It's. I'm so Dallas Philadelphia right now picked outs at T about ready to bust. The Redskins are still playing I do like RG three that's thought. Shanahan -- Washington. Yeah you don't Washington here I have to register go to -- just in such turmoil. The -- hoping to three and six are gonna go with they're -- the registered here we both agree green -- a three point favorite on the road against Detroit. I'm going with the Packers here I think the you know they could easily be. You teach that to left losses give -- -- rock that Seattle. And it gave negative way against Indianapolis for the previous -- very solid team Detroit I know to come around a little bit I like Green Bay minus three Detroit get it done. By touchdown tough scamper against them. Early because my lock of the week does it I think Green Bay right now if you as an annuity is making ideas -- -- -- -- -- -- agreed that. I -- and -- I think right now that playing this was nineteen Nancy I think they go on Saturday. They win that game of the at that point kind of what we're were great -- what. It's over at that point Atlanta Falcons -- all of a ten point favorite. Against the Arizona Cardinals camp -- redeem themselves after last week's first loss to you'll. Turner it -- Thursday and Julio Jones and Jones and as well. Arizona good defense against the run to make some place potentially gets Matt -- ten points he can trick -- Ten points I would say Arizona squeaks in under that -- I would have to recruit the again you know I'm not disagree just disagree I -- -- -- a particular point double that you went to tough to come by the NFL there really are most games decided by some points -- less -- now we're in the into the nitty -- this season here. That's a lot of points in Arizona. Arizona is 45 so this is another plane for something obviously has told us postal annex the -- the next -- divide it by Atlanta at all. And another pretty good -- you did you did you Atlanta miserable every. I I I could see them in the Super Bowl however I'd like you to win one playoff game would not -- dollars. You know you see what they've done I mean let me ask about the fourth quarter last year against the giants how well how incredibly. Pathetic -- Horrible and Mike Schmidt I don't know he makes some interesting decisions during game almost like the brand. As their coach and I thought it cost them games last year whatever it was Susan as well as that right after it was horrible. Tampa Bay. But who don't like him a good to pick him last that's my polonium Dallas is a seven and a half point favorite at home against Cleveland. The cowboys -- all that talent and seven point 75 points -- 45. Against Cleveland seven points at him. The problem for both of them the scoreboards appoints Stephen -- keep up 3113. Time for -- -- stakes. I don't trust them that big spot it's kind of game notable. I can you do it -- tiger refused side and I quickly before this that was -- Cleveland I would feel differently about that that's really where would you put but you know doubts the -- was anybody any -- that's not portables -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- we -- -- -- -- really. This -- didn't. The summer rotten in Denmark and allowed it to -- is Jerry Jones but you know mr. GM and just the man just just normal -- -- but I do think that get the job done today. Easily us Saint Louis is a three and -- half point favorite at home against the jets it's 1 o'clock game on channel four locally here in Boston. A lot of very different view and that gave -- a half point favorite the rams against the jets. The -- are better team. And I just you know it's been there a better football team right now the jets salt water on the jets but we talk about the start with the Eagles. It gets -- eighteen on the verge of our -- Just completely exploited all the wacky stuff for big cigar while Rex Ryan thinks good coach when things go bad guys are still pockets that they want to feel comfortable. This is what you see rescue teams applied disaster but it updated against that defense the -- -- decade. So by -- them. I think it's again a tough spot for the jets and they are such turmoil tribute to see once again but if they even have to go up there at all. For any relevant plays that needed it and I'll -- Sanchez will be. But he said to decent game just your wanna get the patriots when -- get to Indianapolis fairly solid blue mountain. But other than that they have been great he's been pathetic so I again have to go programs we agree against France -- -- -- that talk and anybody pick the jets. Right now we disagree get. Hillary never -- that we haven't that's okay look at Houston it's fifteen and a half point favorite at home against Jacksonville. Fifteen and a half point favorite at home. You know it's tough he picked against a team as they are by picking -- favorite if you have points as dangerous territory. But if you ask me if you ask me what's the scoreboard to be used to Jack's book game I would say something like 37%. I gotta be fair here I don't like to do it -- the take used to with all those what's it doing. Fifteen point favorite music fifteen and a half a minute take I think -- gonna -- about public. Yards is Jackson would have this. While thing is just let that happen to play ugly American public can play a bit after they defeated in hopes that it did however I'm cheating a little bit. I'm looking ahead at this doubled and Houston's schedule this is the ultimate trap -- not that you're just gonna lose this game I don't think -- well we have that they have at Detroit next week out. They are at the -- and he talks saying it to me. I think this is one of those backdoor cover game where uses a five point one -- until late touchdown earlier pilot who went by too tough stuff I am gonna take. I'm at the Jacksonville plus the perfume and -- half point there had been in somehow squeaked it out but. If I was -- real money that we're told to stay away toll since they were maybe fifty on the Cincinnati's three -- one favorite at Kansas City. Another team the bubbles -- that they paid -- surprise -- some weeks and just we think they're ready to step foot off the -- that fact. -- their team that you you wanna like right you look at Cincinnati -- young quarterback you like green. You like some defense stuff they should be -- -- 63 should you know this AFC. They're not wonder why. It is the kind of gave the Marvin Lewis teams always kind of struggle and getting how big of losing its future despite. This season when his game I think they're going to -- accident in -- -- witnessed -- obviously epidemic she's based but. Total anti Marvin Lewis -- but here. I'd like to Greek government disagree again here I just think campus they wanna native only had a lead for what. Five artists that just -- -- and it's it's just -- -- thing I ever you know. That's a trend I can't ignore overtake the Cincinnati Bengals went a very ugly game may be covered by up a couple of points fifth where the game by 67 point where. That will be part of the obviously with a day in my opinion is is that one so Robert the Atlantic fumbles broke out. You know minus three and a half the wall it's a very interesting game here in -- to -- five point favorite on the road. Against the freaks and Oakland the raiders. Nine point favorite. As a gamer I would not be stunned if -- who won this game had all the kind of game very team to have a shaky defensively goes across the country loses happens all the times you've -- A million times but. But I think Wallace who upstart apply it to prove it. Goes there today managed to score enough points at the that the raiders can't keep up but I think it's become the wild game I -- -- because that late afternoon kind of fun game to watch triple teams are going up down the field. The same score lasts for -- say the five points five points. Also the sense to its government. When the security again reader like three in a row and for those reasons that to somebody who wants it. Seems like -- they've come back with an option at -- point of fact that the Atlanta last week there was -- defeated. Registered travel across the country and I don't know that just not all the way I think they win the game wild game. How to say overtime three distinct feel like 414130. This exact number read my mind -- there 4138. What I do think -- will find a way to -- -- and and covered him. Moving -- Denver is an eight point favorite home against San Diego. The charges four or five team this is basically adapt to win this game that might mean -- -- after I don't -- -- bill bill they are 31 of the division. They are before six at that point and -- -- Denver's 73 that the -- it's it's now B two losses to Denver had a bad number that collapse Daria don't -- -- few weeks ago yeah. So you have to win this game -- to keep a close they lose the game -- eight points a lot. Denver's a pretty good team not a great team. Handing over a point Cindy don't trust -- their season on the line and keep it close Denver wins about the future. We agree with you here or take the charges as well to look to keep a close. And estimating it do for. This this I tell -- what this wouldn't shock me if San Diego by the way no grade -- would more turner and -- to chart from playing. But I get the -- and today they go off while the chargers are. I would this might upset special did not much to watch court. My crazy wacky -- San Diego with -- today about that there's always this is always these. -- is -- kind of team ignored when it seems that there could be dead -- -- -- find we always went down one game to give false hope mr. and Denver's through we're. Victor were the -- reality check. You know that we have what's appropriate for cooperate with a -- well what. Anyway. Baltimore is divided and -- -- it's easy to get that Baltimore it's. All against -- at Pittsburgh three and half point -- What's that number from the spurs might have left it's just an exact opposite the other way for three and a half -- Pittsburgh three maybe probably -- it. It's really how much you trust brought you know left which. Roethlisberger since he joined the league in 2004 he missed thirteen. In those games through history one against teams not from Baltimore and -- -- important. -- -- tonight against the ravens this Sunday night. Pittsburgh to united is -- -- without Roethlisberger their 500 kind of team but. I think Baltimore with volume great defense with Flacco making plays Alec left which keeps up at a Baltimore wins this game. 710 points. Well I'm gonna go with. Are to go against again -- and take to take the Steelers. Two and one of those rally around a backup quarterback -- games. And if they made after the first several more weeks after that so. Still is at home. Are we take that -- is a lot that that extra apple weblog that may lose -- to the Steelers up plus the three and a half. Couple more games separate -- Monday night game at home six point -- against them backed up fares. Six points. Quarterback situation that game obviously is shaky ball to both teams the ticket services to defense at home against -- did that make some plays -- -- this morning. This is another tough one -- to compares with the points I think it was just two wins by talking of another ugly game it's going to be. Should be 1613. One of those rare seventeenth fourteen game that it can be what we saw last but tonight you know conditions with the elders and and Houston. But I cryptic -- -- Chicago. Like -- cyclical. Gossips is going to disarm them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By the game with Tampa Bay. Plus or minus one at Carolina Tampa Bay minus -- Carolina top one who -- with him they can do it could stop the run. You know the best in the league right now against the run that's -- -- -- of the that we would do -- it really can struggle to score points on him. This might -- him questions colossal my fifth straight one boat that benefit. Call me crazy but probably not yeah -- Carolina today cameo. Emerges out of his -- OP you know talking to cool. And gets it done somehow gets it done. I would take Carolina at home plus one to win the game outright today it would -- very that's my idea of what was. The pictures we got them all we'll come back after the break we're running up against -- here and who you're divorced drawn. Getting emotional. About it and I love -- that -- -- picks coming up -- an emotional. He now wrapping up your make our -- picks and hand over the guys NFL suddenly get back.

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