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Mike Petraglia, WEEI.com, Joins Minihane and Sheppard to Preview Pats/Colts

Nov 18, 2012|

Trags gives the boys a call live from Gillette Stadium to help preview Pats/Colts, give us an update on inactives, and why he believes the Pats will be victorious today.

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Final hour for -- man and here impeach -- Dale Arnold Chris price Kevin falcon Matt Chatham NFL Sunday one to four follow us. One hour to go you're gonna talk to patriots and will be joined live here right now. By Mike Trout you who is at Gillette Stadium tracks it's or compete you. -- -- friendly reminder you don't have to -- every five minutes wondering apartment -- -- the shelling out exactly reliable enough time checking in there's nobody more reliable than -- -- in the regiment patrol interestingly there's during the breaks vs reality twice in less than 24 hours yeah a tragic tragic. A question for you look at the football the second. Last segment -- I said Rondo and now we're saying Rondo is one of those guys that is fascinating in a lot of ways and one way to use no guy when we grew up. You look at you say this is -- abroad obviously she sees him Jordan Nowitzki obviously you see some -- there are guys like that. Our Chris Paul Isaiah stuff like that Rondo does know god can you think of a guy. I'm not right off the top of my head now because. I think the way he reads. The court and that dynamic he has with his teammates and the habits such -- young -- I I can't really think of one right off the top of my head I guess Chris Paul but it. Even so -- much more of an offense -- -- More. And and I think everybody knows that you know Rondo -- It's also a much more sensitive -- but I can't think about a more sensitive. Amply that I've covered both positively and negatively on something that could set set off but he's also very bright articulate guy he he is. Certainly wanted to kinda think. And it's it's up bracelet but I have to bring this funny story appears it's. It went up into Britain know what Mike is -- is. They very intentionally to division -- you say the decision we think so I can I just remember that time when you were trying to interview Dennis Rodman at that we sat down with. And he basically it wasn't your fault but he -- annual over and he chased down by. That might have been sort of fought his radio goes you got it all on tape and we played on the big show and I still left my ass off of atomic -- about it that was one of funniest thing you've ever done. It was actually his entourage that -- that's right it's not really took off Alex try to get him to run -- I was chasing down the hallway and made a couple of bases. Did a little OJ back in the day. Leaping over people. As they were -- commercial -- so yeah I remember that very well and actually. Earned me a spot on. On Marv Albert the number on Letterman. What's the what's the word so looks like Aaron and his no Wes Welker yes that that deal met in practice and and I can finally also out. Album Mankins which -- you just don't. Well I've been so wrong so many times but I guess whether or not and I do you know wrote about our experiences this year Kirk about. Logan Mankins trying to guess whether bodies and -- I guess. No he will not play I mean he leaves last year a last week with say a high ankle sprain. Others left ankle he leaves and walking the outside Gillette Stadium I can't imagine they're gonna even. Think about risking playing him in and there is some talk that they may even decide to shut him down for the season he's just battling so much cap. The hip before last week and high ankle sprain so I would have to say right now. Surprised by the moves level and spoke yesterday Deion Branch was still a member of the team and now. Cut that at 34 loop last night of fun out about it. Well I mean like I tweeted wow you know the patriots cut Deion Branch and you immediately think of how much he means Tom Brady and and yet but you know you sit back in -- thinking you go okay. Why would they do this they probably do this Pete because they know nobody else is gonna pick a -- off -- him. He's one of those classic players all the classic patriots. The really means the most to New England. And not nearly as much to anybody else and I think that's why they did -- state obviously. Or one of the best teams that roster maneuvering in the NFL. And so you know when you take about five to ten minutes to think about it it's not that much. Which I was an automotive and also a factor because of the sessions later everyone in the wide receivers on the injury report this week. I did correct but I don't think they do that they thought Wes Welker was. Not gonna play Watson I'm saying that that Javier factors -- was the way emirates yesterday while I was intending complain that's why they've made the tragic problem with the signs spikes. Yeah. No I -- I I I don't because if they're gonna call the fines and and it would equally around the NFL that's the latest. It's one of those classic I have a problem with the rule more than I do fine. If the -- going to be the rule that you have to enforce itself so -- it and everybody in the NFL knows that that's. You know part of the problem in the part of the challenge of playing in the NFL trying to play at a very high level. And and not heard anybody play within the rules and there are some players. We're gonna be like you know screw it I'm gonna play the way I play -- the -- come finds come more than a few players told me that over. The last couple years and that the American changed their style I think Brandon Spikes is one of those guys who's. Gonna play the way he plays in the defiant on the line. -- the severe trouble follow up questions is that to that particular play one doesn't get fine if the -- doesn't come off the number true. Talk about the rule be in the rule and there is a rule but the helmet chin strap past -- that there was a equipment malfunction or whatever you wanna call it that rule wasn't called so. And I am a firm believer that if his helmet which I think we're come off the wind was blowing the right way and a particular play. But he doesn't get find besides I thought it was not. And not even close to a vicious helmet to helmet hit it was. No repeat what happened was he got hit that's that's Patrick got hit square in the chat yes and the upper just just pads. And that the crown of spiked helmet hit the bottom of the face mask of its patch -- it off and you're absolutely right about the rule. About the you know the -- that helmet have to be on firmly in the chin strap. Buckled the article. By. That being said that -- could easily have still be has still been doled out simply because there's video replay and you look at everything like that. That is going to be close to drawing a penalty and if they see that -- get anywhere near. And not only the other in the opponent's helmet but the air base -- they're gonna call it and they're gonna find them so to answer your question I still think that that's fine gets handed out. Whether or not the helmet comes off. Why is this defense can play better today or will they play better here they did against this Patrick Sanchez wise to be different against locked in -- team has played better against. -- competition in the -- -- in last four weeks why do you think the second their play better -- maybe more importantly because we know we were there last week watching these -- back. I think the -- -- actually you know you and I talked about the putt -- spikes played pretty good. In pass coverage male -- is. A male and hot potato -- -- are terrible past. To play better but I think to answer question I think will be better for two reasons I think to keep to -- only to be the difference. In terms of their ability. To you know either if they decide to bracket Reggie Wayne which they might. But it really gives some shut down or close to shutdown corner on the left side the strong side of the offense. And secondly the ballot checking him the rookie quarterback it's cliche but it's also accurate. To say that spell check has had a great deal of success against rookie quarterbacks in this as a rookie quarterback. If you take a look at his road home split. He's foreign one at home. Eight touchdowns to interceptions or on the road to touchdown passes. Two win over Tennessee in Jacksonville and eight interception. The one devil's advocate if I may be so bold Michael is that rookie quarterbacks I think Belichick is eighteen and seven overall but the last five. Rookie quarterbacks of 41 against the patriots. Well and and I think people of actually bill is going to decide to put more pressure on the quarterback find a way to blitz more and do whatever. The bend don't break I think almost -- from the game last week that they were lucky that Ryan Fitzpatrick decided to throw the quadruple coverage. But -- record -- right place right time that's great but he you know they have. Relied on that philosophy too much I think and I think eventually they're gonna come to the point. In this season where they're going to. You know change the philosophy bring more pressure they've got to create more pressure because that looks like Chandler Jones has had a bit of a rookie wall. And they need a big game today I think from rob thank. It was a mistake tries began my college W I dot com join us here from July. Are watching that jets game watching Hernandez in the game was a mistake trying to bring him back should be should be sent -- longer here. Well. I mean easy. I mean it's easy to second guess them like after the guy tell he's ready to play any shelling in practice that he's ready to plate you don't know how strongly ankle. Doesn't make sense to them you set out here today eastern and again Thursday and you bring him back two weeks. Yeah I mean I think that's the plan is that Hernandez's -- the plate today -- played you know Thanksgiving against suggests they certainly should -- and the jets. And then he comes back with a ten day break I think that's the planned. But you know. For us to sit back and criticize whether or not you know our mandate should come back when he did against Seattle. -- look at the guy tells he's ready if he showed you a practice he's ready. You know you gotta go with what you're -- talent -- And I think you know I have no problem with and come back waded even though he had a recurrence of the bank of of the ankle sprain. It seems easy to just say you know shut -- Reggie Wayne and and the and preachers when this game usually by. We talked about the some -- the yesterday morning. But the patriots have also had a tendency to make second third fourth fifth option guys aren't on opposing teams. Look pretty good and not that you know even -- and -- Avery obviously nowhere near the kind of named Wayne is and certainly don't expect the Indianapolis running game to do much today either going to be completely different from what we saw. Last week put. Is there anybody out there Mike that. We should this page of people may not a lot of the Indianapolis condition look out for the could do some damage besides Wayne. If they let that if they let it happen. Well Brazil on Avery of the two guys that you have to look at in this game as threats then and -- of the reason that the secondary. And the third option guys in the receiving game of the opposition have given the patriots so much trouble is because where to those guys -- routes usually underneath underneath the linebackers are correct. And that's why you know they have. Just done a horrible job of a defending underneath and defending the flat and that's because the linebackers. That's not their strengths. And so you know I don't see any reason why that wouldn't change -- papers variances that terrific offensive mind he knows this patriots. Scheme and build what Bill Belichick likes to do as well as anybody having been the offensive coordinator with the Steelers for the last six years. Structure received the tape I'm sure he's identified that he's told Andrew Luck -- if -- she's got bracket coverage. Deep. Checked down to underneath and it should be wide open and I would expect that to be the case again today. I'm looking at -- I'm sure you read tracks back on Friday don't worry -- podcast of the -- got a project are you a little seven -- show you said Arthur -- you've got to -- -- podcast I was I welcome that what and that's sort of you know on Bosnia trip. The tracks in the tenth toughest patriots of all time. Is this last Friday who's number one. It. Did you put and regular welcome -- off the listener upset about that well he has his Logan Mankins one broke into him at three Tippett for Harrison five per -- Into one Bledsoe Armstrong -- is -- Welker on the list at all -- -- These organs you ought to -- -- five. 36 honorable mention guys in Welker is on that list so -- tracks yeah Wes -- is not on the sixteenth toughest patriots in franchise history that's ridiculous. Read it might tweet before it jumped on the I did I read it -- as Republicans. He's apologized old bags -- starts apologizing I'm calling on my sword for that there's danger in doing something like this -- viewed it really you're really exposures stupidity. I don't. When when you when you're doing something like this also try to give respect. To all -- you don't want. To put everybody from the last ten years on the list because I think that's kind of naive. But in doing well on clearly I left off Wes Welker I mean that that's and that's mistake that indefensible mean anybody's watched Wes Welker what he's been through. The other guy left off which -- -- Terry gland out Terry Glenn on that's been counted. I won't make any Bill Parcells. I would callers should all day if you -- -- did -- good -- Brady gets -- Diego that Wendy replete with. They did put the -- toward the -- I think patriot when that game 24. All right thanks bye have fun all right guys there's Mikey. That's our -- tracks live from Gillette to be watching the game their from the press box sitting next Alan Siegel on the likes going doing a sound to -- he does best your buddy Pete is at the pages running 20/20 four.

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