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Minihane and Sheppard Talk Early Season Celtics and if Rondo Will Be a Legitimate MVP Candidate

Nov 18, 2012|

The boys talk C's and their play early on in the season. Rajon Rondo has been spectacular and has really improved his shooting from the floor - is he truly an MVP candidate though? Kirk and Pete think he is if he can keep this pace up.

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So the Celtics are six and four right now -- I just address is what the report from 603 Don Shula Dan Marino and they are both hall of -- to these -- coaches and then several went to the Super Bowl beat in New Hampshire says. There are being corrected did go to the Super Bowl fortunate bigger clobbered by imported cars and as -- -- -- it was 39 to twenty. Yeah I remember grizzly bears embryos MVP year yeah for us media -- only -- Buddies try to give via BD Belichick creeds as it was a lot of guys agree. Quarterbacks have -- there is a talented having these great guys in and winning championships they won three. So what organs that if we want to hear later but let's it would still Sulzer collapsed in a teasing we have 604 through ten games. Pretty tough to win yesterday over Toronto obviously the story you're so far for the Celtics this year. Is that it appears that Rondo is. Potentially here making them that then leaped into certain celebrities -- going to be the MVP and right now to make a case it's an eighth of the season this Thanksgiving a lot of those of -- -- -- said after the game yesterday at a Berlin -- optional fashion editors I guess from every. You know -- can just imagine -- -- Enron stock like -- just imagine -- sort of liberal stuff that's hilarious. But you know. Rhonda right now is averaging thirteen assists a game 3 morning by Italy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the turn over just a vibrant almost by revive rebounds has been as good -- players -- has been in the league having finally has been this argument forever whose team is it. Whose team is you can seas rise aren't going Fuhrman gets to keep or twenty minutes minutes a game. This is finally indisputable August. The -- or -- turned over it's not -- -- there's -- question by advocates and Rondo is team for at least a couple of years and assistance though I think you know obvious who some resistant although we know what happened with our our friend in Miami. Yeah Telecom -- for the money that by blood. There's no question he makes people and KG said you know what you know. He regards MVPs are judges MVPs and if you know they make it what's around you better. That's a big criteria and I think receive Santa Barbara magic and Jordan and they absolutely did that I think Robert does do that. I do think he makes other players better. When he's on the floor because Saudi of the night against Brooklyn enforcement we didn't play a season low seventy enemy and they storm fought hard and had a lead -- -- fought hard. At this ran out of gas will be in the fourth quarter but they have season low of what's averages seventeen assists for the game. She's a lot -- it was Thursday night -- -- it's it's a different world you -- Barbosa played pretty wide enough by the way Barbosa to me I think I'd love to pick up when they got him. And I'd this is why it eventually resolve how this all plays out I still believe they will play Miami. But he Eastern Conference championship and that at that time myself and to be one hell of a series I really. Like the way this team. Is gonna beat Idaho I'd hoped to seek the potential that they have. At the end of the season you would -- tremendously Bradley gets back. I like I saw a soldier yesterday. They won't kick in the -- that doc gave him and then he came out and and really played. You know play while the ice but well he's he's played what -- catch -- -- the -- but we knew that but he is successful -- there's good basket and open stays healthy mart and -- music culture -- -- -- -- -- Coach's kid when you see the Celtics team the -- like before the year basically -- like what concerns you I think. Still for me is the rebounding 12930 definitely you know that's the thing it's gonna eventually bite them I think in these big spots. And orders go to Miami I don't but I think the second or third best team Eastern Conference and -- rather make asleep in you know it's baseball. Well football random guys grab them VP of basketball -- an MVP you know. You're our great great player you look at the guys in the past who wandered off -- And he's he's one of these guys -- stays healthy. He's going to be. A top two or three or four thickening of the people immediately be here it's especially to watch front and completely sort of you know embrace this stuff. The level he's playing at right now is unbelievable is more twenties his -- Over the last couple years in the Russian -- That's -- and out and what makes him even more what's gonna might think and I think there's gonna improve its already can be improved the already from the forest. Our ten games is his jump is is shooting death and no question if he is making those jumpers -- for years we wanna Steve Nichols twelve to fifteen midrange jumpers. I mean forget about it app but he could see their confidence in his shot now. It is still quite was kind of shot putting it up their little bit you can see there are times in games this year already you know it's a small sampling but. He -- -- the last Jim -- -- a little bit. -- the ball. And -- -- -- the shot I'll I'll be the DJ for what you know not that opportunity I'll make the clutch shot the -- depicting portal when he knew that. And he has confidence now to do it worth 23 years ago we didn't. Now he delegates are missing as we said -- -- -- -- -- percentages of terrible -- easy job it's a good NBA jump -- good as anybody in the league right now. You know in the past. Is from start to it to the changeover I would not traded Chris Paul for -- -- -- -- Rondo is not the best point guard. I'm willing a look at that debate sale may -- -- finally is this guy. If you're looking the best point guard him BA is in Boston. Well as the -- it's it's certainly up for debate I would failures in the black or white answer you now -- cases -- ball by just Toronto though is more unique than any player in the MB I take a -- going to be Stanford persona on. Growing -- the other guys I always you know it's easy -- guys he's like the Dennis -- of rebounding -- got it -- I've never seen anything like it is just everything is -- I -- I can -- met their match -- point I meet somebody -- always exist at -- -- it's not a great defensive -- -- was it just didn't -- it was a great -- -- in the beginning I was I don't -- literature became -- -- it -- -- most of your biggest -- are about the -- -- the world in the -- all -- you know and -- Tonys and don't guys who there's only going up like he didn't know what he -- he's the he's not that position in the -- that's why he's so unique that's quite a fascinating study pretty MBA.

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