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Kirk and Pete Delve Further Into the Patriots and Their Matchup with the Colts Later Today

Nov 18, 2012|

The guys continue their analysis of the Pats and if their defense, specifically their secondary is improving. Pats fans will finally get to see Talib today, although Hernandez is out. They also get into Gronk and his blocking skills, the pass rush and Wes Welker.

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Well I hate you know my folks has been on what that defense does and it's always you know colts defense in the solar seventh round two players. And those two guys are still there yourself. That's really -- challenge for us this week he's trying to figure how to block. You know that entire front. As a lot of different looks from last time we played them trying to kinda. Understand the scheme and how they're doing things but they're good -- they really rush the passer that's a big challenge. That's Tom Brady earlier this week talking about the colts and and Dwight Freeney. And Matheson you can do here is seen. I'm a time over the years different now obviously with Matt Light around and -- with these guys. Can do here today against Brady please -- our -- -- focus -- last week with the way -- -- vote on Williams. And I mean Ballmer and canceled have done -- anger -- -- job. Most familiar Williams was rip job in both games visibly in relative visible to -- not to get the premiere of what is the most. It's great account that he as the one he was with Houston. Some stretches where distributors capsule disappears there's aptly disappears and is not a stretch where it looks like the greatest defensive end -- play again. It is amazing six point 7779793. -- a phone number Berkman in the ship or whatever it is -- this point Pete. God I thank you it was listened to mark launch Ehrlichman and they were talking about a project reporter -- onboard. Recently Hernandez bought 85% of the playoff time management point but there's really no need to know. Adamant that rushed him back orbit or you want it's tough to keep a guy like Hernandez on and where these guys want to play those guys wanna you know -- love again and wanna play. We are and is on the field though at the end of that jets game should not probably not to tell as a guy who could probably -- not I mama sure -- should be up there right now now. I don't know but they can't -- ball development as though. There's no way to support across people underestimate or arm some people don't realize what a great run blocker -- is alt com. Remember he's these are very important part of the offense of wanted to run the football is one reason why -- -- -- Russian ball this year they lead the league by the way and red zone. -- -- as -- as a way to 1414 to -- an outlet for them without Greg -- -- turn into you know. Our round Greta blocker Crumpler was the -- -- -- a couple of years ago -- -- -- now watch these games again guys. A terrific blocker you're right so probably heard his. We're -- you really don't you turn into which you really need them against Indianapolis Dick I need him Thursday night when the going into my little boy that's better than by the way. People think that the point seven point for -- game against the jets has got there. Are duplicate again is going to be duplicated on Thursday you're crazy that's where people get property score traps at that because it happened one way several weeks earlier if I tell you what it's typical Thursday night in with a short week that are a bit and kill the jets. He was gone here's why here's the thing it's what did you Hernandez in the jet game. I doubt that big picture and visiting if you win today. In eagle on York and went on Thursday theory three the reality is that they can lose out in when he sees. It may be -- when he gave -- -- are probably I Ford's status divisions that ultimate goal but you're right if you meet our and his today. Where Thursday you're -- have been trying to. Org about last week and -- -- have these offenses that I mean I love and -- as were my affair replaced them through in my love I love watching him. A player he does a tremendous job in just -- justice. It's it's hard to defend a guy who winds up -- -- different. Some situations but. Against the jets against Indianapolis against summaries of the Buffalo Bills the patriots have so many weapons their lucky. But they can afford to lose a tremendous talent -- Hernandez because there's so loaded everywhere else. It's inevitably comes back to with this team because you really don't you know was 10611 and five in a lost the playoffs. The reality is people don't want it's not satisfying one priest who both want to win more on Jim Brady and Belichick and I've got a fair expectation I think of people say. These fans what they wanna when super balls I get back -- Brady and Belichick forever and you never have guys and -- again. And I think it's blocking right now most fans think Pete and a lot of most experts think as well. Is this secondary it's -- bad it was terrible again last week there's no defense. Horrible. And that -- the second -- his -- left a lot like gaga had a alive a horrible game. A horrible attack that spikes is OK just like OK I was terrible at sports -- -- unfortunate vote of drug Fitzpatrick on every news. Helmet strap on display 5000 dollar fine that was not a vicious. Anywhere near a vicious that vicious helmet and it now did not appease my I don't know about -- or spots in my buzz or spikes doesn't that -- Jackson -- -- fine. In -- -- Jackson he's celebrating. Stop and I understand. That's right all the pomp and I understand that and elect bush acknowledged it from from the Dole's perspective why they would think that but I agree that -- -- -- that stupid. And he should know better and he late hit and as well good. To feed out of Butler got a ground. He should know better that's the kind of stuff that this was a sloppy it was a sloppy sloppy game last week -- and never been -- close it was. And hopefully that dual coat stepped drove into their heads most of the fundamentals have just the past just -- -- law that just improve on that by 50%. A decline get it -- -- the linebackers will be better. And I got to -- -- whenever you think you know they go on this one and I understand the rams are great and they shut down Saint Louis and play their best game of the year defensively yet. And Evan -- we come back in play poorly again you start to think. You know -- last year and turn around paean blaster it's true you start to think though is this just -- the secondary is I mean maybe -- make a big difference will find out but I mean. Are these guys this is what to look. I think we're looking at this the last four years and what -- see -- at the as I've said time and time again. -- late December and into the playoffs I'd I'd you know I think through what your bonus points allowed in the turnovers and they're going to be right up there. What's allowed a -- B -- the pack like there were last year. And yeah I think I gonna I can -- -- to look it up and I don't have the numbers and I left home today by. If if you look at points allowed -- through nineteen Fisher Lester it's brick. Obviously knows it pretty close airport by the textured 3790%. Last four games going on played Seattle New York Saint Louis and buffalo which one of those teams the real power house in league history talk with Indianapolis has played. The women's only three in one against those four teams. I mean that's a very very hard to take you seriously we use a Bible first of all I never said Gwynn played powerhouses that's why we're public and political talk about the -- I mean that's that's pages haven't beaten anybody in last month that's and -- absolute fair criticism and Odyssey -- They don't beat the colts today jumping up and down but that that could look at some of the colts. Oh -- I don't know paid -- -- exhibit Cisco beat those teams to differ covers. Yeah I mean you can play -- -- -- -- was on the schedule lets reporters in the you can you can consider employed by its teams also. Three plays away from being nine and -- They are also play that way well you know -- than it's ever been to places like before five and there are two plays away that could've lost -- been fortified absolutely so -- -- -- yesterday in the right and more reports Everton prop. But we do our province listen will be leaving us at 1045 for that seventh place game. Province college US Astro. Covered covered up a -- a joint. It. Thought they hit it like Friday to demand that their reserves the did you get a -- topic -- would talk talk talk about cutting it out though they lost in overtime and stated on the five scholarship players because it's so injured. But -- the coach should who still lovely. All -- -- -- doctor Davis Love won on well flexibly defense don't -- seven plays that 45. Yet it is an -- head down there in Puerto Rico -- seventh wasted today. What Tex here covered in the scroll down -- welcome this all the time to act becomes such a divisive god because it was the last which is about is so steep. I mean yeah I forget -- critical drop last year -- -- -- -- perfect throw but he should've caught that ball incidents however. And he dropped two passes last week now the first one Delphi out right away symbolic about the -- -- in his eyes -- and -- that was an easy touchdown pass look at from two to two. Odd different perspective one I don't pick the sun really had much to do that they'll I -- I think he was so I don't really believe this a wide open was so wide open he couldn't believe it. I -- believers about a secondary really to see Wes Welker get that wide open week and it's blocked backward right for a touchdown the second drop was. I -- critical of him. You know we get into this as well I was knocked trees that McCain's play calling that spot at the one there after 23 straight passes. Weighs ninety seconds on the clock on -- -- spirit that was big. Dropped as well but that was big too but I wasn't that's one reason why it was a big drop by it by Welker but he also has mates I mean. You can pick out one -- two plays not everybody. -- last week and find fault I mean everybody especially -- -- with a group tackling everybody needs fundamental mistakes last week at some point. Albert career nfl.com former globe reporter is reporting that Wes Welker is expected a player will test his ankle before the game. -- today Aaron and his for the patriots it appears. So America to probably go out and yeah as you said earlier and I do agree I mean if these guys if it's close. The reason please guys you know I mean Agassi won on in the game one when Thursday night and you get that but they should be able to find a way here. To beat the colts beat the jets without you know without Aaron and as this office of Welker gronkowski -- we don't know all the names Brady they should be able -- God knows no question that did that should be on the Internet and his defense the best -- do -- they force turnovers and I'm sure. Despite the deficiencies in the secondary I'm sure there will be some. From. Little tidbits of little some sets its schemes that luck has not seen before from the printers that Billiton will try to do some I do hope. The try to -- the more against what they did against it -- it's one thing I don't understand why -- we -- -- last week yeah I'd I'd big ticket. But also went back and watch a game a couple times. Can also see again that you can't stress enough that the sport tackling last week -- -- did they did I guess that thriller that had a bass pro locked up for five times for negative yup it's. And he just exploded away after the initial contact that's the stuff that. That you know I just don't see that happening again today what's in the game again he. Sunday night. Don't have what -- was there came back once I thought it was as bad a game is straw man it was displayed his career I regret I can regard critically bad was it -- He missed a couple of Spiller tackles yet this tactically. He -- -- -- one time in the open over the middle on champ -- and that he played young parable for my I targeted well I doubt that. I mean I delivered I'd like that that's gonna happen mail is supposed to be the -- were mailed it last year we hear a great male female all the time. Mail -- chowing on wreaking whatever it would -- Carter ED I mean he's supposed to be a star player and sometimes to me I want to mail a play like that. Still up endowment -- overalls and a BBC good linebacker. I'll tell you what -- -- -- better. There's a potentially be a better -- like -- out -- it's obviously it's different. I think they're. Of item -- front seven is. It's got great potential I mean they shall flashes were you to see how good the other games they've been terrific the and other games where the weather in knots -- appeared -- particularly -- in coverage linebackers coverage of I in my opinion overall not not been great this year not great spikes -- -- -- -- -- -- hit put rocks right they forced turnovers is there's no question that's yet the fact all of that stuff in -- along with some of the transport covered that they've had. But it to me I mean I'm a big turnover guy ticket makes a huge difference I think I've supporting adamant and carry burned. I think the patriots are seventy and one at home. One turnover ratio was plus two when their favorite last 71 games that is unbelievable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And mr. seismic points allowed to carry doesn't like a lot of stuff that a news -- -- when it -- -- Poppycock I'll tell your advocate -- that you know were circulation some times in light of -- it was a pretty good you're right. The second urged the bad but I guess my question we talk W before coming here today say while -- -- to do this again that while it. Why suddenly why is Mayo and I tower in -- why this league and ask. A much of the -- pass coverage I'm a much I'd pick up -- -- -- -- worsened last week let's put their terrible last week I'm more concerned about just you know. The tackling to skip -- tackling and I don't I don't think Indianapolis applause lot of a lot of threat. -- from the tight end situation I don't know I think I think it's Wayne and then it's a big drop in 08 respect -- 39. It's not only Israel today. And brown running I'm -- browns get in on the top running back only a three and 61 yards and a touchdown I mean I don't see him running. I think it's going to be lock lock in more -- is going to be a question of can they get to Reggie way to shut him down I think you shut Reggie Wayne down. That's a big step in the right direction however playing devil's advocate again and notices -- -- -- -- Patriots this secondary has some bad habit of making second third of what brought receiver looked pretty great also yeah I'm so it's easy to say shut graduate doubt and it should be easy. Tickets for the patriots however not so fast you go back and looked at the door and on nine games -- the decent size sampling. There have been times where you know second third or fourth receivers on opposing teams have -- pretty good. Or -- question is because it's just say let's play doubles again keep it going here today what does it every once it's immoral last week. Colts -- them feel like has a big game are you then even as concern increased for you. Where he still holding out the idea that this defense would get better because they've gotten better. Each of the last couple what is turning into an idea of well you know what it is sort of a crisis that may not. Beaver picked up to crisis and -- 730. Yeah my era but I mean it's that there's this. There's a we we know they're gonna win twelve games 1112 and that's not stop the story of this story is -- they defensively. Go into the playoffs -- three or four games with this defense you know can they do last year basically they get. Ridiculous I -- the defense was was pretty good ravens. Outrageous temper out aggregate that -- was a -- against the giants and did the ball was not lost because the defense -- people want to believe it's true. -- they do that this defense right now as Presley constitute -- cable going back and Iraq in May change. But that he look at the flip side and his people rave about separatist whose defense and no hot it's been out of the state Louis rams. No tie them how they score it's only points against that you know where the current score anything against the patriots I would put up seven. That's why it's so hard -- to figure out you you always are back and look at that game. They used in the one -- good offense they play this year they got destroyed at home by Green Bay. So as well balanced as they look right now on paper how they gonna look when they face the patriots -- that juggernaut offense when he hit but I think the road it's too simplistic to say. Defense is -- championships. That to meat that is that those days -- done. I mean that matters -- you gotta be more of a well balanced team that's wild -- just go ever won a Super -- which met the quarterback and he goes -- doctor played a. When this week but your ears think this patriots team it's different than flash as of right now and it may change. They're probably or at least possibly. Going to have to when an extra game here you know to get into the to get into the Super Bowl I mean as it is right now that -- -- They are a game behind Baltimore -- in -- two games for Baltimore for that he's always one loss in Denver who's behind them. Has an unbelievable easy schedule so it's really possible the pages compliant opening weekend and looking at the possibly having with three games to -- I think the Broncos stopped there toward I think people again our -- he's scheduled I know it looks easy -- paper but I don't know. How many times a week or day I can say it's never as easy as it looks on paper at that we're -- case there would there be any upsets there have been plenty of upsets this year already. And I guarantee you the -- on this week. There always are. It's it's just that that's the that's the way the league it like it needs to bring up the San -- -- -- -- and everything backing whatever and -- tie. Are or are saying those who don't want their after that abysmal performance against the patriots and do what they did. -- -- would be to be competitive I don't the Dallas Cowboys have a team hard to figure out. Tongued talent on that team what they were -- going to be what are today and I mean what are they Eagles are awful that Don. Drew Brees I mean in the -- saints. -- you know they basically -- and went out here to get back in the playoff on the eve of the Atlanta Falcons I mean. Atlanta Falcons may strike you as a team -- if they put -- to the neutral site -- -- that when that game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely not not formidable depicted to deplete it -- I don't I don't I -- -- -- -- any any of these matchups is not a a surprise I think obviously when you look at. Clearly you know you want one of those pot he -- weakened off you know all gain -- to -- Right now the -- might be tougher and it's helped at all by this Roethlisberger entry. It's actually get hurt the pages long term because off Bob Baltimore to get two shots at Pittsburgh Colorado spur route that is probably split. I look at it now you can never predict as you said it was probably in the -- -- against left which you'd think judge what do you probably get a win those two games in the -- figured a way to open. -- defense is not the Baltimore defense of old either don't invaded hell they've struggled and traditional one back in through. Where a nine point lead with fibers don't need to increase their first down there to steal that game and they they respect him away. As well. But I mean they -- -- a much opened on the field up Baltimore defense early this year and it was great until about 11 point on the deal -- it could have been applaud at halftime. That's stupid element pass separate offered to pass the first -- really. Really did demand in the fourth quarter of accordent the couldn't buy for get a first down at the close up the game however. When you -- to look at AFC standings though I mean I do think the six teams in the playoffs right now I know you think ultimately paid the price figure -- the 97. I does your six playoff teams. Some former fashion UC San Diego. War buffalo war. You know Cincinnati. Again I'm seven NC -- -- Cincinnati possibly I have no -- at San Diego whatsoever they'll races I've no rate in the an indoor turner. And dignity to that continue to here's the blow that team. -- -- -- You're looking yet to be looking into England there's only one team that division in Baltimore -- -- Pittsburgh it -- left which they play Cleveland twice the price you get to nine wins. You're looking at -- two AFC self teams advocate looking at the brought that's going to be here to -- For a pitcher's perspective. You know here's a good team their defense is terrific but Missouri team there. Her -- now there and that's why I basically the patriots is no team that if your team in that mix. -- -- You know Al cure what Houston's defense is I promise you I promise you when they come here. That would that week that the page -- gonna put up double what they give up points. WOV thirty points -- put up thirty points against Houston now she's going to be put up thirty gets the page it may be. Maybe to put up 35 I don't know. But I can tell you this -- that the numbers you see that Houston has accomplished defensively. Are going to be -- -- won't even be close to what they were sick and what's he went to Richard place Seattle's all this look look what Seattle look at that double what president. -- They weren't even close to Olympic it's doubtful rushing and passing Brady -- -- -- It's a question of they want for six in the red zone a left to hold -- to point in the field that Wilson -- those borders open -- year that. Our defense of -- we couldn't that a -- defense could knock down just one of those passes. To preserve the game. Houston is -- -- tiger about the well but it's all about to -- about well you look at this schedule and I look NC when they play the etiquette -- the most impressive win. Was against Denver. It's a balancing -- ultimate thirty that was a pretty doubtful that go -- arraignment there was one of those weeks -- the -- and tell them exactly it's a great when another going wrong it's a great win a -- agreement that Barack right there with a bad back on those -- -- agree that it would have -- -- -- the -- Chicago athletic -- -- -- Torched at home by Green Bay hit a democracy it's gonna happen when a way to pay. It's -- saying -- pitched a -- Mark Sanchez right let's back up and wanna game why don't expect it present defensively talk about it at all but -- -- up six touchdown enemy fighters try to -- -- to be for you let's let it out what you're seeing Justin yeah I think Jason's gonna go. Fourteen to thirteen three but they're not the kind of team -- -- -- seven. Or you know teams you've seen in the past the -- so while there's no way now you're going there when this -- the -- it's the same way. Whose whose teams he might like Baltimore obviously opposite namely Denver's my points. Everybody has deficiencies I -- they all do and even in the NFC they all do so that's why yeah the patriots have their problems are we all know -- problems are. Our defense attract couple pickups on offense -- that the cost him a couple of games electable the one a a big it's mr. too easily in my opinion. But every one of these teams has flaws they all -- death but I'll take what we have here. That's fine I'll take it has ended -- Jordan out of an offense and hopefully I think they have some really good players on the prestigious haven't. There's been too many times this year where they just not as have never been fundamentally sound and hasn't happened yet. There's still a good portion of the season left the most important part of season is coming up starting Thursday on. That's where you really start to learn about the identity teams than they lose 41 nothing that would mean nothing's -- Although -- -- -- -- tells me government somehow -- BOR if the pitches the packet ever got shut out the game. It's would be I would be beyond beyond the beyond the --

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