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Kirk Minihane and Pete Sheppard Open Their Sunday A.M. Show Looking at the Whacky World of the BCS and Previewing Pats/Colts

Nov 18, 2012|

The BCS world was really shaken up last night with Kansas St and Oregon both losing so Kirk and Pete open with their reaction. They also start looking toward the Pats/Colts game later today and give their feeling on how these teams match up.

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Nationally it'll just believe this is what the BC it has all the media this what the BCS in the networks wanted is to have Notre Dame play Alabama. And that's the way to me it's looking like August that's definitely want to hear let's put out pulls the upset meg audio -- yeah I mean tonight yeah comes at Georgia party three yeah. The probably looks like Notre Dame they beat USC obviously you know -- the national championship. In the Alabama Georgia winner I think will be the opponent. And it's it's it's crazy this is a year I think now USC goes in knocks off Notre Dame. Deserve a better year for playoff. At this point I mean it's you know with the rest of the country dollar to exact Joe's been away for awhile and -- a couple of years the rate for two years for the playoffs as a group and play. Now I do think that a lot would have to happen this weekend I think up to go through numbers for -- to play in the championship game. Well -- won't let me just service and -- -- you know -- -- about coach present on your -- again it's it's not personal it's professional starkly. As a football coach as I can -- say never met the man. Ought to go by is what I see in your president again yesterday I feel so bad for those kids were on the team. And I feel badly for the PC a -- to have to watch that crap yesterday again and I want them afire with a fans I would do I would have done -- -- Rudy. Which I -- are carried post that the body off the field. Dot com mapped to the airport and get the hell out and take all your defense of coaches with you. That was again playing not to Louis yesterday it was to meet. Kind of cowardly football to be honest with you it was disgusting to watch you got two timeouts in a minute ago when a season that doesn't mean beans. You played lousy for most of the -- -- with that for most of the year and you don't give those kids the chance to win given that chance when regulation. Because you say you wanna go on Oprah tiger maybe play some defense what have you been watching all year. But watching all you can't stop everybody the best chance to win that game yesterday it would at least try to give your kids some -- -- goal for a couple of timeouts in order on the argues seventeen yard like. But Mike and is she just gave up you just simply gave up. I'm confused I understand I was -- a reverse route and his apparent -- But but I mean not not may not -- positive ways to drag them off the field upper thirties are out and whatever takes an up if he's -- next wicket against NC state. What why even bother wide body Gilbert from now -- this article about it on this long and this year and get all that's happened before. Yeah it's happened before what's in the -- and I feel so badly for those kids electoral battle for the BC alarm again. I have to watch that garbage yesterday and how their -- to me in my opinion gave up in the last a minute in a minute in the game you had a chance to. Off the kick which red hot -- three for three in the game. Have a chance to your team a position to win that was playing not to Louis yesterday and I cost them again not a not a gutsy moments from spat -- there and I -- talked before the show you're right. When -- change. Here in this offseason yeah blow the entire defensive staff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which you go you have to go get a young up and coming guy bring him in here and start the program completely over because they are as lost. That every member of the in my life as a sportsman in the city people are completely erode -- terrible. -- much energy to a sophomore with a with -- you know. Unfortunate tweets and they were little whatever but I don't know lots of energy to that and to meet spend more into. What the hell out of football and basketball program that's that's what needs to present its app disaster. So you know that's on the table as -- wanna call and number 61777979376177797. 9372 wanna talk about that -- -- -- that later but obviously the main topic you're damn Sunday. We are about what seven hours give or take away the button for a patriots colts at Gillette. And we look at this colts DP -- the story of the year thinking NFL I think anybody's being fair by the would say that you know you bring in lock. Odyssey for gonorrhea the whole situation but when you look at the colts coldly and -- this is what I see team this six at three credit due to them. I hear your wins for the colts this year -- Home Green Bay which is to win. And once for an oral. Home Cleveland -- Tennessee and Miami at Jacksonville they have losses. Home against Jacksonville. And they lost by 26 points against the jets so there's 63 they deserve any credit for that. But I do wonder people are are so caught it to this story that may be looking at the colts as a team is better than actually. Watch -- surprise me if they finish 500 treatment wouldn't shock me one bit when shock me one bit. I still think and I and I and I -- it to have their way with them and that without secondary and you can talk all you want Bob Butler playing well quarterback please. They have not faced anywhere in any well Green Bay as a -- -- -- pitcher -- -- -- -- kind of as a dear to him as a group are kind of trying to give that game away by. The way the -- operative playing -- you know if for Indianapolis to win and not to put up over over 35 points I just don't. I don't see that happening brought Kazan capital of the different on the road and I know it's real easy to say that any -- it's making every quarterback look good and if a lot of times they do. What it's still not as simple as it may seem all the time everybody thought Brad was gonna throw for gazillion yards in London and that didn't happen. They've had they have had some success they've had success is sort of -- dollar ports general Dellucci without the lead. And they know they've had they have had some successes -- deep threats not a lot. But they've had some an offense is just an apple juggernaut and usually Thabeet didn't have to put up over 35 points and beat them and I just. I just don't CEO the colts do that are really don't. Yet this is -- big game I do agree I think the patriots win. About an eight on the straps -- the last three or four weeks the US -- patriots are gonna win by twenty points to page moment three touchdown. I don't trust the defense not to say that I just don't I'm sure the colts are gonna have moments and all -- them -- -- time I don't doubt that. -- I just think it's a tough matchup the colts here because -- opened the culture that good now I have a Glock is going to be terrific. Mean I think everybody wants a natural -- for close to 300 -- outside a big picture I mean obviously he's going to be he'd seen enough rain this year. But he's -- you know look at the numbers again with. Lot this year is completion percentage -- the -- 56%. And ten touchdowns than interceptions that right okay and me for rookie for first pick he's been everything you want -- on the road numbers aren't. Other not just -- so I think is a six and three team that -- you like -- right. It is six and three right now. If the patriots. If the go to Detroit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This -- a second there was talk about a ten million -- I'm sure we'll talk about again today it's deeply flawed. We note that can they do enough here today be derided the onus is on the colts patriots are clearly. Going to score points against escorts the to a 630 by 635 that's -- the question is. And lock on the road with these guys against pages that's court there today in match at Brady and put thirty. And I don't think he can that it with the patent world what's going to be a few -- let's also remember to. Partly that the a branch the wave yesterday and yes -- defensive back Malcolm Williams and -- exactly -- was wide receiver immigrants -- -- so. That's kind of you know new -- -- to -- to be an agency where to -- plays does -- cover Wayne. Well off the bat one on one their top -- -- what the papers like -- do was take their best they ought to take out weapon out which suited to what many times with a broad. This time an extra dollar for still had no catches earlier on this year up to lead to forget that right so what what -- think they'll do will will we placed solely on wind boldly put -- possibly Yeltsin double team -- and try to -- that way I think if you eliminate waiting to take -- the game I think. The patriots have. This could be a blow up if they if they do with it type of job on Wayne that they can do want FitzGerald and yes I know Cobb. Go for Arizona one decade. Even though there was you know stated -- circumstances with a warhead. Called back touched down in the -- you'll go up but I do think if you take Wayne limit his touches in this game limit his yards if they can. That that there will be a bit longer it. The strange thing about last week he was that you know. I knew I was shocked he FitzGerald moved the ball and he did it and -- -- the ball -- but he did last year buffalo the buffalo early this year he -- them feel what surprised me haven't seen it this year. Is the buffaloes -- able to run the ball whenever they want to get the patriots on the pitchers have been. -- against the here's what has it been the secondary Chris Chris Johnson did nothing in the buffalo guys did not publish first and nothing furniture nothing in Seattle so stop in time and time again I'll ask accurately do that. And if brown and -- can do that today it's a different game sweep -- I did that I would expect. -- back to the running game last week and it beat Greg regarded the -- -- a couple times last week and I agree with a -- Hartley about you know divisional there's something to be said about divisional games. And buffalo this group the Buffalo Bills if you noticed. That one but they've been able to move the ball against preachers -- they have some good special players that matchup well against this particular team. Now again people get caught up in the -- you know -- Hot as Miami it was nineteen to fourteen -- -- so does that because they've lost not because the dolphins' only gave up. Nineteen points even though -- lost to buffalo does that mean they're a better team better defensively. And the patriots I mean I don't but he can play that game all they tried -- mix and match scores in the NFL. The crazy but Spiller -- -- ripper running back is average and it's open to -- December -- to your carrier. -- knowledge is one of those guys what was disappointing last week more than anything. Was the -- -- tackling. And the lack of fundamentals and for the first time I thought hightower had a horrible -- rookie. And never had a horrible game as well -- -- about it terrible games after it went to jail that's worth the yaks Ebert after the ridiculous stops pro or several times last week for negative yards up. Every time they hit on the -- about soft but anybody and get what we arts fifteen arts. After after the initial -- that's the problem plastic ball against the run and the pass was the yaks. That has to be corrected -- out today. But I agree I do you know I think people and I heard Tom Carter on on the station errors we talk about the people don't want to hear about that particular game because buffalo I mean let's be honest they are there for six and not a great team. But they have skilled offensive players and that's the kind of team that gives the patriots a lot of problem with the colts have those guys Alton block -- it's it's Patrick and he -- week. Perform a skill players perspective especially to backs now I agree the of adding -- better players I think it's going be tough for the -- to match points albeit with a -- and the score. And it put points up on the twice like -- -- it's put up. 3538 points that's going to be different and again. Yeah and then that -- will to I'd like mechanical luck we'll have a couple picks today it will -- ball over coupled by the -- to what they do. One thing to -- great is forced turnovers and against everybody. And they'll probably go force some turnovers today even though. But nothing is -- the numbers that were brought up this week about -- -- against rookie quarterbacks. Initially. With the patriots those numbers were great article rather eighteen and seven however the last five times he's -- rookie quarterback. Reporter measurably performed one -- the well they don't like to hunt well according a couple but that. Wilson this year. One and was that some real issue oh. Kinda what's his name for a Tennessee. A locker is okay yeah yeah okay WW say that's -- that that a bit logged in to about right or. Susan was Chad -- a rookie in Miami beat. Knots I am not -- to go -- to -- -- -- like its story and 041 against them rookies reform one against the bills. Against those two to last colts defense the better here the last four games like -- or better yet you don't like competition Cleveland Tennessee Miami Jackson right and that's I think that's sort of the story line is that people it was. It's a great story schools to the question. By people sort of looking over the last fourteen they've played focused more on the 63 record bowl teams of six and three records. The patriots have a plus ninety point differential. The colts and the mine's fifteen and vegetables --

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