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Mustard and Johnson at Odds Over the Pats on Sunday

Nov 17, 2012|

While Craig and Larry both expect a victory against the Colts, they have varying levels of concern for the team as to how they can overcome their defensive concerns and the offense's ability to carry the team. They also discuss the Sox's offseason moves and the ever-evolving AL East.

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Welcome back our temperatures got Auburn. What -- -- chatting with the Boston Herald baseball writer on a weekly basis why not what's good insights lots of good info was talking to him later on. This hour meanwhile discussing. The pats and colts and no matter who the quarterback is for the Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning -- Ostrosky last year or -- elect this year. Even though they're not in the same division and always seems it always seems to work out what a coincidence. The patriots and colts getting together and it may not be Manning vs Brady but -- vs Brady. Not a bad proposition CBS obviously buys and they moved the game before. Bomb and Larry east just don't jittery. After the buffalo game and the jets game and even though the pats have been dominant at home record wise. Certainly there have been some shaky moments in the fourth quarter so Larry is worried again. Reveal Larry like on the only one do you listen to any of the shelves in the week you know kind of -- and you'd teach Richard commute I -- mine Larry -- the way I want to not be it's not just to me out there are plenty of people are we find them. We're gonna find -- that it would think can you imagine but the noise factor will be like it -- plays tomorrow if if to lead picks off a pass. Why would there be big -- You know you'd seriously edit you know I don't I don't you please educate me and enlighten me -- for kids and wife must be such a drag -- dad's home park and kinda set. You would you don't get it I just got to going on and -- are under our secondary problems that I have been having yeah and you picked up this guy for a fourth round pick. And if he goes out there any place any picks off a ball -- right -- immediately. There's a sigh of relief is on video while they're really that it will be excitement because. Possibly they've probably got you complain the position. So what if you don't get that same list as well hopefully when it -- whether there's any hope for you anyway out of -- -- -- pick one off they won't be there will be a self breast what celebration -- don't it will still be at. Not always what people -- looking for tomorrow is. It can in the secondary be fixed. Reich can ballot check in map -- treasure and company fixed the secondary because everything else I think people like contentment so. Restart lining up by the way the Celtics Iran today pregame show or 12 o'clock so we're gonna try get as many calls as we -- and because the got a short -- and -- so basically saying -- -- is that you that would translate it load among the whole load them up and rabbit -- again a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 779. 7937. Larry is got his proverbial boxers in a budget that in a pretty visual he is concerned. About the Mars game and he claimed its European might not already given clued me in your rant to give me your -- it's the -- A gag going as you're telling me that the anxiety the year expressing on the air today is shared. By thousands maybe in the patriot -- throughout the greater New England area I'd like to hear from some of these people I think don't accurately you allegedly. I say our raids do jump off the -- remembering art of the rage abroad don't put words in my mouth you give your own opinion -- I. I am saying -- -- in my -- advancing or have a concern about this team. It's the secondary if you gotta get back to. It the big show again and then you've got to fix this shore up the secondary. That's where people are most concerned about not running game not a passing game not to defense against Iran. This secondary in the past for various text or at 37983770. Once as the guys. The realized the jets and bills in the Beijing Games teams know each other. They build teams to beat other teams in the division. Look at other division did you expect the rams now play the 49ers a couple of years ago when used that was bad they always played Peyton and the colts' -- Larry. She -- relax. And another text remote paso Flacco got 3820. -- -- athlete I guess that your relax about that -- text in the final weight says injuries stop yelling your distorted my custom parts. So apparently some stores have a -- Larry you're your your you make it's as if that the patriots this and deal. It got a phone calls because like the exit to -- it to the show burger -- Comcast by the way after the game with Ty Law. And you do you listen to him. I think he knows a little bit about playing the position in the secondary in his comments he said that secondary is that this atrocious right now I'm not argument -- That's what I'm saying it's not a perfect team -- make it's like all hell is about to break up their what you have to be able to shut down the past -- -- get the Seattle game. The man had I like you know always. Peyton Manning you have to be able to do that lets you would people -- You don't if you think I'm exaggerating and -- -- I -- illegally concerns you I -- body I'd like the from -- the you're behind you your behavior hyperbolic I like beef from other people and you you work can you don't even understand if I have. Is to leave picks -- -- ball tomorrow and it's just you don't get so crisis celebration about why right well then you don't get it I don't doubt you know if that final round did very shallow you'll -- I've heard that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mike you can't you're next -- Sports Radio -- alright now as I was thanks. Leslie did the oh it's good morning aria. People do want you to like it iso Lincoln last night I outstanding. And you know we've got a massive green industry specific discipline americans' civil war and it was only because Hollywood a lot of times screwed up these movies but that was just that. Well they they had two or three things going for a it's based on one of the great books of all time team of rivals it's got one of the great movie directors of all time based on Schindler's List and Ryan and of course Tony Kushner great Broadway playwright wrote the screenplay. So all things I've not seen that I saw the clip and this is my response to the clip -- on Meet the Press last week Doris was on. And I saw the performance by Daniel Day-Lewis is and how is that guy not gonna win the academy. We've got a quite you know it doesn't look like Linkedin. But -- -- Cook -- -- since I don't like Lincoln. The -- him like he's won two already. There row I don't think you can idols they -- Mike Mike the only comment I'll make on that after the -- of the -- recent election. Is that it is amazing even back during that time period one thing that was definitely put in place. The Wheeling and dealing in the in the crap did you have to put up went to get things passed. It was much more crap like you know we get our politicians -- -- being -- there was Baltimore corruption in the 19%. Well and it is that the thing that I got out of that team of rivals book if you haven't read in my -- on me. That strikes me is we like to elevate this guy and he is the best president of all time great writer great. What's next Obama he's -- present ball time and you know we like to elevate Lincoln as being the greatest I think he belongs of the top yet. People forget he's a master politician. He understood the political game as well as anybody in history. Absolutely and yet he had been able cabinet but it was and most of those guys who ran against him from Republican nomination but he defeated him these -- -- -- -- outstanding film and highly recommend it. NLV's first on my list when it went pricing turns thirteen he's now seven -- at this movie out I go in Lincoln by far two of the best films of the year so what's going on I like Toronto. Well I gotta tell Larry you know even anticipated that the event it was a panel before this trade okay. Now how would this team make you think this acquisition. It is going to be so difficult that doesn't mean you can have multiple -- making a pleasant but I don't think you will. But it does is it makes every game up just are running into you know -- -- applicable in -- Red Sox. All I don't sneaking in the so so what I'm saying is four out of the five to use the -- are playoff contenders -- I can't let me ask you this Mike down -- obviously you've got Jeter and stuff but. Were you disappointed at all that the Yankees have not -- than any of the anything yet. I think I told you before you make this point Larry the only guy who would make an impact would be -- -- -- for Greinke for obvious reasons. The only guy that would make an impact would be Hamilton and you don't want against him more than three years and the problem is he won't will accept more than three years I doubt it. But the thing what it would do -- with Hamilton is the Yankees have such a great team whether Xperia A-Rod. I -- I grant you but it still. It hit Hamilton except three years that the deal no I wouldn't do. I know I know therein lies the problem. Is right you're probably right -- there's been a goal. -- -- -- anybody there on the free agent market it's going to be that much of an impact -- -- totally outfitted with blockbuster trade. How do you rate the AL that. The guy. I'm still -- -- dislike it when it not to look at what has. -- you got a chance but Al from about the bad added New Hampshire what that you're next on Sports Radio WEEI had no idea. Gentlemen. You know Larry is definitely right about patriot so you weren't there along. Yeah each week the patriots seem to make whatever team they're playing look like a much better keep -- -- eighty seem to -- eight. So you don't buy the argument that a division game no matter it's the jets or Miami or buffalo is always going to be tough because they know each other so well. They know each other so hopefully you're the year yet the patriots routed don't want option -- its second at the first game I mean and then. It just seen the other team ill I mean you look at the other -- -- the records that the team that the patriots who lost this year. They go on the play on the team and then they're not doing as well as they seem to do against the patriot. -- -- Seattle's a legitimate case highlights of hundred football but you know it -- Well a lot of times -- village psychic come down to the fourth quarter and it used to be -- a little more comfortable in the. We knew going into the fourth quarter Brady who's driving you figure OK we're gonna come away with seven point will be fine even the. They come back just for. I have to do with the an edge of the delicate the last two Super Bowl -- losses for the giants. It always ended up with the with the giants with the ball driving down the field. And that's that's Richard and I mean you'll love -- nature to Bob Brady a lot of ground you'll love all of that. But I still think the bottom line is an -- trying to paint me in a corner like I'm the only -- feels this way. After the game the number one topic continues to beat him this secondary get any better. Because I don't see how you can go up against the better teams in the league. If you can't stop them from completing six of seven pass 120 odds of more. I'm really more interest and I certainly understand your concern -- but I wanna see what they do in those two home games against the niners in Texas those guys are. Quality NFL teams are both corner of the playoffs ones in the same conference you might have to play one of those on the way to the Super -- he might have the play the other one. In the Super Bowl. I wanna see what they do against those teams later in the season because we saw this last year -- and Larry. The patriots were doing the -- -- things defensively last year in the middle of the season at some Arnold they managed to win won thirteen games of the regular season last year. 12 more games in the playoffs before the Super Bowl. I really do think you're overly concerned with a situation that will be by the time the season. As a dozen will be we're not concerned at our -- it's it's Patrick has 300 impurities out yacht the well week okay well that one game. Cape but they come up -- -- play when they needed but did they come up with a play -- did the other team make a mistake and in and somebody calls the referees may run about Greg trek. Yeah but who accuses me of being all -- What are your rice telling I'm accusing you you are being homer because your way to concern -- you re acting you went on guys you being checked it out and odds. Was it a lot more black hair you have you had no holds a -- you are just totally. -- Bolivia's two. What people are talking about with OK let me answer question. If there's no concern about the secondary abided ballot -- is not that many draft picks this year anyway why you go -- and give up a number four pick. The -- leave India because he obviously I'm not arguing with that one. Oh yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Baidoa that after the date the area that can alum bowl games for them are you telling me sort of a variation on what Mike was talking about other than that mrs. Lincoln how did you like the -- so little that -- you're telling. That ice berg hit everything else prime champagne please.

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