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Mustard and Johnson Preview Pats-Colts and the Rookie QB vs. the Legend

Nov 17, 2012|

Record-wise, this weekend's game against Indianpolis looks like a solid matchup, but Craig doesn't expect a close game. At the same time, he and Larry discuss how the Pats truly can't move past the bad teams in the league until the defense figures it out.

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And welcome to another edition of sports Saturday on this cool and crisp. Seventeenth. Day of November or Thanksgiving just around the bend the earliest it can possibly be. Is the 22 that awful lot happened this year. Of course the patriots have a game. First Larry Johnson they play two games in the war days beginning tomorrow afternoon. They -- that game actually when you're playing two games -- -- you kind of like -- a little bit more space so they kind of shrunk at that time in between 4 o'clock tomorrow. It is the six and three patriots. Vs the six in three colts. One of the all time greatest quarterbacks. In the history of the game wearing number twelve. For the patriots Tom Brady and wearing that very same number for the colts a future. Hall of Famer in Andrew -- sounds like a pretty good match up. Why don't I feel the picture's gonna roll Tamar. I don't know I know it's very fast thing about this team the patriots and a Russell senate once he says his people complaining one timer after the Celtics want to game in which they played very well -- Or Brussels says ms. -- but yet Singapore went up or win diamond but by yet. When you watch that game. The one last week would buffalo and at that some of the worst officiating that they bring replacement -- the back if you wanna be honest about it. That pass interference carpet or -- pass interference when the ball close for Goran in the stands. -- I'm now. Even reach it. As in the past appearance against the bills. Yes your being objective wow absolutely stunningly shockingly injected and in Fitzpatrick if if given the receiver make a correct read. Then they they really were in a position to win the game six saying it would be taking away from DeVon -- he's brilliant athletic play -- standing there in the -- -- -- used the Internet. So. Right now with this team and it would really surprise me is across the coming out of the break so you figured it would give them a chance to fix a few things. They still leave you com. With a taste and amount that -- uncomfortable with each game I know you like to go through the schedule import -- games that you know they're going to win. In the way this team has played this year as long as you keep allowing I'm cornerbacks to run up to pass up and -- the field and and it might play calling would be very simple mix of Iran wants the -- and otherwise throw it deep. In Utah today you'll leave the ketchup or get a pass interference call it's very very simple so are not -- secondary. Sharp has bin. To date now. Tell leave. And again I I think five people or expect a second coming as mark -- Mike Cain is first over and fair. Dialogue. I don't know Asante Samuel even that nobody even that AG Alicia play in the enemy and if you have to think a lot. In the process of what you -- doing as an athlete out there and you lose a step. Use it to react that way so I don't know how's the -- he is how quickly he can grasp -- some of these things. But I think certainly. If they can sure up that secondary at all and we all agreed at -- tied in together. I -- -- Joel's play one of his worst games of the year last week he was just -- -- Factor but it can run of the problems is quite often they double him in if you double him that somebody else should be able to get free. Cunningham it's interesting to using him more in the middle. Sometimes so you get warned of a speed rush coming through the middle. But you just can't blame the secondary to me I I think you got to look at the front. Against the run they've been great but against the pass they have not had much pressure. And I'm sorry I think one of the reasons the giants have won the two most Reese they're Super Bowls. Not just the Manning's great plays in the clutch. But also -- -- front of the Ayers is just tremendous with depression that they can put on a quarterback well the patriots certainly if have their. Difficulty. Keeping offenses off the field I didn't believe. Particularly the game being a Gillette Stadium and the bills being the bills and I remember the bills beating the patriots last year the bank didn't. Crushed at Gillette just figure in the patriots dominated home in general and the Brady era. The difficulty of playing down -- -- one of Foxborough they should've lost the jets game. I'm David Hill drops that pass. And gives the patriots new life they live in overtime Stephen Hill thank you. And of course last week you know -- -- gonna blame the patriots for playing a good zone defense at the end of the game in a Mac and rip them according for being in the. RPI that was that that was obviously receive a cut in apps have a right cut front -- -- that's part of the game down while it is -- the point is is is that once again. The offense has put in a position to close out to gain and they have another three and -- In this is very concerning to me I'm from -- side of the ball as much as they've got great static Brady's got. By the way. It will be interesting this week warmer comparing Brady and locked. Brady has eighteen touchdowns and only three interceptions are one of the things other -- the patriots have to have a house still in the hunt. I'm even though they they and they've won games even playing ugly. Is they have thirteen fumbles. So far this year you tech -- giveaways takeaways in only three interceptions. On the Albanian -- who's got ten interceptions but he's got I mean he's got ten touchdowns but nine interceptions. And he's also got five touchdowns running the ball in his legs ya but on the road like it's seven ovals and deceptions are on the right. Yeah he's a different quarterback. Outside the Luke as I like the call and I think he will. Find it difficult as much as -- Criticize the patriots secondary and maybe in front seven as well. I just don't think that Andrew Luck will do what Ryan Fitzpatrick was able to do not you think about. The bill obviously defensively. They tried to shore things up on that side of the football in the offseason that hasn't Wharton and Mario Williams I was among -- in the middle ground so much for that awful lot. They do have weapons on the offensive side in those weapons of -- the patriots over the last couple years. It's Patrick does have a tendency to make the critical mistake we sought again at the end of the game. Maybe it wasn't his mistake. But nonetheless. The bills. Have some offensive wars and weapons it's expert seven Scott -- that tied him skillet yeah and he almost made a spectacular catch at the end of the game in the hands on bad pass by Fitzpatrick gets Spiller fumbling on the on the one yard line yet they still got the ball back at race still scored a touchdown after that -- -- Miller is one guy -- when you look at -- -- and you say well our running back -- on -- not drafted and is often -- as high anymore but he isn't the first run -- a terrific player great speed great in -- idea Freddy Jackson you can play the game Johnson who -- the game Obama talking about you. And they have some weapons there in the patriots being challenged defense had problems as we saw graphically. Trying to stop the bills team I just don't think the colts outside of Reggie Wayne. In Andrew -- Have that much that the patriot defense should be worried about -- That's my Mets by then hit a GE one that you -- about whistling past the -- I'm laughing because victory at our record play back every show where I don't resilient and -- many -- -- they don't -- -- and the board have water -- -- -- left that gave -- -- -- sweating bullets I think that -- defense may not be very good -- slightly -- mediocre side Mark Sanchez will be -- -- -- -- oh sorry about that so yes they have allowed quarterbacks. -- to have. -- not career games necessarily its season best games against them Russell Wilson beating them with the two touchdowns in Seattle last month. Mark Sanchez by far having his best game against the pats and a losing in overtime Fitzpatrick will probably our last running yet look like Johnny you out there until that reception at the end itself. I don't know if Aqib Talib is gonna be the panacea for all of this but it certainly could not her. One of the notes with other thing it's fast. To me and you get a chance to see him tomorrow and I RIA I like they can -- the first time I saw him with the patriots do you Klein Darius Butler. I really like the way he was -- was turning his reaction everything about it was terrific. And then all of a sudden he just hit the wall and he just went downhill to a point where he played himself off the team. Along with a bunch of other defensive backs they've had. What's concerning me about the patriots in and that they had some great discussed in this week about the coaches. In some of their backgrounds in some of their ages. We I haven't looked it up this week put -- I'd be curious to see the pay scale on some of the coaches that they have. On this team because right even high tower in Chamblee Jones like they spout off like a blaze of fire but the brits -- very interesting. Is to watch some of these players. Do they get any better. Do they improve. From week to week and that's what's so concerning to me about the secondary. Recording would cornerback like he kept getting beat every week the same way he would not look back. But the ball. And I think Chong -- offers as overly good physical safety. Now he hasn't been playing now module which is another story about a way Ron Brace. Are rising Dowling armed -- -- leak there heard all the time every time it if there her. And it's certain patterns that to picking up put this team -- becoming concerning in the biggest concern to me is. The guys to the younger guys are they getting better. Are you look at I don't think it right and you know we've talked about this before. DB's for the patriots -- like SS's. Four of the Boston Red Sox shortstop and defensive backs they are the parallel in the Boston sports area. For some reason and you'd think given bill Belichick's. Track record that you would find these guys. To shut down opposing receivers and quarterbacks and hasn't worked out that way and the other thing is you make a great point. Darius -- did have. A solid rookie season with the patriots -- took forty -- more than a pretty solid rookie season with the patriots yet the more they play. The worst they get it's hard to explain narrow. -- -- is supposed to be starting tomorrow. While he was the -- got a couple of -- by the way he was the AFC may be the NFL defensive player of the week last. You know I do wonder. In Antarctic Aaron about it not that you need it or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we're wrong first name basis here I am McCarron yeah but -- -- revealed general betray I mean no leverage if prop up. At noon. You're -- funny man you -- out Friday are now but. I you do wonder. You know -- the patriot system too complicated this December that that you -- do they -- offense with the receivers and neighboring and all these receivers and some of them getting some of the veterans like Galloway of pages that never. Get it that it like I just wonder sometimes. If they get too cute with some of the stuff in your about the offense now I don't know I'm just amusing -- overall. With some of the schemes and some of the things that they do. Because on defense crickets -- point. At this point in the season. Shouldn't people know what at what they need to do in being able to do it again to a to a degree where it's not so blatantly bad time. Babies just about talent they just aren't going well that's that the undecided after -- and of that is the case. I -- to in the past six years I think they drafted thirteen defensive backs. And out of the thirteen. -- -- of -- him yet Rodney Harrison and Yang had a Asante Samuels and likes of that went to last me about a player like that seen in this goes back to and bank -- according to a -- a position may be for him playing safety. Because -- quantum -- jest but in their kickoff returns a woeful there's just certain opposite extreme of Koch is now. Because you. Listen my biggest concern -- our team is worried what that must have been really devastating the way the pages loss last week I don't tell by how are saying you are -- -- doesn't like the second -- Rollins liked it's there okay -- your door cut to -- this positive because they won the game but at the same time we don't feel good about it what you just tell me I have a concern is -- -- it in them my content about Brady is because the clock is ticking. And how many more good years -- you've got out of a guy like this in an -- in Wilfork and you've got a team -- nucleus of which should be should be good enough to win so I'm perplexed. We all like to think we know -- certain. Something about football at least enough to look at a team -- know whether it's any good or not. And that's the question and I think where always as much as we get distressed. And -- perplexed and for -- about some of these games that they just eke out. What we want them to be dominant. It's like it's almost like the old days in college football if Nebraska doesn't win. Every Saturday afternoon by forty points they don't deserve to be the number one team. It's all about just having more -- points than any other. Not saying gotta be dominant and -- second about when you're going down to the last you know ten seconds of a game against buffalo or your goal is create eking out a overtime win against the jets. I mean -- -- at some point you're gonna say why does seeks its own level. So I is this team is 632 they are what they are they out of it but they are but it -- if you're going to be US merely you said wow. I'm surprised when you when you you know when knew that I criticize the officials in favor of the bills are trying to be honest about it. Anybody who watched that game last week in huge and you felt very comfortable. That the team played phenomenal football and just outright that calls up and down about -- the field. I didn't see that I. -- that was gonna happen and once again for some reason I'm an evidence based person I show me the evidence and I'll be happy that. Come up with an opinion yet I am going to -- the evidence once again. In spite of their struggles against the jets in spite of -- struggles. Against buffalo which resulted in two wins I still think that this colts game. Tomorrow. Is not going to be this amazing showdown this duel between. The future and the president of quarterback greatness in the National Football League. Based on what I've seen in -- outside of his hometown Indianapolis. Stadium I I just don't think the colts are gonna put up. The kind of offensive display you saw. The bills and even the jets a couple of weeks ago OK and I know you don't that neither -- why but the point is -- it it's easy to sit here and just blow. -- awful lot of information but. If you had to -- a hundred -- would you put a hundred dollars down on them when you Hollywood on a winning sure really yeah. But yeah that's how works in batting and I don't think so I ain't got us a -- items the -- -- the spread is that. I checked it out not because -- I believe me entertained it's not nine and nine and a nine and a half of security get -- -- and ultimately right the three at home yeah you know I think that's about right I think the patriots if if I were a betting man and then I am not -- I was asked to put down. A shackle -- two time. I would probably. Putting on the patriots. Went I don't know element of Dimon has an army. That now. By the way while the only thing that you got to look at witnessed though is you do have to look at the fact that he and I told you that ice -- -- two with three different games went with this can lock in immediately I said. He's in the top ten. Requirement. And the NFL right now yeah I think his emotion. Lately 12 -- obviously needed here Kerry -- obsessing calendars that one of the worst quarterbacks in the National Football League this year -- yes. Terry Byrne is the well I think -- this site Larry I forget the name recycle our football cold hard. Football facts I love carry carries on some shows -- -- well again I think if you look at his line like I told you ten touchdowns and nine interceptions but as a lot the -- that he's got Reggie Wayne on one side and Avery on the other side and Sanders as a tight -- I mean he doesn't have the same kind of skilled players but if you crunched numbers Larry alone okay if you -- and number adventure of Kerry Byrne were voting on the MVP would be a runaway for Mike well. I want to -- and today I think it over RG three. I would -- but I guess we pick the best. Burned a sweep Texas the best rookie quarterback in the national football this year it's neither RG three Tim or Andrew Luck when a year ago. You know right now they -- a lower level NFL quarterback and -- production. Are in night court where if you want to keep shouldn't win but already to an attempt a rookie of the year the next great I think they're. Certainly Russell Wilson played better than we saw what he -- by the way. A patriot but one of the great rookie performance and all are quite quickly. -- well well well Russell Wilson against the patriots was one of the great rookie performances of all time. -- even Gerry Callahan is shaking his head in disgust which -- -- -- -- -- and liquidity to get the property. -- We got Russell wasn't the best rookie. Because certainly had a great fourth quarter against the patriots. Against the west but everybody's having great -- -- -- -- against the guy here is.

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