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Friday, November 16th Whiner Line

Nov 16, 2012|

A jingle to compete with Sauce's, more Brooklyn leftovers, plus say it ain't so... Hostess no 'mo!

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My -- -- excuse views expressed and pressed the -- in my knees aren't buying leads -- eating greasy and cautioned. This is discretion music box. -- And now you know you weren't here -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Putting -- -- -- schools and now on for fourteen wonderful years. The only professional football I've known that. The colts football WEEI. Who Maureen airline -- -- cold for almost all of my adult life. But I guess your life. Manage ports we all know the number of rest for a dial 6177793535. Times change and circumstances change. That's the reality of playing in the NFL whiner line I do love it here hello friends. But I always enjoyed our employees for such a great team and now thank you very much in the bottom of my heart. I truly have enjoyed being your quarterback. Like that WEEI. Whiner line. It's going to be different -- and when you -- it moved. That our party scene Manning so it's yeah they would I assume parties them all -- -- tonight is a broadcasting live from a Dave and busters this without Providence, Rhode Island might. Find the smoking X. Someone here so we're -- who do. This special government and you don't a five dollar broadcast. Big ones why is that why do about why is that I don't -- what -- brighter. You know. But she gave their support and -- more to this story than that them. It's. Nice shirt. In my. I am Margaret how good or bad in the Seattle game and you lost the back. And -- is now the the -- -- the patriots in CLU lost at that remember. OK and he -- yeah but you absolutely. Could -- to fill in form. But you never you you never admit that you lost the bet here tonight you lost about your. That you can make some probably got sort writer forgot source. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I got about what happened whether it's. Five hours. To. Try in my head of the -- -- rider to -- that it was a powerful. -- -- -- -- break up you to decide the AT&T wanted to wake right -- to play the best you want to advance which you may call. Texting -- what are two 37937. Here's nominee day. Hot topic okay operating body. My. Go. Go drag. -- you're disciplined. Signal because I don't know I'd. Pick out my -- then talk about. -- And I'd much rather answer questionable and look ridiculous remarkable qualities such op operating. -- -- In the green really meant that if just once again adding up a majority in the forehead and a you're not -- -- bush. Output tray out. We -- Well. But I thought it would it would warrant Kostis went up perfectly on board -- had good ones I can't -- very much out. Jeopardize your career like -- This could do out -- island. -- Kelly pentagon. Start. The ocean influence. I can offer by IT. -- -- That's the other a 237. And 37. To vote for open letter to General Petraeus. Letter V to 37937. AM until the end of one line to text your vote to. 37937. -- -- BR what is going to get a 100 dollar. American Express gift card also eligible for the winery of the year grand prize at the new iPad when one year of AT&T service include. One of the weakest -- powered by AT&T forgy LT -- -- speeds up. Like sunscreen is flipping me. Well look not only is he clipping which you can you can barely hear you can't smokey can -- as we let them. Of the can be a rough one agency or anything possible line and get our first witness does like the first -- the fight moment. One of the weakest because it is landslide but it. Say one way or the other. -- is about competition for some reason this other -- jingle is all right Avery let's trial it. Things like and then send it -- -- nine -- benign means and then. -- -- -- You don't see how. -- Opponent calling them. It's not fabric but sauces just iconic. Horses I got a -- he's worked hard headed -- just aren't all in all in all it's good it's good but I don't. -- The big the big demand. To be amazed -- -- let's put it this way I thought it was pretty damn good but not great the reason I'm saying that. Has management's gonna start listened to all these jingles that are coming it. It's and -- help we need production people let me production team around -- with the people's well it was a good go -- there it was a good -- above average to ingredient -- and a bowl -- -- -- Not as good as soft as well. Oxygen sweet sauce not as good as we saw us. And Mike Adams yeah. And we. Oregon Friday night what are you -- yeah it I don't know you don't ordeal like to work on Friday night comeback like -- Why did all -- idea but we're gonna provide it. Like I mean everybody you know if you. Wanna work pride and. And a Friday night we can't smoke for five. Dollars an image problem like next round. -- So Michael Hawley of all the acts that do hey hey look if his favorite he -- -- white hit a good element to. Here's something to get through that guy's head but he stuck to relevant. Do you think garbage. And brings everybody else into that's what it's well while the at New York keep in mind if you if you know of the sisters on oncology accomplish on -- have known for a long time. And in all of them with two wonderful forum wonderful. But if you know the history he actually retired. Accurate here about nine years ago -- from Gloucester retired I retired and I ten years ago. And they came out of retirement so he understands he's been trying to back away from the game for a decade now he's. Making money off of everybody but if if customers are -- -- whole eggs hire. Got to pay it would retire it. In my book you don't any forces people to -- supposedly at war or not open it up for our girls to a song -- you right now. -- But. Right now what kind. But not. Going to be Tanzania wondered why you know I can be. And why are -- exact -- Ireland never I don't hit it never -- what. You guys are the global it they'll let -- go ahead -- Senegal. Podsafe Nigeria a couple of it was -- and thank you handicap zone. -- -- -- If you do don't get it back to Marv Albert. And he Rupert was ideal -- -- -- -- -- different to its friends don't you know you know mark was very emotional. It's a Brooklyn guy he's a Brooklyn guy -- the that's the first time he has after broadcasting a game. For in itself. Is here did you notice TNT last night after they featured tweeted that -- last night. And have to because he's tweeting machine Shonn Greene. -- got gas and -- guy he threw out. A little well a little because he's that's way they throw out a little tweet about first time that a Boston team. As professional teams played in Brooklyn since 1952. Thank you very much and so he tweeted out there and then they recognized. -- I think Barkley call them that it that it pronounces it like this they did great did. -- the -- -- can grab that little rain have made the proposed break. But the little tentative -- -- -- -- it's. And that was worst in the broadcast your broadcasters that we at the rockets in it and gentler. They were in a closet -- something that parents house after they were and about I think they were at a faster during interview yes. I don't care what else. That tells -- it's. Good if it's the but there's constant noise there -- constant noise forever. If there's they've made free throw I'm talking about. The game presentation guy makes a free throw goes -- and if it's somebody scores thanks CJ Watson. It in any other arena -- Watson scores -- did you watch. In Brooklyn estate CJ -- a quiet dog. With true they do that yet it's a little lines on the yet. It would have been put went public address that we can't get -- very bad patent and when he left in the game. -- every I would guess that is that -- it would be foul called Buick. Of the ballot besides Kevin Garnett terrible call -- separate -- Obama. Kelly had to back calls last night to -- that they would quality -- that's it to us. All Clinton and now they must've said just the word Brooklyn. Maybe 750 times that's. I've read them. We really didn't. Didn't. It. Well hospitalized collectively. And we've made it fitted. You. You know have been able. Is -- And that message by the way they did play Neil Diamond at the end of the game was the theory that men are part in the last Saturday's start to get that new. Hater open to -- as pretty good that -- pretty good the major ringgit. They got off bad that it -- diplomat -- don't -- well yeah you'd bought. -- diplomat always welcome because -- will be formally but don't bother -- because they don't walk off. They -- because we always happen because -- -- -- -- the biggest part about it. And that meant the false -- -- some -- put a microphone or watch out. And rephrase that please. It follows Austin and one night. You're when I said take it the right way to brought. No but what of those -- good and recover if we don't know anything about sports because we don't want this keyboard north -- the problem would rather watch a split is that what the baseball. And -- I take offense about. Why do you take -- because I like soccer. The American people either type of people -- that that doesn't happen. There are doing says they're -- I was standing -- back at it read. You know dominantly. And -- message. He brought out my outfit. Good that the other comic that sort -- -- the -- card debt. Dragon that it ethnic area connected comic. Everybody had a bucket with a very open your -- I've added. Late comeback -- let. Everybody know what you look at as I. And it is difficult to -- just ahead by a Ben Rivera told you earlier this year have a geography problem you know so I was kind of joking review. One of our techsters says. Tanzania is Australia not Africa. A real that's Tasmania -- -- journal go to school. Where did you go to school apparently apparently he was busy doing so well we've got me. They'd go now they spent two dollars and -- on trying to figure out how -- who have. Back together and whatnot. Weapons what law and bog it down and I spent moment locked the door if you have. I'd like that great Obama I do have. An opinion on that all of these Smart -- metric guys because they claim they're so Smart and I think in most cases they're they are in some. Guys are even brilliant maybe Keith -- what was it you wasting time it's that simple games Major League Baseball you'll just get all the problems we have in this world right now. Can't you use your resources your ability. To actually have an impact on this world while you're here for you 70809000. Yard -- -- no -- revolutionize they -- I -- -- about chill. No are really only played baseball but naturally I'll throw it through Real Madrid where there aren't just five. 990 out on their contribute a month. If you're if you -- -- Smart guys and execution more than everybody else stop baseball. Help us out that really gonna affect the world okay. What does it might -- to stop smoking. -- -- -- -- -- have ever -- could provide I don't know according to might have a better care. I just -- to appreciate that. Barack empathetic and that we. And yeah I have ever -- it. Yeah at the shop shop -- up. Good. They're a very good news. Well and carry the debt. Off negotiations. With two more weeks. What's that I hear and read it and we're following and -- I don't know somewhere -- -- word. And and you know what that is that's that man's wife saying honey I'm sick of this whole thing can lethal way. To the islands for Thanksgiving -- legal way for a couple weeks that's what that is. Your call going off two weeks of the negotiate -- that you know Gary Bettman for a long time I have because Gary Bettman. Was the cap guy he was like the Indian legal counsel in the NBA right side. You think Gary Bettman gives a rat's ass about hockey really is the commissioner of the sport can't really. Cares about hockey. Cares about his job yet really cares about hockey is much I don't know. I don't know he was always it was a basketball and that's what that's that's a little unfair maybe now. He's bought into the whole for the whole hockey -- ask them question you guys are here. You know last year -- format that well. When the time you want or that I did. Get an emphatic about that it's their opinion period. No problem -- brilliant seven on the horizon and Michael what happened humanity. So I could bring -- and copy it much but of people going to have popcorn now important to get open and I think what people was probably on net. And that message. A total wireless support. I -- -- sent a special place for me along that. I put some aside -- do it right it's a -- the contest. Certainly did is going to be -- here which our own artistic commitment of Comcast and others. Eddie resident Bill Belichick. Police. Audible. -- message. -- And that message. To say that Mikey twinkies hostess I was shut down we've doubled down on Google that white creamy filling. Good job won't work here -- -- great game away now that only 181000 more people I don't work in this economy. What could deprive all about peace about him and America. -- -- can always teach young children in the joys of growing the -- brought that up in one piece. And -- wonder how Obama would have been. No longer -- -- -- -- -- -- repeated bomb that would certainly think that we would take unbelievable. If you don't didn't mayonnaise and Barbeque. But that's not a word you have treachery do you have the pride that they go up and we all know it probably. A whole lot there's big dollars. But it cannot live without being involved. How many times have you heard him say that by Bill -- exactly hopefully all of us. Guys that I had to say about the -- and call it. And how it -- blackout drunk at that weather particularly -- too big dog got the memo are you happy now -- is. And that takes a lot of things -- Abbott thanks for the tolerate. Sure Richard I -- as a poet there. And I might have said that -- -- done yet. Now. It -- -- -- And -- and I think that's again yesterday about it we're just edited version of the way Jeff Green and -- and a hit the Big Three and did enough cute story. Huge statement. Idol well one Leo -- because it's like one of the week history was the total 90%. Super now BA bird I let -- first and spinning. Wow -- Well they went a hundred dollar American Express gift card from AT&T it's treacherous. There yes there eligible for the wind over the year grand prize to claim your prize in the email to one of the week at W the -- gone down. She went -- rock you by AT&T forgy LTE's. Ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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