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Patriots LB Jerod Mayo with the Big Show

Nov 16, 2012|

We speak with Jerod Mayo on a Patriots Friday and get his take on their porous defense against the Bills, Andrew Luck and the Colts, and how Aqib Talib is working with their defense.

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-- back here -- the big show get back to the phone calls and a couple minutes at 6177797. And 937. It's the facts and the Indianapolis Colts coming up one on Sunday. Let's talk a little bit about it with the body Jerod Mayo brought you buy in front. And sausages. Sam Adams Boston -- and Boston laser -- are we doing today. All right you know -- a little upset -- though. Blog we've made fun of me for -- my bikes stolen you really. You really pointed out that I should have done something about it he has really brought a lot of. I'm glad that they sent some of opposition that there's something about that. There's plenty -- ads from Friday and he didn't hit. It -- all kinds of the -- I was trying to help us all yet to make that defenseless. What you are defenseless. What do you look here's what -- sound and ballot that polished I don't know. Does Saudia and maybe you can bring ups up and Altamont pass still haven't gotten over in this week we'll we'll figure out and it okay. It he always optimistic. Let's talk about this game and people keep on bringing this up time and time again work. Try to figure out exactly what you guys are doing and obviously the some rhyme or reason to. But it does seem like there is there are receivers who constantly. Are getting separation whether it's with your linebackers. Whether it's with your your your DB's. How much of the way you approached coverage out there it do we misunderstanding. Well obviously -- know how hard on the outside and you don't know you can make it on the black man on the commencement you really don't know. You know called program obviously know that type thing that's good examples. So there is separation because I mean we're looking at it we're trying to figure it out now I will give -- That you did over the last few weeks as Bill Belichick explained to us on Monday you're keeping everything in front of the and obviously the takeaways. How much of the defense is designed. To okay we're gonna be patient we're gonna take our time and there we're gonna force you enormous. You know not far as the -- goes -- -- -- -- -- -- such as certain that we do. We do try to get the ball -- -- reflecting that we can get and the scale of possession. You know get a turnover and get the ball back and often as you said the chancellor -- the -- -- and we want to go out there -- -- these are you know we have to get off the -- third. Yeah and I was gonna ask you about that and -- buffalo had 351 downs. In the game. And obviously if you look at the two games their numbers look good they're great numbers against you guys split they lost both games -- why in terms of yards in first downs have as your defense struggling -- the bills. You know you talk buttons forward now both teams know each other don't know personnel know the change slaves came twice a year. Really don't get stuck with that -- I will be at the -- an excuse there with a lot and make more plays more turnovers and I got. I tell us what you're seeing with the interlocking guy. And eroding that Pittsburgh dolphins are they not. You know and he's limited. Outfit. Know that they have a nice closely on those two good teams beat out here Foxboro. -- great -- about people talk about mobility home maybe you do on the. And how we like the only ones. Some position the -- and when we. Don't already we assume that you do I wouldn't all rely on the it may. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's go on but it didn't I want them I do call it that I -- Applebee's will not to -- yesterday. -- -- -- -- Okay now on. About a couple things here personal. How about a little divot take in his relationship. Lewis go get it. You assume that we watch your games. Which we do it by educating the supporters and listen to our our. Support you -- -- support you you come in the locker room and I'm gonna talk on their internal problem far -- the phone number call me. -- I don't I don't I don't want to babies after Applebee's listening tour shown in the backseat of the -- I'm not sure that's. -- amount center. I am still got a gap with CDs and let it be fancy. Probably accurate. As I bet usually it's. -- ha -- On -- -- and my friend from this is a song -- what. I don't. I don't buy it to friends they'll either you're you're you're there at that age -- that really. That's the mission -- -- teammates. If I could read -- a lot out. They played our locker rooms from the guys government and I think we do it well out of the pastor of my questions are questions we got object. Do you when do you watch a lot on film. I know he has the ability to run but have you seen any designed runs like Washington dealt with Griffin and like Carolina does -- I would Newton. I think I want that's -- actually -- don't know much loss and there. You know -- -- -- everyone you know there's an open and question the other parties aren't they -- that -- you can. You can see a more simple way to defend at all times -- there he also doesn't it doesn't learn to run some content on the fact. You know -- and you can throw a ball movement. Is complete quarterback. Are -- sure what was your take on your newest teammate Aqib Talib obviously of the -- done the last couple days that go. You know he and it worked hard behind the feeling that our diplomats from nuclear. This sector Beckett is Beckett how he syllables I have to. And I know regardless of mail yardage got a totally a beautiful view of -- graduated. You have moved onto your bit at the next level I know you're gonna say -- good assets and your health and yeah I. -- -- I will say this he he came out said all the right things yesterday and I gotta tell me the truth on this. Because -- talked many times about the patriot way. In your little segment here this Will Smith commit without the want and put it up in front of the player and suddenly all the words come -- just the right. Yeah is now -- is unbelievable. Are you guys -- know what -- until -- -- -- is hours. It is what it is. A matter. Now and -- have gotten a message on this because you have played on Thanksgiving before but it's it's been awhile. What's your approach to playing on Thanksgiving not only is it Thanksgiving holiday but take that out of it you've got a short week coming up how do you approach that because I'm sure to be difficult. On the front end but after that you have some time off that almost like another by. There really put everything in Italy now right now plot focuses on opposite coast noted that chambers like you say white ethnic and year to turn the page -- access and get on to New York Jets. Short turnaround and I'm not sure how you know how the -- be able to. Now we're on the road about Bernard I think you'd better -- on the road you know you have all of them it paper that you focus morning. I'm one final question last year the defense got better as the season progressed play -- best ball in the post season. Do you see this you know I'm you know that's my -- call her after prepared no that's my question my question to you is do you see the exact same thing. Happening here as you show up every week are you kind of feeling the same thing happened. You know look at the so hopefully you know the Gaza -- and work here. You know anytime you can you can get brutal battle out there -- strangled -- -- and and learn how each other players you're -- -- better. That's that's -- Does your we want to talk to you and you'll be working on things giving. And I'm not enter come out and there aren't -- Where is where every that it it is probably going to voice that there's probably you've reached. By the -- whatever whatever. Leave a message right. Anything that you. Your voice and her kitchen and I apple you know -- not gonna pick up our calls right now. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and -- good luck on Sunday and good luck on Thursday. You've got Democrats. Let it -- We don't -- People -- people. I've they'd better. Or don't like his -- That's what he's listening. Listening to a but is the flip side -- would like to reference to the flip side and that does give new kids ideas. Thanks. Let's remember the operative legacy. -- Maybe that it could have had -- and about pulling. Cute here possible or bite them introduced and so you know made -- -- 6777. 737. We get right back to your phone calls -- Next right here in ninety cents on the --

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