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ESPN's Chris Mortensen: Not sure how much Aqib Talib can contribute this soon as a Patriot

Nov 16, 2012|

We check in with ESPN's Chris Mortensen for our weekly Mort Report from around the NFL. We discuss the injuries to QBs throughout the league, playoff implications this weekend, what will happen with the Steelers, and how the Patriots and newly acquired Aqib Talib will do against Andrew Luck and the Colts.

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Well I hate you know my folks has been on what that defense does and it's always you know colts defense in the solar seventh round two players. And those two guys are still there yourself. That's really -- challenge for us this week he's trying to figure how to block. You know that entire front. As a lot of different looks from last time we played them trying to kinda. Understand the scheme and how they're doing things but they're good -- they really rush the passer that's a big challenge. Already obviously talking about Freeney and Mathis off the edge in what she's going to face Sunday. With the Indianapolis defense time for us the -- -- our guy Chris -- sent from. ESPN. And -- -- fell 32 brought to you -- -- shared credit union and buy dragon speech. Recognition I don't today mark. Paragraph carried on on great. Many do how many quarterbacks that we have still standing for this week's -- NFL schedule we have enough to play games. I was complacent games obviously the -- with the you know the bad part is. -- come -- contending teams -- in court vaccines like the Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger the bears' Jay Cutler. -- you know right here. Critical game let me go to the bears. Playing the 49ers and -- at the big picture of the NSC. And your doctor about seating positions you know obviously. No vote could when their divisions that you know you come out you know better seed maybe even a bye week. And now the very -- in this a quarterback who I think is extremely underrated and Jay Cutler. That's a big deal on the and I thought he can't overstate the -- to Ben Roethlisberger it is the years and -- that being said. Leaders are very confident about their game against the ravens and then Michael Vick with the Philadelphia Eagles up until -- it's a long way away and almost feel like. The Korean open a door for Nichols well it well this is going on and so this -- the quarterback. There is no matter what the protection rules are they take their -- Let's focus on the Steelers for a second you mentioned in -- six and three of them they won four straight and only a game behind Baltimore so -- -- Roethlisberger and who knows what he's gonna come back. What's your prediction on where the Steelers will be less say in January -- are they going to be in the playoffs outside looking in or they overtake the -- You know it's weird I didn't pick the Steelers go to the playoffs this year. And then as I watched them start to collect you know -- gather steam as okay that was stupid to anyway it would it would get under so Steelers. The thing about it is I actually think will they can win with left which even though the you know his win loss record says you're crazy Chris. That. You know what I thought adding -- -- he's been good for the Steelers you know they they've they're gonna get their running back Becker you know good chance -- Mendenhall comes back. They've got this week certainly he's boasting that they're they're three deep at running back. And kind of effect of physical brand of football they got their deep at wide receiver mean -- -- Did their best their fourth best receive your. Jericho Cotchery would be the jets' best receiver. I -- you know their offensive line has been doing a little bit better job than anticipated their defense has been the dominant. Part of what it was predictable still have for the coach and eventually they'll get back toward Polamalu at all. For a long minute he's just hard under sell them so far I think they expect the mountain. Give the ravens everything they've got and I don't want probably -- I think this will be a field goal game again. An interest in him twice in the matter of three weeks in Iraq. -- probably. Mean this injury. I don't think -- that would mean to about dislocated rib that -- -- you get feeling comfortable with that or. You know looks like it's okay do you go to -- -- on the -- your aorta or your long I think -- Danny Amendola whether rams yesterday this will be a month injury which means he misses -- -- ravens. Since we're talking about Pittsburgh let's move on to Indianapolis Colts because they're really running Pittsburgh's offense right now and -- -- Reggie Wayne all over the place in motion in the slot. How difficult is it right now. To stop Reggie Wayne you know how bad the patriots secondary has been to this point and if you go check what do you do with a leave here on Sunday. Knowing that your defense has been this bad. Well. You know here's the thing about it is that the key to leave the talent and I don't know I mean I write our guns. But you guys are ready to lead -- which was you know him and Belichick basically in the cystic this. Day by day he has the talent I don't think you you mean. How much can he contribute this soon I mean everybody just thank you plug it in go cover demand Reggie Wayne we don't know Bill Belichick believes Reggie Wayne. It perhaps is good route runner of this generation of this Sierra -- at -- it is there has been -- He would know cause he's said the pace -- lot and that in that country you guys know that. You know it's ready you know every time with the -- there was the better chances and signing with the patriots and it was being the statement in the Brock. Now so there was something there between the patriots and Reggie Wayne and he's stone -- he's still got a great quarterback young quarterback in Andrew Luck although. I might note that Andrew Luck and even care to -- two -- three balls a game you know and and turns of interception. And I would expect that. You know there there will be those moments in the game where. But he patriots get some turnovers and and then certainly the key with the opposite wind situation for the patriots. Where at all is the Coke and create some Havoc upfront that I I think that. I think he can really throw the ball on the colts' secondary -- but he knows that. -- see it being a close game. I don't I really don't. You know now I I obviously -- to build all the political game last week but that's with a divisional game divisional games. Have a way of being like that. I think the pages who'll win. I won't -- I can't believe that comfortably. Could it do you think and this is my theory on Andrew Luck and if you look at some of the other numbers with the colts. Their lack of takeaways. How -- ranking on defense. It seems like they're six and three because. Andrew Luck is better than expected and he's able to mask some real problems and that team do you look at -- look at it that way two of them are really a six and to retain. You know the way. I don't know that and does better than expected. They obviously I think Reggie Wayne is better than I expected. -- using them. Don't they use memorable experiences running office he ran with the Steelers. And bruises. You know lead really good play caller coordinator. And so you know but -- I just didn't know that Reggie was going to be it's highly effective at this stage of his career and obviously. That was silly to even think -- -- a compliment -- right field that's a really good young receiver he was the third round receiver. -- -- -- They find him in Andrew -- can't pay -- the as a means I would say that don't even look at the numbers are -- -- -- lost their life. And you know proper respect has said no we know he could have he had. One interception wiped out by penalty against Jacksonville and and promises on two -- and they're they're part pass protection from breakdown that's going to be a problem. And I'm not sure they can on the ball as patriots. That Andrew Luck to me is you know as good as advertised that it. Also he's still a rookie and he would tell you that. Well -- about Andrews he's vulgarity consistency man he had a great game incidents say. Myself a C minus and I think he's being honest about it casino what. The state team. Open part two I think mark might be that. Team has to buy into what you're doing and maybe the situation with chuck McDonald has got everybody. All unified and focused with one goal. You know that a lot of times that happens with teams when they have the tragedy something bad happens and they become unified. Yeah you know I've always been careful to try to you know to connect those dots but I think in this case I -- in the -- mean connected. You know there might be -- when you sit here and say. You know when they went down and he is Tennessee to play the titans. Where it's like OK here's the game where. They could have let down but there's something about with -- knowledge shock and Broadway we don't wish. This would not be happening it's. And he is doing well by the way. But it's it's certainly has kept them a focus to them an inspiration to them. You'd like to think that's the way to beat a type of that type of guy inspirational guy by the way is an example even before ray Lewis and the various web -- for the ravens. Ravens defense struggling. It took the -- was the defense coordinator there mean I think it maybe we just didn't -- week because well we didn't give. A lot of attention to -- the defense coordinator but he did a heck of a football coach and so I think -- he -- already established a foundation note of how they were gonna play football and and there are they were going to be aggressive and that the GM -- -- -- as it turned over the roster a lot. And will continue to do so. And -- in this heated defense coordinators aggressive some would say overly aggressive but be -- that's not a good idea against Tom Brady but then again I mean I would call Logan -- and -- -- -- -- -- problem -- -- and present and Aaron -- not playing this -- apparently so. You know. That you don't -- like the patriots. Walker beaten up a little bit as well and make it is struggling you can see it out there even before he left the game for a few plays last he was struck -- -- that -- Overused term but he is a warrior no question -- -- talking about struggling about those jets. Is it is is it as -- is -- to say really. I'll bet that's the topic on NFL 32 it's it's a topic that you can't get enough. You know I I believe this but the set the record straight we've had more people free days and any programming. And it felt program at -- at any network. That's just. The power I have a daughter and said no no to you vote -- he's voted all you wouldn't believe how many times. Said that you know but it's the same time they made this meant for themselves and and and the thing is think about it there roster. Just it is in a very good roster -- said the terrible Jericho Cotchery. But wait did receiver and a good locker room guy you know they let him go in the fourth receiver on the Steelers that that the people played well mark and just aren't very good. People wouldn't make -- better than you know the Broncos had something better talent around in there and even there if you go back and look at game by game that we forget the ten. Was one and three of those last four games as this one passes. Various Thomas got wiped out a lot of negative things were going on there in Denver. That -- Rex Ryan. You know kind of has invited this environment in the locker room. I'm not big on anonymous quotes when it's directed criticizing players we have reporters need anonymous sources to establish factual. News stories. That in that case you know I think -- just got a little sloppy mean they have anonymous quote written Mark Sanchez the same paper did a few months ago. Debbie instead they got a problem in the the bigger -- knows they're not very good. There and you know it -- you bring up by a couple good points to I'm with you on anonymous sources. It did it really is. Some. Reporters use it as a crutch. As opposed to -- as what you say it is confirming unique that you're you're close to a story you need somebody to confirm it and you've gotten gotten it confirmed from an anonymous source not to bury somebody. But -- -- This seven if they I am I have that may have the use sources do report that the NFL's about the suspension on paid per year. You know that's that's that's what -- you know you would prefer all forces to be on the record that's funny bit when it comes to. You know opinions and attacking teammates. You know if you wanna write an overview our commentary and say here's the -- they have in their locker room. These guys also that about ten people that you ought to quote people we you can -- it certainly. Have a paint a portrait portrait of of what's going on there without. Go on the air. An -- there and quote an educated opinion without quoting somebody -- some on the outline editors delighted. -- you -- you said they're not very good and I have a good good roster. When he blamed that you blamed had a bomb is that what he is it -- Now I have yet to -- -- you know Panama and Iraq -- mean the general manager and head coach you know they generally sit there and make decisions and an untapped personnel who comes in and and you know what -- It's their Internet point 21 -- -- you know Mike you're you've got the Obama camp personnel on they got personnel department that works together notes. They've done a good job in some instances the reality yet. Since Eric Mangini left I don't think your drafts have been nearly this -- I mean -- fairway and for the straight you know get Darrelle Revis and and then David Harris and stuff like and mangled to mangled did not mean. I think that the I think it's expanding throughout the personnel decisions haven't been as good and so the Woody Johnson -- would would also your owners. Have an answer to reporters saying only cares about the PS cells in the same we can get these anonymous quotes. And your team's losing. I would say also that I gotta pay more attention to what's called the jets. As we go down the stretch of the season. Are you you mentioned Eric Mangini have been telling -- Chris. The next secondary coach the patriots he's right down the road they can have a they have to bring Henry Kissinger and -- don't trust. I'll say that's rare that in no Eric real well I mean I -- him occasionally. And you know he's obviously. And I I think he's been sincere about it we really regret what happened with. The jets in the patriots there but. That guy is one Smart football people have covered in this league and and you know I know this much. I finally -- of our team did not know whether it's as a head coach or coordinator supplement he's he's really yeah. You do you truly believe that he won't get rid of them but yeah yeah what a severe. He -- are nice to have somebody who could educate our football fans and have India. You know whatever we do sometimes which is you know the game show -- a good decision on. Her. -- a red -- Carla Martin and nobody remembers those guys I override. Ready -- college game shows through all those great plus just all the screens that you can move stuff around people like -- like -- it. But I will say -- it's nice to have some really handy and you could actually talk football. And -- and it's amazing how many people really wanna be educated upper ball that's -- match of such a popular show. And on that go Michaels on something you might but I'm not sure Ian Belichick would take a longtime network now in -- -- -- -- in somewhere. You know -- -- people -- have a great week happy Thanksgiving to you both like to assume target particular markets Greg mortenson from ESPN NFL. It's a -- action.

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