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CSNNE's Tom E Curran: The 25k fine for Spikes on Fitzpatrick is because he's a 'repeat offender'

Nov 16, 2012|

We check in with Tom E from CSNNE. Tom and Glenn disagree about the Spikes hit and resulting fine, plus we look at how much Luck Andrew will have against a questionable Patriots pass defense, even with the addition of Hakim Talib.

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I mean I think the biggest things we don't miss him when I -- back down from anybody you know I think. The spikes is an emotional player I think. And I think he's a -- and at times and it took cheap shots got the first gain in. -- doing a lot of -- and talking and hidden out there and I don't know not one of my favorite players on my list bit. You know -- I think that's just that's our mentality and I think you. It's important to make sure you don't back infinitely. Back down from anybody remember that. OK time for our buddy Johnny current from Comcast. Brought to you by Tom and Wes Welker is. -- doctor doctor Robert let call 1800. Get hair -- there were a current how are you today. You renting it from view it could be that. Just feel to repeat not a right Patrick how would embark let me know that at all yet that authority that -- Go back and look at it it came off it was on -- Know what they want done about global sort of what I could -- side that I know that no I didn't. I -- that the Williams. City water but uphold what you're sick about it current report on age fifty. -- Learned how to -- it. I don't rock legend probably you wanna argue got it right -- I jobs at the hotel -- of that argued that gives you know that does come it was a buckled. I mean I don't know how one could differentiate between both overrun by a police went helmet to helmet and I -- in the geometry of Fitzpatrick. And change the target area. I don't think spikes in that department -- ground literally say white male males -- a little bit less. Difficult but in both instances especially likes -- repeat offender that -- Well I still don't -- you know -- with the -- -- directives -- it because I can understand even though I disagree with what you just said there I can understand why. The league right now would say that is worth the fine product it I understand that what I don't understand. Is. Hitting a guy out of bounds which Mayo did Edwards and which dinner did. How that. -- into a dirty definable things got a flag fifteen yard at the door they were good calls both of them. Didn't have a problem why is -- a fine that's still. Cycle accurate to -- at that you Michael absolutely if you that was the only thing on Jerod Mayo resonate you'd say come on. But to a -- in his estate reporter 1000 mollify its previously 25000 both sides. So -- Eva and innocuous. Unsportsmanlike. And in the instance of of mail to hit again within. That's really hard to extract itself. Physically from the hit when -- when we get that state and not and on top of the person. So but I keep its -- grant. Which is not Israel made mystery -- gets but the anger in this book we gotta give some pretty keep doing missed all the spikes. Key that shocked that he put chiller in the last -- on the -- displays in football this year why. From behind to -- ahead -- -- launched into it was a dirty dirty play and I think that's like these look at it lets players. Just look at the other way to look at the out of bounds -- myself she got to know. Once you're out of bounds you -- more -- are connected right about -- -- especially when you come down wall on a -- like that you're getting them around the ankles. I'll bounce the surface different surfaces grip on the field getting back to the spikes it. On the field got a quarterback rolling out your job is to prevent that guy from getting a pass off because guess what. Even if you hit them and you try to be sure always you said 'cause I know you're just don't want to patrol and try to lay him down nicely he might still be able to complete that pass. And then upon his coach I am just. But real quick pubic reports that insults made the entire game was at all spikes really needed to do. -- government -- -- -- -- retreat mode and get I don't know what it's the bus and you know what don't you know what -- it's like to do not know let. Don't you you know -- -- I do that the problem when we sit here trying to when we're watching a game in Europe we have the benefit. I'm looking at peak season replay stop motion everything else play you're out there whether it's -- Vince Wilfork or spikes -- They have to go and do their job that's what they're supposed to -- at full speed can't sit there in -- midstream as always adamant that I could hurt -- quarterback. I could cause a concussion and I could destroy him this am I the. -- Oakland when he makes the initial hit and Fitzpatrick change as a target spot. He's got an option despite. -- you -- that it didn't wrap them around you wrap it. Do you. And he just a straight what he. You don't have to drive it. Like OK there's two options you probably this is trying to decide on labor could replace it doesn't I think secretly -- -- it. I think which you Demetriou. -- -- -- -- Don't centrist thing if the patriots -- dead done that Eli Manning back in the Super Bowl in Illinois and taken them down as opposed to attempt to wrap them up because they didn't want to hurt him. We're going to be talking about a the Super Bowl victory. Yes I mean if they want to -- like quite critical bit darker -- they might as well a lot to approachable we'll look at these guys are playing a million miles an hour. The worst find the weakest -- but a couple of I mean Tim Dobbins you know he's standing there he knows the -- went over the line shake up was to -- more erotic to know where he has. So he's still try to throw all that the topside to accept 30000 dollars. What do quarterbacks over the line it's still try to throw the ball wouldn't vote they'll. Right you know what I think the larger point is and in you'll probably agree that this that you can't finish. Is that you know he -- finish -- finish the tackle in Europe linebacker. Where your defender you can not to finish a tackle on a quarterback because if you finish at tackle is going to be a penalty that's what. Comes out -- it goes counter to the game. Of course goes counter to the game. You can isn't any sense just brought up an example of what got finished -- right. Manning then you wouldn't -- had to -- if you offensive tackle on a wide receivers that this not at the players to finish attack on a running back -- -- We're not on a quarterback most of the time you have a good solid football player -- you to. Go through and it's a fundamentally sound tackle. You bring them down to the ground. With some force is going to be what you don't want -- you can you can add all of these different rules the active employed. The heavy fines they're throwing for anybody that does anything to quarterback. And what we faced with again this week in the national football more of the premier quarterbacks sitting on the sideline that are out -- playing. And the I wonder how many of them who was nine years ago would be playing this week if we weren't didn't have a heightened awareness still dangers I mean that's that's where a question where that is. Up until. A match -- that would be played with consistent -- mile. And there is such thing in the -- custom tailored -- people there that says. There's not sustain the mild concussion. -- -- -- That's about issued and that's milder Mittal wanted to go to one. But yeah I mean he will be interesting to -- And I hope this is just real -- -- -- don't really talk about today what's going over the patriots but what will the NFL look like in fifteen years when players are more attuned. Could not finishing it in the targeting Turkey waits at the post the next. And shoulders and understand that -- or cheaper. Can't -- it can return to make football move in the hazard that. Well much you put the quarterback and bubble wrap you change the rules entirely where he where he's a a clutch player as opposed to a tackle player. I think he's still gonna have that the problems does that change the rules of the. It should reflect that was not -- with Patrick yeah it's the at some golfers have dropped back. -- -- Cameron Wake with the end of the -- had gone over a blocker. And which states. -- effort down by the way there was there was no flat -- and that's even a flag -- it's gonna. We've got my -- glad they admit the flag our quarterbacks get that subsidy it deep below relates to drive and that's leader. -- good quickly the match ups and but this game colts patriots who do you likewise. I'm really like the patriots in this game because the colts have not played out of their weight class really since sickly Green Day and I know pick up -- and lightning in the bottle that week. There were able. But we knew that the jets bills in the Miami's image yet. And the tendencies that they -- it done really well against. I don't think to pick up the pressure but -- -- Patriots defense that applies pressure. It's the Patriots offense Michael that makes -- grew -- probably have to play a much different speed. And I'm fascinated by what we're gonna see the patriots support from the keep to repeat not gonna comment. A cure the common cold. And you know -- global warming -- She can -- up a different part of the defense to efforts on coming back we can't compliment a veteran players back there who could help counteract reviewing. How much the patriots have played out of their weight class either you know this should be a better team and certainly. When the offense has put up a lot of points still old they're giving up as many points or close to. That's that's not a bad point but I will continue to say. And I think -- are the minority but I that Michael agrees the computer savvy football guy. Oh that's a thing as a back handed out by the buffalo brought. Where it's pretty freaked him skilled. And they don't match up well look record don't match up well they they seem really eat sensibly but buffalo particular. They have nineteen against Miami. And the court. -- -- I think this is a -- a tough game for the patriots. I think offensively they'll be able to score there's no question about that -- on the defense scares the hell out of me especially with Reggie Wayne the way he's pulling them. And the way they are employing him right now. You know these all over the field and out they picked it concerned about that's why I wanna ask you about to -- what do you think they do -- totally. I'm -- basic continue to base or more like a party at -- -- happening that they would put to leave. On Donnie Avery most likely the number two receiver that will be Donnie Avery and they would leave. Double team for Reggie Wayne like so that was mostly agree. Better and pac which on -- him wherever he goes without saying it's hard to do that. When you're gonna continue which worked. Graduate from one side to -- the latest -- is here with -- war is going to be harder besides that you want to have a look like. You know. Noon on the southeast expressway and people fared well in the army element -- -- expressway were quarterback sort of -- report -- the daily lineup when there. Suppose we have suicidal. Self. But that's what. You know I think that. Ideally they might like to do is to put him on the number element all the best guy elsewhere. That makes sense -- going to be -- -- use them and -- probably agree with us the use -- a lot right. Plays a lot. Yeah yeah I saw and talked only of the date force both the media. City where he would you know tough physical condition and it's so great and keep themselves in shape to. Wrote that far who wrote that was a bill who wrote that speech form. Actually. Harry glacier in. A bit. And it worked on some it is amazing you know -- you need me say all the right things and throw it is what it is it is -- The patriot. I -- our time anyway have a good one accessible ports our. Our right of the league.

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