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Pat Chung, Patriots safety, on working with Aqib Talib in practice

Nov 16, 2012|

Patriots safety Patrick Chung joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the upcoming game against the Colts and how Talib is working with his new teammates in the secondary.

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It's it's a great opportunity man what a what a great organization you know distant. Come in in and do what I can't hellish smog game. The patriots cornerback Aqib Talib yesterday introduced to the media -- -- 93 point seven WEEI patriots try to means our good friend Patrick Chung. Joins the conversation is brought to you by quickly tire and auto center. Patrick what little power you. Under and it had just as -- coach richt and he -- off. Talking about the -- three golf coach swore up the UST when a bus ride back you know he -- also our vote future. Let me ask you your here now -- how do you punishing golf team -- -- what -- what he'd give me -- -- of you do something wrong -- -- righty do some money punishing golf. I have. Broke through I don't know maybe that's why you do it I indicated it would greatly. Have you ever at a football coach yelled that much after game never. Never. Weird. Entry can be like. It -- it is here. Seat the Buckeyes out of control you -- you played pro Mike Bellotti at org and he was yellow of people left to right. You -- actually and it was a biblical and there are there. Pretty better prepared. You just heard your team Mickey Talib talking about join this patriot team what have you seen from him these last couple of days chance that. Get acclimated with you do secondary -- Running good he's good -- You know particular massacre there -- you know Sunday. Is there a difference in him somebody else we don't whether any aggressiveness could cover corner press corner. Career that than other guys you have and your team. -- -- she's a good player Ramirez. Omar little things that you do play great basketball skills he's he can be aggressive sometimes. Not ridiculous it'll make sure played properties as a player. Is it tough to it to mix in new player and at this point the communication Patrick he talks much about you spend extra time working on a I guys communicate on the field. Not go to our coaches and and you -- clear that it sort -- -- you know it's very. Is mr. Whitacre civility in this race -- -- so abruptly without their ability to resort so. You are. How difficult for you the last three full weeks here sit around watch last game play was at Seattle game and last you they gotten in those regular season games this year hit the injury bug again and you know as we all nominate the -- does a contract year for you how difficult does that sit around watch. -- -- -- your embassy here. Where what you get control transfers -- -- workers in charge of murder charge of that. Receive from Andrew Luck in film a lot of hype about this guy what he can become what PRD is. -- give me the very start aren't accurate. And he'll he'll pull all and there are almost argue popular. The players have played him this year said after the game Patrick that he didn't feel like their -- a rookie that he had a poise that. -- was worthy of a veteran quarterbacks you're watching on tape do you see that that he plays maybe beyond that first year quarterback in the NFL. Yeah he's being very current very fortunate. We're confident accurately not panic in -- sustainable -- -- take -- it's new territory pros and there is every bit. You also runs a little bit is if it is the Ben Roethlisberger comparison fair in the heat. Can extend a play would this beat maybe more so not a quarterback Patrick. In the get them scramble -- scroll roll movies is there a certain opportunities that are. So that you would -- go for it is a court order murderer. -- Claritin can't talk rental properties -- good player. Or Reggie Wayne guys are doing up so many years and -- dip last year tech quarterback situation but again immediately in the league in receptions and targets he seems to be. The one god Angela goes to -- anyway. Yeah yeah I mean elements any special something very good very -- arteries. He's clear. Her yet has yet to be cleric ordered all school relentless social. You start to get nervous here about Oregon -- so close to a national championship opportunity Stanford this week they be tripped up for one. I'll never leader there were market. From the orange ducked out so that retro rockets. Yet they haven't been out their practices and -- -- trying to which can get on their -- feel what. How difficult is it because one issues last week was tackling and the lack of contact and lack of practices that. Difficult for team to gore appeared -- on Sunday with so limited contact. -- to go to aqueduct -- this place to drop. -- -- -- -- -- You know wrapped up well everywhere Richard -- -- list are burger where nobody else are there -- this summer bigger -- -- you were so fast. They're making good moves her to. Get a live at tackle Mario unclear what everybody don't respect much of a support person or people. I do expect to play Sunday against the colts. Were here. You feel and it's essential the range reports that shoulder and hamstring feel okay. -- under -- -- Is the golf coaching -- -- how many times you know watches golf coach Jonas kids. Listen overworked go home to go vote Ramallah -- -- high class letters out a little girl at least when it's in order definitely. -- We're heading toward me and that and -- -- you don't want. -- -- Drugs without a I. It was who -- more bill aura of the golf coach here at the local quote. Patrick -- patriots safety joining us Patrick appreciate the time is always good luck on Sunday. Our creator Patrick Chung joining us -- on the eighteenth the ID eighteen -- orgy LTE was speeds up. The ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible.

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