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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network, on week 11 in Fantasy Football

Nov 16, 2012|

Michael Fabiano joins Mut and Lou to answer callers’ questions about Fantasy football during week 11 in the NFL. Fabiano advises the guys on who to start and who to sit this Sunday. Players of interest include Carson Palmer, Reggie Wayne, and Cam Newton.

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That music in the clock means it's Michael's abbey on a time nfl.com. NFL network are fantasy insider. Joining us here to help you get set freight tough tough week eleven file the -- weeks those to get those in the rear -- off -- out a lot Lou how are you. What's going on guys now I heard that -- only was on your air this weekend mentioned that a certain elite team was now the worst in that division -- team with -- You say the Yankees that he was there wasn't the Yankees are it was a team in Boston. Yeah Mike it's a Red Sox this is not quite clear to the question of how hot can believe that trade. I mean if that was a fantasy football trade commissioner would veto it immediately. It was -- you guys. -- Israeli daughter all right lot of -- and issues here because you combine. Some biweekly combine all these quarterback issues that are going on. Guys like Brandon Marshall from wide receivers out San Fran but the entire Pittsburgh crew right now with. Miller and Wallace all taken -- hit now. Yeah listen. Hit the quarterback situation is is muddied at best right now because you've got a guy like -- not gonna play nick pulls comes in. Jason Campbell's gonna start the good thing is that cable sort of had television to bring -- when he had to come and play for color last week so I still wooden bench bring a -- The -- situation is when that a little bit worried about because. Byron Leftwich is like a statue back there Ben Roethlisberger is great quarterback in part because. He can break away from pressure make plays and continue please extend plays Leftwich can't do that if he gets pressured he's going down. And you've also got Rashard Mendenhall likely coming back to -- he's got a three headed backfield monster which is. Really confusing for fantasy owners and even myself I don't know -- gonna get the ball I would guess it's gonna be Mendenhall but you've also got to wired Redmond there. And he's still have to play Mike Wallace you still have to play Heath Miller but the take a flyer and Emmanuel Sanders now with Antonio Brown out with leverage under senator I don't know what's. Tough call in terms of the quarterbacks what you do with dramatic drop this burger and Vick. Or at a point where he can legitimately ask yourself should I drop it one of these two guys on the roster crunch now -- per playoff spot. Would you be OK -- dropping either one of those guys are ball of those guys with their injury issues Michael. It would it would be last. Ditch effort to grab a free agent I don't like to drop players like that. Victor he could be back in another week we don't know with a concussion. Roethlisberger we had doctor nearly got her on our fancy live show this weekend he said in terms of Roethlisberger this could be a four week injury and there's a lot of pain involved especially when he's throwing the football with his right arm because that's gonna affect his ribs in. So if if I drop to one it would probably be Roethlisberger although we don't know his threshold for pain is ridiculous and -- her a lot of injuries but. I wouldn't wanna drop either one of these guys right now to be quite honest with you. Are you guys lined up for your phone calls I get your answer questions answer Michael -- beyond wanna fell -- -- at 6177797937. Davidson a car. We start there today David what's your issue. Category guys are my -- shortly too wide receivers I have to Marius promise markets -- been Roddy White which just who. I'm on my head start off three loaded. -- that I am overloaded I did I do a lot of trade and they get older man. Tell you something I mean. Listen throw throw popcorn in the air and and and and make a decision they're all very good starts. The marriage Thomas I love him against the chargers their pass defense is not good on the road. Roddy White could see a lot of target especially of Julio Jones isn't playing because remember he's a little bit banged up he's going to be game time decision markets -- is playing the raiders. I mean I guess I would bench Colston but I love all three guys -- -- quite honestly they're all. Very good starts at a -- bench Colston out of those three but. It's a real tough call you have to wonder what would you do these -- wonders year's now gore forgets its New England secondary with Andrew Luck. Yet listen the patriots Achilles heel -- been on defense stopping the pass. Frank Fitzpatrick can put up almost when he -- fantasy points against it especially your whole field well I love any luck. I think. Belichick is probably gonna try to take away Reggie Wayne which that's a Belichick -- he likes to take away the best option. For the offense and I still play graduating Donnie Avery media sleeper maybe you guys can utilize as a three or flex if you're in a deeper league. But he got like TY Hilton I just don't trust so I think it's status quo for this game I think -- start and lucky star Reggie Wayne. Doing now in too deep sleeper because the patriots haven't stopped tight ends this season that also. But guy like Q I know and -- any of those guys are rolls the -- -- every little bit better if you newspaper what. Tony is in New Bedford -- -- a lot of question Tony go ahead. Are you don't want I don't spend attempting leader got up what position. Miles off hearing audio remote shot and the ball. Well and I'm definitely Mendenhall. I think it's Nelson and this could be a high scoring game. Make sure you check Cadillac comments anymore for the inactives because he hasn't played a couple of games but it looks like he is going to be back this week again just -- -- -- inactives for. For a status if Nelson plays its Nelson is Nelson doesn't play its Austin. Minerals match of his get this isn't the same ravens they have a good pass defense because people -- running on the this year no Ray Lewis their bit banged up but. I mean it's a three headed monster in -- rather avoid confusion at three headed monster. -- text -- wants to know is -- go and Andrew Luck or Cam Newton this weekend. Man I like both of these guys are gonna go with -- only because look at what he's done. Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I believe he has eight or nine total touchdowns in three games against them he really has dominated this team. I'm going to camp but I -- is it is. One in one day between those two guys -- local I really like look awesome. -- Jeremy is in Norwood she's got a quarterback question this week Jeremy go ahead with Michael Fabiano. It Michael. I add that that you down and I'll pick out Byron Leftwich and I hope I have also looked in on the bench not sure -- Gartner. Well you can't -- so it wasn't my friend because -- -- -- -- playing this week if you're gonna be stuck with Byron Leftwich. I yelled back and -- pledging caller I. -- attention. I would rather start -- holes that I would. Byron Leftwich and if -- is available the Redskins have given up a whole -- affairs reports -- back to their home field this year I'm not saying he's guaranteed to put up big numbers but if you read. Is notorious for during the football -- not to wonder who are no no weather with the quarterback is because. We've seen Kevin top leasing -- feel we've seen Jeff Garcia we've seen that young. If they come in there for injured started their throw the football. I have a place folds and left which to be quite honest with you because of that it's in -- -- finally gonna give the ball loose from court. I don't know man I mean listen if he doesn't giving it to him. On a regular basis at this point why change things I don't know I hope he does I've got him in a couple of fantasy leagues but. You would think guys you would think that the Eagles will try to lean on the run a little bit more with a rookie quarterback under center by the that mad mind of Andy Reid speaking. Michael Fabiano nfl.com taking your calls Matt is in Braintree Mac -- had. I daddy is going to less government. Good I'm just could question I know you're talking about -- -- before but I have -- as a selection right now and Shiites -- boom or should start there you go out there and. Now you know what I've in this case I'd rather have men -- all I think -- Alexander is a case of chasing fantasy points. Yet huge game last week and it was against the Buccaneers who have one of the worst pass defense is in the National Football League. This week he's playing the Denver Broncos and that's not gonna happen again. We've seen this time and time again this season and fantasy football. A wide receiver goes on has a big -- game and in the next week. Nothing Brian heartland Titus Young there's a long list to be quite honest with -- Cecil shorts. And I think that -- gonna fall into that trap. I again it's tough with men in all but I'd rather play him if he is the starter for the Steelers then played dinner Alexander. A text -- want to get a strong feeling either way on a tight -- question Brent Celek or Dennis pennant this week. I'm going with Celek because the matchup is really get it if you look at the number of fantasy points the Redskins have a lot on their home field to tight ends. It's it's up there it's about fourteen it may actually be the most in the National Football League. So it's been really inconsistent guys this is a matchup based question and the matchup goes to Brent Celek. -- driver rammed a truck and the quarterback issue for -- on hopes can help with Tyler go and. Yeah I got back Cam Newton -- Carson Palmer and both have good matchups this week that's kinda wondering not just this week but going forward as well. I think your plane and access to these guys every single week honestly. I think it's Carson Palmer over and over new and listen the saints have been terrible defensively awful and polymer. Has averaged over twenty fantasy points in his last two games he's had three straight games I believe with multiple touchdown passes -- pretty good. And he's got the he's got to various more their -- Darrius Heyward-Bey assuming he's healthy. Brand myers' start to step things up and becoming an option in the passing game. Any time you've got a chance to play anybody gets the saints especially the quarterback the wide receiver and it's everybody. You do it again I said earlier like Newton and I do but accounting -- a better play at a home against a really bad defense and he's played well lately. Double that -- respect -- -- -- and trying against gutting it out but his stock probably gonna happen is that Marcel -- that your play. It is an end honestly he's been pretty -- but that. In the game that McFadden and -- in both went down he had eight catches and 95 yards. Last week he was very good he's actually averaging over ten fantasy points in two games. Over the last two weeks. And remember if you're the PBR -- I mean this guy is gangbusters he catches a ton a balls out of batteries basically tied and played fullback so would I start priest. Absolutely I really like him he could be a top fifteen running back based on points this week. I Johnson Dartmouth John Europe Michael Fabiano. There -- What's up man I got a lot of names but it's pretty simple question I got the method by running back wide receiver spot then I got feel strong and more have more on the bench. And I'm awful side and gronkowski and you know like remove any of those around the before spot to make it work. Entering the market coal permits into sort of what -- -- up to which some say well -- -- of doubt it would what do. Well thanks for your whole roster. I was like what Culligan does double Gloucester got where -- needed to get as one -- -- -- -- that don't tire -- roster hasn't applauding the next attack on a you know -- Steve Smith in your collection that is the best play because the Buccaneers again have not been good against the pass Steve Smith Hattig good career. Percentage there in terms of yards and touchdowns against that team get over our -- to get some earlier in the season. So if you are planning on keeping Steve Smith senior flex I think that's a good idea. Of the other players you mentioned Felix Jones could be a sneaky play this week against the browns are not -- good against the run. But overall from those players. I think -- Steve Smith. I would actually replace Heath Miller with Felix Jones in that in that rotation there because again. I really think joins us a chance to put up a pretty a pretty good number against the browns and it looks like -- -- is not playing again. -- -- Dexter -- if Julio Jones is an active who's the better flexes it Curley spoke Chris Ivory which brings -- the hole in the wall in saint yeah you know question. It completely and to me I'd rather go with Hurley he's even though the jets pass pass offense isn't any great shakes that seats. Backfield could be a disaster this week. A lot of matchup I absolutely love the matchup I don't know would play. Darren Sproles is coming back from the hand. Joseph let's talking about how they underutilized Chris Ivory to that point in the season and they're gonna get the ball more and -- got marking a healthy and Pierre Thomas is still there. So it's really confusing it could be a hot hand situation which I've I've mentioned on the show than in previous weeks we hate that so. I'd rather go with curly especially it's a PP our league if we hear that supposedly inactive or we hear that I res touch -- are gonna increase over the weekend and it changes my opinion. Predicting what's going on that back -- right now is really really tough. Steve Robbins wants -- has one question gives his whole roster here about putting gas. -- it's not real quick it's it's too deep rock certainly I did before quarterback started to start. Rivers -- three men they knew where to start. Palmer Newton and it's not even a question. Rivers I don't trust helpers last time. I know we had a good game last week at last for the for the the Broncos -- five fantasy points at six turnovers. And this is a road game it's going to be a tough one not a -- this week Palmer in new and great match -- with those guys. I want more -- New Hampshire got a quarterback questions -- go -- Eric. Hey Al -- question come -- Ryan vs Andrew Luck in BenJarvus green Ellis spurs used on greens or should I start. Boy Matt Ryan's been too good to bench and no luck has been fantastic as well but Bryant playing at home. I like the matchup more. It looks got a great matchup QB and he's been much better home he's been on the road. I would definitely start Matt Ryan and I checked it was chartering I don't trust Shonn -- particularly -- trust any yet to be quite honest you know volume now offered up two different jets to start in the Q I know I know -- Well now robberies. And Hillary that they notice you don't want to -- -- just the quarterback there I understand ever Shonn -- actually hasn't been terrible this year he's been inconsistent but he's had a couple of its allies and the rams aren't that great against the run. And BenJarvus green Ellis and you guys are familiar with him from his days knowing that he hasn't done much and there's talk that they're gonna get Cedric -- and what the football more in Cincinnati. And you know I just I'm not a fan of -- -- now he he really has to turn things up. And start producing and a more consistent basis. I think Shawn -- a better place now not sure if we've already looked ahead or not 2013. -- his. Is your top five in my prejudice. I will tell you this. I've been played Tennessee further almost fifteen years and this was the first year that it even actually consider drafting a quarterback in the first round because of all the quarterbacks -- last year at the quarterback we get. So an eight leagues they drafted a quarterback and two in the first round and both of those teams suck and I'm extremely for running backs every single week. I'm telling you right now I I don't care which Aaron Rodgers on the drafting a quarterback in the first -- it ever again. Okay the running back position is becoming more fruitful now more productive. Top five next -- up the top my head I would say. Foster's one. I'd say Peterson and rice are two and three. You could put McCoy and then you can put Doug Martin in the air Trent Richardson's also potential running back into the top five but. I'm right I am -- not -- it again I am I refuse on the traditionalist I don't listen to the pop culture music that's out right now give me some Van Halen. I don't like this whole moving -- quarterbacks in the first round I'm going traditionalist I'm going running back. I agree with you he enjoys the inhaler and an earlier quarterback thing Egypt gave us -- top five for the 2013 -- the planet. It is yankees' eyes Michael and I. Guys you know you guys are still the best c'mon you know you're all Red Sox they are still love you a crank up the -- -- Leon and as. Brought it back NFL fantasy live weekdays at Q and they replayed at midnight for you folks working also visit online at. NFL but comes back lash fantasy line column on Twitter. And Michael underscore abbey on get a head band. It's a big Eric Van Halen. It's good that you've got David Lee Roth and their note note in -- It's stuff like oh god that we have that we can guys that I've that -- Michael -- out of it. Surely ask about 2013. -- I think about it. The line areas like the quarterback that. You -- wrong right -- that quarterbacks in the first round not this year really care policy. By the way -- others to question their joy about the whole wide receivers you know why. Is somebody in this room not name month is starting I believe at least two and maybe three -- -- -- recently it's not -- decisions Don has been done. Bye week. Could be done to -- how many alleged Avery -- and get a convict ballot. Get a -- 92 break Patrick Chung will join us out of the -- give -- the entire. -- patriots game plan for Indianapolis on Sunday we come back ninety seconds. Offer under you've been here.

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