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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, on Talib’s first week of practice

Nov 16, 2012|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Lou to give his take on Aqib Talib's first week at practice and how he is adjusting to the "Patriot way". Reiss expects Talib to see considerable field time this Sunday against the Colts and he explains how Belichick has integrated him into the defense as a means to contain Luck.

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You know one of the gets it close and -- I don't know whole thing means. That are that are does -- great long careers their other guys that are short careers and the whole thing in her cousin. Now from championship teams that are goddesses. Never hardly ever played on winning teams so. You know there -- Personal stats there is with the so it less personal stats that maybe more championships and more longevity so. -- I don't know what criteria is for halt time. Bill -- checked Friday press conference get set for patriots -- colts not lewd ID 37 WEEI. Every Friday this time Mike Greece ESPN Boston joins -- he takes your phone calls as well an opportunity. To talk with patriots beat writer Mike -- is 6177797937. A conversation with Mike is brought to you by KM. The official Franken sausage of the England patriots don't wanna start there. Mike with that conversation there won't get into the of the modern day. Colts and pats here this weekend but it sounds like bill expanded on that answer and and really. Had some kind thinks is safe for Adam Vinatieri who in my mind is a hall of Famer but as you know hope it's a hard thing to get a kicker in -- hall of fame. -- it a good afternoon -- -- I thought it was great you know Friday is when you're on the patriots either are often try and the best -- and scored that few of those reporters we'll tell you who covered Bill Parcells you know at the end of the week. About some of the pressure -- your -- and some things up and oftentimes Bill Belichick looks down on the spot and and I asked -- today that was curiously on the seven years it's hard to believe it's been seven years. Adam Vinatieri -- new England and we're just sort of during a couple questions about Vinatieri still going strong and. Even that out -- rebounding effort talks start the season and they're given the patriots seven you know pretty solid seasons and and the question what do you think the kicker position. A relative to the policy and and and don't use it as an opportunity to sort of -- response that he doesn't really understand. What policy infallible because what the criteria. And then he said. If Adam Vinatieri it's pretty not a policy -- I don't know waited and I'm paraphrasing of remarks and other -- very very high compliment for a minute search dogs that are -- the only check here in the policy and right now but military certainly once he retires. You'd think would make it strong keep the -- potentially number -- if they haven't got another one at -- Well Friday's data Belichick opens up what are the players open up we have these guys on announcing a damn thing and it really say much. This week and -- believes -- all the right things this week will always see your take on Aqib Talib in that locker room and practice this week with the patriots. So that the first Lou is just sitting there -- everything that you need to do defeated here I think you know obviously what went through yesterday was well coached up and. How they integrate these guys into the milk and it it's a real formula that they have been I I choke. It's like when they come here they get a -- chip. That gets put in their helmets and they get out the questions they know exactly what to say end and it's. It's about the culture here and it's about Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork Jerod Mayo sending messages you know the media support for the player so. I think are all in all they know it's fifteen days. You don't should've been betrayed went down and we got the top Norman and they're a part of that its site design it's the way the patriots roll. Well in terms of what happened this week besides what he said Mike did you get an idea for how his week went from a a Belichick football stamp what aspects we have Heath Evans on on Wednesday. And he said looking if he's buying in you're gonna hear that he was there early. There early every day talking a ballot -- and working in -- getting with the head coach on what. Is going to be expected of him did that park come up in the last couple of days. It looked at my editor compliment you guys it was because of that interview with -- seven I I heard it and I have built there I said what what's it been like if we can keep its way. He would spend time meeting with the lead this week and as did you know the coordinators so -- point production rates earlier this morning and and -- -- My -- so this is that that's exactly what happened and right now. I think it's -- -- it's hard for it not to be true you know the first week I do think police want to make a good first impression that he wants to make it work. That's my sense of that and I think from Belichick's perspective I think. If anything he has more convictions and beat some ice deal in making this you know I don't think. I -- this is going down Albert he's worked -- athletes -- right now. There was that discussion how he's used this weakened in mutton I differ in how. They were used to leave the -- up against this wide receiving corps do you think that they put him on Reggie Wayne right away. Well I think the more we're likely to -- hi -- and and now they moved Wayne around this would have been easier probably in the past. You know years where they just kept me in the same spot offensively it's. My sanctions and look nothing would surprise you that Belichick but I think. You know for the sake that the rest of the secondary -- my feeling is. You leave them on -- side and it probably makes things easier for the rest of the secondary but that this is just guesswork on on my. Nor -- I think he'll play I would expect to play a lot of it is that we need to. I think they need him to and what I think we -- it. And lose -- task that is when you give up a fourth round pick for seven week rental. I I I want to know you have out of the gate and everyone's talking about playing aside or doubling Reggie Wayne. I want that match -- maybe if he's good enough that it wore a fourth round pick for seven games. Is it too much to say look you're one on one -- gold cover an activity tire game the portions back game. Reggie Wayne Aqib Talib won -- one is that too much to ask after a five week break here. Well I don't think it's too much to ask -- I think that the the concern you have to have that if you do that. What's the trickle down effect to the other three guys because. It's really you're getting those four guys injured at least twenty. Your vehicle just know. Here on the same page and all of a sudden you're gonna take one player just -- year -- American goes. That's gonna work sector other corner whether that's Kyle Arrington or else until dinner. And then you know maybe a little bit less in the seat he's so I think. The question you know you'll probably have to -- and so when he strung it up it's. You know do I wanna sort of keep it simple give and all of big plays he'd given up and say -- -- the side. Let's be straight forward with what we're doing or I want -- move around and and all of a sudden now I got to see how that's gonna -- -- other guys. Yeah actually the idea of maybe of of WT even way you have been this dial for five weeks and and -- as gutless if you wanna shut down so much shut down Donnie Avery will take care number one option -- on number two will take care business. Lou -- this reminds you know Larry FitzGerald -- -- through what he had one catch for four yards and so basically the way. Doing your homework here is such a confident that our that we can tell the players like here's what we have to do to win and I don't think it takes a football expert to figure that one out I mean Reggie Wayne has been targeted 105 times this -- you -- receiver. Has been targeted more and that's where you start and whether -- You know probably warmer Water Cube and I would say it's going to be multiple guys -- -- -- to leave -- didn't eat you know about the equation there. -- -- -- Well you Andrew Luck wants to -- first and and the stats tell you clearly that's where it is so. Well I'm up shortly is black or white might be a little bit about what you guys are talked about subject the peacemaker here your vote. They probably did the big problem coming out of buffalo game and we probably saw -- watched CJ spill last night we don't know difficulty is to tackle but. Tackling in general now -- You know I don't there's a completely different team with a completely different skill players in the running back the buffalo had made extremely challenging and coming out of backfield catching passes do you see a repeat performance in a tackling issues that we had last week from -- I really don't -- but they you know traditionally that's is that good tackling team and actually he was more the exception than the rule the one thing I would say in the tackling. And that Belichick even acknowledge it was not up to our. It would actually more than that I mean they they're they were blown -- and I mean we're out of -- source think. Well the tackling was fourth street just they're shorts under an adult and their assignments were -- and usually a strong point at does he sent them and I talked you know some of the guys that felt like he didn't play well defensively in the locker room this week and I can sense that they're ready to put that you know they're gonna put a hot and and play better because they have played better in the past and turned at that specific aspect of the game. Actually you know and the assignment sound well. Whether it's to leave on Wayne or whether it's the double team you guys are talking about how do you expect defense of a pressure standpoint Mike. -- checked to approach Andrew Luck with some bullets a little bit more. Against Sam Bradford he tried to blitz Russell Wilson earlier against Seattle when those let's pressures rob and he seemed to avoid it locked. Not it's not one local fast but he is mobile do you think that able. A ratchet up the pressure or sit back and let him make mistakes. I would. That kind of different fallible that's a lot Mark -- not sure there's a clear answer. I think it'll be situation -- pressure I think I think on early downs it'll probably be this is again just to get. Probably more conservative and yet here and we saw how he would -- the pocket to beat the jaguars. You know last Thursday and and he's got good athleticism and you can turn their senior edge -- Chandler Jones brought Ninkovich have to be ready to keep it in the pocket better and they did against Russell Wilson and acting against -- -- -- but. Third down you know the colts are very good on third down and why would think that the pressure call on third down. Approach certainly spent a lot of time on this beacon that would be the time I think you're gonna dial the pressure that you come and bring it on the third down situation led the colts rank seventh in the league. On here down here. Mike how many of these injuries guys are practicing a limiting practicing. That your that your concern with not being on the field on Sunday how many of just just resting on it. I start with the team's starting guards Lou I think you know make him look like he's gonna -- -- -- going to -- today not a practice. Connolly had with the back the other route starting right -- I think he's in jeopardy of not playing in. Aaron Hernandez you know I'm sure you guys touched on that yet Europe. You how you managed just because you've got to get to devote your next game Thursday with a quick turnaround. It really Smart to bring him back in the -- so I think -- the Big Three. But in a -- to me to Patrick -- I'll be curious to see what he says you guys later today. If you have achieved very -- he didn't read on this situation but that's under the names of the top of the list that I think you know. I wouldn't expect to see in the -- and that -- -- it's it's it's going to be you know right at the -- there. Don't -- -- keep -- up at night Mike OK waiting for Patrick tells -- little later I told us is going to be played the last three weeks or do his best to get out in the field with. Therein visited string Wallach said in not only is it's Sunday but it's also Thursday and bitten and you know can they get through these next two games at -- we give him with another couple of weeks that's a long layoff after the jets game. Yeah well I think they can Lou I deal because I think you look at the schedule. You know -- key -- are coming up in right. You know bit tense in the sixteenth of December I had that they spray it yet accident in the 49ers from the -- so I think that's the one thing. You know you look at the -- Belichick you know infrastructure prepared and play right now my sense is absolutely. But he's got a pretty good. Ability to balance like the short term vs the long term which has the unique. Head coach because he's the head coach a lot about security that would let it do to win this week that it. -- -- maybe don't talk about an -- becomes -- Belichick I think he does a good job managing the roster regard. I'll get a quick break Mike -- ESPN Boston joins us every single Friday this time he takes your calls 617. 77979237. -- come back and ask Mike about the tight end. Situation he sat down with inside they Shiancoe earlier in the week when Hernandez does come back what does that mean for. All these tight ends more thoughts on pats and colts with your phone calls Mike -- next. -- He certainly -- -- one of the you know the greatest kickers I've ever. Seen since abundantly -- The longevity. That he. Production. The performance of championships and big games. -- you know what more could he do. You know what more could do go out there and play wide receiver catch a -- passes me now knows that what he needs to do it's I don't know what will be more -- -- do. I don't know what -- Dave Jennings could've done it his position or ray guy or guys like I mean what what else will they have had to do. Get a bunch interceptions answer. You know I mean we don't judge quarterbacks on their rushing yardage or -- don't judge -- -- To make tackles and a phenomenal we just money games they win you know we just want a lot of -- quarterback rating in Staten. Running backs on rushing yardage in Harlem like what's a guy have to do excels at his position. Great stuff from a Bill Belichick today responding to. Like Reese's question regarding Adam Vinatieri hall of Famer Mike -- joins us every single Friday at this time he always. Take your calls 61777979837. He had. The interview on the blog this week Mike with Visanthe Shiancoe we play a little bit this past week you expect to see more out of him and when Hernandez is healthy. How'd they deal the tight in crunch in terms of the numbers of tight ends they're gonna have on the roster. But it's it's. Its interest in what happened yet the tight end position right now a little bit of the transition you know they try and you know felt an option in the sort of either top backup behind Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez -- I think. We're seeing a trend towards. She ankle right now they'll hardly played last week and my sense -- they wanna keep getting Shiancoe into the next so I think we will treat. More from him. Each -- left him just the -- well since -- -- and that doesn't play in the scheme and I wanna go. The more two tight -- tight packages you know he -- you can -- probably beat the guy out in the field next to Rob Gronkowski. You know false talk about this team you know that the teams they'll give them problems and an Iowa felt for years it was -- somebody tickets quarterly patriots not tickets defense is so wanna look -- sector. The colts defense. I look at a secondary or they'll want -- Davis no drug powers this week this year. But scenic it's -- to the -- the -- with running yards that that's one reason why I'm not overly concerned about this game. What about this defense that that can actually stop what the patriots wanted to do was there anything. Actually just one thing there and it's it's Dwight -- you know turn back the clock and and -- -- like he has in the past that when he makes Tom Brady you know say that -- the most intimidating. Defensive player that he patients in the NFL I think. If for whatever reason the protection up front. -- can't deliver a big periods against street he Robert -- it's even -- cute but first round pick from 2000 foreign. We're starting to come on a little bit -- a cap stretcher. If they can protect Brady I actually don't have direct -- I've projected 42 points for the patriots in the scheme usually Luke. I'm a little more on the conservative side on these projections are that. Actually this felt a bit about a missed a cheer on the patriots can protect Brady. Yet attitude is and that's switched to 34 and wondered -- Dwight Freeney and Mathis is outside linebackers not a hands and no longer down. We -- talk and some real Indianapolis in May Mathis stick to remove it easier than Freeney but. I think those guys out of their comfort zone released -- free not so sure you'd be as concerned as you once were with those guys. Yeah a lot of that you know it's sort of reminds me a little bit when Belichick's first came here -- New England back in 2000 because. Pete Carroll was running more of a 43 defense since Belichick wanted to know switch to a different oh and you had. Players who who made me work really actually certain what you wanted to -- -- It sort of stuck with -- on and I think. That's interesting part about a year you're trying to put you know that's the square peg in the round hole or you know vice Versa the one thing actually on that though -- Third down it's a passing situation -- -- media lined up against him -- older Sebastian Vollmer. Still a one on one match -- unit -- -- back and I think that's something I'll definitely be watching foursome. If they put up forty plus points to receded Deion Branch involvement that we saw last week Mike eight targets for catch is clearly. He was way more involved last week and and any other game this year. They're quick funny stories from the locker room yesterday -- you know he showed up on the injury report this series I'm telling you that. Had not showed up with a hamstring -- -- one question of how serious it is and I'm in the process of tweeting out the information. And beyond walking by and of course. You know from listening to your interviews with them and everyone knows the real personable guy catch it can't come over here you wanna send -- this week. And add anything to you know give us some context and the injury. Setup -- -- so I'll go figure I just wanna hear more from him much in terms but how serious you know of the injury has already been. -- restrict them from playing in the game it's always hard to tell the hatred that's you know would be eventually. It offered just look at -- audience is more -- -- planet just happens -- don't we talk to Troy Brown earlier in the week kind of looks at different way maybe it trying to implement him that somebody that they can trust. It may be other -- getting away from Brandon Lloyd or do you think it was just simply aide just a different game plan. No you aren't specific it out on life and I feel strongly about this it. -- -- Hernandez -- -- you know usually if Hernandez is there it's gonna beat Lloyd Welker gronkowski and Hernandez you know and then one running back. Without Hernandez you want a second tight end Shiancoe fell. You know all those three guys -- you wanna go with their receiver and I think they light the match up. With the third receiver because the bills were countering their smaller nickel defense which they really tore up in the first meeting between the teams I think. They're all match up big. You talk to -- not ask the question is are we gonna do this week he goes well. You know what we're gonna feel it out on the first drive and he which matchups you like the best. No legal and there are a lot of times the players themselves don't even know what they're gonna be majoring in that day until the first. Couple drives them and they feel the opponent and -- plane. Like great input on this -- in this week should be funny Andrew Luck comes to towel following your work is always that he champion boston.com and at my -- on Twitter. Enjoy the week double talk you next week. I'm like Greece joins us every single week at 1230. I give us his take on the week that was for the patriots and what to expect here this week what to expect from the Chicago Bears. Is Jason Campbell -- the bears have let it be known officially ruled out Jay Cutler for -- -- months on now Monday night it it affects the game in the as you said earlier you know beat -- the energy for the -- game mega Jason Campbell potentially cap predicts Matt Woolsey by effects of fantasy people to a community deep league. To quarterback league and he had Jay Cutler so far this year negative get. Somebody replacement Jason Campbell I don't know as -- be a Michael -- beyond of one every single Friday at 1 o'clock. And we clear the lines and we take the load up your fancy phone calls and we'll let you ask Michael Fabiano as we get very very close to playoff type are too Little League that -- playoffs. Couple weeks to help kind of league is that fun what. -- your questions for Michael that beyond we -- of up right now 61777979837. Matchup questions lineup questions trade questions free -- pick ups this guy -- back out Michael -- -- the NFL network. At 6177797937. He's next.

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