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Aqib Talib's first week at New England

Nov 16, 2012|

Mut and Lou open the show talking about Aqib Talib's first week at practice with the Patriots. They guess as to how he will fit in the defense on sunday against Andrew Luck and the Colts, including whether or not Belichick will man Talib against Wayne.

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You gotta survive this news of hostess filing for bankruptcy again and shutting its doors. No more twinkies Ding Dong told -- is accuse congress cut -- makes many of love letters I was twelve I wouldn't like yeah I had a twenty. Letting me go over big dogs -- -- at the apple cherry fruit -- the baseball cup -- which by your favorite. -- cheese Danish cinnamon roll honey buns -- I got the list goes on and on. A snack time. You have daddy's -- and some doesn't have those at home you don't pippin not element not right now no -- written him a elect academy they make those things organically now. Gonna miss something to him at twenty and other game can you say there's organic wishes that there Maloney mention if there is Gilani manner I was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- meat which is which is nice but it's got to be organic. It's got to be cage free I understand well I have no idea can't. I -- -- -- I just go with the are you tell me this stuff for the middle appointees is a good for a parent I'm not -- debate up apparently knocked. -- -- -- -- Sad day for all of us who had those -- bring lunch to school and that was like highlight the hostess cupcake in the bottom of the paper bag after the banana -- the apple on the sandwich. On that got it done well the patriots get done. Against in Indianapolis Colts this week and if they do. I -- lot to do with Aqib Talib your new patriots quarterback rocking number 31. As saying a lot of patriot like things over there Gillette Stadium look at ticket list and I'm newest patriotic and Talib. Does come and in the -- is puzzle Manning does work hard in sealant to obtain. Images does come in and on when I'm. Thanks indeed and -- with -- to be dying you know so if this right away and right away at this down the road and that's about the room when I'm just company. -- all of that to be done. Pass this in the past now we're both past look at formula Ford said all the right things my enemy is as evident as perfect as Amanda's. -- -- Made a mess it is an opportunity and a wins -- It it's a good I'm trying to think that he's ever say it is what it is that come out of his mouth at all I'm not so sure I heard that but I heard everything but it is and we know what he -- here all right pioneer. Patriots way all we got -- already by in a lot sounds though like a patriot. -- don't keep firm by this again right let's. I don't care for sounds like a patriot I don't like just yards on the look like a patriot corner along look like to keep to -- -- look better. Why do you think people are saying that and you're right 'cause it's just want it to happen yes audit -- -- -- -- to wage it happening absolutely -- -- this guy out he's gonna come in these Canon you know he's got to fix this secondary is gonna fix this defense. The season starts on Sunday. Guys. This that the push to the Super Bowl starts on Sunday it and you know what that's fine if you wanna go there. It's probably went there with Albert -- were did in your first couple of days. This guy I was in camp did anybody sound -- patriot like that Aberdeen -- this. I always like those those. The story you know the way did things. Where it's warm up came to games on -- in the pros and I had came. -- here. However it is -- and several hours plans. San Diego. Miles -- -- stance you know through tomorrow but all of them not so there are lots -- -- so I was a fan. I know you can't why respect for bella Jack except this and that want that either black day. It's gotten a regular old Gillette Stadium -- NFL player edited the not a. It produces a great chances. Great chance of -- seeing -- a chance to. Yes you know restore my name -- analysts say -- and it's a great chance to get back on the field -- What a load of hot garbage. From Albert explore the director of career. You know I mean all of my job and good to listen to like -- by the way. Guilty is -- idiots like means -- he bought it in. Latin. He watched games that fans out there section 300 the nose bleed and die hards. He wasn't the only 10. Albert and it. Are you come here. The first meeting and listen I got news of prayer. Welcome with open arms. Told coach Belichick it's the same week we had our moments programs that we -- they would have a chance to take insulin. This sort of -- the same way. Yeah it's really Rocco. Oh you mean it's been a part of my game -- we -- within a certain way. That the patriots do. He didn't mean -- in the millions. And an intuitive feature where it is but just win. Without even have seen it -- -- need -- It. Sounds like a guided. Always had respect for bill bill's always loved him he's gonna come infiltrated do that in defense of a lot of people locally when McCain ain't worth. He was risen one element of the biggest question with him element that matters most -- bill right. Does he does he -- low ball well -- and I think that dangerous that was the goal was it was with photos -- stupid. There's there's a chameleon -- that -- that season he says that was the problem wasn't he apparently wasn't a communion because this year. Hard knocks Miami had been tried to change him too much but I think they didn't allow him to be himself. Right I mean that's kind of what he said that wasn't me or that some of the things in the past I don't have to do that here the problem is it was the catching the football forgot -- still don't matter -- -- and other stuff off the field he forgot about but they used to do before I got the England catch the damn football. That was out of his conversation to you. So we gonna get burned here again you wanna get a line patriot way Aqib -- saying all the right -- -- I don't three colonias Chris price Lexus -- I don't care because it would give again and it doesn't get burned by Albert Haynesworth he was here and gone. We get burned by -- he was here all yearlong didn't do anything it would leave it boldly -- were to be huge back yes we did and you know ended in defeat. -- -- potential but it what is his potential. Five years ago six years ago. So that was there a lot of risk there know what a lot of risk of the -- no. Much risk as you were to leave I don't think much will see it next year in the draft he spent lose -- pick because of coach O and Haynesworth and to leave Buehrle gave up those fourth fifth and sixth rounder for those three guys but is there risk out of the risk. The fourth round pick. We don't they covet those guys well these risk is. This is -- -- ups I'm sure it happens again all the dice UB literally fourth round pick for -- seven -- seven the week rental and that is a high price not seen -- trying to win right now for the context of what they get paid for it got a full year of him make. Or sought to Samuel like a fifth round pick for the season the falcons -- a fifth round pick or seventh optics opened small. You spent a fourth round pick for seven weeks and keep the lead that's not a small price. I'm not sure how you'll register for seven -- -- that's a pretty -- because much has -- to make it. Because of the money -- much has got to make our -- -- the patriots are way up against the cap appeared enough money -- -- us updates and you wanna go that route practices and risk at all. Just to -- factors and with -- so what is it money no. Performance no you stood at the same defense you've been there performs or not. So I mean I don't to listen is there pressure on the sky it's a great opportunity for him -- what it is we talked about this before. The secondary is getting shredded up and down. Locally nationally you name it becomes in a state of growth. It's him. Right -- me to -- -- gonna give more credit reserves at the beginning probably admit maybe a maybe it's warranted we'll find out. All we'll find out and in ninety seconds will get your thoughts on to lead this weekend plus we do with every single week this time. Would give you are three keys to the game and we turkeys the patriots colts we do that ninety cents.

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