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Peter King, SI, on how the Pats will contain Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne

Nov 16, 2012|

Peter King joins Mut and Lou to preview the Patriots upcoming matchup against the Colts. King breaks down what Andrew Luck will be looking for when facing Belichick’s defense and what role new CB Aqib Talib will most likely play on Sunday. King also goes around the league and gives insight into what’s going on with the Jets and their Tebow controversy, as well as how Leftwich will handle filling in for Big Ben.

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Nobody knew that -- Peter King Sports Illustrated NBC sports joins our conversation. Around the NFL our conversation with Peter King is sponsored by town fair tire. Mica voted tractor corporation and buy from -- board. Peter right take if from your Friday column you -- in the this week in preparation for colts and patriots did -- feel like an old. Patriots colts rivalry two year just with the new some new participants. It really didn't putt because. The colts are so incredibly. Different I mean you know if you take -- active roster and -- practice squad. There's only eighteen guys in that locker room who -- they're ten months ago. I mean think about that that's 61 guys and I'm not even tell the guys and why -- -- you know few more. But the 61 guys and 43 of former -- almost like you're still introduce themselves to each other. And you know -- -- Reggie Wayne yesterday and for Iranian and -- this obviously is this year but. Gathered -- let somebody new guys I mean it was interest has -- -- hander walked. On Wednesday and we were talking about a specific play he made in the Miami game. And I had looked added I'm on tape. You know on the on the all 22 thing that he can now get although. And I said tool and -- say hey eat you know it is the eleven guys. On that play. We're rookies. You know the play that you talk about is being like the best player of the year so far. It's it's it's startling it gets really really is amazing what they've done in a short period of time and it just goes to show you. If you have a good quarterback in the NFL and make no mistake about it you'll see it's Sunday look he's pretty good. You're gonna be competitive regardless -- the other -- you have on your roster. Do you think you mean this this game in the past has met number one seedings this game in the past has been top two teams -- C and as good as. India is at six and three I'm not sure that they're ready for that -- the people. Definitely not. But imagine what I mean in this is a bit of a moot point now -- because. Chicago didn't in the business Sunday night but. -- just imagine -- if the colts were still mathematically and it entering the last three weeks of the season when they typically Houston twice. The first one excuse that December 30 game. I don't like Houston's chances like coming into Lucas Oil field the last game of the year if Kirk regatta walks on the sidelines which. He swears he's gonna do you know also -- Is that he says that's the plan is everyone around the colts is that the expectation from the team that they -- chuck say please gimme back. On the sidelines after all -- that final regular season game. Well what what the deal is that his doctor has basically told of that -- in remission now but even though he's in remission. You know a lot of people are familiar -- certain though that. He is now getting blasted to kingdom come in essence by -- severe. Three week by. The regiment. Of chemotherapy. And he's been a week two of it right now. And I was who is. Right Greeks in the general manager the other day and the the phone rang and it was it was the got to -- talk -- over about a period and in fact. It was it was pretty funny he he was calling. To make sure that Greeks in news that -- we got to make sure that that Darius Butler gets subpoenaed football. Yeah because he was named any of these defensive player of the week and so great then is just shaking his head and laughed when he gets begat you know he'd just he would leave it alone canyon. And and that -- he's thinking about everything so eager -- protector bright phone. He is involved with -- team heavily every day. You Reggie Wayne -- bring his name up when he -- sound the call -- -- -- could have gone to a contender and repeated pictures -- have been adjusted to the -- these have in the amount of targets -- A look at this pitchers who had a pretty good job of taken away that number one target. What's next Donnie Avery TY Hilton how are they do -- why our team just take away originally. Because I think what they are seeing right now and this is one of the things I was parking their offensive guys about. Is that. You know what what Andrew Luck got there. He wanted to be absolutely sure that he was not a leaning on something he thinks it's really dangerous to leave out one guy too much. Because he thinks that teams can plan for that. The you can game plan for that and so he has made a conscious effort. And you watch you're going to be without Kobe fleeing their Sunday but you -- this young kids displayed in for clemson's Dwayne Allen. He will have an impact on this game either blocking or catching he is one heck of a player he might be better explainer. And you know you forget you're you're right you mentioned he wait till you mentioned Donnie Avery. You mentioned the dimensional on Brazil who is you know who. Who is is gaining a bond at least in practice would lock up. This thing about anybody Andrew -- is. He understands. That Bill Belichick is looking for every possible. Tree and every possible. You know pattern. Ian what he does on certain downs and distances and he is determined and I don't just mean billed for patterns since he is absolutely determined not to give them one. But you know as it pertains to Reggie -- I think Wayne's side in three years eighteen million if I'm not mistaken. And I remember talking to Reggie Wayne and can't be here remember he didn't he did not have a lot of suitors what I have to why he didn't wait for me and -- Because he obviously talked to -- getting during the process. He said. Peyton for not taking me wherever he goes he's not relying on me you know wherever he goes. I got I had to look out for myself and that this was by far the best deal I had on the table. Jim Harbaugh reportedly had a minor heart procedure yesterday -- report he went back to the facility afterwards and -- might be back there today. Is she get a coach and should they get a whole different chapter in Gary Myers ball coaching got financial -- crazy up to come back and coach with this Peter. Well EL. I don't know I think the first thing before you answer that question have to find out exactly what was done and on the surface you would say go home you idiot. But Harbaugh is -- not and he's. In New Year's -- Pete Rose of coaches you know he's not going to be denied. It will be interesting to see how much -- they are today you hear I -- he is they're today. And that I'm assuming he's gonna coach Monday night but I guess that remains to be seen they haven't announced yet. Over the New York Jets to come out and to. Publicly go after Tim Tebow it seems to me let the guys a dozen or so players that did. Have -- things to worry about like the play of their of their role in else -- this an offensive line is not protected Mark Sanchez yet they still c'mon is this. Pretty much playing out exactly what we all thought it was gonna play a warning decides -- -- for Tim Tebow. You know. There's a lot of blame to go around -- -- You know two to Rex Ryan might have been involved for thinking that. He's -- going to be able -- got its Siemens the good helpful and it's -- to you know photo to help win. But I put I put the most blame for all of this Tony Sparano. He went Tebow was signed. The jets said very clearly that we're gonna have a package of plays he's going to be a lot of different things are gonna tell you what is come to the game you'll find out. And that almost -- the start of the season. We'd been looking at it like -- you know he's got the emperor's clothes you know Andy you know no one no one has been able to say. What exactly does this guy do. Why did get sign -- why don't they have stepped forward to do you know how can a guy who. You know they threw an eighty yard touchdown pass in overtime to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and and rain and for all these touchdowns. That you know it lead McCain to beat teams like -- last year -- Why is he invisible. And you know I blame the guy who's hired to design the offense. You know Tony Sparano should have figured out early -- That if he doesn't get the ball to Tim Tebow then it's going to be a cause celeb. And New York is different from Miami is just it is. And you know so I really blame you know the play calling. For a lot of this because I truly believe that it seemed Tebow. -- played. You know 125. Offensive snaps by now -- like you know ten to twelve snaps -- game. He would've done it now. So that people would say that's why they got people you know he ran for four touchdowns he he threw for this seeded this CE. In this fake punt back whatever. I mean but the jets I think just simply have not followed through with what they did when they treated form in the first place. Get you on the Sunday night game Pittsburg Baltimore. Is Byron Leftwich ready and how different will the offense looked against Baltimore with heat in Roethlisberger out Peter. He's only -- he's only started three games the last five years. He is he's the slowest. Quarterback with the slowest delivery in the NFL. So this -- so it doesn't. But I Powell I will just say this I'll just say that's. I know Byron Leftwich pretty well. He is not remotely. Steered. He's not gonna have a bunch of butterflies he's gonna go out there and think I'm gonna kill these guys now is he going to I don't know. But I think. The biggest concern I would have right now -- the Pittsburgh Steelers I talked Kuwait Iraq six surgeon that's the guy. Who would do. Surgery in the area internal surgery in -- the ribs. And and and then the sternum. And he told me that what's so dangerous about in this. This. Situation that Roethlisberger and he said if it was any real bothered in the first career which is the proper read about -- -- cage. He said that -- is attached to the breast bone into the spine. And if that becomes dislodged. Not only as people have said could you could it threaten your heart Yuri order he said I think the bigger threat. Is too and it never. In your right shoulder and right arm. And if he plays before that -- and those nerves or severed. -- -- chance he's gonna lose feeling in his arm and I believe. That if you can't feel anything in Europe you can't play football. So I think this is -- I think this is more than a two week thing I think this might be six or eight weeks this could well be Ben Roethlisberger season. If this apparatchiks specialist right part -- is correct. That's a huge story Peter thank you so much we appreciate the time is always -- -- the next week all right thank you Peter King joining us on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T. Rethink possible. -- Mike Greece will join a spot in the hour 1230 ESPN Boston part of our football power hour here from noon to 1 o'clock you'll take your phone calls. In ninety seconds I want talk more about that jet team you just talked about some big games this weekend. In the NFL to that next.

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