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Mike Lombardi, NFL Network, breaks down the broken Pats defense

Nov 16, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan center their weekly chat with Mike Lombardi on the Pats defense's abysmal performance against the Bills last week and how they could hope to rebound against an efficient Colts offense. They also discuss how the Colts offense operates and what the Pats will have to do to get Indianapolis out of their game.

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Welcome back to a patriots Friday our conversation with Mike Lombardi is sponsored by town fair tire and -- HSA. Insurance Michael joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LT TE good morning Michael Marty Gloria armed or one Mario weren't -- it's Friday when I was like talk and you on Friday hate in your opinion Mike how much of an immediate impact in game one. And atop the quarterback make to a struggling defense the secondary after just entering your organization four days ago. While I think he can make a significant impact on the outside this week against. The cold it's a little different. Game because the cult of a couple of those little receivers that quickness and vertical speed and Avery and people like Hilton's cell that they're not really the matchup -- to leave but. But certainly I think he can help on the outside because what we're all out of patriots to do it if you really break down patriots tape is the middle of defense that. The backers -- safety that is where they're getting killed more than anything and in terms of everybody focuses on the quarterback play which is. Not been great don't get me wrong but. Inside the legal field with Scott -- passes. It's tackling players and space the third and fifteen screen pass to Fred Jackson and the good the first Allen has no business getting any panic that's really where. The emphasis I'm sure with coach Belichick this week has taken place. Get more speed on the field at linebacker try to create some situations where there's more depth in the zone drops something that didn't happen last week. I know the bills have terrific skill set people but did you see that coming coming up by the missed tackles and and is this a result you think of non padded practices have been. A foisted upon an NFL coaches. I think a little bit of everything and I think Chan Gailey didn't get enough credit for being a really -- play caller the last site -- his game plan didn't you know they didn't really work as well but for whatever reason Gailey has always moved the ball effectively on the patriots they seem to have a good understanding how to tackle. And he's got the problem the cover as we witnessed last night when he had a chance to make some plays but. I think ultimately the tackling was poor because you're not able to have a lot of contact plus a lot of those players whether it's Gregory your. Or with the ball wolf when he's playing down the fighter plane and some areas where they haven't had a lot of work doing that and I think without the practice it becomes. Left the less effective so all the elements that into but it offers no excuse to mean really the patriots need to play better than that and I'm sure that that even though they won the game. The feeling around. Gillette Stadium this week wasn't one of the four -- it was one of the termination. Other colts a playoff team in your opinion Mike. Well you know the colts are all considered -- the -- Because of the way Andrew Luck has played and he's been able to control the ball and adversary insist on a wonderful job of of implementing the Pittsburgh steeler offense and I saw coach -- quote this week about Hines Ward and Reggie Wayne and I -- -- -- offenses tailored exactly after the Steelers. So when you watch him closely on tape but they've been able to play like a Little League games for defense only played seven innings they only played like 26 minutes in the game. And so they've ever play the full ninth -- Major League Baseball game defensively this week they're gonna have to play nine innings and level find out if they're playoff team. When they can control the pace of the game and they can keep the ball away from the opponent. In terms of time possession I think that's allowed in the capital look of a playoff team but when when the core element comes in the play. And they match applicants to -- can control the pace of the game like the bears did. Even elected gets it when the jets beat him that I think it becomes more problems are very year away from me looking at him as legitimate playoff team but don't underestimate Andrew Luck. He is more like Ben Roethlisberger that we give them credit where his movement in the pocket has created the plays down the field. Can -- -- run the ball and all they haven't haven't yet but it. Their running game is morbid jab as a boxer that they're gonna run it just to keep you from having to be able to just tee off on locked they understand and I think Gary is. There's been a great job that's -- -- -- of understanding what the limitations are offensively the offensive line isn't very good so they try to cover -- up so they jab with the running game that I've ever expecting. The goal of the game to establish the run they're establishing running attempts. But they know they need to throw the football effectively to be good. And they have a lot of areas that they can do that they have a lot of offense at the disposal of the line of scrimmage for. Andrew Luck so he can get to those outside screens -- to relive likely extended runs. And they keep him kind of healthy and not speed up on the east. Only completing -- -- slightly over 55% of the steps he's taken a pounding. But one thing about lucky gets back up it doesn't affect whatsoever he keeps looking downfield to make to take -- shot down the field. And that's where he's been so effective. Michael what appears to be the weakness in Andrew -- game. You know right now I don't know he has won I mean his weaknesses is his mental ability and his mental toughness to me it carries over for any slight deficiencies he might have in the game means. Feel weak compared with John Elway coming out and really that's -- -- he doesn't have Elway. Guilt that in terms of his arm but his foot quickness and his movement and his movement in the pocket. It really is really what makes him so effective the patriots have to do a good job of controlling him in the pocket. And not allowing him to move not because they're afraid he's got to run that he's rushed 39 times this season. But the reality is he's got five rushing touchdowns he can run with the ball when he needs to but -- typically like to do like big band is move in the pocket. And then make plays up the -- and I think the patriots have to do a really good job of protecting him keeping him in the pocket forcing him to hold that ball but like that it's Sam Bradford. And make that up until one have to -- fracture second. I believe bill said this week he is as fast as any quarterback in the league out what you meant any quarterback in the league his side is like Roethlisberger busy as fast as. RG three Michael Vick. What you know look Michael Vick in his state Michael Vick today not as -- to see one right plus but. You know I never sent Michael Vick in his in his prime but as in terms of party for yet at the bigger man and he can outrun the mangled. And it's booklet that creates a problem this is where you know we we don't ever think of them because we watch the -- -- highlight tape and see him run around a run for forty. Looks different he's looking down the field to make a throat he's spent Roethlisberger moving in the pocket to throw up the field not moving in the pocket of -- And I ultimately though is that not going to be a bad thing when he gets a rib Broken Arrow or or Nikkei didn't. Always felt the big bad right you know he's got to take a hit and he's going to be able to be careful how he handles himself the moving out of pocket but it's speed allows him to. Really improve that area but we often see with guys that come from college the second year that there in the pro game. They're not able to be in that kind of condition that they are getting ready for the first year in the league. So the second you they're not as effective. As they are come to their speed I think to feel where got a little bit in terms of the speed but this is still a very good football player who makes plays down the field which is the concern for the patriots. -- my -- I'm unsure how much. To put Donald situation has emotionally invested these guys to play over and above what they normally would play. But something like that does have a shelf life at some point. Well I think the wearily I think that it helped them certainly in trucks and emotional man he's a great leader. And the players have responded to him but I really sense. Watch in this team play every game this year is the mental toughness that they've been able to get. From the quarterback. Andrew Luck I mean his mental toughness. His ability to really had a will but came in and not allow them to quit or give up. Have good practices come back -- the ability concentrated focus through a difficult times. Truly is what really -- mental toughness so good and I think that's for the colts have been able to achieve between and get better each week and not hit that proverbial wall. And I think a lot of it has to do you could say because of the -- sickness but I think a lot of it has to do that that would fit personality. And the leadership of Andrew Luck. Hey the jets sir a -- might do three -- six in their last place at. They had -- Terry and I agree we practice. Again and they're gonna have the greatest practiced minister practice. You know they got that going for them will they win six games. I think it's really hard for the jets cynic you know people call for kibo and you know look particular talent -- -- you just -- for the last three seasons and you put the jets team that that. Played Pittsburgh. We'll play the colts in the championship game and you look at where they are today. Whether it's Thomas Jones being replaced by Shawn Green that that's a loss for the jets. You look anywhere across the weather statement woody at right tackle be replaced by Austin Powers that's a loss for the jets. Did you go anywhere bad parts stock that tie it and be replaced by Jeff -- -- or -- again whomever else they have been there that's a loss for the jets I mean. Really the jets have not improved as a -- I -- Jericho Cotchery would still be one of the better receivers on the team they cut him for for Derrick Mason Mason -- on the team and. So do you think that -- The -- straps they love the trade away draft picks to in order to get more one player they're missing on draft picks in terms of when they do make the pick. And then they don't have a lot of quantity of draft picks so I think it's a talent issue when you look at the diplomatic Bechtel has really. To me it was all summer and Iran as to what we're covering them as much as -- as we did. -- -- -- network because they have a talent issue really they're not a very good football team is well on defense especially at linebacker. And they can't get pressure because they have that the put the get blocked. And would you agree with the anonymous. Player that the were receiving corps is garbage. Well look I I I've said that all year -- mean that they thought that. Chad Chileans -- committed obedience potentially endless -- the raiders have a great career start of the best and -- it was walked in the locker walked to the training of I mean you know that's where he spent most of his time so. Yeah I I think would you analyze each move on the jets. And you're sitting there -- -- what it and get better that this situation it and improve -- that it improves there and we all wanna blame Mark Sanchez who has improved. But really it would all blame Brian Schottenheimer I wrote about this the more damage Schottenheimer. Took a beating last year the coordinator but you know last week against the 49ers defense which probably two of the best in the league. He had a hard for the nine yards rushing which is the most they've given up the two years. He had to form 59 yards of offense which is the third most they've given up. In two years and he scored 24 points which is you know only the seventh time of the teams scored twenty points in the niners' defense so. I think it's deeper than just I think these moves they make. Are off this -- not researched and they are clearly not improving -- the idea of him getting political player. We're making moves is to improve your team and I hope he doesn't just happen. Mike your estimation what does that say about Rex Ryan's leadership when you. Examine the integrity in the collective strength the fabric if you will of that locker room when a dozen guys stand up and take anonymous shots at the quarterback the back -- quarterback. Well I I think teams adopt the personality of the head coach and I don't see why anybody surprised that you see this because the head coach shoots off the net at every press conference. And so the team has said that the team sees him do it why don't they they don't feel like made sure they feel like they can do I mean that's really you get your. If the team is going to adopt the personality of the head coach because he's talking to him all the time that's what you want when you hire a head coach you want that. That's why there's been so much time interviewing him and going over you want your team to be able to have his personality is looked upon them. And that's -- the -- the jets shoot from the hip they talk. That they they never are realistic with themselves because that's what would Rex is our protocol last year about Rex. Had need to be honest with himself -- be able to look at themselves and figures -- we need to do to change this. And he's yet to do that elements and because I wrote but I think it's pretty clear. The jets are never honest with themselves the hardest thing to do pro football or in any business. Is to be honest with yourself and look at where you need to correct the mistakes the jets never do that he came up -- summit that was the best team ever coached. I mean I don't know what what I don't know what practiced that he was going to because the ones I was watching the complete perhaps. Will -- get fired. The into the -- Well you know what that's a hard one for me because they think the -- certainly has an affection for him I know the -- yesterday came out in the -- New York Daily News and didn't offer support in either direction. But the GM. As a way of always make -- Turkey there and selected the spelling trouble for the coach. Besides the Monday night game if your watch and only one which one do you watch in this weekend Mike. Well I I'd definitely want to see the Pittsburgh Baltimore game could I think those are great matchups just because of the fact that the pop the -- A bowl teams come out now you know probably the teams are both missing some key components there. Offense or defense both sides not much for how good Baltimore -- to Baltimore team that the patriots played. Early in the season September isn't isn't as good as it is. It was it was much better than they are now and the Pittsburgh team that I saw early in the season has improved but now Byron Leftwich completed. Who had. Very deliberate with the football but for whatever reason. The Steelers in that locker really believe that left which can handle the job they really have complete -- and I'm I'm not sure where they get that they from from -- left -- play. Mean look which is like the baseball pitchers that protect the runners at first -- -- before it throws the ball of the plays you know it. Very deliberate in his play. But yet they believe and I'm glad it's always going to be a really good game to watch him. And I and I think it'll come down to the final series of the game and like they always do. As always good stuff -- Mike Lombardi -- you next week injury we don't like. -- -- we -- Mike Lombardi with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT our conversation with Mike is sponsored by town fair tire and buy HSA. Insurance.

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