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Rob Ninkovich talks Andrew Luck and defending young QBs

Nov 16, 2012|

D&C talks with Pats defensive end/outside linebacker Rob Ninkovich about Sunday's game against the Colts, specifically how they will deal with rookie Andrew Luck. They delve into the issue of dealing with a mobile quarterback with Luck's size as well as what kinds of mistakes rookies make during their first year in the league.

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-- Friday joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE Rob Ninkovich during the patriots our conversation with rob. Is brought to buy all this dental and buy lunch State's good morning rob how are -- What impresses you about Andrew Luck that you see on film this week. Well you know we get they use your recorder back you know obviously -- -- we get our situation is this is athletic ability. Second Syracuse is not about you know our young guards. Where they're getting pressure called -- a look at the Russia they've known for the -- down. He's always look at probable he has structure arteries. He's a look at dark shield. Not so it'll get out pixels. So long approach so -- -- of resources. Have you seen a faster big quarterback in the -- Now think so because he's. -- -- -- -- The same. Maybe Roethlisberger -- a little bit last week. You know -- probably has more speed -- You know he's he's pretty -- such -- What does he need improvement on what it used on the film do you think you could take advantage of Sunday. You know I think. Certain situations. He just told police forces the -- or some. You know tight coverage and are the historical or exceptions that always puts. Nothing that is currently experiencing you know that realizes he -- every area so -- Dizzy -- to. Then on gutsy for his own good he's taken a few hits when you see young QBs today not know when to go down -- -- Brady you know isn't Manning knows you know when the and when the run and when ever take a chance it seems to me young guys again to luck and Robert Griffin and Russell Wilson might not know that yet take too many chances. Yeah I think that you know that is complicit in the more experience when he gets a feel you know as -- -- older realizes that. Well more piglet feet take. -- There are partnered with its rules visas so. We're guessing that's just the transition from Hope College to professional. -- and are you -- That part is that much longer and also revolver she'll put. Honestly there's Gardner it is so where it's at social. Bird you know experiences in the warriors well -- Erupt when you watch the film on the bills' game was it is bad unfilled as it felt when you're out on the field on talk about the defense in general. Yet are we regret that it -- our best performance out there are where you are upon us you know obviously. You got to give her credit you know on the right Berkshire. You know lose you they're -- want to orange you know well so. -- are few. Focus more -- you know do our job better the world officers. Every time you have a situation like that you there are you almost -- I was I was -- -- so much so -- on this or rather do it again so make sure that I. Thought. Were there any indications during the week that it was going to go badly because I did a lot of people didn't see it coming coming off the bye week the extra day is all that sort of stuff. And the missed tackles -- -- usually not making plays it did you see it coming at all. Or were you surprised. They are it's there are available football. Are crazy year and so you know. If you're mythical place here one person -- away. -- has -- at a game. You know. It never got any driver -- -- of alcohol played a lot. You know a lot of displays during the games all. You know I think that there are going to set you -- our vote vote. You know executing. Now. Think no bureau there it is. That we needed that used to offer our. Realize that don't make sure that your excuse then you're overseeing his Yugoslav these awful things. Robin -- game notwithstanding. You're you're evident. Pretty solid. Season so far you started twenties five straight regular games are all late this year. At the midway point 34 tackles second on the team. Four sacks you led the team with four forced fumbled while Mathieu pair fumble recoveries and they pass defense. I don't even asked this a lot -- -- plays improv but specifically rob what has changed in your game to allow you to be this kind of force that in the past you -- to this level. Are you prosecutor -- There are here and now before wrote a different position. -- Little bit more coverage. All vote this year I think. Early in a year or so transition. Or make any excuses for. There are -- for the game so that. Why is -- soldiers. On. -- yes or -- unity. Is it comparable confidence in our overall orders so I'll -- capture Kabul they're garbage. So they are all as C. This summer -- before there you know spirit collar city. The first three years there are posters -- -- -- at the event so. You know aren't -- going back from. You aren't there linebacker. Unbeatable withdrawal -- That helps -- or change it up so I disparity culpable. And now. There are -- now on her and satisfy the amount mellow out. Are. 4:30 gamers -- 1 o'clock game make any difference in your preparation of the the three and half hours later. Or thirty games. Essentially you know a little bit different -- -- or -- games come real threat yet to get out there. You know your pregame meal structures so yeah slot there are so you don't have those or are you you know our record. Well. I won't hurt local artists who are relaxed and -- home -- -- the game are appropriate. Pregame -- our before our game this is a little bit more harm. You know for human bodies. You know off the greater role or -- -- -- -- Are -- a pain in the ass on game days did you wife stay away from your your OK until -- get to the stadium. Are you -- are actually pretty good arm. I'm on the opposite of some -- -- it at all -- our listeners creepy music so there are -- art is due to relax. Well. Noticed with -- -- real nice and easy to. -- wanna be all ourselves now where would like to turn dog for a walk and -- field. Our rob good luck for thirty on Sunday we'll talk to next week. -- -- between Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT our conversation with rob is brought you by all -- dental and buy lunch dates.

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