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Kerry Byrne, Cold, Hard Football Facts, on Pats-Colts and the new batch of rookie QBs

Nov 16, 2012|

John and Gerry talk with Kerry Byrne as they preview this weekend's game against the revitalized Colts behind their rookie passer, Andrew Luck. Despite all the buzz around Luck, Byrne says that the Stanford product may not be the most productive new QB this year. The answer surprises D&C.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Our route brand from cold hard football facts he's the height control officer Carey Jay Byrd joins as good morning Kerry -- aria -- -- It's getting carried away with himself for what -- rights and is Andrew in comparison -- Russell Wilson and latins has. We don't do feel good stories here cold hard football facts we serve hard faxed a man who -- -- drunk on the roof. W. I know. That at about. Wonderful like. All right. So break it down force Andrew Luck what are we gonna see what. By the -- can project anything. In terms of a quarterback. Performance when it's against this secondary I'm Mark Sanchez looks like -- world beater -- -- like a world -- I can only imagine. What what is going to do on Sunday. In Oregon a -- game and everybody doubted that we -- brought that's essential that's great -- about 98 great ally. I don't think we eat it after all the problem that. That has it that the teacher say right now in the luck you know could very well -- -- have a particular but other than that you of that story which -- -- -- Arlen. Obviously a writer -- arguing over and everything it's set up -- -- and right now. It's a better quarterback federal rookie quarterback -- -- it block it I think the thing with which occupy and blocked it everywhere waiting to hear the beat the next great quarterback. We anticipate it will be the next record that he's obviously quite talented. But you know are putting up great guy brought. You know right now they needed a lower level NFL quarterback interpret production. Are -- make some nice -- -- if you want but we didn't keep shouldn't win but already -- and I am a rookie of the year the next great thing about it they're. Certainly Russell Wilson played better than we -- -- by the way. The patriots reportedly rookie performance and all are quite quickly. Well well well well Russell Wilson against the patriots was one of the great rookie performances of all time. 131 point seven rating whatever -- 37. What are the most efficient performances. Ever by a court back -- out except all of -- you know the pop music in their compatriots. While you do you ever put guys to the eyeball test -- you've seen Andrew Luck you've seen Russell Wilson do you really believe. The Russell Wilson is a better quarterback and. So upon the fact he's playing -- -- the better team needs I don't -- of -- cured amp I war. I'd walk -- the lucky at -- and -- -- higher completion percentage of that but at the outset. That on not only is. Several federal support quite -- People raving about a pretty boy in there president I get to go up immediately. Know the numbers out what it produced it. People can -- -- all they want production of beer production at -- bear -- -- you know I get the -- are. -- I'm sure eight. And security to secure the wait until they would look we're all well I didn't have to light. I know through it -- to Africa to be out of a credit predicted that -- -- -- and that Sullivan to that to me that I speak very well at Kennedy and seek out. If he that in order estimate judge he -- at is that -- intra. Well put it to they both won six games correct Nelson and luck luck Wilson has. A better running game a better line a better defense. Than than -- would you agree with that. Well it's zero point four book or attempt on the ground -- not if that's not the difference between that. Extra you know 8 October 20 attempt panicking and that spot. That people operate -- we operate these ports of doubt about that right to -- the better defense. In walks in about perspective wouldn't -- we and in. I what are quickstep Jerry -- -- -- at this week out from a cold water that was. Our target guys got it -- good -- the cold for a bunch of web site. Really Smart guy -- I would like are fascinated the colts right now are better burden thirties and that is out there and want. What -- appetite -- what are the police. But hope that that speaks to that present you talk about that what if I played here there -- play -- against. Maybe -- should but the body the body great -- and apparently. There are no -- rails against everything you believe in conjure statistics and and and statistic driven but is not possible that you can be so -- to what you do when you do it very well. That you become a little bit myopic and I know you hate the eyeball test but as an example back to that 133 point seven rating against the patriots. By Wilson. Those the three touchdown passes and there were no interceptions so statistically that looks like statistically it computes asked to an efficient game three TDs no interceptions but don't you have to look at those three TDs and the nature of those balls. They were there were to jump balls they are one was very lucky is not possible to look at that say. Yes that's a touchdown but sort certain touchdowns in my estimation based on the eyeball test aren't as valuable as efficient. You know strategic -- surgical strikes and those were not. Jogging or to conduct her record that people all the time with low quality you know it's it sort of a peek at it well. -- the -- don't call it out over the long term I mean it's it's not like. One guy and getting lucky earlier this -- aren't ready early on but he is got lucky. Political career -- Can consistently produce. Opposing player and let it why oh why we looked at the corporate we were checked out. If you have a higher after reading location data that the political team that's quite I think. Iowa City and 85%. NFL games it's an important stack up. -- -- -- all -- all adults here you know one. One way by the band you know what you all -- meant a lot deeper well an -- -- you wanted to go into uncharted it's. A so called touchdown all of the automobile and out to join that battle at eight PR and a and I'll get into -- guys. If you have a high illegal it would gain as a particular victory went our separate belt and anything else. Thought running airport and all go -- able to record. -- quarterback more efficient Jay Witasick Copacabana -- in predicting victory not with the McCain -- -- predictor of victory -- all. -- -- -- -- -- the things that would football game not quite that well we looked at -- Without the popularity you know I think it'll be a great player you want to look. He looks different -- all -- nobody you know I don't doubt he's going to be a great player in the -- going to be. Better let him get ready -- -- game against the patriots. But you know -- that -- -- -- yet that saw. Is it too early to do some kind of statistical analysis. Of how teams passers in general. Bear against this patriot defense or or maybe it's impossible to do that it almost seems scary but the Patriots defense pass defense secondary is so bad it's almost appear as an aberration at all -- -- statistical analysis other words. Any -- any ill gotten gains that a quarterback gets at the expense of the patriots almost should be thrown out of the record gives everybody succeeds against them. What are you know what it got quite look like -- study on. OK and how you know -- number what we have for the NFL and radiation and again and and really quite -- every. -- ostensible. Got kicked out. Technical panel that we got that dot we've got everything we thought that the relativity index which doesn't address it at the staff the effort. Well and in however is little point relative to the quality of the -- to keep pace in how and where it's. Relative according to the offense they compete to shut you up so -- adapt. -- -- -- -- the court and got it -- the patriot -- look at their offense out. The other and sit and point scoring -- and football also number one by a wide margin if you look at according to perpetrate basement and that -- chipped -- -- -- That it really well where they should be. When you look at the -- they can't beat saint adept at it doesn't really bad but. And that bill Belichick's signature they are -- they do play that bad but don't break defense do they occupy the ports they should. Are -- at some other important at the same kind of -- You point out Matt Ryan is not a top five MVP candidate. -- always. Hoosier MVP is Peyton Manning your MVP. -- progress a couple of -- -- probably is similar -- putting up the problem Robert Green deception people we're. The -- it. I would I would say Brady is put in what category in what way do you rate Brady had a Manning at this point. All right we're putting up comparable numbers Arctic you have to hit it in the -- GW the composition and Pete Manning okay -- the wind picked it up instant. What do fire which -- people out here we don't get half of football that solidify. With a terrible at picking the right not they're not want the debacle of the best offensive -- football that played very good defense much and they were. But if they'd improve the -- -- essentially. All barbaric you know you certainly a lot and I don't probably I would vote for treatment right now by itself but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We eat you know -- the last two or not reality is is that that the team over the air what is that should be. Six simply Wear them out right out of the way the patriots destroyed and they look so you want seven and what order before. For the Broncos scored a couple of touchdowns but based on that all of the other patriot or -- in the operating with about a -- that's in. Last year was probably about this time that we talked you said that the patriots secondary. The -- -- passer rating led you to believe that the patriots pass defense. Is so bad that they could not win a Super Bowl. Well with we go in and they didn't you know when your defense they did they went to one somehow some way. This do you feel the same way this year Kerry. It's even worse -- they're -- -- eleven -- were sort of sentence after reading this you're 28. I'm -- 7% of operating are tickled watching that made the playoffs now granted. Territory to iron out -- itself but also can't really to give an honest debate. -- -- thirty years ago but in reality -- would only once he'd every been made the playoffs. With a capacity activating that bad that all want the ball so. -- changing maybe they can't you know tell me about that at all and not be. Getting our computer market that. Or. To be in that were not that it's their football so -- -- doing incredible things offensively although not getting enough credit are actually. So can that be enough to overcome vehicle on the step into I don't know we'll find out what. Right now history the preeminent that the partnership won't go is that even the contact that are completely ignorant of well. Well outside those parameters that have to concern and then. Yeah capital -- that that -- it will -- don't want a candidate -- and all the air insult well. The the patriots defensive passer rating is 97.3. Exact same as Drew Brees so it's like. They turn every quarterback -- Gregory is that Drew -- Which generally that's a little edit it's that that's the way to look at -- we want to look like to a brief talks everyone looked like corporate gig implemented at this got to fight and it really. -- let's go carry out Thanksgiving tailgate you do that again this year. You don't have that let the cure -- kill in order Michael -- until it was still hot but you know besides football you'll -- -- getting an iPod -- until we shall the Nevada I don't completely different parking lot for the big game with the -- at the recipe and I. After these gentlemen deep -- thought they would it would have been credible. Are you up to try it -- erupt into it right now on -- -- -- facts. Dot governor you tomorrow at eleven and I wonder what the cable news. -- -- got the Thanksgiving Day at 10 AM all along on that and I -- -- not to like -- like you're getting elected and we also brought out. One local hot air -- politics and history legend and -- it's a bunch of. Right stuffing it's also healthy doesn't Jerry. What I bet you before before -- -- yes. On August -- -- it -- at the private post I don't want from their their artist I'm internal with the patriot. -- plus sixty. Always a quick go spread your couple expert did -- -- I looked up widespread media. Are the -- when they win the turnover battle. And thirteen and straight out and I'll -- 95171. Against the spread. The turnover battle don't they -- what -- we wouldn't pass that along to them tell them win the turnover battle they're doing -- he. A button it up and got checked it out it's -- got some Wikipedia dot com you can get really trial in article yet that is they. He's Gary burner prep from cold hard football facts that we can carry conducted on the road. Perry joins us on the AT&T on AT&T -- L I don't care how analytical you there's no way Russell Wilson's better in the Andrew Luck is not. I just put that Andrew Luck force for a 109. More yards per game. Her game there's -- world. Well he has to -- it doesn't have Marshawn Lynch she doesn't have that great Seattle defense he's got -- thrown up there and and you cannot look at -- quarterbacks. You know watch them play game and say that that Wilson's even and and and -- -- Pete Carroll would trade -- that traders who is who is who it. I'll still come this patriot Friday Rob Ninkovich and Michael Lombardi.

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