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David Ross, happy to be back with the Red Sox

Nov 15, 2012|

Kirk, Rob and Alex talk with newly acquired Red Sox catcher David Ross about his previous stint with the Red Sox, his time with the Atlanta Braves and Florida college football.

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-- -- show on 937. David Ross in a moment first a little breaking news. The American League MVP award goes to Miguel Cabrera the Triple Crown winner 22 of the 281 place votes in. I wanna say it's a mild upset. But I guess maybe not I told earlier rabbit but Cabrera who went an -- occasionally but still you know both of our -- against the today -- Cabrera is the MVP will talk about that would keep law who is not pleased about that after the 7 o'clock hour. I'll be joining us right now in the AT&T hotline is the new catcher for the Boston Red Sox David Ross David it's Turkmen and Alex beer and rob Bradford Boston or you. -- -- -- Who would you rather vote was just say -- is a Cabrera or is it true. Yeah how is listening guys like -- I gotta go -- -- -- know -- trounced dynamic but if I kind judges as if I'm on a team and I got became -- -- -- on the back and and it's Miguel Cabrera everything retirement. Twice on Sunday. Let's say that you're catching and either Mike Trout or Miguel Cabrera is. Is on for an. Inordinately more mindful of at that point. I'm I'm I'm not a 102 Baltimore but I -- I don't know where anybody who wants to -- this. And that is that the one thing I feel -- opposite. David now. What would you say is your favorite memory from your first trip here in Boston what stands out from the holidays are here the first time. I was here about who might that play elsewhere in -- in eight out there for about two months right it's it's what stands. Electric atmosphere beyond trivia. I I had never been around. Well there. As a player is who is helped you bring your A game every night you know that they had showed up they're intense. It's five through loud. I remember but I never could get out in the bullpen help and now. You know be the third catcher and apple bought common you know -- -- -- -- its -- in LA. That was pretty cool but I mean it was so loud house -- Papelbon came in their work their -- the atmosphere amazing. You playoff roster correct. I did I'd be epic tech which got a little bit that you're hitting and actually catching Wakefield. Can catch was was the back up and had them I think all year and they they've brought the admin and luckily and fortunate for me they put me on. Third catcher in them. Actually I had so much -- knows is a great experience for me an alarming. It did that catch you off guard at all origin or -- adding an up as the days toward the playoffs are coming they -- a. Because -- why they brought in and you know -- and honestly that's the one thing. Regained. I felt like -- like talked to Ben and Java just really upfront honest dislike CEO. And you go work when I was there and that feeling was really comforting so they it was kind of caught me off guard there -- completely -- agree but I do they brought in for a reason and and and I felt that he not felt like I wasn't. Sure you know. This go around the Red Sox finished the season with with Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Ryan of our way splitting catching duties down the stretch. Were you expecting the Red Sox be one of the teams in the mix for you in what have they told you about what about expectations for playing. IE I get it. I didn't really have any expectations in the -- for anything Pittman. You know -- interface -- -- -- -- you know internal if you are somewhere you really wanna go to read our goat is. -- -- -- -- There's a lot of interest a lot of -- called which was. Really humbling for me -- the -- -- they called in and especially Red Sox and how are properly work with -- that was -- really. Nice experience it to be a player and to see you know. Back out that your career there was there was a lot it was quite streaks starting job period in major markets since -- -- winning teams and then. And Boston and I think the playing time has gone before me. Just -- a split. You know I don't I don't know obviously matchups or whatever but obviously. They've told me it will be more than a packed up and down. And but I'm not going to be the starter not going to be catches six days a week. Which nor that's not what side their side there because of how it was treated so. Obviously they put the best for support financially too so. -- Really doesn't matter to the a lot because teens such instantly and I think he has and whatever role they actually did do government is that not -- -- no -- it -- -- -- matter of fact about where. We're starting or whatever you can't get out fast on the bench or what have played him. On the -- are approaching them do the best site and then -- Try to help the incredible. Red Sox catcher David Ross joining us on the hot stove show in 937 David in 2011 you're part of an epic collapse with the Braves are Red Sox have similar collapse in 2011 did not turn it around 2012 you guys were able to do that -- Atlanta. How much credit I guess go to the manager of the players are you guys able to not have that I guess a factor ruin your season right from the start is that as a really did your boss. Yeah I don't. We go to a lot more change. In Boston the two different it was a touching that took place. And off the other new diet that helped. You know guys at least Justin. And young guys that he just seemed like an outsider perspective there's a lot of turmoil. We could have or watching I don't know he. We've added. A bench guy may be an open guy and one defense does guardian or is that you know. We didn't have any change in manager it was -- same. So we just had to look ourselves in -- players and and we do -- -- happening you know we just had that. Played baseball who wanted to play we had guys that were hurt towards in this. It is -- -- collapse. And you know we just we get hit -- -- principal leaders that we -- -- -- -- you know. Everybody had a bad month it seems like every fifteen years he had a bad month fortunately there were on McCain's. And I just happened on the September and instead direct shot from the great team they had that start and apparently so. You know it's just one of those things that we -- so well here in we don't I just -- -- each other. -- thing we never doubted whether I have a few -- give a 100% then that's all you can ask for an offering. You know education to one thing but you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- teenager going out their -- -- can't. To win that's -- well. In after he signed looking into some of your numbers some some stood out you alluded to but you're still in controlling the running game you've got a terrific caught stealing percentage. Over the last stuff over the last several years. You also have I think the highest with the second highest winning percentage in the majors in games started his catcher of the last a couple of years. And it as well as one of the lowest -- the IRA's of anyone in like the last fifteen years. Do those numbers mean anything to you like what is a meaningful barometer for for what kind of quality player is working behind the plate. -- -- And and you know it's kinda I'm sure the people of Orlando attorney here in the lead by. The date that play I try to get Brian McCann. A breeder -- want him in the game I want him to relax and do we we needed him. Choose it it would although we're at a World Series which is the goal. And we need to have to be healthy at all to make acceptable push my goal when I played throughout the year was let me weigh in today is ultimately got the -- and -- In an -- aggregate pension for America and our diplomatic game and have to get feedback try that. You know has had him warm up and need to go in the 83 try to get it Batman nicer. You know whatever so my my goal every day after -- -- You know whatever I can do -- cup team grandmothers spot -- though that's -- nationally. More mentality is that money and run but I how do those things that'll I don't care accurately could be sent. Wanna get the most out of a solid pitcher retreat pitcher like that are. I've brother you know local. I care trying to yeah I think it's like a battle between -- -- burst their whole lot out. And that's of -- that trajectory. And I care you know I get mad. Where and when they get up because I feel like -- get an you know if they fail so. You know that's that's. You know to get my head that's how I think and I don't know there's a barometer you know what -- backup catcher. You -- you'd -- you don't get exposed as much as as a starting catchers are like number still you know you're able to get it there and and call it different gains them and be back. By a candidate great justice so. I think we just start -- off each other and it would benefit from. Hewitt -- that there were other teams contrast to his probably tough choice for you to make. When John Ferrell get hired as manager of the Red Sox. Did that instantly going your radar as hey you know what that's a drawing -- potential drawing card to government coming here. Well -- EE call greatly to our call and talk to me inserted -- and I think gets here. -- third here. Interest in me and whether they want it to -- to take -- Siemens. And how they want to get actors. Was almost you know eight which I looked at. And and just. You know with quality guys quality -- and -- you know just -- the way they talked about. The game was reassuring -- has the same way I think in we all want to win them all on the same page and everybody kind of working together. And W and two. 21 vote. They talked -- and and and he said quality play but they talked about the plan because that's something we've debated here for awhile people talking about it venture to -- at the plant. They specific I mean in terms of what. Now are really just talking about terms. You know we wanna get quality talent with quality people and I think that that's the recipe for success you know you know it's easy to say. It and this is just. I play rejection to that degree person but it just to say Josh Hamilton down on the market. And yet he's -- -- without their this year Zachary B with the with the success as we you know maybe the best. That -- like a person or a spectacular soccer player or you know just their reputation -- game. Particularly consideration that is going out -- -- the best person I think that is a huge huge. Important piece -- especially when you're talking about. The difference between you know -- -- player. And a topic that count the players that the good person and a leader except for example and play hard every day. And you know we'll play through play it would look things are -- went. You know will grind it out when you know nobody -- -- you know and so now when when they're just you know. Kind of error whatever you -- there's distinct problem based all that did happen and sometimes an 80%. One person is better than a 100% of another so this has -- people that care about wouldn't care about. Winning baseball I think that was over the massacre and like. You went to Auburn right. Yes I would Auburn or Florida or her credit for focusing on Auburn football -- you know when you -- he's got -- paper bags -- your heads down Woodward. I actually delivered the Auburn. Ordered the right idea I don't know you can't do -- that's easier now that's a bad sports thing to do that. This say it'll work out often vote because he thought leeway to unit also got -- out of college done there's got all the professional sports search does love. -- Bobby because he's -- carry cash actually Texans and told you that you are fraudulent Florida State and so. I'm okay. Waiver or later that you got a definition. Daily monitor yesterday -- an honest later OK okay let's do it because there are. Our bandwagon and everyone's so I did we appreciate your time thanks a lot. Guys put on the -- here. Thanks does it -- David rusty Red Sox catcher that's rubbed out that's a sports. -- well it's -- if Florida. I mean it's Florida let's be honest was and news not is not the best sports fans and all college football fans -- hard court. -- -- of the NRA I out of CIA I think that the idea of allegiance and loyalty is drastically overrated. Unless you you -- you've exhibited that many times now expect it to happen.

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