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Danny Ainge: We're going to be cautious with Rondo's ankle injury

Nov 15, 2012|

Danny Ainge joined the Big Show on a Celtics Thursday and broke down the improved looking Celtics, Rajon Rondo's injury, and whether Leandro Barbosa will pick up for Rondo if he misses any games.

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Scattered all over the northeast like dust that's who we are. Us. As he said though Michael is down there at the partly senator did any Ainge joins us. Live right now on the on the phone lines weekly get together mr. -- you. Good -- warrior of fun gets second little trafficker. Well yeah we predicted train -- could get a cap over the Brooklyn Bridge so we have a little bit late for. We're ready to roll I give us the latest on the not Korea. Rick -- get here and its -- currency that is out there hasn't been any. Any any indication of what the injury isn't it isn't just. Rolled ankles and stuff little more sinister was brought our. Yup so this creep who -- the last -- don't don't know the severity of the air wolf. He really -- over here tonight. Gonna ask you did did you didn't do an MRI or anything else does that -- Michael and I were talking about it earlier -- seen this happen so many times. In his career were Rondo steps on somebody's foot turns than ankle -- out sometimes for player to. And then using is right back into the game that was a little bit than usual last night -- not see him. Back in a game especially when the game was on the line. Yeah you know -- can -- I think some -- the decision in the dark mean I think Rondo. Was ready to come back here and I think that. I think that -- made their decision based on the track we outscored teams 59. And you know -- planned economy there and bubbles -- had a goal and Brett I think. -- singer and he's just trying to be cautious with regard to important there. Even even with Avery Bradley being out -- you have tremendous guard depth that your team you think it is a -- doesn't play tonight do you think. -- Barbosa is is the point guard -- -- Or is Jason Terry better -- What are your different players you know I think the proposal does better with the ball in his hands. Jason that are playing with the ball went off the ball collecting it it they can complement each other. But you know what I don't wanna give them I'm not -- really matters. Interest -- how doctors using them minutes talked about it and he'll look to the first couple weeks -- shady stuff and if if KG played a few warm and it's that Paul played a few -- -- they -- game. And yet he's patiently sticking it to the bigger picture. Is that how you guys are looking at and I'm sure -- of the conversations -- -- them because. You're seeing the guys get better -- have to go out there play the minutes. And yet he's not breaking. Into those minutes for either Paul or cagey right now which might be a great thing in the long. No I think that he realizes he ousted and you know our our motto over the last cancel your doctors and good job of it -- -- to win playoff games. And yeah we wanna win every game that we go out and play it but you can't think track partly because there's a game the next game and excited and they do that out so. Doc has been excellent with KG over the last few years. And been very disciplined in how he uses a patient. And starting to see that little bit with all through those guys we we can't win. Without them and then be healthy and in. And there -- girl my goal to win a championship so he got to do it that way he's been great -- You know the Miami Heat obviously your little championship without. A traditional -- actors that are. Guys. We have grow watching your case. Played with over the years -- numbers that he. Do you think that's where. The project unit -- pretty good if you think that's where. Or are we going affairs network game is -- where you could conceivably see. A bunch of 6869. Days it's all people out there you don't necessarily traditional that are anymore. Well I think the reason is there's just not that in your round in the big -- had chapter in -- -- you leave London morning. All the best in the league had. -- people and they you know Chicago Bulls won with a player like Luc Longley didn't play a lot of minutes. But you know played played portions of the game and but. You know Luke certainly wasn't a great player critic -- -- positions itself. You know everybody would love to have a true -- -- back to the basket shot blocking rebounding. Senator but there's just not that many of those -- And so with thirty teams out there in the count on one hand who those guys are. We get the text every day there are a lot of people on the Celtics fans out there thanks -- is the man. Well you know I think -- Darko. And Jason Caldwell we'll help as for the issues over -- will will need them and they'll play in and contribute. I'm again last night you're playing obviously have been playing to this point with a small alive to Wilcox a -- -- some great medicine that game last night. And you needed him with because that's a good young. Front court that the that the jazz have out there. Right number jets -- bigger one of the better rebounding teams in the -- you know they -- a number of a sudden rebound. I'm rebounds last night that that's their strength to me it's risk built up at small forward in. You know -- rebounds this -- -- -- in the league so. You know that we knew that that would be challenged going into the game and we were able to overcome that with. You know shooting the ball well. You know they went to Al Jefferson. In the fourth quarter -- it was shots and I was wondering before they did this one warrant to go and Al. This kid he is has he become the player you thought he would be when you're drafted us. You're out Al -- really nice career he had mystery he can't overcome that. You know he's a local score any rebounds that's what Houston's. Been very successful and that's that's but he continues to -- he's as tough cover. For anybody in the league and he's not a guy and a good instinct for rebounding. Where this conversation with you I believe last week about Jeff Green interestingly enough. KG comes out shortly after that basically says is too nice guy he's got to be a little bit more of a bleep out there on the floor he has been a couple games extremely aggressive including last and a great donkey that. Does he have the personality do you think. To be able to do that on a regular basis -- you've seen it twice now in the last week. -- 1516. Points and keep markets a steal here a blocked shot here. He just gives you -- hold different. Element to your game out here again. You know he's so much to me there's a lot of that is competent. And I think that when you see you know you're giving when his teammates are more confident in him and you know you gotta earn -- opposite -- But. I believe he will. It's consistent and give -- that effort. Much of it is confidence I remember when you played the game OK you were very confident guy. But as nicer guy as you wore off the off the floor. You're you could be an animal out here on the court now you would use bad language or anything like that but the way you approach the game. And that's why a lot of people and other cities Haiti UN blue jewel all the time I don't suspected Jeff Green. Pass to become far more aggressive and I'm wondering if it's in his nature. To do what you editing your -- you could you could split the personalities off the court and on the court does this kid have that type of personalities do. Yes -- two older Brothers they're. Oh ports mean that aspect. I think. You know rarely talked about everything we are one thing that I remembered and talked about in beauty. You know you gotta be an investigator can be -- you got to instigate the physical play and hit first. And as a means cheap shot guys that -- legal or rebound and make first contact. You know affect us that it's called for -- and you know you've got to try to get under the skin of your own. In. I think that that is important. Forget you'd better and I think that are keen to get better everybody I think that's her that's sort of a personality trait I don't -- was that way for doc. We was read you right here. Yeah you're right in if Jeff Greene could do that you could see his visit -- appear but. Iffy if he doesn't start showing that and consistent basis I don't know -- a confidence or is it that he just doesn't that's not -- make up. Well that could be back I will say there that there are a lot of good players that you know that aren't -- I think it will help them be in the gators -- -- -- even more. But. You know I think that a lot of that can rub off by the other players and you know. And in the does it does enhance. His -- when you're playing with great competent while. Did you ever find yourself thinking about it or was it. No I never thought about it -- this is if it's something that you deal. And you know it's like a matter of survival I think they have the talent that -- clearly Jeff Green and and so you know you know every night -- if you don't give your best and try to trick betrayed that you can get shown up news there's a lot of great players -- early in the got to respect the law. It's so early in the season so it is really tough to make it. Judgment of anybody whether -- Jeff Green or or Jason Terry or the next guy when asked about court in the -- you think that he has. Has found his stride yet he made some shots last night put. So far is probably that the court neatly that you Dodgers you were getting when you acquired. Hey -- -- you. -- that question here might very well -- what he was asking about Courtney Lee and is so far to this point he's struggled a little bit him. What do you see. In him right. But can't expect they'll -- see him struggling. A record that you played well he he hasn't gotten a ton of opportunities are both -- and it's spectacular gains -- Jason Terry we shoot the ball count speaking. And getting more so rare car packed court he's been making open shot you know familiar that's honorable. Hand you know he's -- he's -- -- would be better. I have I have a lot of confidence and Courtney. Your your opportunity to come. Barbosa really is a a change of pace guy Michael and I were talking about him earlier. And it's not like he -- in the game and he's lightning quick -- us the Colorado I mean what he makes his move it paid almost seems like he's a very. Different pro guide to defend taken the ball to the hole you think you've done your job he switches to the left hand. You think you've got him where he doesn't have a sweet spot off the glass and he found some quarter profit lies to get the thing to drop. He seems to me like a very difficult guided it to pick up on out there. Yeah you know he get murdered cut from practice remember the first statement here it was like -- couldn't program. You know he did it in around corners and letters and it has these sort of spectacular finishes around the program. So you know he's been he's been very good so far but you know he's gotten up and in a lot less minutes -- -- -- probably got the same shot. You know Courtney hasn't shut the street ball well yet. Are both sort of brings and element that we need to -- the better ball handlers that are on the back of guards. And so the opportunity to play behind Rondo it. Give him some rest. That that opportunity was there he has he's and it is an opportunity distribute it. Are important but but it didn't act according to court -- behind all. And I'm Jason now and behind. -- -- and then just not economy and its shot. Right now for amber and I and I think he's played well played ardent computed -- -- competence in. Because you know we're going to be court needed to defend some of the better when Lee and practice you can choose -- has shot the three ball well -- Let me wrap it all up by looking -- were you see the advancement from a week ago there's no question that you're. Incorporating so many new pieces and this thing that it's almost like baby steps from night -- night. Is there are certain vision that you and dark -- and how long do you think it takes before you get to that point. Well I I don't think we're there yet matter of fact I don't think we're really even close -- You reggae record I think it -- you know we're not talk to the players couldn't help but. You know I don't want them that think that they don't have a chance are that they don't they're not playing up to capability -- I think they know that and XTO that this team has a chance really improved from where we are work. We're scraping out Williams. And you know we're not playing our best basketball. And I feel like we will get there you know we've we need to. It everybody on the same agent in and figure out who plays best with home care and I think there's word we're getting there. And they create an -- to Asia everyone's going to see a little bit more often just start to see. Where they're starting to figure it out right now ball movement where was stagnant two games ago and you start to see a lot better ball moment site. I hear what you're saying you can see bits and pieces of -- but you're right it's not consistent over a long period of time. Right. Well talking and actually have a good on -- right where my my appeared shortly at a mile an addict at the inning -- theory and in Brooklyn. Michael's not Brooklyn to take a break we can back on the open today they can get it out across the Brooklyn Bridge yeah. Well and now. It's here. -- can it. -- additional hundreds of issues out there it is still have some some issues to whole area. And that's is from or maybe it's they -- they they recognized in a -- pulled out there. -- pulls up there. -- -- Age. And can -- pick you up you know here's but maybe that's it maybe that's. That's -- -- is not a policy it's New York. -- -- -- -- -- You know once the raw animal instead of picking tomorrow -- six point 77797937. -- election.

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