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Thursday, November 15th Whiner Line

Nov 15, 2012|

Michael... live from the planet... the planet of BROOKLYN.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox didn't. This is discretionary box. -- -- And now I know you weren't your line. -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't I have plenty of energy to drive. Over there that you understand me. And now. It certainly looks. What can do. Please don't. Yeah. And chemicals that WEEI. Warning airlines. Okay. And I am not the. -- can't dial 6177793535. Yeah. Whiner line. -- -- -- -- And now on the. -- -- -- -- compensation another meltdown it was producer went if currently. -- -- -- -- -- But from time that time Mike Mike he's announced. Baby out of Brooklyn Michael. It's great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or or trying to. Lower. I did you why don't want to get going because like he's -- -- is that -- -- there is bitterness -- -- they're interrupting them with a hot -- show tonight now do you -- -- that was in the -- But that's not all of the listeners -- -- going -- I was get out of here. Premise doesn't make it any less listen I don't know. I did you idolize my heart but it's it's it WE I live it's available at your rival red block device brought to you by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up faster that's the EU GAT and T rethink possible -- And. -- he had guys kind of get over the collar yesterday look forward or way now I'm beginning but you know rapidly weapon ban -- -- quiet or later they'll get. Ali is Danny Glover might be Adam obviously Joseph Pesci and carry out -- a particular. And now. -- -- grossed out myself thought and it's so who's 86. A lot of ways one of those names that the either could be a male or -- Melissa right I've known nails both male team. They -- yeah I wholeheartedly agree on the product. All the breaks go our I'd go to the bathroom and drop it like an -- -- out -- today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd much rather hear me that there would have done -- and you'd. They're big fat yup I respect your culinary created the -- I've read it and come at. On our cars but I would panic and want to -- it come on yeah you know anybody who talk like that fact. What Cleveland until I have a pretty good good work that you are supported by the way law Hollywood could you. Are black guy. -- put this great idea. And Michael I would do it and very tasteful manner within the united ninety minute with a different. Bunch of right Mike yeah we don't try about all this goodness terrific that's about it. Let's put that to me. That's gonna sell the listener if we really like the -- that's right as opposed to somebody else who's on terror experts or you'll commercials on days when you chew your food to them what exactly -- -- if I look that's obvious vote. And that legitimate and authentic like now when you're here when you're going. -- you Harris eating our food on Monday when you see. The look on the -- face and hear his voice all pissed off he has as we did Lieberman -- now the dose followed that makes you wanna go to the videos -- an excellent Steve steams up the studio that's good for sponsored maybe. June Cleaver. -- -- Amazing how talking about baseball and don't want more daunting than actually. Playing it. I don't -- And -- Particularly Jennifer I don't think so either. I swear -- -- I'm good at. What more of and education pick. -- And pitching pitching pitching -- my energy. Bitching back and mortars and I ask you this morning. What what Reynolds what's what -- -- warriors were Red Sox won that pitching pitching wise. If the guy drives and everybody knows it's about pitching. How much of the Red Sox scored. I the girl was -- It -- telling -- he's toast of our our it's you don't like. -- ha -- keeps up about fifteen. Mile. What would abandon its greatest example of poetic. Would abandon these lakers went and helped -- -- code number the press conference. They had the -- did Dwight Howard standing above everybody else and they bring out and then got. And now. And I thought. Both. And. All right Paul. Don't smoke -- What people thought he could odd ball comparable -- number one. Mark give a lot of it. -- Coupled it with a -- And appreciate that calls every morning at this hour. He leads him as a sixteen times for. He makes this thing does it over and over -- they'll -- a company called back but it made me just pick it up but any -- he's not secure. In the previous ones you want to make sure. Then he comes back with -- ammonia leaks don't. Want to its. -- that thank you sir thank you vocal. Yours than opera. Why can't I did these could be. Bear it and I've been around I think Colin Powell thought we could be announced it. -- It's guys not doing pretty good. This guy's voice about his face of the that's what -- would that we don't show him. OK give me the other watching BC Bailey played Baylor this to be -- game and playable. And not pay attention. One. Patiently for law. Again about and it helped -- But -- I hope there are more important about gonna get a. And what if I am now tell us nobles are even more. I mean that that's them on the skip a marshmallow over yeah those -- all right on or about. Partners' -- I do. That's that's my university host disease like there's some gourmet bakery. Is not gourmet bakery and a gourmet bakery. Well I scream I -- to -- Good corporate managers agonized with them to record victory after your salon -- There. So -- aggravated second person. To find out who -- the MVP but I obviously the first this Rick Reilly if I'm his only followers so we're excited about the way back at Perkins. And that's what should you give it one it is 66. Minutes. Cabrera. Every 6 o'clock tonight and -- -- is going to be my turn out to this -- everybody throughout. -- don't devices Saber metrics and it was a war going -- -- forget about their war it's our war and it takes over couldn't be hotter it is on fire that's what's that says that's what worries me about that the Cabrera. Did Michael drive all the way down abruptly and -- -- hole -- -- in the -- and that's the only. And I went down you know I don't let the American public -- it. And intelligent people literally to our program he got invited them. To the Jay-Z parts and I didn't I didn't. By the way by the way it I don't want -- things aren't columns column I've given his government payment option on him John. Okay that's kind of relationship we had everything that he at this stage. Cullen disorder have. All. -- -- -- -- the hip hop police tell my number would be doing the hula dance back in the days wine soaking. That's good for him plus images that but that's still. Yeah -- and across America now an invitation. And -- in -- didn't get his. Apparently got lost in the mail. -- -- abrupt. Yeah. Do pray. Tell a proud man lost. There had not read an American spectrum they have started off a heated up. And just let the guy I mean the guy walked to every part it was that you don't have three point contest itself that it would take every part of the floor it descended over and over we got that equipment -- -- -- -- -- You know cutting up Obama -- always backed down there. By the Brady Bunch of -- -- the Baghdad yeah that's big -- bowl -- Despite. But I think -- -- And that -- -- -- -- was a fake UFO and it was really was it was can zoo and that Israel. I don't remember. And has sympathetic to -- -- and -- could do that they've had found that the opening of that car is moving and carry out. -- that kind that they've been that I. All. You know why. A foul. You can pick up my mind and just mentioned. Finally legal rights -- Technical good call and templates on -- Phoebe Cates could well I think about that all the time -- -- -- Said. Very Ali you know the little -- little you know you do at the end of the show you he would then. -- about this kind of sort. Goodnight my underlings. And now. All right Jose part gosh -- -- -- armed robberies. And just that. And apparently it's Amelio. I love you guys I never say that version now that rationale. Itself apart and it will be great program. But that's because of ethical. Yeah. Great need my help with what. Well I don't think that this is what they didn't really go off and act like -- look at it like football. And you never know if they do this. And I thought he was in the that would not compelled. Helped. You know people. -- I don't know what and it wouldn't couldn't write up. -- -- So I take him into YouTube -- career highlights all of his -- Maloney yelling at much. Just before noon at pretty high and -- -- -- -- -- not cockpit security duty cannot. And that we're doing. What can graphic with the description of something he found in the bathroom -- what the toe in what passed this man's -- here was to be fired my patriots. -- -- How much and you know I'm to a new level of -- -- they have completely this the -- has about five minute rant about. -- -- -- -- And WOK. Guys that. But back to work on my radio thing you know there are human waste -- it was it was his -- does that don't have. And that message. I'm glad they missed -- it's. Plowing through more so -- so much what has a tendency to do know Karina jokes in the third and fourth and he should just our nation -- human Raddatz is command and now all. Well mobile. Amok and move on. My dark -- about somebody to -- and the city's got that color guard about what might be. I guess it's it's now about. -- -- use of Mosul proceeds which. Accidents and I -- -- you didn't -- -- was discussed at some is that the dispenser right has been like hanging off the ball. Eight duct duct -- up now for years and it he's trying to pull one out you three. Should. You know over the New York Daily News sports -- Bob we have currently out trying to pick -- up -- caught up front backstage. Well I'll put an end to avoid some of that buy did stuff they hit -- got a good tip. But the message that the people -- it -- about. And that I a lot of talent you have to act act. Ask you know I asked about my. -- -- it -- What. I want it but and and but Outback -- -- you cannot let it die. Okay at half hour. I'll bet yeah I have a coach I know it can look at it. And then. -- spent a credible socks -- -- are. Others want to live powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE -- Especially the three G-8. AT&T rethink possible.

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