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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, on Rondo's ankle and Jeff Green's dunk

Nov 15, 2012|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the recent Celtics win, Rondo's sprained ankle, Jeff Green's importantce to the team, and the Lakers head coaching decision.

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I Jack McMullen joining us on the eighteenth the hotline Jackie BSP and always. Good talks basketball Jackie how are you actually think we're excited about Jeff Green today Jackie after that big -- last night and hoping like a lot of Celtics fans at that can. Kerry over we could see the aggressive Jeff Green we saw on the pre season. You know it's funny you're right with a great group that was seen next in -- Sports Illustrated the game. And I and it and it he made the move I think the end what does he do it he's going right into the teeth of the defense wanted out they can collect and -- Any any went right into the and then course made the play as you know probably his of his life. So far with the Celtics so what -- -- I guess but it comes down to. But you're right like taking an aggressive like his team attacked the basket that -- He still it's funny I watched him almost exclusively last night because I just think he's so important to their team. And I still see a guy that isn't quite in the slow yet I don't know if you agree with that but just a guy that still I think. It's not instinct yet for him and I think it will be but it just isn't quite yet but certainly. Very heartening result for him last. What I thought the response of his teammates Jackie M in the east price on the bench jump poppies are the starters from adding they see what you see that he's maybe. All worth thinking -- right now there is talent there once he gets relaxed I felt like his teammates recognize they -- to spark last night. No I think selling and you know we. We get so much. Besides offense to the game of basketball but even the player can't help that they tend to focus on that -- -- -- just know that your defense has died from start to finish and you should never worry about offensive numbers. I think for Jeff Green. And I he gets so hung up a little bit on the scoring and you know I should thank you make an impact that we need to get to do some the other things that. Make the very vs power player and you know early in the game it looked -- he had 1 rebound and I am thinking this kids you have 56 rebounds a game once you know once -- got that dunk -- to get some offensive looks. The rest of the game picked up to and that I you know that's normal that's what happens right. -- Chris Wilcox another guy similar situation last year you know missing time and the heart surgery he comes back and and never thought how valuable that this guy really -- to this team which you're starting to see it right with. KG coming out of the game the way he blends with Rajon -- the way he runs the floor he's also become very important -- Exactly what he's a transition big man we've said that all along and he can really get disappointed conditioning up around them up beautifully. And -- it almost looked like there was nobody around them a couple of times you wondered what do you touch yet we're doing -- at some point. Point there -- look -- this very important because. You've got to that he got to be able to -- -- a lot more this year than you did last year that's institute that it was the shortened season last year. I think -- doing a good job so far of control of the -- is gonna have to continue to do that when you have stretches like you have here four games in five days. You -- control in the minutes I thought it was so interesting last night Brandon Bass techie plays the most minutes that's 32. Nobody else plays fewer than fifteen minutes that was the rookie Jared sellinger illegal -- more of games like this on the front and a back to back that -- recognizing. I have a deep bench and nominee used it's a bit throughout the course the regular season especially back to backs I get 910 guys involved. While especially when it's back to back and then foreign Taipei and your point guards on the bench. And it's amazing in a lot of ways that they want this game as -- as they were off the glass I mean there's just no excuse that good gracious. I understand that you're gonna concede the offensive rebounds it's not going to be an offensive rebounding team but. Literally plucking balls from behind Garnett and Jeff Green and other guy's head you know. So I think it's become Ali the win with everything that was gonna last night I think it is one of those would you feel pretty good about. Yet what this team's depth Jackie you know unless there's out for the season attached to -- these injuries may be like Rondo being opera couple nights. I don't necessarily especially early in the year I always felt that. But it's an injury to keep -- for a week or so can somebody else an opportunity to step up and maybe get comfortable in May be that -- is Courtney -- were just for the few extra minutes here. If -- is gonna miss some time because Barbosa babies like that point. Right the only thing that say about that and I agree with you most of the time it. -- -- the one guy that I think they can't afford to have that haven't really Barbosa as good as he was last night and he was fun to watch he's not like let's not kid ourselves. He's not a natural point he can fill in for a few minutes here and there who is the natural point -- this -- Rondo and a roster but that was one of the reasons like. -- -- dealing with it was a little bigger deal than people realize when he stepped away you don't have -- point on that and our roster and you know Barbosa is an instinctive guy. I wouldn't -- when they. They -- I thought you know he hit a bad bad policy last year battle Olympics. The pacers are very unhappy with -- you know people accompanied a black hole is never gonna pass the ball I didn't defend. Last night he was just electric in his part and he did he. I thought he had some really good stops out on the perimeter there but you're gonna have to be at full time point guard even for a game I think that's asking too much from Leandro Barbosa. My history I -- well look as a -- take a step back obviously does not can be as good but maybe -- couple steps for 'cause when Ronald does come back. You've got another player engaged. Right now that's that's SharePoint you know what I call me crazy and it's on runners -- played -- I think you like to play against guys like Deron Williams and he's gonna push really hard to play in this game. Talked to Jack to be on all things NBA any word Jacqui behind the scenes -- what they think about Avery Bradley you know Mark Murphy had last week that it might be. As soon as a month where he does return and boy when he does. It just cheat they'll change the dynamic and wondering if they have a timetable behind the scenes when he might be back. -- and I talked a Rickie Weeks ago and -- he was out there shooting and I said. You know once they want to. Stronger than the others said no he said look I feel really good right now the last piece of contact he's doing a lot of running he's delighted thrilled -- -- -- -- of -- But the contact part is laughed and he said as much as I wanna push it. I want to be ready for the long haul he said it was very frustrating last year to be in the lineup bottom line up -- -- shoulder to pop in and out so even though in the short term I think. By the Vietnamese ready -- now. But I think they're Smart. It's taken very very very conservative approach with him because he's so important to what they do going forward and -- heard you that was waiting to come on the talk about that. You know when navy in the in this starting lineup and then you can bring -- up the bank. How to change the dynamic of this team particularly defensively that you put Rondo and Bradley don't remember what they were like it defensive pressure that they implemented against other teams so. I think you -- important that. If they're Smart. What's the difference honestly between December and January. Make sure he's a 100%. Jack -- -- thoughts on what went on down and LA and come with -- Mike Brown won in four he's gone it sounds like. They were just it and believe in him going into the season goes to Princeton offense was that distant way this team responded that. The final dagger really with a -- You know I honestly think it was the Kobe gets there and I don't think Kobe was trying to get him fired I really don't but I think that when when Jim about silence are. And I -- -- so let's let's let's practice you know they should've fired last summer that's really how they felt. And then it to the debacle as you know letting Phil Jackson multiple dangled by a string but I also think there was not a buzz being. The grand -- and I think that's what happened here I think he tried to pull power players historic proportions. Asking you know well I won't travel on the East Coast and I need this kind of share on the sideline and yes -- like a piece of ownership -- and I think they just thought you know where you're not gonna hold us hostage equity. But you know boxed all the way around the start -- additional questions. How do you expect this team to play because that's the other part of this may I received the Jackson thing was who was mangled but for a lot of basketball people that I read said Mike and -- with this offense was with Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant and Pao Gasol -- -- -- is perfect for -- Antonio -- and Dwight Howard. There were a basketball standpoint Jackie this might work the way he coaches the way this team plays. Yeah I mean I'm I'm a -- -- -- -- you know obviously you know they he doesn't play a lot you know he doesn't have a great defense of reputation that that goes without saying but you know what he overhead light hours before. I think Dwight Howard solve a lot of deep sense of promise for any coach in about two seconds Lisa you know huge presence in the middle shot blocker rebounder all things. That you know you you just start with that and build out. And Nash is obviously super excited Kobe has a long standing relationship with my. From the Olympic Games and and Paul Gasol is the perfect Mike and Tony player so I think it's a great hire and I'm a big fan in my in -- million. Follow up on the lakers soap opera front office I heard magic say last night I trust Jerry Buss I don't trust -- -- the right is that. Is that the feeling around the NBA that that did that'd be mr. buss knows he's deal but his son a wipe a little bit crazy when it comes to this team. Dahlia I think cells -- -- -- insisting that magic decided to go that route route obviously he's not connected with the lakers officially anymore he's sold his minority ownership stake there. And remember -- -- injured but very very close they were friends what an owner player they were friends they hang out together go to the clubs together. You know they used to play pool together mean date they were very very tight and no one's gonna measure up -- magic -- to give it to Jerry about. But I think he. You know it's still. It's. Sort of like magic that I guess is really like my point. It's his job as an analyst to opine on these things but I. A surprise -- strongly. And he came down against him by. But I think it's the prevailing feeling you know throughout the league right now is that via. The sun is in over his head. We'll get shot on this we buy in the next five and no as a true contender in the Eastern Conference -- Are under the -- They're defending. The defending much better than ever seen in defense they're one of the worst teams in the league last year -- three pointer and Raymond Felton second time around really like what he's doing and give -- credit. -- change could gain a little bit here the big question obviously is when Stoudemire comes back. Can he accept a limited role as they wanna continue to flourish. He's gonna have to play a limited role I don't know how that's gonna work but give give Mike Woodson all the credit in the world and get them playing defense I was sure that was never pop. It is amazing to continue mostly better with Stoudemire -- bench it was so it points last year yeah yeah it's true. I -- great stuff is always enjoy the week Campbell talked -- with -- gang -- can't -- -- ESPN joining us here on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds at ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. And when Jackie joins us she's brought to you by town fair tire. And by HSA insurance -- is there there is a huge debate. Go on a sports today enables the baseball world and and we're gonna find out officially. About 6 o'clock with the baseball writers believe they believe an old schools that's they go -- new school toxin AL MVP next.

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