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In a NY Minute: Jets suck montage

Nov 15, 2012|

A compilation of sound from Rex Ryan, Tim Tebow, Stephen A Smith, Mark Sanchez, Woody Johnson, and Heath Evans on the NY Jets.

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I apologize for my language because. I was gonna say we got our butt kicked. But really we we got our -- -- -- -- discipline and an organization. -- to around a bit. -- here's recipe for getting your -- all right two for thirteen on third down that's 15% four turnovers a blocked punt when they -- one guy had given up 245 yards -- how's that for arrest me. Don't know anybody right now but he did -- great -- associate -- would gang green isn't this right. College. Well for stuff I'll say this that you know did I addressed and I absolutely drastic because I think it's a cowardly thing. If you're if you're not gonna put your name to -- I think that's. That's about it is it's cowardly of a thing as a. Doesn't you know at least. Don't. Suffering us like a professional thing to do well things definitely heard about it -- -- for me I just you try to do this team and can. You're it's. A better improve every single day it's. Down -- aren't sold everything except on that field. You know what when you got a bunch of losers you'll have a true. So let me start and end with -- -- often that you don't want -- dumb enough to -- event to witness it up because you'll both got up and down there all the -- -- big dummy you're the weekly. We would like you to be our personal protective. We think that's gonna give us an advantage in the punting game. And when you look at we have young men and are part of now I think this might be the best net punting we've ever had here. Okay and a lot of that can be attributed to having ten -- bush or personal protector. What tries to be ashamed of is that I don't think I've ever been more ashamed of Rex Ryan. That dominant than I am today. You'll come out and have a press conference in the aftermath of this story that you would talk about Tim Tebow with the pump protect you actually said that the -- things. -- that that would -- it talked about his contribution to think he's actually gotten it's right I. Why did god do with the thought it quarterback any NFL legend who went through the -- And it won a playoff game -- the Pittsburgh -- to justify big rival with the New York Jets but talking about his ability to apply upper deck. Now what is the bigger priority to you right now a winning season for the jets are winning election for Mitt Romney. Well I think you always have to per country first. And as far as I'm concerned the week and I do mean the only reason. Might ten have bought and Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano should have led shock wouldn't do you'll get at the state. And that is that we find out that they will force it by Woody Johnson to take to teeple. All I absolutely want as to just -- have to protect the football better 100%. Sure yes. The -- not the problem. 49 yard line the jets. The -- this -- report to big mouth media. I mean listen it's pathetic because they got some talent up and down the roster because of like. But jail they'll what's dysfunctional. People have no clue how to really win football games. The top of the ones we'll be rough and tough they're one of the -- -- -- football and ask anybody that watches film it's pathetic. This that the disgrace this did nothing. With -- a professional -- what team are perfect in my body and nothing. Did --

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