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Mut goes on rant about the office bathroom

Nov 15, 2012|

Mut is frustrated with the way the people use the men's bathroom at the office and goes on a rant about it.

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I may be the AT&T -- responsible semi straight maybe there's more people have more experience in office bathroom etiquette that I do not trade -- finished story. Cody got called teasing Lou it's a conversation these stories when he got. So for the third time and about a month. In our bathrooms here there's one stall it's a year almost three or four you know sit down -- -- stalls individual via. Are familiar with the term nesting. -- people sit down they create a nest on the toilet -- like they line all the toilet seat in line affront to create this big. -- not I don't do personally but some some people do. There's someone who leaves their nest which there's someone whose legal white paper stuff. They dictate the toilet paper yet and they create legacy for themselves yes legacy -- back splash. -- to apply in terms whatever but don't look but they but they leave for example I walked in there. And I can see the ass sweat in print of the person who just used that happened on the toilet paper still on the seat. So they leave it there are so it's now to meet to decide to why don't wanna use my own hand. And touch where they're what they're told their ass sweat has been now to take this down a goal of the -- them all by the way all the other stalls are filled. And I've got a hold it is touching -- crap. Somebody who thinks enough of their hygiene and so concerned about their hygiene they -- a toilet paper in around the policy. But don't have a respected and take that nest down they want to touch it. What's up to meet its users and bring -- -- its most want to take down your nest. You jerk. You can't take that to second to -- hole you can't clean that up yourself it's up to meet to touch your grass wet. And clean up flying gold about the or hold the other -- -- full it would do. I gotta go back. That's four minutes to go about their new year. You're making fun of it all -- ask you to you a trillion bishop -- clinical back. The lady's going to be in the right cleaning up -- Koppel. It is back shipment this is healthy. -- backed up. It's pizza mega pop geno is coming up backed out all that -- the mortgage -- -- -- the -- in the but we'll all be in their. Is in my in my missing something in the world the bathroom etiquette -- ticket down there. I took a look up they're kick it is my responsibility take my footnotes -- your region up on the seat. Now use the big toe of the issue and if you got it got down nothing gets in your way. You gotta go you make adjustments there is -- sweat in print on this nest if you wanna mess okay what you're so concerned about that plywood and take your own -- down. To -- up or somebody else is it's inhumane. I'll kick your ass I got no problem doing any soul back woods and to do that there's not this is not some. You know old. Outdated radio station people we are kinda young. This idea that. You don't know to take down year old -- other common courtesy. It's as bad as as being on the seat not cleaning it up. I put that that level. To see that -- you -- way to Europe are scared now once all one out I don't know if there's only three in their total VoIP can sit down a game. And one of those in balls and nest with -- -- when I went to your face with that I would do what would you have done I would use my show -- feet. -- my -- up their ticket and by -- -- ago you know. But he had a big one obviously now to a bigger now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's disgusting and whoever's doing that eleven million people use these -- By daddy's that is for bed you've got a little -- you have no respect and coworkers -- -- hates their job. That is so -- what may be some issues at home. That it wants to get away with them in their mind murder nominal lead this -- upper wanna -- is what's committee earlier about them they can clean up my nest after me. That is disgusting. Texas has one of my top ten pet peeves with -- to this mishap. This happens elsewhere other other offices people -- clean up their own -- that police would not the only office would neanderthals. In here. I get a matching up through turnaround going out nationally. That's just for three times a month and the second time was this huge three in the front. At a little nest all concerned about the back splashed on -- to be rebirth of an investigation could be LB. Eagle in the area -- and and don't just sit there in the monitor. You who's doing this undoubtedly help breed nesting -- the monitor now. Again and a lot of people on the eight TT -- plan that gets on air personalities like there's to be honest there's there's more sales people here in PR and media people in the are. On there is much more. In all likelihood is somebody at least the sales weasels airdrop and -- bomb that you. Just clean up your -- It's it's roast the -- somebody else that the use their what their shoes I can get germs. Eight the arrest went on my issue. I don't take my shoes up now the asks what's on my hand rate terrific it's my responsibility. Clean up your nest. And I had a second like you know with the in the -- cup they were so many -- -- model complete the other knock in a best just. Somebody's doing it and it's gross and you should be ashamed of yourself you dirty backwoods bathroom user. Top of the hour John Chandler how we come back it to your phone calls and big Celtics went last night and had what -- is asking for from Jeff Green the other day. Talk about that as well keep -- here.

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