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John M Vincent, ESPN Indy, gives insight on Luck and the Colts

Nov 15, 2012|

John Michael Vincent from ESPN Indy joins Mut and Merloni to help preview Sunday's Pats Colts game and gives insight on the talent of Andrew Luck.

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Our two Butler and ID three point seven WEEI a big one on Sunday patriots and colts for 25 at Gillette Stadium and -- perspective. On everything Indianapolis and Andrew Luck John-Michael -- of 1070 the fan Indianapolis their afternoon drive host nice not to join us here. On the eighteenth the hot line did you predict John beginning of the year than this game be so good deflects that in a primetime spot there Sunday afternoons four point five. I obviously got about that there will be a flood disaster beginning of the year I mean I really did I think that's how a lot of people bought -- around here but certainly nationwide in -- Likely been a pleasant surprise and look at thing about what brought this up earlier in the week is that. -- Manning and Napoleon era there was this level of anxiety leading up to what was normal you know what they -- -- November what do England -- -- New York -- -- -- -- but they're not the same type of fan anxiety now because the people describing it because of the great -- game with -- vehicle to kick in Korea. In -- a plan without money whatever sports cliche wanna use so the cut this short type of I -- anxiety going into the week of the matchup for the patriots -- -- -- him. Eternal over on this team a -- 41 guys I think left poll from last year's squad that -- no one in fifteen. The job -- David they've done kind of meshing this team together under rookie quarterback. -- you consider the circumstances were shut the Donald -- on the fact adversary and that it'll ruin. And they got the team as a as the interim head coach you know. Obviously you guys know this is much as anybody in most sports is you're going to surprise the level exit through the cold -- -- Per. They'll like you just gave -- urban B sample and they got break -- break in the second half against Green Bay hypocrite portable reading Green Bay came out. And -- that -- look. That breaks in the Tennessee game more and realistically Dwayne Allen that should have been a fumble it wasn't -- on an overtime and win that game. They've received break -- but they also kept themselves. In games they've won gains at the end and they -- out switched to meet oftentimes in the past and the Manning -- we make a lot of comparisons about that around here. You really haven't seen still is there are different. Special type of feeling around here but this team that. That -- obviously go -- -- stuff -- Dustin a lot of standards or re energize equality you're out here. You know that you last year outside of Indianapolis no it was suck for luck you know and I. -- one I don't think players. I don't think head coaches. Eight games right to get the guy next year that playing for their jobs. The front office though as far as that goes to meet with that why do you stick with painters long did last year. Well. And Bill Polian and that's my. Only. Let Eddie got an ultra column on this thought he was so certain. That the decision he had me that. And -- -- taken over a year at backup quarterback will be right decisions. That he was gonna -- distinguished party to it now before the start of the season when we finally found out. The Peyton Manning was going to miss it now lion's share the entire season. What -- you look at your mercy and said hey you're giving -- money here like a lot of it Kerry Collins and we're gonna make the playoffs and obviously that didn't happen and again. -- -- -- -- -- actual Bill -- could give a great resume book that -- a lot. Eagle that was involved we're. Hoping that market seizure and ignored my decision that would be like guys -- ultimately. That would nobody's going to be capable of leading this team when Peyton Manning -- and the -- -- we -- a lot of these guys. That were that would build you know top line and up sell ice. China played that well without that presence of Manning under center so a lot of things we found out about fifteen. I don't ecological center on -- really wanted to know at a time when Manning didn't play here. We're talking to John-Michael Vincent ESPN Indianapolis. Andrew Luck we've talked about him a lot this week and a lot today. What did you think Andrew -- was going to be coming into the year and what what are -- thought about B six and three start here for him. You know I thought that there so the odds were against them. In it here why. He -- we're working to different angles I think again in the historic year. Our Robert Griffin the third everybody look at global and -- they should be the cookies they can't -- the quarterback talent and no doubt about that. And then he had a little wonder BD euphoric love story that was Peyton Manning once he took losses. He regained his old form and now he's in the running for them BP and -- re energizing -- in Korea is. And they give them hell of a lot better than they were look at people in Olympic play our a year ago he had those two things working against. And anyone out -- game -- war and get Chicago they had a complete B. And it looked awful this guy can't sustain that and I think grinding -- a good way to describe this season for Andrew Luck as well. But I don't -- you guys -- CDs on Sunday in the world to watch for. This guy is as good as anybody at extending -- -- the offensive line. It's not very good indeed been beaten down this year he's as good as anybody right now as fixed that for extending plays. When there's nothing mayor and making something happen in the collapsing pocket. It really see that ball on the field at least -- know -- Miami and the -- like you shipped out to be not be on the armed. And the maturation of the athleticism. And the knowledge of the game as well is she watched that on Sunday to protest literally domestic. You return to TV on it's kind of strange to see at number two pick overall RG three's kind of all over that did TV -- and they only see Andrew Luck is much is that is that something that was planned or is it just RG -- gotta but a marketing company or something. Well I -- -- I think you believe that the rebels are going to be and what the time there are so many people get. Cigarette there was so much focus on what was going on in New York which was you guys probably group that's such a joke. Nationwide you know every day every other hour what's the -- on here between Sanchez and -- I mean we all these guys shut don't want animation right. Now that should be a big all right let. Robert in order -- break or anti going to be even better or what ethnic better casket and if you look at it -- that the script has been completely fled. As for -- what we have seen with the story a lot of Robert Griffin the third and in and I Andrew Luck it has been. Andrew Luck at the beginning of the season did not have the players necessary for this life. And Al egos in Robert from the horror and those players. And now he's got it was an injury so it's our analyses and we gonna have to let things play out but certainly -- -- -- anybody around you the -- Manning and Robert Griffin the third had more I. Then what we offer Andrew Luck the number one all Baltic -- here. Our fans can pairing Peyton Manning's rookie year to what Andrew Luck has done the journal at this time angle -- double. The interceptions how much of that you get from from coal man trying to compare those two already. There's a great deal you don't want it it's fine if it's like that to the wanna to pick -- that guy they're always going to be Jordan hit in comparison. That's gonna be the rest of the career and and you're still everything every step formally brand new look is going to be. A comparison. That -- tell -- that the Manning's rookie year all the spending you'll all the -- -- -- comparisons with the talent. Now Manning had Marshall Faulk and Marvin Harrison. And yeah you know Reggie Wayne and optional branded technology are now and look -- always going to be the case that doesn't try and bloodied. And I'll tell you -- you look at probably as good as anybody. To handle the -- would be draft Kevin -- every day and not only you know get questioned nationally about Robert Griffin the third. But also have to answer questions about well you know back in 1990 acre great -- and did you feel about that compared it would happen all the time. And he's handled that greatly he really. And a follow up would be that any -- fans that are watching what Peyton Manning's doing in Denver is saying geez if we knew is going to be healthy and we have. Kept Manny may be traded that pick is there any hangover effect or is as -- race that with the waste. You know what I want you guys to give me your outside opinion on the computer is worked out greatly for a I mean really. I think Washington now what they wanted RG three the field to a even though the record not what they want to be the feel good about the present course factored in after the picture. The Broncos not be any dunhill label but I would out of got a quarterback that they felt. Could lead them deep into the playoffs where in the AFC west -- don't -- -- worked out well probably go to obedience peachy at least she could be well element. When you look at restrictions preaching. -- the monumental future elite teams in the act with great quarterbacks have been able to expand. What was one era to the other you know how like Montana young. And so -- so what can help you got to probably have to look long and hard adding you're Kabul Tom Brady wants. You know -- dorks that dialing it down for his career concerned. And work out great for everybody I think you'll have a complaint is out there are the ones that just were -- fans here in the first place in probably don't like Jim Irsay. Probably never will. And go to the types of people would have politically I think debate is over when it comes to. You know everybody in all coming out ahead on this thing and I think there were Smart decision that it. Yeah -- it was France to be patient they're the ones immediately. I think these draft picks will pan out don't worry about -- to ask you about his defense. And because you know -- for premiere on all noble Mathis and -- bit. Now these guys at 34 -- The legacy bill was talking no more an outside line backing how's that of those two guys in particular band with their little transition. Well mattresses and bed and Freeney Mathis has -- into papal bull -- with an injured. Interest people fringe candidate right zero -- now for a while he's just now getting back into. What you would call November -- football shape. Shall we bought you a little bit of that are collapsed befitting for -- side pretty good at not being as good drop snapped as we saw all along. That Robert would make it better transition the delight look it's going to be interest in the coming up on Sunday these guys arguably are healthy right now they have been. The entire -- year really the entire keep the -- Vontae Davis and obese later. There are healthy as we've seen them the entire year will get that translate now the other side of it is now the team on the road outside of published on Jacksonville until this year it is after in New York you -- that yet see. And Chicago in week one -- them -- Soldier Field so -- the lord -- the little below is injured or not well I. This environment you know it was going to be incredibly different collector -- or Sunday -- -- she -- law. -- 13 or talking to John-Michael Vincent ESPN India all things colts and we spent all this time. It would only bring up that maybe the biggest -- a bigger than Locke is the fact that chuck gone out dealing with leukemia. This year John and his team succeeding but rallying around him I gotta believe it's been a now some it's been a special season anyway but to watch with this team has gone through and rally around their coach I heavily block colts fans have been a re energized after a tough year last year. Yeah I think there if you got it I think Alex liked to look at on it got to like -- on at all. Fuels political on Notre Dame at cocktail on accurately because of what your Alter all -- easily exceeded its need for important story. What Alec performing on the field and that's what you have. Which McDonnell is well and what state are you shocked McConnell this hasn't yet been injure a four year yeah he. The obvious love -- the the obvious compassion. And the employees from -- that many of these guys really don't have too much of a connection other than running -- a couple of other street him. The past so I think generally like the personality that I. What -- and wouldn't fire but it basically has been the same for ever since the late ninety's. And you can get these guys followed UNC leader at edgy after the and then go through -- -- right now. I think the special type of leader I'm not trying to -- for a little bit more you know what Freeman can make -- what it is but. A little bit surprised about how these guys have responded. To him and you can tell me it is or inject these guys playing for themselves and they're playing for. It'll shut McDonnell the honor of -- for Donald and playing for the guy they wanna see him get back on the side for sure to mention our target date. Is it would be thirtieth against used to that regular season finale which may have a great -- meeting. When it comes down to the in the regular -- so you can tell these guys are absolutely buying and and and the embrace a guy and the playing for a guy that they haven't yet ruling now over a year I think that special. Good stuff now we appreciate the insight on this Indy team appreciate you give us -- break down and enjoy the game on Sunday. Take I think a lot -- for the 52. Darius Butler Tom Brady gonna go laughter have a great deal knowing a little bit about Bristol. Ups AFC defensive player of the week that's their -- -- a -- now. Well well I mean not -- average order direction on Sunday show that it. One of those that got away is now perform well ought to be a second round pick John great stuff we appreciated. AFC defense the play of the week Darius Butler was on John-Michael Vincent show yesterday. In Indian John joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. In the middle that conversation he asked yes the question -- who was not happy about this movie you joked about Saint Louis but the happy just yet I. Is John Elway. He upgraded from him break and Tebow. To Peyton Manning and used brain. All this circus. Go one on a New York right now that is continued even today mix that in ninety --

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