Nov 15, 2012|

Check out the new movie about General Petraeus.

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He was the greatest military man of the -- time M twenty was flawless on the battlefield. But he. Was also. Oh wait you know and Teague Teague and deep coming this December in Scotland quagmire as General David Petraeus -- They're still in the -- said. And -- -- well as herself. Does this she really loves being in front of the camera. I think that's taking it a little bit too far. In the old new film do you dishonorable discharge. It. Watch as America's top patriot realizes his -- these silver and suddenly. And the same time some say goes stoker Jane exposing him halfway across the world. I got a good season went to Afghanistan. Actually -- on a few trips and invented those -- achievers in the field and also and headquarters. And -- has broad will goes on the news seeing pretty much everything except I'm booming Petraeus he has his -- of many think he's really confident but it. I got to see more personal side I only know one -- this before we had a relationship back. Before I went there General Petraeus brings -- younger kids can't be. Who loved having his old man hands all over her frantically -- Afghan hands until into this. It.

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