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Red Sox GM Ben Cherington on the Blue Jays-Marlins deal and the Red Sox offseason plans

Nov 15, 2012|

John and Gerry talk with Cherington about the firesale in Miami as well as how much of a factor the Red Sox were in talks. They also discuss the Sox's offseason targets, including whether or not they'll persue Josh Hamilton and Kevin Youkilis.

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Our four. Dennis and Callahan led -- -- on the board for the yeah bench -- in conversation but I enjoyed this on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT TE good morning about how aria. It more or do it very well hey if if the voting for the MVP ends in eight tie and you have to break the tie is your guy Cabrera or Troutman. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I wouldn't. It wouldn't bother me at all yeah Maryland's. Would be yeah. Rosters there there's something to be. Here. -- It and but he area Raiders there. Does Trout wore number really impressed -- Communist that's something that you think yelled might sway it in his favor to the voters with the voters. It's certainly great player. Well -- -- yeah this is the first statement releases or about where -- -- it is a rare. Rare animal. An impact it's going to Wear itself. No doubt it kept. You know let you know again I think either -- Third different players -- for him back after respect but. Cabrera -- -- in and -- out moving in that position in Italy Patten -- data federal court after you know lineup but he. Consistent is that that's that's what he does that seem they did they -- it is that you have to get out tomorrow and it's an impressive. I don't -- Ascot a course that we get like three times a day here -- won on -- trade Saltalamacchia. Syria Arco. And lack key. -- -- -- -- -- Retirement -- -- if you are -- well I'm not that that it's hurt our. I'll trade them. In reality is that. I don't know that. You have at it -- And there's there's it's not that. -- it -- but it is. You know there. It's lopsided. He'll work. Clear one Herschel Walker trade -- that. I don't know those. How. More there than here where. I suppose or. Favored. Over time trade. -- their arms out and every. Mark they know -- Where you made. You may do what I call the greatest -- Red Sox history in August and obviously you work isn't done -- clear a lot of cap space admits it because it's in football basketball but how much discipline did it take to not. Make them make a move for we're say Reyes and Josh Johnson I know they're not your players and you can't talk about him but. Did you have a chance to get in on this then. Oh talked to a lot of -- Including Florida about -- that is since the end of the season. I was and trade that is the scope of that period and I -- for -- announced that. -- that it was the first serve was bigger than most people expect -- expect to you know it at. We're talking in the third set yeah meaning he can go. Some players -- -- -- quiet street as you know what players are talking about. And it covers it -- -- -- include tomorrow's series they are not root -- to hear something. Out or something being traded. But the open you know it's it's it's about -- Certainly better than we're expecting. I think that you know artwork sir we just we -- We have we have. We have sort of standard we have a little bit so we'll do it -- treated me. -- a threat artistic you have but he's. Have -- are processors over parliament not the best way to settle that our fans deserve it through. Get it right that are here. So being disciplined if there is better it's free trade. Though there. If that trade does happen and -- I've heard and seen number of people weeping and gnashing their teeth saying this is bad for baseball. Eight do you think it's bad for baseball and B is it bad for Boston with the throttle upgrade. Well it is they cover proposition. Without applicants. Frozen group results or thirteen. I don't think it changes what we do. You know it -- return built. So right from Boston is that -- -- that are wiser but it was a chance he really does throw our so that changes from that perspective but. No doubt trade goes through -- on paper in November. Frozen -- At the question whether it's here at a RO at first glance I think. I think we're tryouts. They have or you know episode goes through it it's obviously the record they're making a direct pressure on their part that. They gave me an opportunity. It's a moment aren't they can. They shot. -- like -- or go where they they can jump. Make them that it may make you afford -- air temperature at a lot of talk. Their baseball side of the business side is that what what what has the right term it is a business or are there to pick apart in. Itself the Los. Yeah necessary goes through. After respect. Them for -- rest Kendrick and this is the time that it. Then do you suspect there will be a splash move by the Red Sox in the offseason -- Sox fans say now that's an exciting acquisition. Or does discipline prevent you from doing big splashy things. I think we're gonna make moose are gonna recruit and our core of the they're going to be. The -- sailor so they'll be described as classic o's are not you never know overtake each. I think -- opportunity look at it is that it's an -- opportunities that are. Bigger -- that was. That fit that definition. That we -- right moves so. But you know we just we don't -- what I do you know that. -- after the we're committed so. So that's and -- and record thirteen victory away and it doesn't get away at what we think is going to be. -- so what we plan to be a longer period of success. After the. -- Larry Lucchino told us then that your opening day payroll was 290 million. How how close if you had to guess how close -- you get to that number before the start of next season. But it's harder predict. -- -- -- -- -- period subsequent because sisters. Last mystery to -- it was closer to adapt closer to sort of -- work in and out and Ursula is more cosmetic changes. So it's hard to predict I think I know that we'll be. I know little I was very strong payroll at large payroll. I know that will be over and it adds to it this what are. I know it will be. I'm I'm confident saying it will be. You know remote. You know larger payroll in the air exactly where they're exactly what where we are I don't know and I got to the terms of what we do in our locker. After you for an arbitrary. Earl Everett is to say here where it's. We have to take every. We're looking each topic of the arms and figure out courses as the right and they're sucks. I know I I'd -- properly so it will be. A large payroll we have. You know -- the is that -- -- bowl against. Will you. I have a conversation with Josh Hamilton's agent at any level I mean -- you talked to him at all. We have already there was talk. -- despite his curiosity. More misses. -- Just about every. Age any progress is that's part of part and you that he -- and -- there -- guys. So it's not. That doesn't mean -- We've met with the federal agents you know all of us. Our profile our partners and some lecture or. Period so it's it's real part of due diligence. Now our commissioner answer. Got to look at Florida might signal ordering. Now now are -- -- -- -- the guys that really we don't make the most sense. What does -- that fit in would Josh Hamilton fit in with your plans. You know day to. Expect the power certainly. Or more productive players and they all. Beyond that we just got to look at what. Welfare as we have to -- -- -- the outfield. Somehow and and do it early and at least it'll make some prospects for a that's what -- -- -- Financial considerations aside on Hamilton is it a matter of balancing act to decide whether his skill set intrigue you enough and outweighs the issues off the field. Is that part of the thought process. Well there's any reason you look at are -- back factory and the outside -- the -- or outsiders. For the rest and then you know that they are there rescues. And just how Roger committee that would require several -- -- free -- You know you never knows much about that guy that probably you know know more about. Rather early so there's some anger in some respects it's easier. You know as. Figured they are together early in either of them harder. You know you know all the strength -- politicians. Think guys that are what you at least initially professional distance. If you don't those qualities is the fourth outfielder. And so I out this summer are the more that aren't out with the limitations are and what does. They treat it appropriately. -- figure out there is so that's that's our aspect that goes back at work to start back at sauber. But opinions are so their profits errors we get closer or any potential trade or trade acquisitions. You pick up that processing and it makes it a little bit. It. Ben can you call the last five or six or seven year deal that was good for the team good for the club at the end and second part the question is when orders and general managers realize that by and large six and seven year deals are just. Distasteful at the end. Well -- Durham is our period and that there are some of that there so it worked out just aren't there. I would say they're -- you know for all the -- If Parker is surrounding him at the end demonstrators are. That is the most for that deal worked -- -- for a he's very productive player for a long time. We've had other. There are other water turned deals -- are served -- -- variety you know it feels like. But -- deal covers you know it is on didn't -- you know. Create our player but. On that field or felt all the Red Sox are here for a long time. There -- others that attitude and you know I think if you look -- is there is they don't seem to be. -- they are. I think that. The league hitters mentally you're back. That are pure hitters. You know you look at street -- -- those. And the Bjorn that worked out about. Not all of it but so it is or. -- -- -- Are you considering an all bring in Kevin Youkilis back to play first. You know he's again. That's the ordinarily talk every. The other prisoners to be there -- -- very creative. He's accurate term but I couldn't and it happened at this -- we had a great respect for elderly as we gained only feel it doesn't. In Oakland. I if you had to prioritize 123 wouldn't be starting pitcher a first baseman -- a corner outfielder what -- which would be your top priority. I don't really put them in order of one -- -- I suppose or. China attacked each area we're trying to figure out about it yeah. I think it's. Obvious that are -- there aren't that you won't be better or entity that is where there. That before the what can make a bigger back that. Uses improvements from guys that are here and -- lately that we will see improvement yet figures. We have our accountant or Q -- it is being at. But would like at that -- whether you're treated here trade or actively. Engaged in terms on the -- So. Not a priority. But we also need to -- Yeah outfield is figure out first base. Maybe accommodation and guys. In both. Both very it's. It was. The Giants -- an example and figured out. Get production and also his first it is somewhat earlier accomplished players. Maybe one way to look at it -- we're just we'll see what comes to -- to work our. -- speaking of guys who were already here as you so referenced do you suspect Iglesias will be your opening day shortstop been. I expect it'll. Now he had an opportunity out there would be -- yeah but. We know that. Having -- because the deposition. It is important very important. So -- but. Or nonexistent. And -- reiterated. To the players and that is in the past so -- have earner in the it is if you get an opportunity. Where are gonna stop turning it better. Or interesting offseason program that. You know we feel like he's. Certainly ready to play that position. Offensive standpoint. And as a you know. Are expected to be here here -- There. How far down the road did you get with Torii Hunter. Again another guy we are two. Because it became clear that he had. But preference. The desired level. You know -- Atlantic are and so. You know respect that you know immediately so that -- term. Social well it is. It is he's mature player -- -- -- yet. Do you think on April 1 we'll be sitting there looking at a Red Sox team that is capable of winning 95 games that is. That has the potential to win the division. I think -- who. Who's going to be there I don't know but there are a little or does that before -- I know I'm tired of tired of that but I think they're tired of that is through here a talk about. Apparently -- may not be. -- -- -- -- -- -- Or -- build something here. You know exactly -- and there's certain. Our side in order to be better. Crew and I think we're that. And it. To watch a lot more and it will be an. And I'm pretty sure that talk about -- So what what do. What do Josh Hamilton's agent tell you to tell you it would take five years and in a hundred some million are. It didn't get into fanatic you know at that meeting -- -- ability to receive. The earlier. More. There's information sharing your idea. -- size city in the -- -- time. Most is the last part about. That is attracted more about. There's personal preferences this rather the city sense them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. You know we haven't really gotten that -- They're like use -- topic of our station that says it's a power player but -- -- part of more comprehensive. More comprehensive congress is about you know many many -- -- are tired and trails. They've been how much are you and the organization counting on depending on the resurgence of the rebuilt John Lackey. Well you know we we know how he would he can be helping her youngest. He. When he got to Boston. Yeah obviously. Struggled the first half of those -- your career and has story he has second and where he. Her. And looked like he would certainly that's certainly true so. Clearly. At some point you know that hurt there. Service at her letters. Their -- further. It credit he got it out. There have. Put a lot of thought. Process and because he couldn't do that you'd -- there -- Other arm. Is a situation. For him. He has surgery does work really hard so. And so back he. Is now entering -- or losses as a structurally. In the year. So he's going into an offseason or illegal industry training as a healthy starting pitcher. We've seen in the past. Coming off a surgery where. -- right from take a little arms. Courtesy Sacramento but with a sharp again Adam Wainwright. Here's -- look. But as well early in the year. There are track and there have been out later -- -- -- I middle of season so. You know we're there or or which are. The Nazis in spring training. To get them illnesses is also older. And then you know certain either whether we get -- the first outing. My -- -- -- very Hubert is a lot he. You know what they're. But it but it can take some time. That's not much yet. It back around the game that it's back in our. Just for fun. How many phone calls were you beyond on a day like today this is one how many others will you have before you go to bed tonight. What. A lot. Money forty more. Or more than more than. Yeah in you know I think you -- Ortiz you. Very. Who were 300 call anyone move -- made about the way out rarely. Rarely he'll whether free agency. Or trade -- -- We ought to six. A lot of exploration. Yeah. Yeah underdog or anywhere. You throw it on. -- Our privilege to get back to work thanks for the time we'll talk to down the road. Then Jerry with Dennis Kelly handled AT&T -- AT&T four GL PE class -- giveaways comb back the bad right now. This is going to be probably get a lot of pancakes -- get the. Watch some cartoons. From B you know get on FaceBook and on discussed who's gonna win the voice -- ago amendments that. -- to and to you know it's a done how to managers since then. Made thousands of phone calls like when they do enough sometimes early -- elect that he sat out the big trend is not a result. He's got a that's that's cool things got to -- -- -- get the money three summit of suppression of some he's going to do some than. And and moral and when that day comes we're gonna it's his. That was his reputation but he's that kind of a tough here and everyone realization has when degree that in the next month we're gonna find work and the GM he has just. And and and weather and and we will we will get a living breathing definition of what discipline it is by their standards over the it is odd text the code word drivel. 237937. Within the next ten minutes into -- to win a pair of Celtic raptor tickets for the game on November 17 plus. A 100 almost -- gold gift card courtesy of the Boston Celtics by Celtic tickets now at Celtics dot com. Also brought to buy Cole's base data center provider of the Boston Celtics and -- -- the text dribble 237. 19837. Right now we'll think about were friends on -- an invite to join us over the FM side 93 point seven Nelson Callahan right.

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