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Gary Meyers, New York Daily News, on the ugly side of coaching

Nov 15, 2012|

D&C talk to Gary Meyers, author of "Coaching Confidential," about what really goes on behind coach's doors in the NFL and the lengths that they must go to in order to compete. They also discuss the recent string of coaches in New England, specifically Bill Parcells' tenure under Bob Kraft.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE the author of the book coaching confidential inside the paternity of NFL coaches. Gary Myers is covering the NFL for more than three decades he's -- -- -- columnist for the New York Daily News and -- to the guest network in the book is up. Fascinating read -- reading the morning Gary how aria. Under Greg and I are your -- very very well I should probably start wording seems that two to begin and end and that would be the Tim Tebow situation in New York I guess that thing is blown up in everybody's face Gary. Why it you know it only matter time before. It -- -- -- apart. Are you wouldn't name which reform back in March a -- horrible like he hadn't because she. To bring in the most popular player in league to backup quarterback behind. The quarterback who's got the most. Fragile ego and -- in the league and more changes. Yet it wouldn't make any scent and it kind of played out that way. It didn't have a reports he's in you know what you contribute that to. You know people looking over shoulder despite president I want you heard it was great he's a great teammate he has to complain at all. You -- -- completely misused them this season but. I totally wrong move at the time and and quite frankly they have no idea what to do with him. He's averaging seven snaps a game and -- creating the a distraction or or or getting the attention of a guy who's starting quarterback and I think it's very cold atmosphere to. To not be successful and are -- censored and the -- to. Gary it's playing out exactly like most of us expected you know that's the last thing Sanchez needed was Tebow last thing Rex needed. -- Tebow is was that a simple matter Woody Johnson dissent. In a week we need some buzz around this team let's bring -- Tim Tebow looks you know let's liven things up around here. Well there's a lot of expenses yet so that hadn't consulted on this stadium. And you know from the beginning we would certainly speculated that this move that -- about -- and Mike turned down but they've all denied it. You know that they say it was completely made from. From the football office it's Carl -- believes that. Because it was a football this decision. Didn't execute -- be using him. That they do have a rule him in and it cigarette to persuade the utilized electrical -- -- -- And they've been confused from day one they hired an offensive coordinator Tony Sparano who's really just not a supplying coached. You -- in the passing game has had showed no creativity really that the two best games at the -- that had this year when they blew up Paul O'Neill prayer. And then they play particularly tough in Foxborough and probably should've won that game. Are there really -- it's pretty. Attributable season but I think the premise that they that this came from forty charts and you know certainly people in New York Levy you know adjusted denied it. It has to be nothing else makes any sense say before oh join this area was sent -- really enjoyed the book has spread most of it. And -- and I just love this stuff looking at these guys in their lives and how they live and I'm not stay hourly. Sleep in their offices and miss when their babies are born because football. Is everything to them and Rex Ryan -- some guys elect more after you read your book and others not so much from in. John Payton not so much Rex Ryan. Most of us we like them we like men elect a more after -- New York. Portrait of the guy. Is he gonna get fired at the end of the season and and what we're we're -- future lies he gonna be a coordinator somewhere next year. You know I. Put the beginning of the season and I I really spoke to the way that no matter what happens this year I think actually back. On his character those 2014. And it wouldn't care as an owner that they renegotiate contracts to save 1000. So I don't see them paying more relaxed. You know three million a year for the next couple years not coached. You know that in. What he really likes -- and in the book that he created around the team. I think he's a good coach who. Has been done in by eight bit personal decisions you know from Mike Tannenbaum and -- people around him. And you know what I like reply that very critical a lot of things he's done over the last four years but in this case I really don't think it's useful. I think that the ticket to stick me. What is going along with the decision to bring in Cuba because again this routine that was really wrecked by dissension in the west using. They -- to -- -- they seem to talk through the ball at -- post presence. You know and -- Warren has kind of overshadow that. You know -- -- it's our third year. I I think he worked -- the -- -- -- put it head coaching job rather have a you know return to being the coordinator. But it ended or that hires him. Has got to understand. That you getting guys a little bit different in that direction he's not afraid to speak his mind. You know he -- lets players they would on their mind. The reason -- -- -- -- if you read about this at all you most is that the players quoted anonymously it the only news. And and he thinks it's cowardly -- no problem players you know speaking out the vote that put their name to it in and players did not do it yesterday. We're talking with Gary Myers he's off the -- called coaching confidential inside the fraternity of NFL coaches and you had unparalleled access to some of the brightest and best minds coaching minds in the National Football League. I am I suppose it's safe to say that there are diverse personalities to be sure but is very thread. The connects all these guys Gary. Well yeah I think it's paranoia and it's despite the fact they're all making a lot of money and they can probably make -- we can retire. On their contracts that they don't have -- -- -- used to work on your heels are you know we certainly about you or whatever I think. The common thread here is that they're afraid that it got to play in -- -- and twenty minutes longer and they -- At 2 o'clock in the morning and they're afraid to go home. And in a lot of cases I think that's. You know been negative as far as their family life is concerned. I'm not sure that it helps them prepare any better. There has been pouring the -- -- job you have with your coach here. You know an attorney or whatever that is the point of diminishing returns where. You know your body mind just. In the -- information -- useful to you because you're so tired and I don't think a lot of the U these guys have come to that realization. And and actually what I got. You know whether it was Islam going back. Two regional -- I which extra mile. Or talk to a guy you know that triple -- on the -- to mr. without -- Which is Andy -- that they don't know -- You -- -- you point out that Tony Dungy. -- doesn't do you know -- good excuse school goes to work 8830 in the morning -- that whatever it was 7 o'clock at night -- tried to live a normal life. How would -- be the most normal one that you that you wrote about -- Gary and and if in and on the other hand. What was the craziest one who is the most obsessed. What -- -- Hollywood definitely the most normal -- like you mentioned it he you don't Q school every morning he would work late Monday Tuesday night. Because I was game plan right but he wouldn't be that 2 o'clock in the morning like -- coaches currently -- -- there -- ten. It's -- and and -- He said he learned that shrapnel as a player and a -- coaching search up in Pittsburgh. That is it located -- the Stanley like its okay to bring your family around the team. So I think of all the coaches that I interviewed for this that he had the best perspective and in fact that that -- suitable. They got -- -- security check in with Tampa. I know it felt sort sort of you know years where it can expect to better than they did but I don't I wouldn't attribute that to be out that he worked because. I think will equality hours -- extended hours you know sometimes you're better off if it's ours. No yes sort of sets and -- coach yeah. Well you're certainly if you if you go back to the early eighties it was trivial. You know I IE also interviewed. Joseph Gibbs or knew very well. What when he. Coached for summer Washington. I was working in -- at -- so we -- a lot of cowboy registered since then. And it looked funny story that hold me was that if you sit in his office you know several nights a week. And and we would get home is white hat. Would hand them. That tape to play in his car. In which Hewitt should I'll update would -- going normal kids with -- two boys. You know talk about soccer games are based in order to -- how they were doing in school could he saw so little of each other. -- all the appropriate mission okay. Ford they would -- making the tape. She had kids that fast food place to support should ordering. At a drive in window. And you start yelling at the kids about something and that was on the tape. So -- -- and art with -- with what you're the kid that can detect buttons on the music its status. You guys like gives and and Denver meal regret that time and energy and effort they've put in and and regret the fact that they didn't live a normal life and they weren't. Necessarily good parents. Well have a good story that relate to exactly which you best from. In 2002 and per -- where -- turned green and Andrew -- -- boys two sons who were you know and 40s50s they weren't. At a hunting or fishing trip together and the country. And -- Your ticket -- all these stoked. Do you somewhat reduced and the timeliness or moderate or the water. And and poultry and you know he wished he could have been the father in and his -- -- -- with his kids. And how his kids -- wind -- grandchildren. Soul on this trip. When Trent got a chance to spend some time along with fixed terms you know he brought that up to them and the -- trend that. They had no regrets about Tibet. This father's work -- work ethic and how how many hours that you were such that they had -- French -- -- -- -- a lot. And it really enjoyed being around Eagles and those days and they've totaled great. So travel back and hope that that I think any guilt that thick skull at that point to all those years. -- -- awaits this kid even noted that forty minutes and complex and so he noted he was your -- sit in the office. I'm I think the conversation maybe I would protectors. Sure that they -- together. They'll really made me feel better arm and obviously mitigate those years back and equality -- in the Arctic front and consistently the kids. But just hearing. Refrain from the kids that hey you know we have no complaints would not how you -- product and that really. You know make him feel better and in -- way justified how we coached. Gary it's Kevin winter how real. Greater good which one of the coaches or our owners that when you did the interviews was the least. Reluctant the most reluctant patients at a given information obviously Bob Kraft -- which one was the most reluctant to give you information. Whether it's coaches or owners and -- Question. 32 coaches in the league right now. You can get with. Would be the most reluctant to give me information. Think he shot the between -- thirtieth so that I. Talked to refused to talk to take yeah -- -- bill. That would be right now there. A little little spell -- eight -- a better coach Gary big bill little bill. That -- questioned. I would have to say. I am partial to big bill. Even though he didn't win as many couples. Never had a brain never had to -- without him. Put. Do something about Parcells would -- And ignore the patriot -- aura about him and the way he commanded. It's his presence was so commanding in the locker room. And his relationships with players. I can always be partial ourselves in the Parcells Belichick go argument you know Gary your. Story about Robert Kraft calling Bill Belichick a schmuck after spy -- got a lot of play up here for number of days and I'm wondering. After your time spent with the older than the -- -- what your impressions coming away from those meetings. You know I've known. Robert since he bought in the 1984 and he he's always been. You know pretty accessible to me and I can you are -- -- here. Well Robert and and -- two years ago is here's brutalized 2010. And you know we sat there you know a couple of hours. And he -- extremely forthcoming. And are totally liked him -- I think he's a great owner and made you wonder who will be an Austrian. Six Super Bowl since you since you bought the team. But you -- any in the order had more -- personalities as their head coaches and then craft with. With Parcells and that Pete Carroll in and go out there that. Will talk but despite gates and we which -- the chronologically. Without speaking to -- don't start -- and just give me all the background from buying the team and then. Inheriting Parcells and -- right Pete Carroll. We really want to hire Belichick at that point -- -- -- -- alligator type articulate -- despite it stop. It was really funny because. Who just see -- kind of downplaying. You know in the severity of the infraction. But they didn't tell me that he went to Belichick and he in total over in Europe a record -- are -- thousand dollars and take you to fifty in the law draft -- He had built on the -- want 200. How much does not help you know one being released until that point that you look at him to be your coach mark and you know more. I think you're being really -- that's how we -- would build it like while you're doing this. You know you support it but fortunately they told me this. Meant nothing to what we do it now get and you consider the bill would never seen any single one because to be set it was ninety. In. -- also altered a tainted by it I really think they got minimal. It image added that the jet -- so little of this and I wrote this back in outset when it happened. But. Herman Edwards. And army -- it was a defensive quarter post nude picture did -- -- would tunis. And that actually video on them waving to the -- Knowing that the pictures would do this so. You don't get to -- -- it was you know it used against them I'm sure they would stepped in during -- with here and done the. And -- regrets. And Maggie -- Jeannie tells -- he regrets it rat you know blown the whistle on news that he told us that. Last year in your little so I mean it was a be in appreciated. But he did wanted to become a federal case and it. Give Belichick a fun and half a million bucks. But anyway Gary. I love this little anecdote about Parcells Bob Kraft and Parcells and the boy did they have a complicated relationship. Parcells tells Gary. The whole Parcells experience was horrible in many ways he'd tortured me his record. Heard reckoned with us was 32 and 32 he was a 500. Coached in these years with the patriots that Bob Kraft. On Bill Parcells that's good stuff there. Ego problem. I think in many ways set. I'll when he bought the king and and Roberts said this. It was like a dream come true for a local gotta be behind the local team and -- hero of sorts. You know preventing them moving to Saint Louis and you know beyond that. He inherits. The iconic coach. Who. He admired from from a distance but -- says you know that you would much took her up close. And I think he woke up real quick wearing them. Editor wrote about the book. That Parcells wanted to so what percent in America is indicative to the current conversation he had with Kraft. America at salt mr. -- percent in the science and in February 9 new warning Hewitt's. Very close to -- -- during the years cute with a chart and was kind of a compliment and and crap what -- have a close relationship with Parcells but sort Seacrest told all the -- that you want to have an intermediary and you want that to be timber. And acting pick crap with was -- -- incredulous about that like why would you want that you know -- deal directly with viewing. I think -- -- that the total of the relationship with a we're used to it worked together and on if replica convinced that -- conversation was to be rocky ride -- you know certainly the first plane trip that took. First road game in -- forward and cramped quarters banker from the Bank of Boston on that plane -- -- -- 172 million dollars. And he chooses to Parcells Parcells kept walking. And I think you know Robert -- Humiliated by that and I think too many instances that he felt apart so embarrassed -- he said he -- who talked to whites. Arm. It. It's mind boggling stuff that that Parcells would it has to chip on the shoulder -- craft. May be -- The tactic used in a brand new week in and want to be involved in the running of the franchise and bill obviously had no respect form at the beginning I think. The US -- today and I and I did. You know if it had to do over again well could work does not question will work -- mellowed over the years that you seem to realize that -- Which could be a really good owner -- -- statement great article stadium or resorts. And it to six Super Bowl I think you were work really well. With -- now. Could give -- had the same success. -- in receivables. You know in in Munich in the 2000 and and -- to five well. You know it's a -- you think that Parcells also would have drafted Tom Brady. The book is called coaching confidential inside the fraternity of NFL coaches he authored name is Gary Myers Gary thanks for the yet time to sort of good -- the ball we'll talk -- down the road. Thank director Gary Myers Tbilisi tell element AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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