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Paul Pierce postgame press conference

Nov 15, 2012|

Paul Pierce spoke with the media in the locker room after the Celtics win their 3rd straight, beating the Jazz at the Garden 98-93.

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And yeah. Thus we brought -- here for you know to give us that our bench and he's shown. What he's capable of when he's an extended minutes. This is on the Washington -- can -- is -- a lot of pressure off you. Especially with a model going down there in the fourth quarter. I get some -- and -- us give -- some degree from this very well and they they really -- carriers throughout this. Forward. You know that helped us throughout the course of the season you know guys get hurt and guys are ready to step up and that's why we. Brought in the death penalty we have this year. So tonight. I'm very you know you don't wish her harm upon any your teammates but those lecture our business and that happens -- -- we -- a little more. You guys last year so we've just got to make the adjustment and I. Hopefully. He can get healthy. -- tomorrow whenever he's he's back. When they're not you know -- -- -- for the and his role and doing an excellent things helpless when guaranteed tomorrow opened this place like this. Some of the pressure as. And there's. Let's -- pressure off us because they play extended minutes of where where. -- on the -- so you know an airplane well. It -- put -- national. All of us. And it demands. You know it's these. -- and this. Is. You know him better once before this process. It's and you burned out these winds we don't -- -- -- home obviously you know we got this quality team and played better today at home. You know him always going to be focused on -- -- -- we've and one of their roles things thus far so. That's not a we've this we've got to -- this morning oh it was hardly -- this case that. Four nights -- days and -- We'll try to gather some momentum when you go out on a roll you know and you know professionals though. -- -- -- -- Final -- pentagon notes and then. About some things and in some confidence you got to take advantage. Because it's always tough moral. Brooklyn's -- and -- and that's men most always our own roles. Hopefully it won't -- you some momentum. That we think then on the role. Now that on the road. -- -- Well.

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