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Doc Rivers postgame press conference

Nov 15, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke with the media in the locker room after the Celtics win their 3rd straight, beating the Jazz at the Garden 98-93.

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Tell you do. On a proposal to -- the -- bill itself. You know not only just replace run up on the first half you know -- our starters. Started the game are pretty flat and there are thought our second unit -- Courtney Lee and boasts. Juror a group. It was expert Jeff Green. And then obviously Rondo goes on the second half and destroy and -- and then. You know we didn't run much too soon to know much you know. Everything was basically McEnroe totally just to protect and to the basket and wolf you're out there with. If you're in I just felt like too early. Take that chance you know again. Now that ended up. I have no idea but you know sprained -- that tomorrow you know more. Yeah are you coming it's gonna happen and he's now in play or two of the denies and arm you know hard thing does the next guys so much that's appropriate to figure it out and tonight was a great example that we did that you know we had other options -- legitimate -- -- I mean it was just one of those days you know I thought the big lineup. Or semi good lineup with all the Jeff changed today you know forces well we we -- post presence with those so. So it was an interesting and you get a rebound and I will we -- don't -- You know eighteen before the sort of won a basketball game and it was JaJuan. -- Yet they are around us in the first half second half. We -- we got back you know when that in any adjustment you know just two of the guys -- -- -- you score you can you know do your home underdog. You know wave at everybody -- they're cameras that catch and I thought we difficult in the first. -- then the second have we terrific they didn't score in the half court. And you know are in this business is great just untenable it's -- rebounds and files. Favors. And army would you go with fourteen free throws -- Mean. -- -- -- He's earned an -- until the violence and we sorry you and you come and there's no guarantees that -- gonna play would have earned due to deploy and he's -- he deserves the -- Well the bottom line is that a point. And so he knows. Basically all he's probably going you know. You know we basically and we Brigham and run on the -- which has all the -- and stuff and admirals. Mean literally in the in the process you know some of -- in this thing to point guard you just can't run it is just isn't possible. And since forcing them to do and we've decided we're now we're just gonna open the flora and rent it grows bigger. It. Yeah you know defense overcome I don't know first half which we maybe it was there was we made a lot of just. That mistakes defensively and stand and on wrong excitable guy on the baseline out and -- -- was unbelievable to watch. In the second have a thought we turned that around quickly with great focus. You know we do hope a couple of things at this in the the overall. I think we're starting to understand this single possession. Defense team mentality. And it's servicing over this and I I don't move our new guys detect yet at the start. Stated reason it is. That was. Honestly determined -- in that. I had no intentions plan more than twenty minutes tonight. Yet yet because fortified. And seventeen and so. He talked me into one the yanks aren't happy about it right now. Else check yet again tomorrow but you series you actually monitored by Margo who's 25. And hours ago. It was huge news in a lot of hours. You know it's great. It's good for the team sports are the guys cheer for him. Richard crow and so those little plays don't just keep from going. It keeps him gross. -- I always monitored goes fourth quarter -- should never -- -- I don't. I don't get that whole thing about I mean it and don't. I'm gonna say. Now and usually we do you know we -- pro government and ultimately. Nine but obviously the later rebounded. A total coaches is the one game enough probably have to make -- three. Just 'cause they'll -- one minute warning it would help so I decided we're gonna play defense. Thank you guys.

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