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Leandro Barbosa postgame press conference

Nov 15, 2012|

Leandro Barbosa spoke with the media in the locker room after the Celtics win their 3rd straight, beating the Jazz at the Garden 98-93.

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It. Definitely we we wanna play most of vigilance on the play. That's what he wanted to run in it was quite work out really well. -- like to do that too so. There's great things. Think that it. Dead it. For me is much easier -- -- a few more a lot more comfortable playing that way. But I'm getting culpable too with the plays. The court is being worked out with me on the side you know. I'm almost there. -- Well I just saw that he was double my man double him so I just decide to come back. And give some help in it would com. You came in this situation not expecting a lot of big proved yourself you look at the team is going to be dependent on especially on the so it. But just play the game you know go with the flow try to do the thinking on the tonight brings a lot and the -- in. Make sure I hit sets for the other guys in the especially following our man in. What we wanna at least just win and we look we are on the flow with three games so. That's what we wanna keep doing. All of them. -- -- -- I think -- First of going -- happy to be you know Boston Celtic is a great team great guys -- of your organization and very happy to be used so when I got the call -- it was a surprise for me in the now that I'm here on the Cherokee have the guys. -- Exactly good stuff. Yeah we're. Yeah I mean it. -- some day some games I won't have a lot of minutes you know and I know that. When they call me I knew that too but just being here in in trying to help with the matter -- and coral outside of course is whether it matters for me. You think --

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