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Jeff Green talks about his dunk of the year and Celtics victory with Grande and Max

Nov 14, 2012|

Jeff Green joined Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell from the locker room after the Celtics beat the Jazz in Boston tonight.

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9893 as the finalist others get the land they sent the crowd home happy -- -- what they were waiting for here at the garden. Jeff Greene joins us from the celtics' locker room and of course it was a spectacular team went with who talked about. Of course it was a huge important night for the managed to do what they did especially without Rondo and a group is really starting to -- play well together. But yet. That don't you know it's leading sports and -- ticket tickets or make you almost since Macs over the -- So a bit tonight on a plane we're gonna played a call for her -- -- -- his reaction to Oakland walkers through -- play. Quote quote. The capacity corners got -- Let's not make them a ball -- -- and -- you know. And they know they're yellow book and -- let that happen -- that that is the bothers waited and waited because. I think what that play it was so -- Al Jefferson had to give you -- yet that would have put it that way I live at an apartment. -- YouTube -- -- -- that we give the you can turn one right now. And if we gave that it's all he wanted to boot camp to get the rhythm like -- to get a rhythm and the appeal in the south of what you're doing them there. And I hit a wall of the season. -- -- fulfillment. For the most part of the year and no amount on your mother my employment there play hard. And I think what people do is not a Muslim. Yep everybody knows the story -- -- -- billion articles written about everything you've been through last year. Fast forward through tonight from a basketball standpoint we would -- -- phrase like. Turn the corner starting pitcher feel what has been the most difficult part. Basketball wise after being away forget what you went through just basketball wise being away from a year and half what's the hardest thing to come back. Could this team. And then your leg. The game of both when you on the year you can move that rhythm kind of confused -- -- utilized. You know kind of went right away you know you know -- you know they get over on the floor. No comment that the poem. Or no regard returner. And they've been held me -- improvement motivate them like you quote corner of we'll. I don't see the man though that make you -- have a panel that you don't know a -- we birdied the public -- I can't admit I do wrong that you put. Head that the you know we we talk about what they -- really hurt you guys tonight though. Was giving up -- three bound together got -- other job right now of clean enough to keep that to play. Yeah women form. Make the making. You're gonna get a lot of minutes obviously -- to move forward here with Leandro Barbosa I think as fans become more familiar with your game. They had to Barbosa is a play and everybody please go to Boston fans have to start to see how how you'd be an offensive player he has what is like to play with it. You keep -- thoughtful very money program. He's he's offense he can get through into the hands off the note and you you know to your run over there and he's gonna rebel people. I've never seen the government like in my outs a really good run he lives -- I've never seen that got like that before in my life. -- We news. In the and invited them nothing. Yeah you know Max has never seen a guy you've got -- to know that after a donkey through anonymous person. -- 44 games in five nights and a back door to bunch of great night.

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