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Voice of the Jazz, David Locke with Grande and Max

Nov 14, 2012|

Utah Jazz play by play man David Locke spoke with Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell prior to tonight's Jazz-Celtics game at the Garden in Boston.

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David like what's that -- joins us here. Not only one of the great force in the NBA but the king of all social media which we will get to a little bit later on. First of all explain to people in Boston what on earth with all this triple overtime nonsense we've never really seen this -- -- Three times in the last. About fifty games we've played we've played three or more -- including one for. -- Jerry Sloan. In all of his years with the Utah Jazz coach -- three overtime games Tyrone Corbin thirty done three. How's that for a year. Perspective on this whole thing it's it's been a little body. Well the first thing we suggest everybody gets excited about Al and we'll get his progress and you know he's such a popular player here but was. People -- -- but the doctor was a little later on. When people in this league are searching for young bigs are so few and far between it's almost like this clown car when you took him now while we feel -- Let everybody in Utah isn't worried about it -- now and our. GM or GM Denis Lindsay now on our. Thank you rice present Camp Anaconda like. You know it's like -- unit left hand pitchers right. It's the same concept so we do Bryant Toomey -- favors surprise play at the morning doesn't -- brightly at Morton does that OK -- to give you something for. And I and I -- on the play out to some extent from organizational standpoint. There it was to make data points -- as we possibly can and need to make the decision yet. And maybe some things happen to make the decision for us but -- they got four guys roll out tonight that our. Probably would start all four which start on some teams in the NBA game reveals challenges -- starting to run around his -- -- -- I'm terrible at Charlotte. All of war. And play -- they're so it would be really think that's. He's really terrible. You know the guys have never played the games we draft and as we develop that really -- never. It. -- -- -- Like I'm sorry that I view it is is you're it's very rare is very rare we get -- what you're actually talks but we do it -- -- -- show and you know actually you have an opinion it's somebody. Yeah. As the Moscow -- mean that that they they -- you ought. The fact of the matter that you -- of the food summit breakdown at the idea that those who have them it's like with it that the day. Well except mark. It's something good come it. Really good change that and that it. -- make that one I think we all forget. Averages every player in the league on average misses between seven in nine games a year. The average the average player in the league play seventy mile long. This is I don't heat and I I have about 702. But. I mean it could be as simple as of August 5 right but. If you the average is that and that means that you've got four bays and on average are up and missed nine games -- for a quarter of the season you'll have three breaks. You know so to some extent these ideas of -- players positioned in the league that is that wears people out. Missed them too many quarterbacks that quarterback third quarterback obviously it's easy an accident yeah exactly Macs because that's where you know wells -- Actually -- Iran who by the way and a few decades you know -- is law log on your -- there with the basketball reference to the EPA all time -- -- details in the original sheet as ample doses. And he actually -- he played as 1041. Consecutive games with out doing cute little things like playing two minutes through an injury. Well I think we can articulate all the stuff up and you can follow on Twitter. Run between aren't you started it -- you that's that's an account I've given -- his own salary cap with the vast. As the as the best handle all time with him 1041 story nice -- magic what was in the public debt warriors like if I'm on my back at I'm on my back. Went out here on Twitter is arguably your -- he'll he'll do it well you your -- until that moment. We haven't. I met him and I I got divorced that's with the that they. My god. You're gonna do about it. Locked -- sports by the ways they've relaxed -- Atlanta mention it you know we try to message for everybody -- you sort of some people have been very reluctant so people I've done it like myself grudgingly sort of going to have because that's where they gave -- -- you have completely. Jumped into this full force AY. And the how what do you mean joy how much is it and enhance the job with their all the other elements that you -- It was so I would say two things -- Why because. I actually think it's great I had I not actually -- -- doing his job we're talking fancy your time here. I mention doing the job -- I -- I host a fifteen minute podcast. Every morning of the tiger a year Max one or two government -- -- like the bright and early morning you know I'll -- view their pockets with them and and I love that I mean sometimes you know it's June and there's nothing on but it's up. But frankly a jazzman particularly in Utah. Cares about the jets three or 65 days a year they don't have the patriots -- the Red Sox in the other things so our fan base it sure it's a niche you know what prime time. To the next -- is -- backed away and I wasn't doing this and I was a fan and of all teams I was a fan of was the Utah Jazz my -- -- business and you job that was my team starting in remembered nine years old than. Driving you know where they're now freeway at a regular street and care about wanting information. And so I try to provide that information to the fans as much like him I love it actually I find it. It's a little all consuming but I love it and the other one from a plane that went out to standpoint. About you and I and a YouTube Pratt and came out I use about 10% of the stuff that I prepare. Is a way to get almost a better idea how well a little what do you call your post game bought. And team and not exactly and that's what it is almost a -- sort of prepared you can actually pan out there and you know once they can. That Rajon Rondo is clutch numbers night. Got today and that's the way we would have done it let's point out exactly what he shoots in the clutch for the record her widgets in the clutch it's because. The office broke down he has the got to stock laps to most putter numbers are pretty bad right and it's I got that out there in the if we are anywhere we have in the last four times have been in this building element you those tonight. -- -- -- what's so at least that we -- out. Our record for a finish up there where it's. Fans really fell in love with the team here in the mid two thousands with Delonte West with a lot of young players -- -- -- Dodgers fans. They didn't really appreciate the time which -- they had to open it really -- love with them now especially. You know he'll get a great ovation when he competed in the game people's though -- you know it's been six years since he was -- the way. What kind of players he'd become what kind of leader. One -- the Utah fans are doing that right now and that took a little while for us to embrace him I think he got scarred little bit Minnesota was some stuff. But he is truly one of the best dudes I've ever been around I mean he is just here as. As you can be he's not looking for any side shows he's not speaking out and that in turn. Has meant that he takes and -- cancer particularly in Derrick Favors some. Under his wing and is actually helping develop the guys they're gonna replace him and he doesn't because as he says. It's the right thing to do any -- believes that he's trying as hard as he possibly can on the defense event. He's not good on the defense bent but it's not because he doesn't care it's not because he's -- -- -- get my point now Democrat. He has worked in. But you know what when you pull him out of four point five -- as a most explicitly. He really scuffles over the one others he put him in the post them to -- the most he's pretty darn good at that. But he. Everything about it is as good and true as can -- it's just really neat to see that tonight -- He here Boston that's what you the rates. Bill like this when that their kids with a way. Play at Jefferson the guy I really great because. He was such a great personality but not only that was of great post presence and I like to have guys who were in the paint that its board the way -- Measure two things one you are talking about that today coming asked how much it reminds of a -- and -- -- Know those guys from Atlanta and is -- I was from tablets -- in the arena. That was his exact but the other one is. Out and and it's candidly what Michael Simon Says in the post so -- does the craziest movie and come up with a revolver is amazing -- working in its -- -- he calls his big rookies they'll now as the big Turkey. And the does others the other and never seen is what doesn't about alligators his bodily his brother lives here in Boston looks -- there. -- -- before the pre season game. Thirty minutes later in the game entered does its act moved that Al -- him five minutes before game as a former player think about. I've been nobody that ever thought that he. David lot force the jazz we appreciate Tom's always -- before -- -- -- -- -- that we missed the missed out last year again lots of sports and get centered on skis before we get him on Twitter right. I think I'll put this way I believe you -- equal chance -- both -- up. They've locked doors that just joining us our full court press that already NBA -- of WEEI Celtics radio network.

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