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Doc Rivers pregame Celtics + Jazz at the Garden

Nov 14, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke with Sean Grande prior to tonight's Jazz-Celtics game at the Garden in Boston.

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Celtics are presented by Lexus continues from the garden quick stop home for the Celtics against the you to digest that our final piece of business is our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers brought to you always harbored. Pilgrim health care Harvard pilgrim. Count on us again. At what point do use it is up this portion of the schedule came very quickly I don't ever remember it's a seven games and night I was wondering myself that it why this seems so crazy because they're all travel games. After this is about as intensive -- times I've ever seen. In any portion of the schedule alone orally. Well I don't know lockout there pretty intense too but of the match right now when you don't bring any you guys the game that it actresses. Out of the -- right -- -- I think there are a lot of teams are going through its strengths schedule. Moderately early on. Played one game that you had a break into the game at a break in my. -- now with that. This season has started you know that's. You know our case you know we just have to get through it and waited all of which. Just a week ago we were talking about your top three guys of carrying this team how long that people want. And Monday and now we get the real quality went in the road puts you at ten guys to play -- guys play in the game as some point all ten of those guys did something important to hope that went. There is really a good team where I mean you're makes a three year Chris Wilcox struggled. Monday comes up with two big rebounds three point play. You know just there was a lot of little good things done throughout the game -- a lot of guys. And it also a lot of the rest guards Rondo got a good rest -- into the fourth quarter. Our Kevin places you know on the thirty minutes and you know if it was just a good team where. How much were you thinking about those idioms schedule on what's with the schedule in your mind when you're it -- have archery and keep what -- there wasn't. Because you knew you had a day off before and they all out there so that was the big concern. But for -- ordered will be industry. Are we talk about the playbook allies how much of it you lose them Rondo is off the floor as it was for those minutes but this year there are so many new faces it's almost like. A new playbook in some ways is -- though as we saw the other guys he started to get more comfortable now would not with the book but with the guys that he's running netlabel what. Or pick a little bit I think in the way the way I mean that's no reason why you have heard on the court agreed game yet because he didn't know what game -- you know he's trying to. Figure out what's the perfect set and the -- -- in -- and Jeff Green. You know that's why the good news is restoring and I don't think. We. You -- of every single player you know the playbook but -- note players yet. And was -- a story that's usually gets. How happy were you last year won two of -- impacted. Biologists have ever have whatever out there as well you know honestly except to please. He's just such accurate. Person article which it is anymore. I guess still acute. He's just -- give me he just wants that we use it knew where oh no drama with them. So -- very -- As his team developed at the pace we all thought it would -- for years here I guess you mean I don't you know I have stolen a player that's today. Development is so subjective term. No I think we all caps -- -- -- clear what we think they're going to be in the whatever at the player. You know so I don't know I think. You know he is the happy words I would say yes what is game -- get better yet in this area that I'm sure we are. He would be better in on this program airs that were surprised. It is almost won't talk about you we saw woods knowing there's no is not really young anymore but we see teams that in the will be certain young bigs that will come across. If there's a team in the league that has a clown car. Full of young Phoenix. It is an athletic fix it's it. Yeah they're amazing really army entered the unity. No talk about it he's really in the you know favors is going to be terrific you know and you know the -- -- one restart it favors is terrific instead of going to be to recruit is from what I corporate they're routed through. But boy he makes employees that you just can't teach I think he's going to be a -- viewed with employer sooner or later. And in that bodes well for you to. And the one name that you did mention this guy won't talk about because. In a -- There are star players coming out of college and there -- players sort of whatever reason because the teams are on TV or because they did sneaker deals are great commercials that gives wealth to watch. That everybody gets excited about them I don't think there's anybody outside of Salt Lake City gets excited when Paul -- comes to town. Yet almost every time we see him he does something to help them game. Oh well nobody on the other team gets excited right. -- mean you don't want that guy Carmel road it's like Marvin Hagler. Right that's all right plays its. Asked tough nosed tough minded guy crying the game up yet he's got to the Mets game as well I mean -- three you can take a durable. But he is that tough Q and I don't think anyone enjoys playing against him I think everybody wants -- what that's what they said about you -- more -- he you know it is to -- So is that a jazz acts of WEEI Celtics radio network.

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