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Wednesday, November 14th Whiner Line

Nov 14, 2012|

Holley. Michael Holley.

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View -- excuse views expressed and expressed the wildlife stars like ET TE Chris Cox. That's discretion exercised. -- -- And now. -- your life. Tim Tebow cannot -- I think he's the worst quarterback in the NFL I do not believe that he never had any business being a member of the New York Jets and now. I'm really today is not good. In the New York Daily News and hear from these anonymous. Sources about what Tim Tebow is -- jets and the mile an abomination they -- disgrace. WEEI. War in your lives and this is this just. This is me. Resembling a professional football team professional -- and nothing dial 6177793535. This team has managed to get worse and even further embarrass itself. More than it has in the past whiner line. Body integrity. Body associated when -- it isn't just makes. College and now why did. Only WEEI. They are a walking piece of embarrassment at this moment in time. Peace. It's like. It's. That. Room for years won't -- Mikey Mikey thinks fictionalized. Shaw. Shaw. Now Michael consumers. I hope that we didn't overstep our bounds here you know. -- plea today Michael cannon go along with a that of doing like commercial breaks we just do commercials of product placement to. I'm Larry because I might have overstepped my -- is another breaks. Cigarette through tonight and if people like you don't. Had a cigarette that I based upon. -- -- Do something should have done it well I'll talk. -- your -- long ordeal response. Commercials -- -- for you to go to breaks like Jordan -- -- for the -- from men should not go out here is -- lastly here there on Saturday -- -- me it's not count -- -- -- You will be tricky thing you probably couldn't because it showed -- that's great job -- Super cuts its the girl -- there's -- -- but it's a solo because a lot to us now. So you've not -- that was -- -- different. Why carry an excellent of him as a -- a lot of women like. General election -- -- yet. Why you carry with them technical. Think a lot of technical or why does it take you hear him. Yeah in time and time east and there Michael goes to the barbershop -- even a conversation. I am. -- shipment to the tournament. -- habit many picked him. One passes. Look shall mean. To implement them. Troy is barbershop. Or. Detroit council just -- -- salon knows which Barbara's right now -- -- well. Irish out of the Chop Shop in the apartments. Go to a place called sweatshops are all blocked shots and take out there and over -- Bridge used airbags for first first guy and -- actually use them clippers all of this works but we need to get some money from some -- as -- -- boys regular. Our advice AT&T W -- he lives. And occupy AT&T AT&T forgy LTE with ties -- treaty. Rethink possible. And I get a shout out and what I just my -- to conspire. Like I just won't be exactly all American bowl and then ride up she brings out -- flow from 1970s. -- Think somebody else that it's black or talk more about. -- -- -- -- -- And that was that it. Is -- -- was getting to try to get Geoff I think as I turned on in the middle of the show Dennis and Callahan. And they were talking about the the Amish that I thought it was really strange I thought maybe John was getting into new lifestyle -- something only. It was really bizarre that -- -- comment. Yet as the -- is economic summit he looked down and out of the -- what they were talking but the honest and I think it was going to flush and this season. Wish I might have been I don't know Ike as nice and I tuned in -- favorite movies witness he probably is better for Jerry's English. -- well -- look at it better royals right. My body. Had been quite -- haven't played all of our upon. -- so please visit there right now. Well so if you see that guy and don't -- it smoked sausage and which commercial receding in the car just bomb day two of the Duncan smoked since it was in the -- balls and his enlightened for girlfriend got back to the car looks just like from the side is that you. From the side note I'm the only view we see them really yet when this comes up later in the -- -- -- and forcefully one. -- all barrel producer called gran lie nobody talks -- -- to be an actor Pepco and just it's just on the left. OK can get your current law. It's obvious that words meals pizza place. Now. It makes sense I got some good and I think some bad news. The competitive. Toward an album that's quite argued you know you know might come to think that that's the bad -- And team -- a left handed pitcher. In Carlos to -- don't pretty good which is look at the privileges and loaded up all. In other depressed sellout of Florida -- those fancy didn't screw they -- and scoffed. -- Well. Well and do what his reaction was this -- of them well. Not correct not -- it -- and -- but now there is no way gonna be that good about what did. Why can't I got an architect of the Iraq yet. And -- -- what kind of socks make that trade and they need a shortstop -- is starting -- the -- out Thursday were interested in a couple of the players on a -- my guess would be Michael the same. Josh Johnson be -- -- sure. I don't like that led government about wouldn't do you know but. That had to -- that I thought it would make diplomacy. I don't know -- my dad told me that it's flat out. It is robot -- I'd have looked but there's no way they did commit to hold the record and people are thought they had. What happened bill possible. And frank you know how Vegas works like my guess is almost had a few players right now. Then I would want -- little August working in our direction because right now they won't be favored to make too -- well I'm surprised if franks said you only owe him 75 dollars it was eighty would you give them five dollar. I don't know if it's amortized Celtics ultimately. -- another five dollars -- we don't -- I think you'd still be fifty from that J. D. -- Grand Slam against Cleveland back you know seven so what's -- greatest transfer of the fifty U. Oh me that I -- -- try harder to remember if you aren't great either way. You call you called J. D. Drew is transplant site did not to have it there and I -- I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- my every guy that went to the -- he predict it again like I don't a year and a lot. You've got the answer I don't want don't not right now he's OK mark is. Right now it's you don't. OK before it always I don't think Canadian -- Mulder I don't -- overly excited about the much. I have three awards where you read a book they had seen. Best team and her love it. -- It's contact one of the real reason quietly and don't want. -- back on the part of this you know like. Ex went at it and it would detract a lot and no I'm not going there with a pretty big hit it yeah. But there's nothing quite like I wanted to -- work like you did but alas but that it can get -- always been thought it. That's why I got hooked up and. -- most overrated overpaid coach in NBA history -- championship. -- -- -- How many do -- -- -- so if you're if he had. Worked for Boston to new -- he had the greatest players in the world as I highly present any other guys -- other guys who have won championships didn't know he was high hold time Michael -- now -- do you ever use it like him for that. Hey -- are good job didn't fall into the trap when they go. Mike Napoli executive power -- Bad now does this fit yet it would have been -- around. In the -- old homo -- Sound -- Created at -- they could care. I didn't have -- it may find himself who -- just can't wait to see them. I ask why and that I agree with bell. I have added value and I agree with you I don't -- and rather. Difficult you know. These. We know -- and. And it just. Mr. smell this some thought you you're nameless male barrel and I don't think we would -- one on one charge. Josh Hamilton tiger withdrew. The I don't doorway. The worst part was when he was talking to -- and he thought holly was Melvin bonds and get in the -- thought you were Iowa is. Also a -- now. As Texas City management mail and about. Now for all of us a pencil. From. -- can get number. And I did -- -- what I -- -- well. And -- that pitch with memo. I'm not smell you goggle -- doesn't work -- -- got no information. To develop and tradition. Good -- and calling -- now that the cardinal ball. -- -- And that message about Mel hall might melt how's it yeah collapse yet I Mel's diner -- comes Mel Parnell. And that message of Gibson we're fan of that show. And not really -- and mountain like I don't. There on the ballot -- -- -- -- -- Michael I don't -- that and cotton. We don't think that they're -- Intense ground as the Michael I don't like that don't open that we don't know that's what you want by the yeah -- and other. And and that explores this for a nice ring to -- -- like Eminem like -- men in ski male and Eminem -- Michael hill but me during. Back to. Well. I think. And the message that. I -- I don't big. Hopefully apple. I didn't have -- -- -- that can hit that extra could be created at the beginning. We've got similar problem which is a great example -- power. And that that mr. Christie beat me to question. That's all right this is not right now -- had. Hey did I hit an eight bit data back Ryan O of bell pat -- you in. But added that you have collect drinking. Public nudity and. And that message. You're his rant I did like these I got a heart condition on this program -- lost in this crazy that is what you the end -- -- it. Michael Molly. One of the land that night. At eight feet away. Go ahead why. Do you won't. You say why -- -- gonna beat them tomorrow and stay in the ball today we have the vital water behind. That's not true seed here outside by you when he's doing now staff exactly. How I got to that is to me it's a fresh you know. Before so it's pretty real for those of us behind the last we do really push like I said on stage when he couldn't remember -- can remember because I line. And so thank you. Welcome thank you Andy thank you for it actually thank you mandate -- about 45 minutes. I'm gonna think about here any of them -- -- the -- the measurement. And everything about him. They college grad -- But you look at our power but that bought. You know we didn't drop but they thought they know what's -- you know -- -- aren't good oil is collected a tornado black dot. And an accurate shot bodily exercise an actress. As an actor that's an actress knobs and that piece of my -- -- all the likeness for commercial by the way to same actor I believe does the Stephen Jackson commercial -- were in the U ushered mr. Gonzales election. Results of the cement from the movie now. That these two matches. You ran it back to the -- -- aren't as desirable because he died in in one movie and now he's back alive and don't condone it more in common with you couldn't catch his attention is careful monkeys it's accurate. -- -- -- -- That is why he wanted to keep ahead. Michael. The period. The bomber driving a pretty I don't know -- about last time that happened. Get cute but government now I that they about. And -- -- -- -- -- Michael dresses up it's got your regular Prius I -- it gets stressed it would become fixed job has got everything has got ever the lights underneath all that and its downs and sound like a Prius -- sounds at least like Highlander. You get -- -- you can't huge government nuclear arms. Not have a -- -- organized have to give some some nice green bumper stickers on there. -- Michael you wanna give god all. Work period. -- -- You know build bulk. You gotta do it crap involved hurtful or you know radio that -- -- You know how you end up like that. -- maybe. Crappy no -- yet more public why did it. And a I got an idea for Michael was just a short stint on general hospital -- -- Yeah because general hospital led to cheers right now not to watch an -- 1215 yours like many years short resistant. How short was I want to know how many episodes that you do on -- want a stint on the real housewives of Atlanta I would love that. -- coordinating the Scott co written in go out meaning as -- as always every that would be your role yet -- -- me. You know not being born in this aspect but I've always wanted to play him at this the first sudden everything is on its -- this. Everything about them and. And monitor it. With China has its limits dried out is that you can -- got to try to Rico got an audience that. Michael always. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And message come Mickey Mouse button. Okay. It's a ticket that miscast and issues out. You know that way you could get back. From our I probably more speculative lifted -- -- -- -- -- A bad. Like that's why can't get enough sacked hard by aids is Petraeus is it's important GL TE. This means that the dead does rest of the GAT team -- they possible.

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