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Toronto Blue Jays greatly improve their team. How should the Red Sox respond? Sign Josh Hamilton!

Nov 14, 2012|

Michael Holley believes there's one sure-fire way for the Red Sox to win both the PR battle and help improve their team... sign Josh Hamilton, whatever it takes, whatever the cost. Glenn disagrees. Fireworks ensue.

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This is what the plan -- And it makes all the sense in the world buying and you've got original view. You no no no let's not wait until I show you Brooke I'm not you can't. I'm not talking about Bogart's. I'm not talking about Jackie Bradley. I'm not talking about Barnes and not talking about a glaciers. Talked. About -- proven commodity. It Major League Baseball. You've seen them he's one of the top ten players in the game. He's -- freeagent. And damn -- we've been over again this spring Glen short way I've been joked the other. You've been guilty yeah that I'm an old man to be guilty. I've seen though like. -- Hewitt in three years. 25 million dollars a year and you go out and you get yourself Josh on the present and now. That's not overreacting to it just hours ago I don't here's the here's a key phrase. It's not it's not overreacting. Let's not over think it. If you've got one of the top players in baseball who has told you what these issues are no secrets here skeletons in the closet. All the skeletons are out everybody -- the world know. And he has struggled. With substance abuse at a relentless he had a relapse that probably -- for that too. He's talked about it he's out for everybody knows there are no secret their diagnosis talent to as long as you're not committing to Josh Hamilton. One of the greatest natural talents and baseball we've seen in the last ten or fifteen years. Is not yet is not one of the greatest natural. Talent in baseball that we team in the last -- Fifteen years pretty good about telling -- he's pretty good that may be a pretty good guess slight exaggeration of okay good good etiquette and putting good let's let's take your -- as long as you don't go five years with this guy you're gonna -- -- you may have to three years. 25 million dollars a year I think somebody's gonna -- five years and tell you why. Because I said he lashed. And there was this co host I was working last year. Looks like he -- and he sat there is said to me figures you say that is that it could -- is no there's no. That anybody's going to give fielder or give pujols would 200 I don't know -- Right. And what happened but they've both got to -- it right now you're you're hearing the early part. A free agents. Somebody's gonna buy into somebody's gonna get in the money our broad enough daylight is what -- -- -- and here's why. The teams are able to do this and this is why Rogers Communication about is racing horizon for Fortier another twenty options and -- options options -- -- and that means that if the book club -- should they pick up the option if you suck. Or you're you're you're go back to your your bad habits they can jettison you out here that's not a guarantee for the player agents are gonna do that. He's gonna get a five year deal why because. He is the best player in this year's free agent draft as it is much as. The free agency name may not be a solid cool. He's the -- And somebody gonna fall for here's the other Rogers communications despite all of this money why did they do because they know starting next year. Every team is going to get another 24 million dollars handed to them. For doing nothing but being part of this new television contract so they know they have more money to spend. The Red Sox what I fear the most about the -- And it might be good if you are thinking 5345. Years down the wrong. Is they sit back and say will -- -- a player we get per year here. A two year deal there overpay them like they did with David Ross. These guys in here. And what weight. For the young players to develop it if you don't. I am telling you look at how popular Red Sox have been in this market. If they are a last place team over the next couple years. They will have a major problem what makes you think major problems holding onto the base and makes you think -- an interest in Josh Hamilton for example. -- but I think they are but I don't think they're gonna give them five years I think you're right I don't know about 45 million but I think they would give him. A two or three year deal because that's how they're thinking right now you know what you're thinking that what is their skin and it is award. They are frightened. Because they've got burned now because they should not Jennifer I should. Here's what they did. They got her and if somebody six or seven years they got burned Michael because they did a poor job of shop. It was money that hurt them. If you're if you're money team. If you're one really the the teams that import it revenue to the organization right you -- a much better positioned on the race but the Orioles but the athletics. Then the pirates okay. But if you don't spend it properly and you waste. And the guy suck. We go through the lineup of both of the -- okay -- you know what I'm talking about of the free agent mistakes they've made. That's for -- a valuation that's spending the money going into the grocery store and buy all of the junk food and not taking care of the staples. When is the last time in free agency. Last I'm afraid that got the answer for it you get it right. Now you're coming up with the answer I got -- why don't if you got any answer before -- until the question how direct Redick got the right. That's a good tech -- and that is to get what is the last time the Red Sox. Jumped -- to free agency. Signed a guy and everybody said. While this guy there are no questions about his talent he is the best. Player available it's not even subjective it's clear he's the best. Player available and they got -- -- again -- and it I I don't know bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're talking about apples and Collard greens coming completely different names like Al agrees to -- but there have not the most out most of you don't make them -- Apple's. J. D. Drew. Was not a guy. Julio -- yeah that guy I think -- that it and it didn't the last about it on it was a Manny. Like it to add -- Manny Ramirez and it worked well 107 I'll tell you more what you got let's say what made H I might point to get a guy in Curt Schilling. The other teams couldn't afford to. They want to get a deal -- Beckett because they could afford it and they want an old 407 because they were the highest. Level when. You're not listening that's exactly the point. When you have a guy like Josh Hamilton. Who is clearly the best. Who's not overrated. Who's not a product of some system who has not been. Now who was not been tagged with. Performance enhancing drugs -- lot of things about your the way I don't what you're right we did -- the -- -- You go out -- guys available in Europe the Boston Red Sox. Get on for five years now for five he's vilified. -- -- He's going to get other acres out there however if they don't worry doctor the tigers gave him more money yet he's don't want five and a lot of against the Eiffel. What this guy -- James Bond movies so. Once five years. He wants five years and there's no market for five years he's not gonna give you one of the wanted to. I want to be and what happened. He. Couldn't afford it. And the -- Milan made another -- are they need a big strong -- could do some. Yeah starting -- there's no need you to report card to pay Daniel Craig can afford to. Monetize them that's the problem that this team has right now that if they sit back. I must say that you overreact to what the rate the the Jason do. If you sit back and think that we're gonna wait around like small market teams are forced to do because they simply don't have the money to do -- And wait for the young talent to emerge. We're gonna sit here with a few bad years and if that happens. And the Red Sox really believed that they're insulated from all of this and the people just love the Red Sox in the hallways of the Red Sox. And they are gonna do it and they got to continue to go for years and five years and six years without playoff. I'm telling you this crowd will go south they belief. They believe they won't have the selloff that wanna worry about the brakes just not what you won't want the breaks go get a Josh Hamilton caller. I don't I don't want to three years I'm with. You -- for three years I don't believe you can have a three years you could talk me in a four above five -- I don't know why wouldn't why wouldn't he at his age right now. Why would he take a three year deal you -- the -- gone from a five year deal. Are you know that you didn't show the same thing lined up designated usually in the same thing I'm not stand -- and -- -- why I'm pausing. Now I hope it doesn't matter at -- is this not. This is too -- -- you can't give -- long term governor well. Thank you see and his daughter -- Roma raw seeing what's -- big below to see it every day in the mirror. So you when you when you look at it and it -- talked about it a big heavy guy. Right. Now you'd like to and then shot that's unbelievable I think that's something you know I was he's done. And revenue. So another what you don't -- -- -- -- four hours it -- it would mean you know I we -- give other women inevitable growth of the occupied. I -- watch 77797937. As anybody out there. Concerned about our baseball team here. I agree that worried about where they're going and I know you don't want to overreact let's not go inside you know why are you worried about signing guys -- the Red Sox have done a crappy job. Of spending money and shopping -- setting the wrong guys so you're fearful of it but what's the alternative we're gonna sit around wait for the kids to develop. I'm not sure in this market. You can get away and you went to Kansas City Pittsburgh maybe Tampa Bay can't get away with -- Boston. A phone calls next to James Bond exception Bob -- I shelf -- to it we'll get it isn't football little bit later on Rex Ryan is crying that's always amusing for. Us up here in New England will get into that will get into Andrew Luck in the game coming up this weekend all of that little bit later on. And another great rent by Stephen day can always count on Steve and I AM rats without even drop and and and more unbelievable get into that ultimately how about that now about going. I don't know anybody right now and but he did agree anybody associated -- gangrene. Of the Disco lights. Knowledge. Of the them literally about a -- I didn't say I wanted to -- Who want to beat games on -- for Daniel Craig though. A lot to live up to a tradition of solace Sean Connery Roger -- like -- hang out. I would like. To start at the strive to be in the movie. I. -- that respect. To bring you back design jaws odd job to reserves on the right there and I animal invasion of I have to move regulate -- okay. Feature which it was the best of -- now I don't think so now know a lot of good a lot of great note that it was okay. I was disappointed that. Got to the end known well for you guys who haven't seen it play out in the accident. I expected. To see -- -- -- and gotten expectancy. -- there. That he inherited. A. Good -- -- -- to have a tricked out -- I didn't have you wanna be at the bottom of did he bring. -- and it goes about her out well I'd. They don't -- -- I can't -- this event and Christmas classic. -- leaving Gillette Stadium yesterday a case that we pleased about the parking lot. And he's he's threat of her -- you know he's he's -- just battle -- don't -- -- -- of the energy I hear squat and had an up and coming out of that engine. You could probably thought overall as a strong how excited of bonds that are stronger sound just keep James Von I lol. -- witnessed when his motorcycle environment this. Is Hollywood this with or is there and got things and it knows both of us -- -- -- and Jack that was scary got. Motorcycle talking about it and nothing that was a month with a lot of noise I saw you that you -- trash out the window that's not read. That is not green. Mocha we'll get to all of this other -- but how out of Fallujah did you ever think the blue jays and the way. Should be embarrassed down there in in Miami how much 80% of that stadium paid by taxpayer dollars in a recession. They they go spend a fortune to get everybody excited for how you invest your tax dollars did you get the entire team right don't pay for that. Stadium resistant but this team. So. Exactly embarrass. I -- goes we go here's Joseph and did you. And I -- on Jill. I after the agreement -- on -- and open up picked up at all pending handle them that that he picked up. I think it it we -- pitching. -- that she's been horrible. Utley as. Hamilton to check out what about the pick them up. I'm really don't want -- not even a -- well off and oh yeah why not how we built our black yeah they came out but it's. -- -- just -- -- jobs might not score runs in the second -- web site and I wanna service and you're great caller iPad as well which you know sometimes our equipment. Freezes and sometimes of phones. Our garbage very difficult for the year I thought in cannot -- say that I thought I heard you say. I don't want Josh Hamilton on our team I thought maybe the equipment. Skewed what you had to say what did you say golden and say that -- -- really don't want. Josh Hamilton on the Red Sox are like -- I. I want and if you get him at the right price if you get into a five or six year deal which I think you may have to get into with with him on the archer. Pitching pitching and -- pitching about a way when you say Joseph what should be pitching pitching and more -- And that's why I'd like what -- -- crazy about race because we played art sixty games -- you do have to worry about him he's a little bit fragile. But if you put Josh Johnson on that team coming off of Tommy John. He was pretty damn good last year even though we didn't win enough games with he didn't get run support. He's in the final year of his deal the Red Sox -- -- signed him because this is the type of team where he would stay. He's the guy I want in that rotation he will have a terrific season because he's going for a contract. I I I have to agree that arm I mean don't get me wrong -- -- in the great lineup. -- heard a lot to. Our -- aren't actually our law. On I would legal the pitch and I -- that we can edit it in 08. In a raid that app at one that now aren't so I would think they don't let that be part of the championship every night. And they -- it mean the thing is that they're going to be able to trade one of those guys away whether it's shields might -- price. They're -- and then trade him to Boston. But aren't they trade one of those guys the way they can make that deal they can get themselves that back and get a Longoria hasn't been able to hold up and if you look at them. The problem they have is when he's injured any misses forty or fifty games they have problems. Text on the TT tech sciences. About James Bond movies they make and Norbert too. I should go for that out how okay. All right -- because in orbit. Eddie Murphy got to any -- He'd be attending an opinion that's all right and asked if -- so if you have Teddy Newton and nor do. I could be nor can I get it as early and yet but she was Joseph BJ's restaurant and it's hard edged up for the big show WEEI. Good afternoon bill and let's not -- I -- media player by any right now that's -- Oh yeah did you see some of the twitch -- or historical. Hysterical from the Miami players they're furious just as there are still don't think they do aren't as good player the most they have. Allow for. A if you're if you're a fan of that team and you get so excited last year when he talked about becoming a big market team. Spending a lot of money we get this beautiful stadium thank you taxpayers for helping us -- we know that you're losing your house is in Florida is the -- underwater and can't pay taxes or whatever. But you for giving us a few extra bucks so we can build -- beautiful what juries ballpark. And then oh yeah a year later Astrid. Well -- certainly well yeah it's a year later but you look at it this way I think the excitement. Excitement wore off a couple of times. The first time -- wore off -- when the manager was talking about Fidel Castro. And then it -- are big down and then it wore off when when he bill. It wasn't performing the way they thought it would perform. That it wore -- some more. In July and August when they were out of it. And I had to trade Hanley Ramirez I actually think when Ozzie went off Marco Rubio became a -- -- these games up on them. I hit a -- either lap record that would I laughed but that it was like a silence -- having any need to get your. It you want those and so yeah I was British this is not this is not -- not a -- got out of James Bond movie yeah tell me. -- There's much Providence and -- -- the Hollywood so I agree with open you know because it out but he won't get it done I don't appear more fiscally responsible. I think I can identify or get the best player I agree with Michael I mean I I see no reason why don't jump on even by the yeah -- they have the money that spent. Let me just hit it let me ask you this -- Mike is a plan when you say. Unity unity can understand him being fiscally responsible whenever what -- a paper ticket next year. Well they drug -- drug. Why don't let but we aren't figured it out but not -- the owners are are gonna raise prices always -- they tell us first W can't raise the price even if you want a championship because you're in a -- and recession. People can't get the question is there's still going out. The highest priced. Ticket in Major League Baseball -- -- gonna come back everybody -- around for Bradley beach is. Picky and it's gonna be terrific into it for you why do you think I'm gonna bite you have -- you have inside information that this is happening you seem convinced that the Red -- programs but I'm convinced -- the Red Sox will get. One and two year deals with players to carry this over for the next couple years and they will be a best a mediocre. They gave you they gave a two year deal to David Ortiz because that made sense it wasn't like they sense inmates and thirty million bucks it makes Jessica -- -- -- fourteenth when it makes sense for Bryant. -- that makes sense US and answer this question Mike and going. It makes sense this take all the money out of it does make sense to give David Ortiz hit four year contract no no -- so that's why. You're taken Ortiz contract and it was two years -- -- thinking because they gave -- or at least two years gonna give everybody else. You were three years they're gonna bring in players that are gonna it's they're gonna sign for two years one and two -- -- And one year deals are very hard to come by their very rare. You need a player like -- a couple years ago in Beltre that was tried to reinvent himself on the in the open market and he did and he got himself terrific deal. The two year deals -- what they're gonna throw out there because they're gonna they're gonna sell everybody on the fact that we're waiting for the kids and I don't you. If anybody thinks it's gonna be enjoyable might have been enjoyable for a few weeks to see some of the kids this year anybody thinks it's going to be enjoyable for two years. Playing the kids out there to lying to yourself. At at at at the highest. Prices in Major League Baseball. -- the thing I don't understand is years ago when it was you have a good Formula -- -- we've identified stars that we need bringing grinder is like a lol. And the bill Miller's and it's implicate it kind of lost sight of that this. No wait a minute hold on that was great to get the molds and and -- people like that. But they were wrapped -- -- huge hearts of their surplus will always great players and team are priced. -- wasn't a bargain guy now it was a throw in with Josh. -- and guys -- Bill Miller. The -- guys are. David Ortiz. Kevin Millar -- depart guy's record right now and you win without having the -- -- killings in a capital case. Have got to have an -- -- there after being where they get big stars -- they get -- I'm trying to tell you where you get one. You know what -- -- Josh Hamilton. Have you wanna -- you heard of tech's Michael you're talking fantasy you're talking movies you're talking -- north Darfur you realize stifle. Those things really didn't happen that was all they have computers that we can do all the special that's what was done in the US for spell Alex here. Because if you are words you want Josh. Josh Kabul. If you want Josh Hamilton what you need to do recipients that we're really willing to commit. At five years for Josh Hamilton Scottish art to be talked in the four I'd think very seriously about I try something it's not -- hospital. Here's here's this in my question I don't understand what's going on with our FaceBook page basement -- arms that WE -- people were asked which you go after Josh Hamilton. Now a guy named John junior. Jumpy junior. Says no on -- need to make Smart moves not waste money Josh Hamilton. I think Anthony Hamilton. I'd say Thomas the big camp Hamilton let's -- Josh Hamilton that's one another guy Ken says Hamilton ago. There are so much baggage with that dude. However we're always gonna get however when he's on he's one of the best hitters in baseball tonight on something out mag. Makes cents. Yes -- -- after she agrees with -- she says and snag capital scared me Mister Ed snag Napoli while they're at it it's not -- rubberized -- -- -- great it's not rocket science -- -- great -- -- -- Napoli is Napoli is one of those Michael guys that you into a team. After you got grinder to bars or restaurant -- griner in an organization where you grind where to get this done an immigrant. Johnson and I don't want to talk to I don't -- extra money say five years is the only way you're getting him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're -- what are our what are sausage yesterday. Haters gonna hate. SARS is gonna solve soft gonna -- our -- -- Elmo -- that we are we do we find out what dab in the big board we'll find out about this I would get a couple of these Texans are AT&T. Excellent AT&T forgy LTD -- throwing this out of seen it before. Are such that nothing what -- San Francisco have this past year law. Check out San Francisco's. Pitching -- you know like. Which -- pitching. Good for the game. That's what they had and that's just compare. What you saw with the giants you compare the giants' pitching staff to the Red Sox in night. I had a guy fell miserably on him this year and what's come out attending -- kind of agree with that -- in this. You don't need to be stacked. One through nine in the American you don't you don't need to be that I would start I would agree that argued that Tampa the U 27 raised their prime example what do you have to. While it is good to have pitching one thing you want to be stacked. And money this money's sitting around. Complicated you've got tons of money there's free agency. And you've got one of the best hitters in baseball. Available in free agency. It. Offer. You -- him at least you won't you won't keep haven't covered what are the market value I don't know oil market doubt -- -- right now would be five year. It might be in my because it going to be absolutely right but at this point and they maybe don't. They may be so we have to live may -- making the tires to -- I would do more than kick the tires which can master. Which the protester over Josh Hamilton tries -- Prius would you give you -- How -- -- -- I would I would guess are you gonna have to do if you want to get those type of players you will in essence over if and if you're right in it turns out to be a terrific player you're all set in the -- -- -- this thing fails miserably. You've you've you've got to wait on. Texas would give them five years. Texas has awarded him five -- of one of the Texas -- for a more -- they've got to -- all I think Nolan Ryan some of the comments he's made right to me there's more than just. The substance abuse situation with Josh Hamilton don't you get -- -- or something it's something this -- -- something going on Detroit this spent even more money. On Torii Hunter he's been -- 200 million dollars last year on I am well got that confidence by the winds of thirty million dollars a year for good player. You got money -- 3737. Years old and look at how he plays the game I played lesser risk he had a terrific -- last year. -- -- -- But is he going to do a -- and by the way that was a contract year. He gonna do the same thing as it becomes 38 are -- a player but my point is it 3039 point Nigerians. What do you think you can people and Josh are with -- -- -- competing with a -- too often with Josh Hamilton who do you think if the Red Sox are in Josh Hamilton. Did you think of like two or three teams. That they be competing -- -- -- -- guarantee they're five or six or seven -- there. MIT media -- we don't know. But I'll I'll betcha there are teams out there that. We -- the same thing lashed across the air which I'm not sail there I know prosecutors opened a market and there's no competition for Johnson and is trying to. -- out with the competition would be I'm guessing that it's not the angels. I'm guessing that is not the Dodgers. On I'm get guys I'm not out of gas and has not Toronto. There may -- Baltimore. Baltimore's that's -- that's your competition maybe. You know I I think the extra 44 million by British shores and our teams are going to get a year from now. Gives them a little bit more latitude. In in spending Somalia just don't want things and about the -- what are they going and subsequent. If this is going to be. One of these freak and -- jeers or the next two years. As we wait for the young kids you don't trust them that's what it comes down to trust to you don't trust the reds I don't to spend money and that's what it is that's that that's. Where this this is all coming from -- but. Your your lack of trust in the Red Sox. To be aggressive and create -- when we saw the second half of the season what they wore. And after that trade in a lot worse. Because you can say it was a good thing to be able to unload -- -- 62 million bucks but if you take that to 62 right now. And actually build your ball club and it is just what you wanna spend that then worked appeals. Work out trades take what are the prospects deal as part of a package and get it over at a player. That another team doesn't wanna pay anymore which is exactly what Toronto did with the Marlins the Marlins just wanted to cut their payroll. Final one of those teams take that Iran. A player that's going to be good. Josh Johnson is going to be good for Toronto. Well I don't know it -- I. Prediction right now he has a really good season. He's a good pitcher Michael who's coming back from Tommy John surgery started to show this past year that he was coming back strong he didn't get run support. And he's going into week contract year and a few other rat's -- that you acquire a guy like that. That's the type of guy that you can't hold on to for the next few years are probably isn't one year and out. Because he's going if he had a terrific year is I think he will. He's going to have options that's the type stuff you've got to do -- -- -- the rat's -- if if the public thinks of it is a good luck to. They keep the prices upon OK if they don't cut payroll. And wait for the kids can do short term contracts. With 3738. Year old or even 3435 year old players just get his body until we can't get there. If if anybody thinks that's going to be great baseball and entertaining baseball blocked. Because you're playing York's. Wasn't I don't think we're all right major market team. Why don't let us not only can nobody expects I don't think anybody expects -- what's in waiting for the kids. You know waiting for two years in just getting by what's in Boston what's the plan. If your guy and create -- -- Azteca. -- -- Johnson for five years. You don't -- painful. It might be I don't open up general manager -- all and other figure a talk show host -- -- try to guarantee that you're making like you have because you are still down on the Red Sox you have so that's not that I got out -- -- Africa opens where you just admitted you don't trust the because you don't trust the Red Sox. You think. That there is this and this is evil plan from the reds I don't think it's on the Red Sox to save money. And try to sell people on a three year that your opinion and it's ballot but if you have any proof that they actually think that what your proof. No I don't and you're right. I'm sitting here asking the question what is the point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The album -- excite you. Does does does Mike Napoli excite you now they're nice players to have them -- -- about it. No pretty -- yeah nice to have an -- they're nice players to have if you already have those pace players. I don't think they have enough of those dollars talent wise I look at the five teams in the division. And right now I can't see how they're at -- and the fifteenth talent lies in the usual Red Sox don't have any starts. Star soccer teams have starts to tell you the potential that said don't you don't think they have those players. They dollar players you don't know what kind of players. When you won in 04 and you want to know seven go look at the roster that was the reason they won in those two years they have tremendous pitching. Tremendous pitching and they had hitting they can out hit -- they -- out pitcher. That's why they wanted all 407 that's why they'd lose all of these other years that's why they haven't made the playoffs now gone on for you -- right that's the reason. Because they don't have those players.

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