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Anonymous Jets players rip Tim Tebow, Stephen A Smith melts down because of it

Nov 14, 2012|

Several NY Jets players were anonymously quoted as ripping on Tim Tebow. This put Stephen A Smith off the deep end and he rightfully put the entire Jets organization in it's place because of it. We listen to the rant, and discuss the reasons why the Jets organization is crumbling before our very eyes.

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What you throw. You know. Jim -- name you know that Bayless and foam problem because he's the greatest quarterback -- Even though you and I disagree accuser -- and to go god you guys -- in the eighties maybe one of the most overrated. Athletes I've I've ever seen in my life that last year. He might have in the most popular. Employer in the national football -- simply didn't deserve that animate this is a lot of players off it probably is pissing off. Players on the jets right now is they take a popular every Sunday. Trying to win -- -- I'm trying to win and yet all weeklong all the years Tebow Tebow Tebow Tebow so he is the most popular guy. Date constantly talk about him sucking in practice and not picking certain things up. And that every Sunday Mark Sanchez is up there and plays and Tebow and advocates it might -- understand why -- -- atop the Jetsons even estimate success suspect and is it that aren't they they had so much success since 96 inadequate. You know out disputes perish the thought. That they would actually. You know give a -- it might have been -- my right guard Mike I'm with you. I would if I with the jets right now with they're so desperate. Sanchez has no clue what he's doing right now five interceptions in the raids on the can't afford to do that the defense is not nearly as good as it was a couple of years ago. I would give Tebow starting -- because they're desperate. I don't think it's gonna make a bit different to gonna continue to lose games weather's Tebow -- Sanchez the -- But he probably is pissed off and that's while these players these -- -- -- anonymous players. -- -- Tebow you know we Sox -- -- well they probably they'll sanction such but they know the tables such do and they don't that's not the answer. And they are college you're right they should attach their name. But Stephen they all you have to do because skipped his name is just adores him keep a journal where the -- I mean much to write like him before everyone of those shows before I don't before each one of those shows he goes down you know does to keep going and people still open. He does so this is Stephen -- radio broke. And obviously this Tebow offering news is big in new products that may have called during the break and and unlike. -- -- Apparently Steve today. -- cups of coffee some does not -- it does not fall asleep during the program but this is terrific Tebow. The -- today article. In the New York Daily News. And hear from -- on not a good sources. About what Tim Tebow is. Good jets all an abomination. They got a disgrace. And it's -- not concerned the only reason and I do mean the only Reese. How might that have bought and Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano could have a job. And New York -- at the fate. Of the only -- And that is if we find out. That they won't force to. Bob Woody Johnson. To take Tim -- all. And bring him here. If this was not about what he jumped to -- this was the decision made by Mike Tenet all but reds Roy and Betty heat too well. -- -- This is the fact it's different -- disgrace that they have nothing. Resembling a professional help what team are perfect in my body and nothing. Did not shock. Hillary. And talking about how they speak at the football team are talking about how they speak of an organization. About the only damn thing good about this team right now in the public relations department. About it and didn't even -- how good they. Don't know anybody right now anybody. Any day agreed anybody associated would gang green is a disgrace. They're -- a joke. Because Booth kind of stuff right year. Speaks volumes about who they are at character individual. He's barely getting any playing time whatsoever. Why would you pick this got a land based. To do so publicly and anonymously. It's disgraceful and it's weak and it shows you how chaotic this place in it tries to be ashamed of it up. Picked out at a bit more ashamed of Rex Ryan. Then I met tonight and today. You'll come out and have a press conference in the aftermath of the story and you would talk about Tim Tebow with the pump protect what you actually said that would strengthen its. Yeah actually said that what is great -- talk about his contribution to -- -- actually got the eggs are. Why did god with the star quarterback any NFL matchup who went -- -- full. Won a playoff game -- the Pittsburgh steel it. Just thought I did the rival what the New York Jets but talking about the ability to pop protected do you have any idea how embarrass think that is. -- why I'm embarrassed Rex Ryan. Actually that illustrate it like a thought that we should take seriously like we should look at him you would any degree a breath back. I did this out of it about its members of the and the Panama where would you -- -- -- get -- rough but if it that might want that it didn't need more weapons -- at the billable took a look at. -- -- Rex Ryan made. Lot of people put -- slated to ignore it op Ed in the offseason where. How would you pick you -- might and a -- and get the hi. I do. My tether ball at the red carpet at the docket to the media. They. Can't get them someplace. I can't additional out of Michael Kay show yeah where it's that fun like -- a -- -- does not get died. Hi go back to be in a -- biologists. -- that -- to run a damp Red Sox. Have put out. And it is on his watch. Allow -- trying to bring Tony Sparano when he. What it allowed everybody to blame Brian Brian -- the last two years want that allowed him to ought to come on its roster assuming you were not forced. While Woody Johnson to do so. Because the thought that concern Ryan it's the only reason. The week while Rex Ryan. And my tenant wants to have their jobs in New York City after the season. Is chaos. Discipline year. An organization. I want to do it around a bit and -- Any kind of -- it's what the that's what it did. About a bright. Not reduced MIA a lot of what I what I -- right now. About a bright -- -- ridiculous. -- -- Have allowed during this -- -- a team that has not bid to the Super Bowl let alone won one since 9869. There have done nothing but a line. From a real football team would win football credentials. And the famed stadium they play in. This team has managed to get worse in even further embarrass itself. More than it has in the past. Rex Ryan Sidney you're talking about puck protection. As the reason why you wanted Tim Tebow here in -- where it would protect lives and basic common sense to own and Zach Arnold intelligence. But you know something he expose themselves to use it because if you port Tim Tebow when he hit -- protect. Was it worked all of this. They should be ashamed of themselves. This year it cost them the -- -- of New Yorkers what they are a war breaking piece of embarrassment. It's. A -- regret. Cleaned up as. We -- -- -- the some more. And producers of the producers and producers may have. Editing from. Happening yeah. Am I on -- adds it's even dangerous -- tutelage. Of discipline. It'll just kind of -- -- it wanted to. -- They are totally dysfunctional put you don't want and you keep on denying this denying it denying it. The Osce was right at the beginning of the season this is a marketing deal. Where Woody Johnson just wanted to try to get a little -- little PR little attention away from the giants. If right now. The coaching staff thought that Tebow was part of that team. They would have -- gear as the quarterback they don't there resisting and I will guarantee India and that story will come out. That Rex Ryan coaching staff didn't want him -- this was. Wholly fabricated by the older. All the owners well. Yes the only -- me because -- -- gonna grab the attention because like some other people. All captured by the hole like your attempt to start in the national. Concern that people didn't know it will serve. Few people quite a few people most popular and he -- -- felt much popular but nobody thought -- was. The biggest star. I don't it's -- enough. I don't you know again I told this about Tebow this is why. I like Tim -- He handled. He handled all the criticism. Last year you criticized last year as a starting all quarterbacks -- two people all of them. You got everybody you are never I'm people are leveraged. Less than you and Brian Urlacher after a loss. The Broncos. We got beat by our running back. On a ball -- say it was that it's a respect I have a lot of respect for Brian Urlacher I'm glad he notices me he never took credit for any of the success. He did take credit for the turn our personalities that are committed five he had an exceptional -- five people like him. So half the people liked him because of is his religious leanings are part and I didn't go down that road across Cuba Rex Ryan thinks he quarterback -- a football team I'm just telling you. And people like to master for different reasons. Maybe even more than half the people like him because he's -- very devout Christian. That's not the reason. I'd like Tim Tebow. Like the way he handled his business last it was refreshing. To see a guy with some humility I am eight in -- professional sports and he was a guy who didn't always look great for three quarters. And a fourth quarter made a bunch of plays got repayment of the playoffs. That was pretty good people bought in two guys that they thought I didn't think he was stopped by a quarterback in the league thought he was -- war in BP ability. Thought he was exactly what you said. Humble guy. Who could deal with all of this stuff so well never let anybody somebody was gonna criticize him. He was gonna say I still love you towards delusion -- you wonderful right. And he ended when he was sick people sick you know line. I don't care he was wonderful -- -- all of that stuff is accurate. But the jets brought him in because Woody Johnson thought that he was going to get a stall. And the coaching staff knew that the kid couldn't play that position quarterback they're using it where they think he comply because. The team is so bad and the quarterback is the worst quarterback in the National Football League they're starting quarterback. How was he ball is not playing quarterback coaching staff doesn't believing about and I think Stephen is on something. Why you always anonymous murmurs from the other players who didn't get pissed off that he's getting the attention and guess what it'll get away with -- there's Rex is not gonna get this profit up -- Rex feels the exact same way the players feel Tebow can't quarterback wants. My teammates feel that way about accused pissed off that they went off the record talking about a teammate you can feel that way you can talk about it. In the halls in the meeting rooms. You can talk about it. Pre game post game block or whatever as long as in not telling a reporter from the New York Daily News. I feel about it I'm sure Rex doesn't think he's the best option quarterback because it -- so that way. Nine games into the season we would have seen Tim Tebow a lot more than we have so yeah I think Rex agree with the sentiment that he's not a great quarterback but the larger issue is. These haters these insecure. New York Jets. Decide that they need to say something about the backup quarterback because what they're not getting enough attention cares about cool you're you're about credit you're on a winning team.

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