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The Big O wants radio to be commercial free!

Nov 14, 2012|

And apparently pay free? No? Ohhh... he wants commercials to be replaced by product placement and strategic plugs. This upload brought to you by the fine folks at Town Fair Tire!

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I don't know one more thing to say about Steven -- because he did something that that we hear often in -- in headphones. And that is take a break take a break here from the -- and jump on Bennett and I -- not been handy right. What -- fifth. About a bright I don't adhere to the call all the time of taken a break on time and not reduced -- -- -- what -- can't right now. And I feel assembly and Andy I love you but I don't always wanna hear about it. But I about a break I have a solution for all -- -- ridiculous I mean this management offering now I mean there's a lot of people but I'm telling you right now. This is the future. Okay this is the future of -- I'm gonna bring to soccer then can relate. Isn't soccer when you watch a game entered to run commercials this with nickel product placement amateur and all in everybody stays. I think. That we're making huge mistake with these these programs. Because all the break does sometimes. It is while people may be to do something going to match those with -- maybe during the listening to I don't know what did. I like to find out how much. I think we should. We should incorporate all of the sponsor's product placement within our show for example right now what am -- doing I'm drinking a cup of Dunkin' Donuts cup. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We continue to talk about. And it would it'd have far more influence. On the list erupted knowing that week or sit here drinking -- in the middle of a shell. You could sit there and maybe say hey I gotta make AT&T call with my brand new AT&T forgy LTE -- the whole record you could. The middle Alicia did show we don't call it audience doesn't go -- they -- it was called for example she went. When you get -- -- appears the and the evidence we -- that we could crack that glass we. A giant glass come down and fix it why -- you -- -- This is kind of like stick with Sharma. -- -- -- That's -- really shocked how many jobs it it did to anybody -- can look at what has more impact it has an impact -- in the middle. Of the game I mean we already did it. I retired early we talked the budget should go and I were Toyota -- yourself what was great reasons that might -- a go to a direct shot up in addition to -- apria didn't know Bubba who had -- undergraduate -- -- Maybe it works I mean we just a commercially distribute to a commercial for for mylan. More are we could take the next phone call. -- from from -- And while he's on the phone we -- refinance his mortgage at the same what would when he actual should that would have a bigger. And it Michaels is back the next as a lot of them and it was meant as possible but it does it which. And they -- closing costs were were mentally this is humble you read Ord where Israel was brought you by -- I am telling you arched. Even has got it right why do we have to take this --

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