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Andrew Bailey, Red Sox P, on the Jays-Marlins trade

Nov 14, 2012|

Andrew Bailey, Red Sox closer, joins Mut and Lou to talk about new manager John Farrell and life in the offseason. After an unfortunate injury that cut last season short for Bailey, he looks forward to getting back to work and becoming an influential Red Sox pitcher, regardless of what role coaches place him in. The Red Sox closer also comments on the recent Jays-Marlins trade and what it means for the AL East and the Red Sox remaining payroll, as well as if there were any communication problems between Valentine and the bull pen last season.

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Fourth and final hours Butler -- -- -- three point seven WEEI. Catch up until 2 o'clock o'clock that Tommy current in a little bit out the patriot matters but that a great event. Not happening this weekend a fifth annual first pitch gala. Craig Breslow and Red Sox closer Andrew Bailey a big part of detail how you get involved and Andrew -- -- -- the join us here. On the AT&T hotline during the baseball hot stove season manager Mike Lowell to Boston how -- you. -- an area where were good your division all the sudden picked up some business last night with the blue jays what the hell's going on there. Yeah I met the big trade I'm you know they if -- organization and good sale -- some you know -- -- get it back to spring training and get back to work. They got a new manager this year John Ferrell and a lot of guys that have been of late for him in the past and all the pitching coaches we all know have you heard anything we talked the other players but we knew what to expect -- -- -- Yeah I mean I talk talk the -- and when he first got hired him to call -- kind of introduce himself or the and then you know we had a good conversation and yeah I just thought -- was -- -- guys you know they love them when you're pitching coaches of the work ethic and you know look I went about business so yeah I think in general the guys that I had him. You know as a at the pitching coach you know these guys you know that our position players we'll have that respect for him you know how to coach him. I think that that the great asset to have -- in the spring training where. You know some players don't right now but. Already had a core group of guys. For the Red -- And that strong respect for him. You know going in this in the camp. You know when -- more drugs in my Kabila's went to Toronto eventually -- in the Cleveland but there wasn't his best -- about the story that. Your name was mentioned as possible compensation as you hear any of that. I I briefly saw my wife told me about that it -- days after the trade I -- that. That's been staying at all all these options you really can't. Like you worry about that. You know you got your business get ready for her spring training in the upcoming season that. You know whatever happens happens but yeah I love I love them go to Boston Red Sox uniform idea. I know personally I got to make up for my lost I'm last year what import just kind of getting back -- there who I am in and not having any how long vacation during the season. Yeah and at that before we get to that just to follow up -- the John Ferrell conversation he said on the state and came on and talked about. You know that the he said if your healthy he -- she was the closer next -- is that the conversation you guys have a need to talk to John. I -- it and that job description. You know I had its. As you know ever since I've been in the big leagues I mean I really don't negate it for granted I mean I feel that. I have the mentality -- because there and and stuff to be a closer but it's. You know the organization of the coaches that heals differently then you know I'm not a good point about what poem and I mean I'm not a now you know the numbers or anything so I just wanna win. Unfortunately I don't want in my career yet and that's something I'm dying to do so whatever role they see fit but knowing that. Hey I want the job I'm cable bill -- the job and -- -- If it is even necessary then then a bit but as as far as right now I that's that's my might take -- Yeah outside the -- at my job. -- and Andrew Bailey Red Sox closer and into we talked do you. Last off season and -- how important was to have that full. Offseason to work out it's a really hadn't done in the past than you did and you get this fluke injury here in spring training out of the year was it for each consider almost. It lost you're just did not dent on the baseball against the yen. Yeah. It's definitely frustrate me at first -- mean you know you spend. You spend policies and work hard it get ready. You know -- first for spring training and -- a -- start a -- organization and definitely not the the first appearance or what and they didn't and I mean I think I think everybody. -- But to look at last year I think. You know -- -- kind of turn the page on that on him and you know everyone's focus for it and just say you know it. 2012 was it was a bit -- together for everyone. You know and and let's get back to work in and start focusing on the future and bring a World Series back Austin. I doubt in my mind that is now I mean. And something and the program but. Nothing that can prevent the -- some injury you know I mean you really can't really can't. Prepare for those things than you know for me it's just about staying healthy that always there. You know football season and and that doing -- -- -- Did -- You know if we look at small sample last year couple hiccups there couple -- statement. Overall I was wondering you know did it did the injury did it take longer -- give back than you thought we did come back did you feel like you a 100% interest kind of just get back on the field. Yet you know I was -- comeback. You know I wouldn't allow myself to do that others. Ya I wanna be out there and they get to the opposite Lester that -- not want to -- so. You know. It's it's all about -- important and lectures I mean you know -- spoke. Everyday I wake up we go work out get ready for the season I mean that. You know a couple of less that -- -- a -- heart and in my head and it's really what keeps you motivated you -- -- and so. You know. Not not saying that you sit there and dwell on it but -- -- got a lot of -- steaks and you know I learned that hey I need to. I need to get the job done better and you know it's I echoes into Denver and at the end of the day so. Just focusing on that and prepare myself for her for a long season mean you know there's a drive by I think I think that everyone. You are excited about going in the season and now we all understand that. An officer in the organization book with a competitive and winning team on the field and a that you do that last year. You know the good players myself included -- mean. We also short drastically -- expectations and you know we had to deal with the other repercussions of that. It seemed like the communication might have been an issue last year and a team with -- with Bobby with you know Alfred it was Davis Cup that blow up that one night reading at the call for the Saban wondering. Was communicated to you or to Alfredo that that you were then gonna gonna -- their closer role at all. I'm not mean it was a I don't know I remember the situation I mean you know whatever the roles are. Kind of what I do it and yeah I think Alfredo a couple days in a -- -- I think just looking at the raw numbers. You know -- -- probably not they talk to him or not but. You know that's that's really not my job discuss that was then and you know but I I'm all ready to go whenever -- there that -- -- -- so whatever happens it is so that's when you're gone so. In the aftermath of the season Andrew people that some players -- -- talked about you know from. That's about one person specifically from top to bottom communication was an issue and your deal of rehab and trying to come back and eventually you pitched there at the end. Is that a fair thing to say that the communication at some level was an issue with this Red Sox team in 2012. I mean I think everyone approaches that are they're done differently. You know at some guys you know I don't know. I don't know I wasn't really there the whole season I was in Florida a lot. The Albert get indices and I mean you have for me. You know I knew what my job was going into the day and and I think. You know the only the only aspect truly care about is well. The manager handled the bullpen and we were unit down there we have to work together if there's a guy down for a day he's got to know written. -- outside you'd think that. You know looking back I mean we always had discussions as you know we would -- -- body put our guys in the position to succeed down there that's all -- out. You dealt from that Oakland team and they go on and and make it public an unbelievable run and -- -- I must say it's nearly a drug to Sydney did you see that it that roster did you see that could possibly come to fruition. I mean hey Billy -- drinking and he's very Smart guy. Actually I think that. You know trades. Let the off season. Really I don't know if they were planning on a mover or what they're planning on from Oakland but I think that they're trying to compete you know. Now you know next year the year to act in and you know sometimes at the start line up correctly and they had a young team that. Didn't know any better and I mean it's it's it's it's. You know I have unfortunately and experiences in my life my career. It's something that I'm -- the Dubai. -- just optimists some of the guys on that teens are not stretches you know. -- to have on their young team and I didn't know any better and you have. Five rookie starters -- in the playoffs and all that stuff is just it straight in and you regalia take a look at us the people's expectations and and it's incumbent on all 9596. When he's -- then yeah I'll -- you still got to put it gains in and you know that being today. You looked at it you would have you know ended up the playoff spot. But bottom line is players have to go out there want. -- they -- -- and we didn't and you know inaction in this season and and everyone on our roster. You know it's taken apart. Four talked about this great event happening this weekend now I would just look back on East Coast guy you do what -- he do that attention on the Red Sox. Anything here in year one Andrew surprise you about your at soccer experience. Not at all I mean. You know IE I think everybody as an organization and guys on team. Wanna win I mean acting. You know I think -- -- said a couple times news you know we felt sort of that -- and yes that would be the only thing is it is there's a rich history and ball didn't the -- based deserves a championship deserves a winning team. Everyone knows that I think I think with the opposite during the course this season. You know the ball. They they kind of saw that in their starting that built for this year and you know they they -- up a lot of money I don't know you know what kind of music maker or whatever by. But -- -- as a player -- confident that you know they're gonna put a winning team on the field and and a team. That they're confident that you know we can also be competent. This event this weekend in the it's the first pitch gala the fifth. Annual first pitch celebrity -- gonna take place right there at Stamford Connecticut all to benefit. Up pediatric cancer research tells about this event and what's gonna go down here on a Saturday. Yeah it's and benefit strictly on -- which is a charity that my teammate -- -- start in 2008. The jump on board and you know this is -- that this has been your project Hewlett. That's in November and you know there's so it's sold out right now I think he I'd actually just talked on the before have you been to the 600 people signed up -- -- loss. -- so it's it's a great event we have Matt Nathanson common performing and couple big leaguers from from various scenes and you know Peter Gammons I think it's coming down in ritual -- down -- should be there and so there's at least -- and support as well and just a significant event. Effort great charity we're looking forward to potentially doing some things. Next season. Yeah level local board meeting this winner but. You know we're looking forward there's men and in Boston get back to community in the choked out of that area and yes so hopefully that's a Rihanna but for this event. You know the -- 600 people a great time. You know tickets are sold out but he console goes to strictly foundation dot org. Two make a donation and then take a look at our commute got. It is a great cause and is -- says tickets sold out for this weekend's event but strike three foundation dot org strike three. Foundation dot com excuse me the website that Greg company set up there and I noticed John McDonald. Is going to be there wanna lose favorites John McDonald's is going to be Jerry Blevins also by the way good good good adamant that the cold cynical excellent play with a lights out -- -- so it is it dot org or dot com or get the website right. Or -- target is that the web site and you know it's that it taught me to return and out of the box from them some events in the you know around Oakland did -- You know one basic stuff up there and London it is not. Because maybe you bought some of the super tight stops so you know you'll love lamenting the you know but I'm upset about -- and I like -- -- yeah. It sent us -- stay healthy he and jumped into our program a little bit -- how we do that in. Getting in memory -- -- eight billion. If it to balls -- -- guys these helped us let us know Andrew we complied -- take advantage of that sounds good does not strike three foundation dot org great event this weekend. And your Bailey Red Sox -- -- and you thank you so much past the luck with the event this week you'll talk to you soon. There -- -- Andrew Bailey joining us on the AT&T hotline eight.

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