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Tom E Curran, CSNNE, Colts won't score more than 17

Nov 14, 2012|

Tom Curran joins Mut and Merloni to preview the Pats Colts game. He also discusses the Pats defense and if the assistant coaches are comfortable enough to confront Belichick.

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And then. And. Slow lots means Tommy ran nine joins us every single week this time though brought to you by Tom and west well is there doctor. The great doctor Robert Leonard holed 1800 get there get hair and a trail also mentioned that his team on eight there. And it's obvious fatale who took it to access to top you earn somebody a hundred dollar gift card to the obvious this week and you are the highest scoring team -- the week and obvious. To -- the fourth time that's happened much. Fourth time you've won the -- -- -- but the port 10 -- coming up dominant digital what is it about bench. Gaining haven't freak and dole. Pick them up a couple weeks ago which got close to around being questionable I have in the in reserve. With a sweet deal you call me up -- lap. It's a good for your remaining crush that's you have you may crush and Danny Amendola we all know that. It was the I wanna start with. -- news and the colts you know about the Davis out again coldly cleaner out again but I think all the news really run Andrew Luck Bill Belichick -- I'm guessing. He's already got him and all fame. Part pretty accurate. Up at the interesting thing is you know he does that a person to over waiting rookies that he is. You'll buried. Commanding of all the things that Andrew Luck is common in the efficiency that he plays were particularly -- -- think we're gonna see this week. Is the fact that. The colts are identically. The offensive. Patriots face the Pittsburgh over all these years because it's preparing him who's the offensive coordinator don't want -- -- offensive coordinator with Pittsburgh not interpret coach not -- coordinator. In the Indianapolis so we're gonna see as those pictures and say we're gonna see Reggie Wayne. Basically behind ward rule. And all those things and I think that immediately think its outlook and it consists and so much stiff from the and Ben Roethlisberger -- We saw him go up against a rookie quarterback early this year today Bill Belichick defense Russell Wilson put up a 133 point seven. Quarterback rating I think it's it's it's fun to say that a Belichick goes up against rookies dot com and just dominates but is that. Did the stats back that up if you go back to when he started with the patriots just as simple as roll up the football rookie quarterback and you're gonna fail against a Bill Belichick defense. No I think the Bill Belichick but -- -- on a player market figured I would want operating get we get better. I. Belichick was seen in New York for it could take a tablet that put the other player Bill Belichick liked it a bend but don't break defense that will eventually get a guys grow into a mistake. And it didn't happen Russell Wilson. It did happen when Bryant it's Patrick. But still ranked Patrick is not a young quarterback Greg -- will probably see more of the same I don't think you're gonna see a lot of attack in disguising. And you know computing measures done to -- Andrew Luck because I don't think it will all do it I'll think locally -- confused -- -- wait for the mistake. Go to Italy comes back the knowing the patriots and in this. Couple that always looking at a guess -- say just from one graduate of the -- -- thrown Monica like Donnie Avery and double Reggie Wayne com -- see them going about -- in this guy. -- to be athletic ability to accept but this can't destruct through proper Lila. A patriots went -- realize that we were. Taking the dollar here previous to all the access to players in the locker room and it and number of things can be -- different for the key to leave as opposed any of the patriot that a quarter of quote shut down corners it's. That he -- like to be physical 61 tool but -- go civilly. To Iowa now of -- -- and will put into the guy that you consider shut -- corner. He didn't excel in playing any type of press op approach and neither that before he thought. Quick enough oral fluid enough feel like hypocrites corporate hit camp and -- old monopoly and Alec -- that we might be different corner. In terms of skill set that we've seen over the last. You know really -- 2006. In terms of when they do put him in there Tom and how -- in the court he played as your opinion changed at all about what they should do. -- according to Chatham we talked to him yesterday he thinks according put him one quarter -- to leave at the other and roll with you guys back there at safety I don't know I thought according look. Again pretty good that safety position. I think the more time according spent in the middle of the field the more positively he can impact. Players who would be otherwise overmatched and you know we've seen -- basically from Patrick child. And Steve Gregory. That are either lacking in instinct and turn them -- child and a -- a technicality in the instance of Steve Gregory and I think that -- tobacco communication Yeltsin athletically and -- but the fact that chances were built on that that are on the outside. It talks emotional and look at this office of her daughter whoever realized that there is Butler was named AFC defensive player of the week. Okay it's. A long long overdue -- go to go up against them but Indianapolis defense. You know it's. -- where they stick up is I still look at this patriots team that gulp gets bad defense to put appoints a win games. And did and they are bad except I mean. You talk about creating yet occur if this if you rape as a defensive player of the week in the AFC is not a team. Urban conflict in the -- to Jacksonville Jaguars the week before this should be an investigation. But Eric Butler had a nice game over the picks were jumping routes from biplane -- because it -- terrified the little ball what do they get on the field get bill. So good cricket but this is still a fairly -- at Indianapolis defense but the interesting thing -- put serious talk doesn't vote. This morning on the conference call is. That they will have. Dwight Freeney. Robert Mathis incorporate all of us feel the same time the error and spoke their mind and thought well -- -- -- -- is going to. Basically it'd be has with a -- or -- and has been adopted by Indianapolis. It's the ravens defense that -- -- adopted by Indianapolis at that record -- -- the battle. Came from what you don't have or you're not -- they've read real close so not look exactly the same but -- same general -- In terms of the Patriots defense are you part of that group that says that the coaching staff is as much to blame Tom as the talent on the field for. It is setback against buffalo and the biweekly given up born and 81 yards and 351 downs and that 37373731. Went. You know what -- hit a -- -- Kabul. That's what they are. But what they've been for a benign -- that he's made. A competent game. Against Tennessee and competent game against the -- note that packet what they do so -- coach's fault -- electric that night. Pointed out all I met the person -- communication skills and ability report. He hadn't done anything at him that this. He's been I get that spoke this week -- to say it was so what Matt Patricia but I think it's been a glaring deficiency. Since he did. You know beating back the last -- -- you kind of starting to to assume all of the responsibility that could be -- left. So yeah -- -- on what you that the child support that your player. Who can't help himself by heating up at the safety position. On. You know stretch plays it and reverses. And things like that you're not gonna make clear line of scrimmage. Where you go. It continues to do. We get somebody -- definitely not coaching it -- -- to help keep the -- -- article on the player but I don't understand how it's stupid or is his career goes the law. Yeah I got Ellison guy you often talk to a lot says Jimmy's and Joe's an awful lot but. I've product to believe that the -- -- the worst ones in the NFL the last three years consistently and that's. What this defense has been nothing to this -- that did this team Buffett the trustee aggressiveness of the lack of it this in the pass rush. They got a pretty decent front seven again -- -- still continually just don't -- pressure on the quarterback. What can we talk about the coaching like I -- -- on the pressure on the quarterback but you're our next six point two do we send somebody extra. And take our chances would get beat on the field they still are though. Correct. What do we -- people back and hope they don't. So -- your -- that in between stage and I think that -- last week. A player. But haven't we seen enough all of the other way of sitting back in and just try let them make mistakes and a lot of quarterbacks will -- Good god -- change it up. I don't I don't disagree with you and look. Buffalo is real people won it here. It is completely. Different animal. In Indianapolis or saint -- current -- bear -- and talented. No we want -- pyrrhic victory at six and nobody wants the year -- they have won since 2000 appear. But offensively. They have experience that. Think that could players they know the patriots inside and out and they are not in the patriot and however in the patriots in -- I. Indianapolis is not McLemore at seventeen point this week. Disable it same thing on the threat of what they've got a good defense of this and a buffalo. Is horrendous matchup for the -- a lot of levels. -- let let me. Look I wanna before we let you go here I'll let you finish your -- on buffalo go ahead. Not -- exactly -- and and I had to go to 2009 at the end of the season ticket that in particular that they have the wherewithal wickedly quick got you in that article so. I still don't think they've built because all of that particular quote what was delicate before he won championships every single -- here now. -- a prime -- -- at the drop. Came to the patriots after bill Belichick's genius was repealed or. People OK so pertinent he was goats or Guam before it was quote on quote genius that's what you could get pushed back and on the album art. I think that these guys are such opposite. That nobody could receive a bill that is a bad idea. And is it -- what an actual ability. Plays into it but surrounded himself with a lot of directly -- -- -- -- form in given all these putts a holiday no pepper -- independent thought. A 25 cents in the Tom -- machine on Tim Tebow what you thought before the year how the jets abused him in the mess that I believe their in right now. When you look what do you of the greatest concern as a quarterback position in the tender psyche. Of Mark Sanchez an annual import. A walking. Talking. Sensation. That dominates at my irons into them. Greatest. Sensationalist. Media. Empire in the country hope -- -- ever have gone in the differently. Absolutely Celtics tomorrow quick slats regularly scheduled time. Yet quickly it will be at the rigorous schedule -- at 7 o'clock we have thought he doesn't. Our guest on national -- up from of the delegates. -- -- -- dots in the jets as well that's how the jets as well early jets and just get out of the way thinks they're also contributed. To. Are the people that we -- Probably you thought played all got to Guinness I hope I am a showdown. Period -- even bill alternate side. -- there is Tommy current joining us on the -- hotline of course Tom brought do you by Tom and Wes Welker haired doctor. Doctor Robert letter call 1800. Get to get fair. Quick break come back big shows a two sport tree.

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