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Heath Evans, Pats Former FB, says Jets are a bunch of “losers”

Nov 14, 2012|

Heath Evans joins Mut and Lou to talk about the Patriots defense in preparation for a game against Andrew Luck and the Colts. He also talks about the constant circus revolving around Rex Ryan, Tim Tebow, and the Jets. Evans hit on what Talib will encounter in practice this week leading up to his first game in a Patriots uniform and what chances this Pats defense has at a Super bowl with him on the team as well.

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Lunchtime -- model -- not a three point seven WEE I've been entirely too long we talked to our good friend from the NFL network nfl.com. Heath Evans former patriot saint played everywhere now breaks down the games for -- A ton on TV he joins us here on the AT&T hotline he's not -- how -- you. Good to get -- talk some football now that the conversation here locally has been. He's about defense and Louis Louis has been adamant that this team has to blitz or you could put into words for me. As a guy who was -- low pressure on -- wants to put more pressure on the quarterback guiding the Belichick is so scared about his secondary that he won't send. A lot of up pressure just explained to us as someone it was his casket sometimes with that protect the quarterback and stay in against the blitzing linebacker blitzing -- your defensive band. How much difference it is when there is pressure verses. You sort of know what team is not gonna blitz a lot over the course -- sixty minutes. Well I mean. The philosophy is you go by the -- and -- by the bullets and we've seen -- smile at my former team live by and play extremely well and give Drew Brees actual possession because of turnovers that are forced because of -- -- then. You know we've seen that they've put pressure cost them the divisional round game last year were saying brand new Greg Williams go and that's -- everybody banded up across the board and obviously you get beaten you know Drew Brees and -- scored 32 point speaks still looms on the road -- divisional round so. That's the field factor then obviously the back in the well this Patriots defense. Before Aqib Talib. It was pretty doggone scared and I think that is kind of you expect as we get a little help market Aqib Talib. What is bill will you do with -- it Aqib -- really willing to submit to the authority of -- Brian what bill fell on because it is -- telling you this kid here could be game changer for them back together it'll get Leo bill and so many ways. And Matt Patricia to do so many different things but. I kind of agree with the pressure scenario you've got Tom Brady or you've got to do get -- one extra possession game and that with bill and his creative mind I know good well. That pressure quarterback. -- you're gonna find a way to give number twelve an extra possession either through extra form or another turnover which obviously the defense is doing great to what thirteen probably forced and recovered. You know we're going into week eleven the wind got that mind boggling and he had another ten interceptions. The truth is though you look at the numbers to break all down there to kind of get out of the scary factor look at -- team. In this year's team the one differences this year -- can't run the ball. A lot lot better the defense of number two point about the same turn over -- better than last year they stop the run extremely well. My body is you're a much better position right here right now than you were last year only because Joseph Daniels has got to put in this new -- style. They get it done really both sides of at all -- ball. Running and passing and that makes him a lot better. Yeah I think -- balance of that potentially defense -- that has more talent they've always seeing -- of -- beat Tom Brady only put pressure on this guy. And they still lead the league twenty plus place on guard to. Also they get beat by forty points from god to go with. Well that's the I agree especially hope against Brady but they're vacant. -- quarterbacks I think look a lot better than they are enemy is with -- all the numbers. The -- can make every quarterback looked like Tom Brady now the -- gets a guy like Andrew Luck this week. A rookie very impressive has taken his team was 63 -- -- anybody. Saw this won't come and -- What do you CD's you're -- seized the potential just through the roof to discuss. I mean obviously we feel a lot more amused -- as much. -- -- this guy got I would kind of on the back into the united kind of stay away from I've spent a lot of time. Look at cameo in hyping him up and I told everyone that he'd be better than our people either love laughter and of course when the season started. You know people yeah you -- well okay we're gonna feel over the course of the next couple years. The progression ability of any notebook is it's scary to me. I was just a normal look -- at -- not yet know probably not even really close from getting to the nitty gritty. What you love about these two quarterbacks is you see them often stick with the reinforce sometimes spit in their progression you never ever ever. He's got out of RG three and with a -- Honestly would most impressive to me is the way this guy will take a huge shot and I mean a big shot they have the pocket. Complete the pass that they get right back up the next play -- strike on the field like nothing ever faced a or he makes a huge mistake it's just so opposite of what he normally does. And it's like he just forget that it's no big deal like that it'll never happen in the next play he just make him some while back to play. In and that is. For any player I don't care for the belief in the Brady in the Rogers does the Manning stepped up to do both for a rookie. It's it's special what he's doing and how good he's making his -- but the blonde looked. It's Peyton Manning it's it's scary. I Heath Evans joining us now imagine to lead the new look -- secondary they'll play against Andrew Luck. You also mention him buying in what do you mean by that -- receipt to -- -- to body and at that position by -- what bill selling him at the quarterback spot. Well with today's Wednesday -- -- it by no bill and -- -- -- bill hadn't changed. He probably ask people to be there at 545 or 6 AM this morning in -- probably gonna spend an hour hour and a half with him just so. In probably all day yesterday on the players' day off. If I was guessing there was probably at least a couple strong powers -- and -- together one on one. Diving into it and not the playbook but the philosophy the philosophy of of BB. Wonder if stop process why he does what he does and it allowed up player really to try to. Digest everything that the grand scheme not just open -- would like do this very place but what makes you great can build off sensibilities of the -- special teams is. Okay where is everyone doing around me and why do my job right here what might be coached why it is so specific that I do that very same thing. And that was what allowed me to play at a much higher level in the -- and I'd never been coached like that I'd never been demanded to know what was going on around me. And that really sets you free when you know who would what you -- what you're supposed to do what every single down. The truth of the matter is it's very difficult period a lot of study economy and create -- If self sacrificial team first mentality. To say OK okay I'm not just come into work from eight to five I'm going to be here maybe from 630 -- 730. And that's what the patriots always have. And that's just what you've never truly know you're gonna get into the guy gives him how to hit the structure setup for bill. And we CP by them or not we've seen the majority guys they buy -- to do with the right way they have great success. And the people that -- say OK I know better than you Bill Belichick even though you've got three rings and five Super Bowls in the last decade. I would do my way they fail they kick him out. It's I don't know how big of a knucklehead this guy is but it does seem. That if he was the coming here as bad as the secondary has been you know it's his last final year of his deal being a free agent this off season in the secondary turns it around. A lot of people to be given him a ton of credit -- more credit that he deserves but it's gonna put him -- a good position you mean you think that that be the mentality correct. Absolutely it is that the -- Smart. He's gonna love -- bill do complete overhaul on his wife and his football ability. He's gonna become a superstar -- down the back in the backstretch of the season. And then you've got signed for a little bit less money would build weakened state here will be successful or -- these. It will probably a few great success out of the mud that this kid if we could -- -- now the Tampa and safely lined up we knew just stay away from them drew detestable little victory -- -- bit -- discipline. We talk about -- work and it speaks to just wall ability to give NAFTA but it's it's it's. It's good it's scary good. But the truth is we'll probably see a ball out be greeted. They -- full -- and what other teams will probably go somewhere else and -- I hope that doesn't happen. Is probably what will happen. Just summed up what happened a lot of people here. We just don't know I don't look the other been blown out might be actually played decent ball but you know. You say becomes an -- plays well is he is a good enough is he an impact player enough where you elevate. Their chances he -- does -- -- play well at their chances to get back and win a Super Bowl. Yeah no definitely is obviously I'd put it to sound bad but you look at this team we got -- spoke about it earlier. It's it's. That can run the ball so much better tell the giants beat them on the game management clock management. There's an aspect to run the cause of running the ball in the exploited so much better this team can still stop the run. This team right now without Aqib Talib is better equipped. To win the Super Bowl this year. You bring -- and it plays well it is well I think he can be and that is -- shut down man in the quarter. I didn't think it gives bill. The opportunity. Potentially different things that will free up other players and so. This is a huge addition. The big but with a big and is Wilbur got by him and that's only up to him. It let me ask you this about the NFL and -- the steroid issue because the pictures now keep -- coming up suspension and NPD's they should there -- -- because everybody apparently just federal. Brandon Spikes and Brandon Bolden now it at three guys on this roster of Boston the last couple of years. Who currently. -- vocal about the right way or should we know exactly. What these guys get caught for. Well you review have you talked -- the right guy because here's the thing that'll that'll I had the paperwork filed with the patriots had a thousand deflate the world he talks. By a after myself we're quite schools basically forking out I was actually trying to study and read dueling fools who rightly decided that I had all kinds of different small learning disorders. And so I got a little problem ruined my grades -- for these these these these overnight. So that the people -- filed yet it is the hassle but you know put yourself in the league should they wanna know. Okay what are our players taking why are they taking it are they cracking up the riddler and -- it -- what are -- doing so. Yeah -- apple to file that paperwork but it's very personal with Seattle home redolent. If you get the players get -- -- that stuff they're just stupid you know what it's their fault they should be suspended four games this will be adult. Now particular -- all this media you're to reform we've security you know. It's not that difficult the other stuff. I'm that you got to get -- but the guy gets busted for steroids. A one and only got busted for a true before they have to drug if you put a little on their. Let's -- Ritalin. He's -- -- I was no will be on the football field redolent that would make some monster so. Do I wanna know what -- ticket. In terms of the quarterback position what you see now -- re talking about big picture NFL. I think ten years ago -- -- the way they Elijah played defense of your quarterback went down what you back up maybe when you maybe once gains in the playoff I just feel. Now at the restrictions defensively on teams and we can and cannot do but it's almost like a war we -- to -- about earlier Lou mentioned war of attrition you sort of wait for. Every other quarterback to get hurt and if your guys help the end of the year you can make a run at the -- Flu you know then there's a lot of different you know the -- familiar I think even your backup quarterbacks just have huge advantages because of the defense of rules pass interference from you can't -- -- got much more about outside of seven or eight yards downfield -- your peak will be put shuttle how they get a load up they do with. You know. It is and I think all your quarterback who -- there's there's there's so we've got a ways to cut a trick question but. So if I feel bad for all our portal where all our -- to players at times because of to stop the quarterbacks to wide receiver should get away with but the word tradition the issue Japan if you Lebanon lead quarterback. If he's healthy interior and -- -- even a team that is that the average quarterback it's pretty much all said and done the pure play the team with a backup yeah you're probably big trouble. We'll get -- on this the New York Jets are dealing with the scenario there -- players deal with senator Tim Tebow who has been out that we talked about Tebow with the UN he's. Not played a lot new York and there's a conversation their from some fans and media kinda play -- ball well while players unnamed they would put their names on the record here. Twelve guys had a sort of comments to the New York Daily News saying how bad Tebow isn't. Yeah he's not a quarterback he's an athlete wildcat doesn't work. Sanchez is our guy if you run AT and Heath and that happened where that many guys wouldn't put their name to a story and went negative about a player. What would happen to not -- from how would you react to that. Well I was after about a year seven or eight when I knew. My wife would kill because of financial resources were a secured a just quit as you know what when you have two losers you -- -- -- start and -- with Matt -- and if you don't want them dumb enough to put his name to it. Because they'll -- -- up and down the top of the line. Pay big dummy you're the weak link building. So my thought is this you wanna bash Tim -- -- the -- that -- did we know he's not the best prototypical quarterback. But guess what if you put him in the week one and did what what the Denver Broncos did last year really. When you -- whole offense around what he can't do it could be sitting in a much -- position right now than they are now the team but for the board to big -- media. Does it mean listen it's pathetic because they got the talent up and down the roster but the public. A jail they'll want to dysfunctional. People have no -- -- -- really went football game of the top of the ones we'll be rough and tough. They're one of the -- the small football and ask anybody that watches film it's pathetic you know. So no I don't get me started on the it to their third block well. To get started. You don't just -- -- -- the week do we get to hear -- the jets in the NFL network this afternoon we. Tell you that Li at tune -- -- total access he's got a 1007 they -- the ball make my producers cover this -- -- I promise you. I electric heat tremendous stuff while the energy love the insight thank you for your time the -- talking a very soon I regret but he's our. He's our guy a football Heath Evans joining us here. On the -- hotline AT&T fortunate LTE. Was speeds up to ten times faster than three G-8 the AT&T. Rethink possible -- not a big fan of the jets ripping anonymously Tim Tebow or is right -- of being stupid to put his name to blitz of Republican credit picture being Oregon at -- in Asia said Mark Sanchez is our guy right. It's that day yes I'm a close it's night -- -- at -- quarterback we come back in ninety seconds on picked other guys rip up some what the players had to say before we take a break they'll pay the Torii Hunter. Off the market according MLB network dot com this is not a surprise surprise many people were texting us like it's a real breaking news story. -- 102 year deal the tigers it seem like a lock their all on -- likely candidate to winning its -- go back to the -- central -- success and don't forget his son just signed to play football Notre Dame but Detroit South -- trip not bad it's been a central part of the country so two years 26 I don't they gave huge. You got that last week you -- at David Ortiz deal. You're 26 and basically. -- -- -- at Detroit Torii Hunter cross him off blissful talked to. I current member of the Red Sox Andrew Bailey at 1 o'clock in a couple of items but in ninety seconds. Tebow gets torched by his teammates keep -- here.

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