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Buster Olney, ESPN, on the Jays-Marlins blockbuster trade

Nov 14, 2012|

Buster joins Mut and Lou to pick apart the different aspects of the Jays-Marlins trade, especially the opportunity it offers the Jays in the AL East and the payroll dump it offers the Marlins. Buster speculates as to what the Marlins were thinking when they decided to toss a considerable chunk of their talent away after making grand promises to South Florida fans. Buster delves into what moves the Red Sox should make with their payroll flexibility after a big trade like this and what the state of the AL East will be come spring training.

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This -- doesn't seem like some of the the American League east contenders are gonna do live in the Yankees are waiting to hear from Andy Pettitte and Mariana Rivera on their deals. The Red Sox are looking -- Mike Napoli but not necessarily any more blockbusters. The Orioles are looking and doing some things adding an outfielder but they're not gonna -- have a huge addition this winner and the blue -- step up -- this massive trade. Now there are questions among the baseball people I talked to tonight about just how good a player Jose Reyes is. I would 96 million dollars left on his contract Josh Johnson's coming up a four year. But there's no question the blue jays biggest issue last year was a lack of depth in their rotation. And now they get Johnson they get mark early and they get right into contention in the American League east. -- -- -- ESPN he's been all over this thing not lewd ID three point seven WEEI irregular during the baseball season Basra only BSP and joins us right now. On the AT&T -- when a deal like this of this magnitude buster happens and nobody seems to know about until it happens I got asked how to keep this thing under wraps they got this deal done. Well -- -- gonna know for sure Alex and topless. In the blue jays general manager he keeps this very small circle of people they talked to and if if Alex is as small circle Larry by -- circles about. -- So I think that's probably a big part about happening was pitching last night. You know it is I -- I -- fox broke two things first in his dumb look -- looking to confirm different parts of it. It was mentioning that no one that you reached out you had any idea that it was going on. On May wasn't blatantly -- I heard about that last week. It was pretty amazing that they kept it under wraps and Alex actually mentioned to a friend is last week. You know homework -- -- big but it total pie in the sky thing and I I really doubt there'll there'll come together but it did. You know bust on this thing went down The Knesset look at a 45 times just kind of fall everybody -- really did happen it just. It was that shocking but what exactly your -- up at saint trolley aged him a bag of balls what did Toronto give up there any superstars there. According and I you know don't and haven't seen -- laid eyes on these young players but if you talked about Uighurs who the other teams they don't think the Toronto gave up a whole lot. You know the Major League level Yunel escobar's most prominent player but in Andy's someone who carries the reputation of being really selfish. And the other young players they got a more. You know the deep plus years oppose the grade -- here. Let's -- to me what Miami's primary motivation is still listed down. The contract and it and interest income they talked. Some general managers this morning when they look at this deal they think in terms of pure baseball value of -- being able to shed contracts. They think the Marlins did well because people have real questions that Jose Reyes hit. You know -- -- now moving to Astro turf with a history of leg injuries. Within 96 million dollars left on his contract and released. Contracts. And -- up and coming up a four year so they actually think that the moral insult to players at the right time but obviously. The bigger implications than just -- for the Marlins -- just you know what it does to the Ross. Or did they spend all that money just just pure speculation that there -- gonna. Get more fans there in Miami when they didn't see that they just sort of unloaded because if you down there Miami got a publicly funded ballpark a beautiful. Nice cynical how much pain for. Right and that was the great fear baseball officials last year when this was all going on and they were negotiating with -- Jose Reyes. And they were talking about signing Albert polls. I had baseball officials that McCain saying you know what we hope this is not all just part of you know bigger bigger strategy to drive up. The franchise value and to you know could try to get people excited and have been gripped. Pull the rug out from underneath the franchise because they thought that long term it would do incredible damage to the franchise. And they didn't I know that the perspective a lot of executives of the teams was. That the Marlins didn't pick the right guy to the right contract you know -- overpaying on Heath Bell. Overpaying and an older mark -- leaks about giving Jose Reyes maybe 2530%. More than anybody else would have paid him they thought those were poor decisions. But the fact that they -- at dump all these contracts now just. I think you know days of body blow to the debt market and to baseball being able to build not only in that market. But hey how'd you like to beat Tampa Bay Rays didn't go to public officials say it would -- he would have been building that the publicly funded park. Probably not good timing after what happened. No no matter where you wanna build a stadium at this point in terms of the Red Sox -- get to the impact on the division what about the interest and there are some reports today. That the Red Sox were talking with the Marlins as well on the be working Donnie Johnston Reyes type feel different moving parts I guess but W. Have you heard the same thing in the Red Sox are sniffing around some of the steel. I didn't I didn't hear that I can tell you whether that's right or wrong I mean let's face it makes good sense that you know that. The great things about the -- -- -- the Dodgers it is dedicated some flexibility so they could export things like that. I wonder how the Red Sox would have felt about getting Josh Johnson for their ballpark given. He's drop in velocity last year in the overriding concerns about him and whether or not he would've been a good fit for them. You know I look at this deal and I think it makes Toronto a lot better next year I think you know greater symbol of -- for -- from the big bats and Johnson and early consistency but the president Red Sox. I don't want them to make this dia de mated -- -- at the prized possession in this deal is Jose Reyes at five in 96 Johnson. Will be gone in a year -- -- does come back and -- is. He's OK you know but I wouldn't be so excited at the the prized possession needs to be that start you move forward with. If it's an interesting went a little bit and I'm not gonna play that pain involved but I can tell you right now there's a high priced free agent data on the market in exactly with the with the I rival team and their -- telling me. He's helping China. Well that's going to be good that he would want them to overpay. Am I can't say that I'm I'm hearing a lot of hand wringing going on today. From executives with the the other American League teams and while you know that that crushing deal to us the Toronto though these players. Because I do think that there are some open questions about the players you mentioned as they say everyone. Look at race it is okay he's really talented but he is really hard time staying on the field that is history. -- and now they have the message obligation and salary there. And I don't think they look at early December and they're really afraid of and I think as -- mentioned so many questions about Johnson to like really like to get make. Toronto. It gives them a chance to get better they address the big issue on their team which is their rotation. But you don't walk away saying you know that make the prohibitive favorite again they can probably. Which is -- into what looks like. What's going to be a fight came -- secure because it doesn't look like. You know whether the Yankees to the red to the other two teams that there going to be any real blockbuster moves with with a for the clubs -- -- Buster with that being said I'm sure they -- -- rank it now do you agree with little or not the Red Sox are probably fifth in that division on paper. Yeah I -- sports center this morning at nine an -- -- rank and an addict and I call by the I think there's still -- -- -- in its early in the in the off season. But I had to read -- hit as well and I don't think there's a huge gap between five and one I think that. You know one or two -- and you could easily put number five and number one I think that's how close he -- -- -- together and the Yankees. Right now I can tell you -- basically hoping that they can maintain status quo by resigning Kuroda. Resigning -- signing Rivera maybe adding an opulent but there's not much beyond that you know the -- kind of treading water. He betrayed -- change healed and taking it they're pitching staff that a little bit of offense but not a lot. You know the Orioles might look at some -- Nick Swisher but I don't think there's going to be a massive restructuring there. So I do think it's basically going to be -- five team race and I I think probably among the teams left. The biggest biggest -- to be fired left -- by the Red Sox whether it's the Napoli. You know with it's and another pitcher to. You wanted to dailies crucible the -- just picked up front that at least a deeper buster because at I think. Less than maybe the years past there's no super team you know -- notice. Anybody can win and now I don't like I can't remember the last time Maher said Margaret -- rank right now going into the season what's early and I know that. The top three teams the American League none of them will be from the east. I totally agree with the new and as -- -- I think there's a chance that. You know that they've played teams that made the play out to the American League east are gonna get better and you know you wonder if the Orioles and come up with a magic formula to get production out of the rotation and really didn't give them a lot last year. And can they repeat that and you wonder the Yankees a year older are they gonna come back of the pack I think it's. I'd I'd bet you by the time we get to spring training in the in the red thank you fire up their bullets were going to be looking at the complete wide open fighting race. A buster last one for me were talking about the -- like it is done is there any chance that based on physicals are based on the commissioner's office that this -- somehow. Falls apart given a major nature of the dollars involved. -- of course old Red Sox fans are gonna remember that there's precedent for this 1976. When that. The sale of Rudy and fingers to the red backed by -- mood of the Yankees who is taken down by bill accused for the best interest of baseball. But remember those -- sales of players -- players -- just sold in the case in talking with MLB officials there saying you know what. There's not a lot of money involved I don't know exactly what the figure is -- -- reported -- four -- -- -- it's -- that -- it's not a lot of money. It's basically a player exchange and they don't really feel like that they have grounds to change things. Keep in mind. Owners meetings are starting today. -- you wonder if there will be and if you guys read the papers in South Florida and they're going crazy. You -- there is some pressure on baseball. To step in I don't think that's going to be the case. My question because Bud Selig -- me now we love the deal in August on the Red Sox did it and they sent everybody out to LA. You know it's -- at fourteen basically involved in these deals right to two teams dump and sell your team gaining talent. Until the 26 article but buster I -- Bud Selig and saying hey you know argue do you step there's a lot of money changing hands here. There is but I would say that you know indicates the Red Sox there there was in the continues to be an expectation. That the red -- use their payroll flexibility. In other ways to get better and I know I mean let's face it whether to Napoli. Whether taking another bad contract I don't I haven't heard anyone to get the baseball. That the Red Sox are now just gonna ratchet back the payroll -- -- 120 million dollars and stay there. On the other hand you know there's no expectation the Marlins -- ever gonna build up again under Jeffrey Loria. That's the big concern it is viewed by executives that McCain's been a real black guy but the sport. But remember -- the -- NFL where everything is run from the central office this is essentially you know. They're using a reference to probably ten years old memory and Afghanistan in 2001 they had the northern alliance that thirty tribes. Although it all run on their own that's kind of Major League Baseball. You know where everyone sort of does what they wanted to do and that's why in cases like this. It's very difficult I think for but you. Stepping in and and work from central authority and -- Jeffrey Laurie cant do something like this. Because he's not necessarily have supported by the people who wanted act on their own -- on a regular basis. There's an angry tribesmen to taxpayers in Miami Florida today buster. I love giving up on guys before you -- I imagine if you Jose Reyes today and you know he had a 106 million dollar deal. And -- had no stake back to Florida and I -- Canada. I'll play all seeking to get deleted data that might raise some discussion where you'd actually have agents at contains forward and one -- no trade clause. To Toronto because to -- exit. They think gay couples is happy he went to that no trade if you're totally in Toronto right now. And I didn't want to but the blue Jay. But just a great stuff a lot just sports that are thanks for your time today OK guys thank buster only joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible get to updating your top the hour Bob and at that went all your phone calls next Lou.

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