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How will the Red Sox react to the Toronto-Miami trade?

Nov 14, 2012|

Mut and Lou break down the hot-stove trade involving Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, and Mark Buehrle to Toronto. But what does this mean for the Red Sox? The guys hope this Blue Jays move doesn’t make the Red Sox front office overreact and do anything differently.

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Tim Kirch and earlier today were DNC it's butt load on a three point seven WEEI your phone calls your reaction what the blue jays did yesterday. And the Red Sox now on paper being the fifth best team. In the American League 6177797937. Your phone number 617. 779798370. What scares me about this deal is that. It brings up the butterflies in the stomach about who was making the decisions for the Boston Red Sox. Because I think there is at least some faction of people working over there in that organization. They care wait too much about PR. -- accurate too much about where they are seen what are the Red Sox being. The Red Sox are they spending do they have a big ticket item do they have star power I think that exists. At some level over there on yawkey way. I think it's evidenced by things like getting an email. Right it's -- and ticket holder at the halfway point last season saying it's that did the varsity is gonna return and smiling. Mike reveal listen cheerful Cody Ross and got those backward but you know I mean. A deal like today do you feel like I do that did that exists over there should scare you to the core. That they are going to try to respond here with some sort of deal that a -- star power and PR. That would be on discipline that would go against the course the bench Eric and has at least outwardly at the start this thing and from every time he talks about it. Sat for the Boston Red Sox discipline discipline discipline if you believe. That a guy like Larry Lucchino wants to. Hasn't star power and some ratings and and it wants to promote Red Sox is a stupid brand is that a baseball team sometimes right. This thing to scare the crap buddy because -- deal like throttle just made will force people ago I am sure we now make a move shall we get some. Star power -- -- even when in the season and a retractable building this team it'd been charity should be in the room was baseball operations people. If anybody in that room. While sitting there on knocks on the door. And says but hold on before you do this. Let's think about how it's gonna be perceived to the fan base or the media then they should throw them out of that room. Stick to the game plan I don't care what 21 of those north of the border there is no guarantee put him in the mix. -- I think it's a good deal for Toronto. There because you got the they felt a bunch of -- they've got depth and -- they've got Josh Johnson for one year. Question mark health we don't know what he can be I'd like them I want the reds -- to get Josh Johnson. Reyes at thinks electric player. Long term I don't know help he's gonna stay out like Bonifacio. Beat a good deal for the Toronto blue -- I don't think have been a good deal for the Boston red it's. Because of possibly what they would have -- given up. You know and when I look at. I'm gonna make that make a deal. And asked myself what a great player and get back. Who's that guy that I make in this deal for. Well look at that TI -- while Toronto made -- pupils erase. Write five years 96 million dollars. If I'm gonna make that type of deal and deal with that many people. It's gonna be norm it's gonna be Felix OK it's going to be that type of arm. Because you get the Armon Johnson wild card goes up there's the year they can have he's gone -- to Ronald. The -- release 33 years -- to -- 200 in the past seventy years right and the guys but just 200 innings every year with thirteen games every year. You look at numbers -- -- They're awful brutal but at the Yankees in your pain and I think it's 351. Or three and 48 Olympic cut cut salaries on online that was three and 51. Seventeen perfect -- defer to robotics they -- it was a four year fifty million dollar deal not the -- -- deducted for many of their contracts may be. They deferred some of that to -- less in the first year. They might have but it. Talk about giving it up I wanna get the pitcher return I don't wanna get. Three years of of whatever 100001617. Per from early in one year just Johnson getting better promptly go pick at a package. Kate. As far as what the Red Sox -- do nothing -- they should just go their plan. Go with their plan I hate as well the Yankee site so it's what you gotta go make a -- it doesn't fit thirteen absolutely not a perfect means you know to going. Outside of your comfort zone what you wanna do. Mean this in having planned is that something that we thought this organization has lacked. Have a game plan and move forward this is the direction we wanna go and this is we wanna DO. Regardless of what everyone else outside is saying or doing. Stick to your game plan that the that's one thing that -- here right that's part of the chain of command. The met one plan over here won't play in a clear and into plans got a collide -- you have given mess and that's what it's bent. In that's my concern is that the game plan a bench Harrington has put forth that so far it seems like the team is on. Is gonna get thrown out the window because they wanna make a splash I go back to the off season of Lackey Crawford. Right there would there were a lot of good starting pitchers available not offseason the single give us the best one we just want that guy a Lackey came in he saw what happened since then. -- Carl Crawford who they said that they tracked down for six months ended PI work what. You go back and look at it is the baseball player but there were some star power attached there. And they completely overpaid because they wanted the star player now. They sit here and see the blue jays just -- acquired Jose Reyes that -- Josh Johnson for a year and burly Bonifacio -- to a lesser extent is that this goes. I'm just I'm concerned that there will be a a re lighting of the baseball second. Red Sox brand first torch that's my concern with the steel -- find out. Write it up all the sudden we get the Red Sox involved in Greinke or Hamilton or a trade for some overpaid player. -- that signal the. Here's here's the thing you're gonna hear that. Because of the Red Sox so you're gonna dig go to talk to Josh Hamilton's agent and they got to talk to Zack -- easy to. They should talk to them they should find out where it's don't appear with these two players. It is you have to be -- on doesn't mean they're gonna go out there and make the -- they might find out the listen ought to be in this game for -- dude you need. You got to come with 61 point doctor -- want to call it becomes down for some reason to market falls apart. Etiquette in years come down and give -- give us -- call is you know we're here we a lot of money spent you'll pay for a couple of years and he called Josh Hamilton's agent. I hear that things out of Texas this and they say investment. You staying -- comfort zone gets support group down here or not only goal much further yeah it outside of our comfort zone. No but still the market for Josh is acts okay well at the market comes down give us call you will hear from them. That there reached in these guys with -- put calls and somebody will tweet that out. Doesn't mean -- gotta go the extra -- the -- the Red Sox should be on everybody. But they should also state display and how many years. Just years they should give these files of the prospects right what. Those guys free agents. Met him out of the blue Red Sox from me a free agent standpoint in a trade standpoint and they get. Bold and if you and I agree -- Jackie Bradley untouchables -- Bogart the untouchable map on nobody's untouchable that okay well that the list of guys that they believe. Is untouchable right now should not change because the blue jays made a deal if a player comes up and you can talk about Felix Hernandez it. Understand he's got a long shot but if it's an elite pitching prospect. And US had this idea in your head that only -- beat pitching prospect assume it was the pitching prospects bleak picture. Be stepping irritation right now for the next 3456 or whatever it is being number 11 they would ever. And that list shouldn't change you know for that -- number two or three starter who might be available even just not the twilight. I don't want them all the sentence it would work and give up Bogart's before that but now G the blue jays went out there and made a move. We gotta go get just an up and you know what Bogart's untouchable before now all trade and the -- -- want that to change. I don't want that this to be different I want them to. Stay the course in a -- on the ATP text by 37937. As gaggle bring back the same players -- 69 games you got to get better players. Absolutely you do. Which shouldn't base what you spend or what you trade for or who -- trade. All what the blue jays just did not known on now should not change the Red Sox approach one -- this offseason. You know pitching is different different animal because you get five starters. That's why you always want to hold on don't know you gonna keep by the same five starters for years now so yeah. You always wanna hold -- those guys they built some of those assets up position players -- different if you have a halt the fill. Eight given up that player the words Jacoby Ellsbury in years gone if he's not gone this off season. So with that you think you have the replacement Jackie Bradley this is the self scouting part of this is what they have the Lockett down they have -- know. If Jackie Bradley is ready they have to know what he's gonna be gonna become. So when Jacoby Ellsbury walks Jackie slides didn't he play center field. He's filling a hole. I don't think he can trade that piece Alexander Bogart's I'm not so sure they know what he has right now. It they've fears the shortstop in the according -- -- the but the could be a corner outfielder right. Which you need help there -- I don't wanna give him up either because everything you hear from people about this guy. -- game changer I don't wanna do that. The others other guys out there that. The other going to be filling holes is their first baseman in the system no because that guided when they got Adrian Gonzales is that they don't need to first base and for awhile. The Steward of all the depth we have in the minors but it's not even draft first baseman the candidate gets out the next seven years. Well now the -- -- On the -- epic data system we have some reading your system like Bradley to Bogart that means we can fill some immediate holes I don't think you give them up. With that said again you get into that number one. You know you think you have the next Pedro you think you have the next whatever. You may have to be forced -- -- you you you felt that way before and after the would you extreme right that is not change nothing major to get. But that that's what attic there is a faction a Red Sox fans I know we're gonna take these phone calls and party -- attacks at 37937. The Red Sox have to make a move after while -- do something. I sought on Twitter last -- should've saved all the tweets of the sarcastic. Yelled and sitting on the stands at Sox left the in the wake again. Hole it to give Toronto credit for making a deal was good for their team it would not be good for the Boston Red Sox what you don't make a deal and make a deal. You don't change your approach because the -- blue jays went out acquire talent that's on like you're being consistent here today. You've said after the beginning for -- starting pitcher you would change your Q&A sense of what you would -- -- it is my concern is the Red Sox are gonna change their list and say you know what. We were gonna do XY and -- is that's not disciplined now that we're ranked fifth by buster role in the at least the blue jays got better. Well we're bought undisciplined again where you'll spend a ton of money we're gonna bring in contracts that make kick our ass down the line that's not my America the only. Gutting of the farm system player out there is Felix. That's it -- because -- justice and is situation out there to make a lot of might come up and creates a couple years -- going nowhere in the near future. These other guys as some other picks up that short berliners are going -- and his good pitches up that he might do it too but not going anywhere doesn't make sense for those teams he's the only guy. It's not gonna happen. Right now Seattle they're just not gonna do okay so with that said you don't deal with. If you double -- column Stanton the gate. You -- at least I'm an arbitration eligible next year. So they can pay him 500000 dollars next year. That your one arbitration he jumps up to whatever -- -- a lower dollar well we'll try to do you know he's not going anywhere. So you know you could -- it's illegal it's standard gotten this team. Even arbitration eligible jurors that he might cost them 5600000. Dollars next year. That except. That trading him to keep them they gonna have some kind of player they have one player something right he's not going. Anyway even without the guiding my system operate back. It's gotta be eight pitcher. So we ask you the question should the Red Sox offseason approach change. -- what the blue jays did militant forty response at 61777979837. Your phone number 61777979837. Get a break it back to your phone calls next.

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