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Tim Kirkjian, ESPN, on the Blue Jays-Marlins trade and the state of the AL East

Nov 14, 2012|

In the wake of the huge deal in Toronto, Kirkjian joins D&C to sort through the madness that occurred during the firesale in Miami. They also look at how the Red Sox have performed this offseason and what deals they can make in a weak free agent market.

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The baseball world is all abuzz about the big block after traders to be finalized later today between the Marlins and blue -- -- 64 million dollars and change in salaries changing hands. -- -- he has yet joins us on the AT&T -- like AT&T four GL EE according to Ari John Jerry Boston. I really feel sorry for the people in Miami who were polled last year or get -- news dating. We're gonna build a team that you -- we're gonna win a whole bunch. I'm here get on board as we have the money and we're going forward. -- they turn around and got the -- team and now they. We -- -- go over and I am sorry if I'm a -- Ticket holder I have in my. What do we do it here what half and it is great promise that you may. The other hand you look at the blue Jay -- something that I wasn't he aware. On that -- the owner of that these Rogers. -- -- mile high billion dollar corporation. They can do what ever its want financially and now the year's blue gave the dead. We have a -- of about 993. Time for a win what do we have to do to win they have to go out in them and get immediate help and they did that we. -- -- -- And every -- short. So they have put them selves at least for me right in the middle of -- race in the ALE. That is certainly the doors open in their division which rarely is. It is not half. -- is there anything more nefarious going on with Florida Marlins other than they rejected three million fans in their new ballpark and got 2.2. They lost about forty million dollars is it just that's simplest why they've made this. This decision so quickly. I think it is and maybe I'm missing something here but I know when they made all these boots last year. Early and re entry well a lot of that said where is this money coming from didn't have any bottom. -- -- Currently you have more money than anyone here it is -- -- We're gonna win we're gonna -- that ballpark every night. All the revenue from that is gonna pay for all the gallery and yet people were telling me people who -- and buy their way better than I do. It might not work. Literally not war and now they have added the payroll point where it'll -- have one contract. They are paying a thousand or. 2000 he alien to players making over two million dollars well here that is read it it was. In today's alienate you and you get down that well it usually when you get it down that -- -- The committee did say the media. And -- Reyes and Johnson spent their entire careers in the National League we know early. Has been in the American League but he's been terrible against the -- to rethink that these three guys -- -- on these three guys. Can step right into the AL east and succeed in turning 73 win team into a contender. I'm great question Jerry and. You know -- -- gonna need to leave it I have no doubt that -- will be a dynamic leadoff. There's no doubt in my mind that he and we actually I let that fool ourselves our pitching. And there are certainly see the American League -- that we use now and it is a gigantic -- Anyone on the. On the nationally and yet mark Burley is -- on what standard even though he's a great idea what he's doing. He makes the day in the middle of -- he's gonna get pounded if you leave here. And catch up with a guy that I'm still not sure that I can tell you balance and the union which. That is that nobody is -- that guy right yeah. He hasn't been right or you know -- the last couple years he gets fertilized and then last year he was healthy and know that not. -- I don't need the. How well these guys do in this division and again the vision is. Actually what it. You read it here yankees are in trouble at the moment -- doctorate obvious. Can't imagine Orioles being as as -- the world last year winning the same way that they did. The raised a lot a lot of players begin to create it and that's why David doors open not because everyone did Ronald is that great at everyone else's bacon. -- Clearly be the jays have. Everything now I think it's. Manager I mean they have any money left over for manager who's gonna manage these guys. Well that's a good question I check. Court last night on who's been around this team and my guy pulled me well -- going to be a lot more people who keep it in the -- -- that there were 24 hour. I source -- Mike and Tony is the leading kinda. -- -- Jack -- gonna take it Phil Jackson wants the job. This that the very interesting team now and they will buy that manager and they made it clear this guy does not have to have Heatley. But now that you've brought in all of this talent and brought all of this money and you have now raised yet Asian. Yet in the -- in Iran you would think logically they better go get them but he -- a little experience. As the -- a guy never meant to -- -- Let him in there and OK you can hear -- I think maybe that dynamic of the manager change. A little bit the last 24 hours to forgive them and who knows the deal the median yield was at age. And merchant in every mega deal as you know all oftentimes the team getting a lot of players. Through their team. Have to take a player they don't necessarily want who's the guy in this deal the blue jays have to excuse reference. Well John -- their catcher. He really struggled in order in the last -- years and they needed to move him along and it gave them a hand. Million dollars with them in order to be one of their -- That I think. You're ending this kind of money you can handle a million dollars that way he knows. That I. Player then you fail my goodness we have in front of more interest in question. What are they gonna do in Miami was now at the bar -- level is. Ordinarily tied in yet another team for. And I know the jays really frustrated by his lack of focus much like rays were. We're really disappointed in his lack of well. I think. -- for the people like that where you have to go to Florida and play second base or third base so -- area. -- -- Young short. A lot of Iglesias -- -- going to be terrific defensively I think you have to -- short for the Marlins. And they're gonna find another place at the bar and they're gonna have to get it said they're not properly. And BB. -- the player that he. I just read the -- black it's as I love Fidel Castro and -- they can issues I -- the bar aside -- their value in and -- prospect that the Marlins got Azeri superstar. In the making in that -- him. Well yeah I check again but my guys last night and this could -- the nickel Leno is on hold my in the pictures from the at the blue jays did not want -- -- but as you know in order to make the advocate the repeal for the long term. For the Marlins obviously and the Leno with one of their three best pitching -- And so was. The other guy is out beanie is another of the I was told that three to wrap it in my -- wonder how many of these guys that we now. We gave up two very that you know but with baseball guys noticed how many times we hear that it is very. He's been able always even -- and it. Serialized in the -- Nearly as often as in other words -- create a the world see these guys work out and I know I was told late last night basically you know one guy we don't like you. -- Tim bench -- and has like a hundred million dollars to us and do you have any idea how weakens and. Jerry I don't look at their roster the other day I do these I do my rock chip or every early November to -- know who's on what. Team anymore he's at -- circuit created again ample you know what I mean. -- rock for the right guy again. What they have a lot of work. And then when you look at the created players available. Not a real real meaning they get a per day from that -- It you know over a Adam LaRoche to bring you mean and then in his work for the red I mean it. Good good players like gold club anymore warmer than they first base and only black in the Major League last year. Even guys and how they the Red Sox were -- -- contention a lot at though there's a lot of holes but bill. The red dark and not a whole lot of freeagent. -- -- -- You think Terry Francona is doomed to years of mediocrity and cleavage and you think he's having second thoughts and maybe I should've waited at Toronto Blue Jays. -- gig looked pretty good right about now. Yeah you know I I think that -- and I talked to a long time the World Series I think he's. We leave -- -- where Hillary is very loyal guy you know you love these organizations. Father played there in Ottawa that -- Is there that there -- what they -- often. Only even in a weak division how they're going to be tiger or anybody yell into it. Gonna be awhile I. He's gonna. For the long -- And yet sure altered the managers look well Toronto. -- today but I don't think Tito worked that way I think -- February is -- he also knows. -- is gonna take a little while -- and. -- do you have any sense of where Josh Hamilton ends up and be heard from anyone anyone that. Red Sox -- interest that. I've not heard the red -- and you know fellas I check with the ranger people who know him better than anybody and they put it to me it's. Q -- have the perfect situation. Get that out and you have to have this the port. That or -- there's always the chance. Not that bad in half it was is the action situation which is loud so everyone -- Poll that you can't than in two to peak of the market says it will overwhelm. Me off you pay a bar. Can't bowl and then all of a market where. Big town and everything revolved around him that's not gonna work either you have to find that middle ground. Where he might be the most talented player I've seen that there are all around him. And that's what the Rangers have to find that perfect situation that your. Out there. Milwaukee does me a lot of then there are guys there that know him from the and they also have these ones are that you and Ryan -- where where Campbell that would not have to be the ball point every. He is ESPN's Tim Kirch and as always good stuff that we appreciate the information and the conversational talk you down the road. Okay didn't hurt you with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined AT&T forgy LT he might as well I'm here. Bobby Valentine to -- -- Baghdad and even make a splash -- Would that work yeah if you need there they'll get a change of perception that we can go on to capture the market while you know while the Maple Leafs are locked out. I'll be valid amendments that it has the potential however to set US Canadian relations back fifty years -- -- -- way got the number Daryn rebel. There -- it was just. Or T percent you can players have to go from Miami that. Iran with taxes -- federal taxes state that all that. Were in mostly. For 18%. And appear. You know -- remark earlier make it sixteen million a year. With a Mac and that means Josh Johnson is leaving as soon as he can yeah he's a one year early. Three. At their they'll be cut even on their mind their own better team they'll. Awful lines opened 6177797937. We'll be right back.

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